Chapter 115: Turtle Fragrant Water

“Hey, Boy, don’t squeeze my neck… And I didn’t tell you to grab my head, be gentle, we are not that close. Nevermind, don’t grab my chest…” Mao Wugui struggled in Feng Feiyun’s hand and fell down several times, causing Feng Feiyun’s foot to be slammed until it was bloody.

The turtle shell of this old man certainly weighed ten thousand jin. Feng Feiyun’s fast reaction was the only reason why his foot was not broken.

“You damn black turtle, if you move one more time, do you believe that I wouldn’t throw you down the cliff or not?” Feng Feiyun quickly ran on the rolling and high cliff towards Wang Wu Mountain. However, this troublesome Mao Wugui was being disruptive, and Feng Feiyun couldn’t hold his neck or head, and not even his turtle shell. This was very problematic for Feiyun. In the end, he could only lift the four snow white legs of the old turtle onto his shoulders.

“Don’t ah! I won’t move, I won’t move anymore!” Mao Wugui closed his eyes to rest on Feng Feiyun’s shoulders. However, his big head was a little too large and couldn’t go back into the turtle shell. It kept on popping up and down on Feng Feiyun’s back like a white ball.

The time of day was already reaching the crack of dawn as a glimmer of light was approaching from the distant mountain.

It was almost dawn!

“The battle between Old Man Sun and Sha Hangyun has ended, I wonder about the outcome. Old Man Sun had a dominating period, but his life is almost over and his spirit energy has greatly weakened. His battle prowess is much less than his peak, I’m afraid he is more likely to lose than to win. Hey, Boy, could you hurry your feet a bit more, I really want to grab this chance ah!” Mao Wugui let out a strange cry.

“Don’t be loud, I know!” How could Feng Feiyun’s mind not be anxious? One had to know that Ji Xinnu was frozen, and Ji Xiaonu’s cultivation couldn’t even fight against a Death General; naturally, she was not an opponent for the two Death Spirit Children.

Urgent, urgent ah!

Feng Feiyun used all of his strength like spirit money and rapidly traveled through the dense forest. However, he suddenly stopped his step and released his spirit awareness to all directions as he looked everywhere.

“Boy, why suddenly stop?” Mao Wugui asked.

“Shh, I feel the presence of those Ji Clan’s experts.” Feng Feiyun changed his direction and walked carefully forward to the top of a one hundred zhang tall cliff.

Through the dim light of the dawn, he saw a faint fire through the winding road on the cliff, and there were shadows surrounding the fire.

Ji Cangyue and a Death General was below the cliff, and they started a fire. Ji Xiaonu was captured by them and imprisoned in an iron cage.

“Ji Cangyue, capturing me is useless, capturing my big sister is also useless. Your plot will never be achieved.” Ji Xiaonu was not only trapped in the cage, but also wrapped in seven or eight iron chains that were filled with talismans. As long as she struggled even a little bit, the talismans would send out lights, turning the iron chains to turn into a crimson red. Ji Xiaonu continuously screamed as her body shrank tighter.

Ji Cangyue sat cross-legged next to the bonfire with her pair of beautiful eyes closed while holding the bagua compass. The top of the compass was still full of stars with bright lights.

Her eyelashes gently quivered and opened her eyes to glare at Ji Xiaonu as she coldly said: “Your big sister — at this moment — has been frozen by someone else’s Jade Cold Energy. Ji Lengfeng should be about to capture her and bring her here, now.”

“You all won’t die a good death, you all… Ah!” Ji Xiaonu wanted to curse but just a bit of struggling brought about the tighter wrapping of the iron chains, and she began to scream.

“Boy, go and rescue her!” Mao Wugui’s turtle shell lifted a little bit as he sat on Feng Feiyun’s shoulder. His extremely big head leaned on Feng Feiyun’s ear to maintain his center of gravity.

A turtle managing to sit up — this was truly strange. His two eyes as big as mung beans glared at the bottom of the tall cliff with an outraged sensation.

“I, at this moment, am not much better than you. You were struck by an ancient witchcraft spell, I was hit by a pill’s side effect. At the moment, my fighting strength isn’t as high as thirty percent of my normal condition. Killing a Death General is already too much, let alone dealing with a Death Spirit Child?” Feng Feiyun, seeing Ji Xiaonu trapped in the iron cage, was very anxious. If his power was not reduced, then he would have rushed out to save her.

