Chapter 113: First Chop a Leg

Ji Cangyue was a Death Spirit Child trained by the Ji Clan with an intermediate God Base cultivation. Even characters of the elder rank from the previous generation would not be her match.

A Death Spirit Child of the Ji Clan was renowned throughout the Grand Southern Prefecture. They were comparable to the heaven-defying geniuses of the grand clans. Because they were groomed and trained in the most desperate situations since an early age, they were much more terrifying than the heaven-defying geniuses.

However, the number of Death Spirit Children in each generation was very few — never more than five!

And Ji Cangyue was one of them.

She carried a chilling air with a cold countenance, yet she was beautiful but always stiff as ice. Ordinary people would become instinctively frightened and have to retreat when they saw her.

“Shisan Niang, you are here too?” Feng Feiyun complained incessantly in his mind, but he pretended to be composed and didn’t dare to reveal anything out of the bag.

The two Death Generals were obviously at the early God Base. Feng Feiyun wouldn’t be able to handle more than ten moves from any of them, not to mention that this Death Spirit Child, Ji Cangyue, whose battle prowess must be more than ten times that of the Death Generals. If she saw through him, it would be difficult to not die.

“Shisan Niang?” The two Death Generals stared at each other, then slightly glanced towards Ji Cangyue.

Ji Cangyue’s heart originally was as cold as ice and steel, but it had been obliterated. A Death Spirit Child should be able to remain calm, but being called Shisan Niang by Feng Feiyun rendered her wanting to have the impulse to hit him.

‘Could it be that I really look like the ugly hag thief from Huang Feng Mountain?’

Her eyes became cold and suspicious towards Feng Feiyun. A beggar who was having a secret affair in the woodshed from earlier ran to Wang Wu Mountain even before her — this was too strange.

Ji Cangyue’s eyes fixed on Feng Feiyun’s body. Seeing his body quivering nonstop, it seemed like she was able to grasp him. Suddenly, she flew one step forward and a light went from her finger straight towards Feng Feiyun’s neck.


This finger came too suddenly. A cold air caused Feng Feiyun’s neck to be in pain from the chill, and the killing aura condensed in one place as if a poisonous serpent bit him on the neck.

If Feng Feiyun wanted to dodge at this moment, then he could naturally dodge this one move. However, he definitely would not be able to dodge her second attack.


Ji Cangyue’s finger firmly stopped on Feng Feiyun’s neck with a hint of doubt in her eyes. This beggar did indeed seem to be just an ordinary man!

Feng Feiyun was still pretending to be in a motionless daze, and he did not react.

“We go!” Ji Cangyue withdrew her finger and brought along the two Death Generals to chase towards the depths of Wang Wu Mountain. However, after walking ten steps, she stopped and said:

“Ji Long, you stay here to watch this brat.”

Ji Cangyue’s mind was meticulous and she did not completely trust Feng Feiyun, so she ordered one of the Death Generals to watch over him just in case.

“Yes!” Ji Long coldly answered and suddenly stopped. He turned around and used his pitch-black eyes to stare at Feng Feiyun.

Ji Cangyue was now at ease and disappeared in the darkness with the other Death General.

Feng Feiyun knew that it would be difficult to fool her. After all, to be able to become a Death Spirit Child… Only one could be found every thousand miles. Whether it was mental aptitude or natural talents, ordinary people could not compare to them.

The great battle in the air was still going on. The more than thirty meters tall giant tombstone and Sha Hangyun were still fighting in the clouds so they were hidden by the black clouds. Without a God Base cultivation, others essentially couldn’t see the state of the fight.

This scene could only be caused by characters of the Giant level, other people essentially couldn’t interfere.

If Feng Feiyun had decided to repay his debt, then he couldn’t watch Ji Xiaonu be captured by the people from the Ji Clan, and he didn’t want to see Ji Xinnu be frozen for the rest of her life even more.

“Ahem, Great Hero, you see the really big lightning in the sky, ah! It seems like there is a big rain coming, how about we find a place to take shelter from the rain?” Feng Feiyun pretended to be surprised and asked Ji Long in a friendly manner.

Ji Long coldly laughed. This beggar viewed the supreme Spirit Technique of a master as lightning, this little child not knowing anything was really funny. Ji Cangyue making me watch an idiot like this is truly a superfluous matter.

If it was Ji Fengleng, then it wouldn’t be so troublesome. Directly cut him with the sword, then he wouldn’t have to specify a Death General to watch over him.

Only a girl like Ji Cangyue would have the heart of a woman and didn’t want to kill someone innocent. She definitely would not be able to do anything great. Unfortunately, my natural talents aren’t as high as her. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have to be her subordinate.

