Chapter 114: Mao Wugui

“We are only following orders. As for the reasons, only the upper echelons of the Ji Clan would know clearly.” Ji Long responded while standing with one leg in the night. Blood was still dripping from inside his armor.

Feng Feiyun slightly puckered into a frown. The status of a Death Spirit Child in the Ji Clan was already very high, and it was impossible for them to be uninformed at all. It was obvious that he was hiding a great secret, and Ji Long simply didn’t want to say it.

Seeing the momentary absence of Feng Feiyun, Ji Long grasped this opportunity to stomp on the ground with one foot and unleashed an iron fist that split the rock on the ground. This iron first was fiercely frightening. He used all of his power with the intention to kill in one hit.


Feng Feiyun was even faster. He slightly moved sideways and the Infinite Spirit Ring on his thumb appeared with a spirit edge. A grand palm seal flew out and the two of them turned into two Qilin shadows that rolled outside.


Ji Long only had one leg so his center of gravity was not stable. When Feng Feiyun quickly dodged his move, he no longer had the chance to dodge the incoming power of two Qilins.


His armor was crushed and his crushed body was badly mutilated.

An early God Base expert was killed by two Qilins. This was a Death General that was meticulously trained by the Ji Clan. This death was full of grievance.

After getting rid of Ji Long, Feng Feiyun no longer lingered behind and immediately rushed towards the black night. He didn’t go deeper into Wang Wu Mountain and instead to the opposite direction, leaving the mountain. This was the direction back to Green Maple Town.

He naturally didn’t want to abandon the Ji sisters, but he knew that, with his current state, even if he went there, he wouldn’t be able to help much. However, there was a great secret that had not been solved in Green Maple Town. If he was able to unravel the big secret, then maybe he would be able to save their lives.

After about an hour of time, Feng Feiyun finally entered Green Maple Town. At this moment, it was completely swallowed by darkness, not even a beacon of light was present.

It seemed like the townspeople were terrified so they quickly put away their lights.

Feng Feiyun once again entered the Ji sisters’ courtyard and burst into the woodshed. He dragged out the iron bell left behind in the corner.

“What on earth is stored inside this iron bell?” Feng Feiyun believed that the Ji Clan’s people not only wanted to catch the Ji sisters, but they also wanted to find an extremely important item.

And this item could very well be hidden inside this iron bell!


Feng Feiyun slowly raised the iron bell with both hands, then moved it to the woodshed’s door.

“This…” Feng Feiyun’s gaze was tightly fixed onto the ground, and he couldn’t believe his own eyes.

A white turtle, but also not like a white turtle, because a turtle didn’t have such long legs and neck. This was not a turtle, but more of a duck with four legs.

The turtle’s shell was white and was only as big as a plate. Its green eyes the size of a mung bean revealed a radiant light as it curiously stared at Feng Feiyun, and it was seemingly startled from being afraid.

At this moment, its expression looked awfully human. With its four feet slightly shaking, it almost fell down on the floor.

A turtle that knew how to be afraid!

Even though Feng Feiyun felt that there was some sort of creature in the iron bell, he didn’t expect it to be a shivering white turtle. Oh mother, could this be Ji Xiaonu’s pet?

‘Could it be that I had guessed incorrectly?’

Feng Feiyun gazed carefully at the white color on the turtle’s back for a long time. The turtle was also staring at him. One person, one turtle — their four eyes were looking at each other in almost complete silence.

After a long time, Feng Feiyun finally scolded loudly: “How can it be so strange like this. How can there be a white turtle?”

“Go ask your sister ah! You personally lifted my up shell, so naturally, it turned into a white color!” The turtle was even more angry. He opened his mouth and unexpectedly spat out an old voice.

A turtle knowing how to speak?

What about the turtle shell, anyway? Feng Feiyun once again looked at the rusty iron bell, and he asked with a slightly dazed expression: “Is that your turtle shell?”

“Turtle shell tempered into steel, immortality for a millennium!” The speed of this small turtle was not slow at all. Because its four skinny legs were as tall as duck’s legs, it quickly went before the iron bell then emitted a white light from its body.

The large iron bell began to move faster and faster before finally flying on top of the white turtle!


The iron bell and the turtle combined together. The shell on the turtle’s back was like a piece of steel. It was also rusty on the surface and filled with ancient runic texts and diagrams from the old ages. Along with many lines of mysterious patterns, it had a very mysterious appearance.

Even though the color of its shell changed, now, it was as big as a human’s fist and its legs were still really long. It was still white, resembling a carved white jade.

Feng Feiyun’s mouth made two “tut tut” noises, and he felt a bit surprised. This turtle was not simple, ah!

“Shit! What happened between me and Ji Xiaonu in the woodshed… This asshole should have seen everything clearly?” At this moment, Feng Feiyun finally reacted, and his expression was very hard to look at.

“Little Brat, where are you from? Why are you lurking around the two little Ji girls?” The turtle had been next to Feng Feiyun these last few days so he naturally knew all of his moves. When Feng Feiyun cultivated, it saw him very clearly.

“Who are you? Why are you hiding beside them?” Feng Feiyun also clearly saw that the Ji sisters did not know that this turtle was hiding in the woodshed. This bastard turned his shell into an iron bell; he clearly wanted to fool the Ji sisters.

Perhaps before the Ji sister even arrived at this courtyard, it had already been hidden here and turned to the iron bell as it lurked inside.

