Chapter 112: Abnormality, Sha Hangyun

This one claw among a group of black clouds that had a devil mask engraved on top with an evil splendor. This was a natural born item from the body, a special marking of this race.

Feng Feiyun once again had seen things he had never seen before, and he heard things he had never heard before!

“A Venerable Being of the Abnormality Order under the Yang World King, how did he find this place?” Ji Xiaonu was shivering in fear. She was frightened by the giant monster in the sky and lost the strength in her body.

Feng Feiyun lifted her up with one hand and ran his hands over her slender waist before he rushed towards the dense forest.

She was scared silly and couldn’t even move, but Feng Feiyun’s will was extremely powerful and was not suppressed by the aura of the Venerable Being from the Abnormality race.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!”

Behind him was a series of explosions, and the earthquake was even more severe. The giant mountain in the clouds was torn down and the devastating crash pained the eardrums. Several huge boulders came tumbling down and almost struck Feng Feiyun’s head.

What great power was this? It even managed to send down such a huge mountain!


Lightning as large as a dragon descended down from the black clouds like a heavenly blade slashing through the heaven and earth.

“Old Man Sun, your great calamity is descending, and your cultivation has weakened by more than half. You are no longer an opponent of this Venerable Being.”

The giant black claw grasped the lightning then threw it violently down towards the ground. It knocked a thirty meter tall tombstone flying.

This tombstone as extremely thick. Like a cliff surface with numerous texts engraved, it was as if it recorded the history of a certain grand character.

On the front was a painting of an old man with white hair that was full of wrinkles while bending down. Even though it was only a painting carved onto the tombstone, it was extremely vivid and was even moving.

Thats right, this old man’s painting was moving!

He opened his dry mouth and issued a sound: “Haha! Sha Hangyun, with only your ability? You don’t even enter the top ten ranking of the Abnormality Order. Even if the life essence of I, your grandfather, depletes completely, it is still more than enough to take care of you.”

This mighty voice came from the old man’s painting on top of the tombstone, vibrating the high sky.


The huge body of Sha Hangyun was still inside the black clouds in the sky, only revealing his huge claw. It ripped apart the sound wave emitted by the old man’s painting, “Old Man Sun, the river flows eastward for thirty years and then westward for thirty years. Do you still think I am the same Sha Hangyun in the past? Hand over the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record and the two girls, and I will give you a chance to die peacefully.”

The black clouds began to move in the sky, and the voice was even more majestic like bursts of rolling thunders, emitting suppressive waves of forces in the atmosphere.

“Sha Hangyun, you were only a dog beneath Ji Donglai. Even if your current cultivation pierces the sky, you are still only a lackey.” Ji Xinnu finally appeared. She was standing next to a large lake with a pitch-black perfected bow in her hand. There was no string on the bow, but her fingers pulled the bow into a crescent moon shape. A green arrow flew out like a drifting serpent.


The arrow’s energy in the air took the form of a weaver’s shuttle and had an extremely sharp wind breaking sound. This arrow seemed to be able to pierce an entire mountain.

“This is her true strength, the intermediate God Base.”

Feng Feiyun turned back and felt that this powerful was enough to wound a cultivator with peak a God Base realm.


A cold energy shot down from the sky. It directly froze the green arrow into ice and it immediately shattered. This cold energy did not disappear and continued to land down onto Ji Xinnu’s body, trapping her in a layer of ice.

The entire large area in the mountains was covered by the cold energy and was encompassed by a layer of white frost. It was like the harsh winter in the mountain with snow everywhere.

The large lake was frozen into a silver color, causing the dark Wang Wu Mountain to reflect a ray of light.

“So powerful, is this a god?”

Feng Feiyun asked.

“He is not a god, he is an Abnormality, one of the Yang World’s Three Strange. He is an evil demon, a devil.”

Ji Xiaonu broke free from Feng Feiyun’s hands and fell to the ground, and then she ran back.

At this moment, there was no sign of fear on her face. It was as if she wanted to desperately risk her life against Sha Hangyun.