Now, with no one here, let’s just kill this brat first, then go catch the demon spawn. If I am lucky, then maybe I can even catch the demon spawn before Ji Fengleng and Ji Cangyue. This is a great contribution, ah!

A murderous thought appeared in Ji Long’s mind. He slightly smirked and headed towards Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun’s sense was sharp so, naturally, he felt the killing intent rising towards him. He lamented once in his mind and suddenly stared at another direction while he loudly shouted: “Wow! A really big drop of water floating in the air, and it is even exuding a bright white light.”

Ji Long’s hand was already on the sword hilt, but he was attracted by Feng Feiyun’s surprised shouting. His glance went over in that direction and indeed saw a drop of Spirit Spring floating in the air with a little girl inside, blooming with a brilliant luster.

“Ignorant child, this is a drop of Spirit Spring! Heaven ah! Didn’t think that I could meet such an immortal fortune by accident in such a manner.”

Ji Long’s eyes became bright and directly stomped on the ground to jump up. He reached out towards the floating Spirit Spring drop in the air.

However, before his fingertip could touch the drop of Spirit Spring, he felt his legs sinking. Unexpectedly, he was caught by someone else and was slammed downward.


The armor on his calf was crushed into pieces and his entire leg was torn off along with his bones; blood sprayed everywhere. An acute pain came from his thigh, almost causing him to faint.

“Who sneak attacked me!?” Even though one of Ji Long’s legs was broken, he gritted his teeth while standing firmly on the ground. After stabilizing on one leg, he used spirit energy to seal off the blood flow from his broken leg.

“Your grandfather here!” Feng Feiyun threw away the broken leg held in his hand and lifted his hand to play with his hair. Then, he moved both hands to his hips and stared arrogantly at Ji Long.

Ji Long naturally was not a fool and knew that him and Ji Cangyue were both tricked by him. This beggar was not simple, and from beginning to end, he was only pretending.

“Who the hell are you?” Ji Long, on one hand, suppressed his injury to buy time while he asked on the other hand.

Feng Feiyun naturally knew his intention, but he was not in a hurry. After all, he already had one leg cut off. Even if he managed to suppress his injury, it still wouldn’t be difficult to take care of him.

Feng Feiyun withdrew the drop of Spirit Spring and smilingly said: “If you want to know who I am, then you must first answer a question for me.”

“What question?” Ji Long wanted to delay so he naturally was happy to drag it on for as long as possible.

“Why do you want to catch the Ji sisters? With the influence of the Ji Clan within the Grand Southern Prefecture, why are they maneuvering experts to deal with two weak girls like this?”

Both of them had different intentions. Feng Feiyun wanted to pry from his mouth a few necessary things while Ji Long had his own plan.

“Weak girls? How amusing! They are not humans.” Ji Long coldly chuckled and laughed at Feng Feiyun’s ignorance.

“What is it?” Feng Feiyun naturally had guessed about this and quickly asked.

“Abnormality!” Ji Long then added: “Abnormalities are all inclusive. Some used to be humans, then they were no longer humans in the future; some are with half the body of a human, and the other half not like a human. Some accidentally ate or drank the blood of an Abnormality, so they also turned into an Abnormality. After all, Abnormalities are the most numerous existence in the Yang World’s Three Strange, and each type is different. In the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record, more than one hundred thousand species are written down. Would you still say that they are humans or not?”

This was the first time Feng Feiyun heard of the legends regarding the “Abnormality.” Abnormalities were different from normal humans, and they were distinct from all living creatures in this human world. Even amongst Abnormalities, it would be difficult to find two of them who had the same appearance.

The Ji sisters had the same shape, this could be the reason why the Ji Clan and the other powers of the Yang World wanted to catch them. Of course, this did not rule out other reasons.

Sha Hangyun was an Abnormality, and the Ji sisters were also Abnormalities, but they were completely different. Perhaps Abnormality was just a generic term that encompassed a wide scope.

This was a brand new concept, causing Feng Feiyun to see into a new mysterious corner of this world.

“You still haven’t answered my question, why must all of you capture them?” Feng Feiyun thought of the rusty iron bell in the woodshed with “Ji Clan” engraved on it. If someone told him that the Ji Clan and the Ji sisters were not related, he would not believe them even if he was beaten to death.

‘Not right, the “Ji” (season) and “Ji” (era), why are they so similar? They are simply homonyms. Normally, Feng Feiyun wouldn’t naturally want to think so much, but when these two were combined together, then everything became more subtle.

The “Ji Clan” at the top of Grand Southern Prefecture’s force… Could they be related to the Abnormality? If this message came out, then all of the Treasure Seeking Masters of the Godly Jin Dynasty would go together to visit the Ji Clan’s Patriarch.

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