No wonder why the Ji sisters never took a glance at this iron bell, they clearly didn’t notice the unusualness of this iron bell.

“Hmph! My status is so noble, how could a little brat like you know?” The eyes of the turtle — like two beans — carefully looked at Feng Feiyun. Suddenly, they froze and noticed the black ring on Feng Feiyun’s thumb.

“The Infinite Spirit Ring… You are from the Sen Luo Temple?” The white turtle, with some surprise, carefully looked at Feng Feiyun again and said to himself: “I didn’t think that the Sen Luo Temple’s people would also jump into this pot of muddy waters. Brat, I’m warning you, you better stay far away from them or this old man will not be so courteous to you.”

Feng Feiyun naturally wouldn’t care about its threat. Why would it wait until now, knowing about my own current powerlessness? It certainly would have made a move much earlier. Thus, this guy was only boasting for a bluff.

“Old Turtle, why does your back have the engravings about Ji Clan’s deeds? What is your relationship with the Ji Clan?” Feng Feiyun asked.

The iron bell was its shell so the words engraved on the iron bell were naturally engraved on the shell as well.

“Little Brat, be a little polite to me. I also have quite a famous name.”

“Then what is your name?”

“Surname Mao, given name Wugui (turtle).”

“Mao Wugui!” Feng Feiyun almost laughed out loud.

The expression of Mao Wugui turned slightly green, and his eyes became somewhat green as well as he said: “This old man traveled unhindered across the world for several thousand years. If I was not struck by an ancient witchcraft spell, then I would have killed you eighteen times just for your expression from earlier.”

“Struck by an ancient witchcraft spell? So you turned into this scary appearance now?” Feng Feiyun was a bit surprised. Even though he knew ancient witchcraft spells were very mysterious and were passed down since the high ancient era, but to be able to curse an old turtle living for several thousand years to this current appearance, it was obvious that the one who casted this witchcraft spell was also quite extraordinary.

To be able to cultivate for centuries, they were considered “Distinguished Beasts”. To be able to cultivate for millenniums, they were considered “Spirit Beasts”. The total amount of Spirit Beasts in the entire Godly Jin Dynasty would not exceed ten, not to mention that this old turtle had cultivated for several thousands of years.

“Ah! It hurts to think about the past!” Mao Wugui deeply sighed as if he was lamenting the bleak state of living.

Feng Feiyun looked down to look at him for a little bit, and he asked: “You and the Ji Clan, and the Ji sisters, what kind of relationship do you all have?”

“Hmph, this matter is crucial. The less a brat like you knows, the better. Right, how are the two little girls? With Old Man Sun guarding them, there shouldn’t be anyone able to harm them.” Mao Wugui said.

Feng Feiyun shook his head and replied: “It is not good ah! The Yang World sent down a god of death with the name Sha Hangyun. Old Man Sun is most likely not his match.”

“Sha Hangyun, why didn’t you little brat say this earlier. It is a grave matter, grave matter! I didn’t expect the Yang World’s King to send down a Venerable Being to this place. Is he not afraid that the Sacred Spirit Palace would also send its own people? He’s even more courageous than the Ji Clan! This time, the commotion is too great, I’m afraid this will not end well.” The old Mao Wugui clearly knew a lot of secrets and knew the Yang World and the Ji Clan in great detail.

Feng Feiyun said: “This isn’t necessarily true. There is another great matter that had just happened at the Grand Southern Prefecture, and I’m afraid everyone’s gazes are attracted by it. This is why the Ji Clan and the Yang World dare to make a move without hesitation like this.”

“A grand matter happened at the Grand Southern Prefecture?” Mao Wugui poofed his nose and felt for sure that the grand matter in Feng Feiyun’s words was not something worth mentioning.

“An Evil Woman came into being. She reversed life and death to live again, and she can strangle a Giant to death. Could this be counted as a grand matter or not?” Feng Feiyun asked.

The white head of Mao Wugui turned completely green, he shouted in surprise: “Jing Huan Mountain, Mortal Life Temple, the person in the well, Xiao Nuolan.”

“You knew?” Feng Feiyun stared at the old man and increasingly felt that this old man was quite frightening.

“Finished, finished, this is really finished. Little Brat, how long ago since this happened?” Mao Wugui felt that this news was much more terrible than hearing about Sha Hangyun.

Feng Feiyun reflected for a moment, and he said: “About ten days ago.”

“Already ten days, no wonder why the Ji Clan and Sha Hangyun couldn’t wait any longer and had to take action. So she got out from the well.” Mao Wugui kept on talking, then he suddenly ran outside quickly and shouted: “Little Brat, you absolutely cannot let the two little girls fall into the hands of the Ji Clan and Sha Hangyun. Otherwise, they will die without a doubt.”

Feng Feiyun didn’t understand what was happening. Xiao Nuolan coming into being — what, did this alarm the people of the Ji Clan and the Yang World? What roles do the Ji sisters play in this?

Mao Wugui was right, the most important thing at this moment was to save the Ji sisters.

Feng Feiyun was not afraid of the Ji Clan’s Death Spirit Children, and he was not afraid of the mysterious expert from the Yang World. He was only afraid of the evil woman Xiao Nuolan coming to Fire Beacon City. In the end, she was the only person to almost directly strangle Feng Feiyun to death, directly strangle, ah! Feng Feiyun could never forget this feeling!

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