“What dan did you take that has such strong side effects like this?” Mao Wugui’s turtle eyes seemed to be a bit curious as he asked: “A third ranked dan, right?”

“Fourth ranked Ancient Xu Dan!” Feng Feiyun replied.

“Good for a little brat eating a fourth ranked dan, no wonder why the blood energy in your body is limited and your meridians are closed. Not dying is already very good. Cough cough, say, do you still have more fourth ranked dan on your body or not… Third ranked is fine too, ah! If you really don’t have it, then I even want a second ranked dan.” Mao Wugui swung his turtle claw in front of Feng Feiyun.

“If I had more fourth ranked pills, then I would have eaten it already and fight against the four directions. Why would I be hiding everywhere from a Death Spirit Child?” Feng Feiyun grumpily replied.

“The truth is, if you want your body to recover, then it doesn’t necessarily have to be a fourth ranked pill to do it.” Mao Wugui’s eyes blinked brightly.

Feng Feiyun turned his head and asked: “You have a way?”

“How funny! I am such a character of what level? How could this matter be difficult for me?” Mao Wugui arched his white-as-snow stomach and said: “The reason why your spirit energy is blocked is because the medicinal effects of the Ancient Xu Dan blocking the path of energy. As long as there is a spirit item that can calm down your meridians and blood vessels, you can immediately restore your peak power.”

“What spirit item?” This damned turtle was talking as if there was really such a thing!

“Turtle Fragrant Water!” Mao Wugui replied.

“What is it?” This was probably Feng Feiyun’s first time hearing about this spirit item.

“The spit of a turtle with one thousand years of cultivation and up!” Mao Wugui arched his white stomach again and licked his tongue.

Feng Feiyun immediately took a deep breath, and then he looked over to the old turtle’s mouth and stiffly smiled: “I can only appreciate your good intention.”

“Boy, you look down on this old man?”

“No, I had sworn to the moon, before. In this life, I will only swallow a woman’s saliva, and will absolutely not eat a turtle’s spit.” Feng Feiyun seriously replied.

“Your mother! Your heart is too wicked. Even if you wanted to drink my drool, I still wouldn’t like it. Turtle Fragrant Water is a spirit item in this heaven and earth. It can only be refined by spirit energy and then absorbed into the meridians, then it will soften the meridians… Brat, what are you doing? My tongue, let me do it, help ah!”

Feng Feiyun pressed Mao Wugui to the ground and forced its mouth to open. Then, he pulled up his sleeve and inserted his finger into its mouth and started to scoop.

Turtle Fragrant Water was worthy of being the drool of a one thousand year turtle. It could be called a Spirit Treasure of this world. After Feng Feiyun refined the Turtle Fragrant Water in his hand, not only did his meridians and blood vessels recover, but they also expanded by a lot.

The spirit energy in his body seemed to have a subtle change as well and was more rich and stable than before. It even had a peculiar and mysterious fragrance.

“Truly a one thousand year turtle, the entire body is all treasures. Not only has my body recovered, but the Immortal Phoenix Physique’s Blood Transformation went up a level to reach the third level of Blood Transformation.”

His blood became spiritual with a golden light shooting in all directions!

This was the sign of the third level of Blood Transformation. Feng Feiyun’s blood, in his entire body, turned into a golden color and emitted a faint spirit light that circulated throughout his body, causing his flesh and bones to be reborn as his body became more powerful.

His physique increased once again and now, it was comparable to a few heaven-defying geniuses of the great clans.

When he reached the second level Blood Transformation, Feng Feiyun was able to fight against opponents one small level higher than him. At this moment, having reached the third level of Blood Transformation, Feng Feiyun could fight against an expert of two small levels higher.

He was currently at the peak Immortal Foundation level, so he would be able to fight against an intermediate God Base expert. Of course, this was under the assumption that this intermediate God Base expert wouldn’t also be able to surpass levels to fight.

There were too many geniuses in the world, today, that were able to kill people one level higher and fight against those two levels higher without losing. As for the geniuses of the Grand Historical level, they were able to surpass three levels to defeat the enemies. Even though Feng Feiyun cultivated to the third level of Blood Transformation, but regarding the physique, he was still one level below them.

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