“What are you doing? You are out of your mind!” Feng Feiyun chased after her and held down her shoulders.

Ji Xiaonu directly pushed Feng Feiyun away and coldly pointed at him as she said: “From now on, you get away for me. Run as far away as possible. This is something beyond your imagination. You are only a beggar, continuing to participate will only end in your death.”

“I am not a beggar, I am a Treasure Seeking Master.” Feng Feiyun said without any shame. He stood up from the ground and fixed his tattered clothes while his face was still covered by leaves and mud. No one would be able to put him and a Treasure Seeking Master together.

“Scram, ah! You calculate nine times out of ten wrong — a half-baked person. I’m warning you again, if you keep on following me, I will cut off your legs.” Ji Xiaonu, with tears in her eyes, knew that going there was death, but she couldn’t leave her big sister behind.

She chased Feng Feiyun away because she didn’t want him to simply lose his life for no reason. After all, they were unlucky people. If he continued to follow them, then if he didn’t die in the hands of Sha Hangyun, he would still die in the hands of the Ji Clan’s Death Generals.

She gave him one last fierce glare and then decisively turned around. She became a green shadow that flew straight towards the large lake.

“Sha Hangyun, she is still only a child yet you actually went so hard on her like this. Even if this old man has to risk my life today, I will still give you a good lesson.” The thirty meter tall tombstone suddenly flew up like a cliff and directly slammed towards the billowing black clouds in the sky.

Roars repeatedly exploded in the air while the battling sounds vibrated in the sky. Countless streaks of lightning intertwined in the same place as if numerous dragons were flying in the air.

“Booom! Booom!”

Two supreme characters were battling. A simple overflow of energy was enough to render a huge boulder — hundreds of meters tall — into powder.

Feng Feiyun stood in the same spot in a slight daze. At this moment, escaping was surely the best choice because this was none of his business. The Yang World’s Three Strange and the Ji Clan — he didn’t know any of them, ah!

Plus, his power had not completely recovered which was all the more reason why he shouldn’t worry about these matters.

‘Feng Feiyun ah! Feng Feiyun! You don’t really know them that well, and they even told you to leave. If you still shamelessly follow them, then it would be quite irrational! At this moment, escaping as far away as possible is the best to prevent inviting a disaster to oneself.’ Feng Feiyun thought so in his mind, but he couldn’t take the next step no matter what.

‘But they saved your life. If they left you there in Wang Wu Mountain at that time, then you would have starved to death.’ Feng Feiyun really took note of Ji Xinnu’s kindness. This gentle and kind-hearted woman had a firm place in his heart.

Where in the world would one find such a good girl like this? One dead person is one less person, ah!

Feng Feiyun bit his teeth hard as he made up his mind.

However, a powerful voice came from behind!

“There is a grand battle going on in Wang Wu Mountain. It seems that the two demon spawns may have fled to this place.”

“Earlier, I saw a flashing green light. It must have been one of the two demon spawns!”

“They can’t escape, Ji Fengleng had went ahead to stop their escape path. We will go from behind to block off the rear.”


Two shadows flew forward from the hills. Dressed in pitch-black armor and shrouded by black mists, they had an aura of death on their bodies.

These were the two Death Generals. They were alarmed by the explosions at Wang Wu Mountain so they came here from Green Maple Town. They just noticed Ji Xiaonu and wanted to surround her.

“Hey, who are you? Why are you here at Wang Wu Mountain?”

The two Death Generals suddenly stopped and their armors clattered together to create a piercing noise. They stopped ten feet away while staring at this beggar in front of them.

This beggar was so poor! With two bare feet, his pants were ripped apart in many places by the tree branches. His shirt was even more tattered and was basically in pieces. And with the dirt clump on his face, it made his features to be especially unrecognizable.

Did this guy just climb out of a pit?

“My name is Feng Er Gou, please spare my life, two great heroes, ah!” Feng Feiyun spoke with a surprised look as his legs were trembling.

“Feng Er Gou, it is you again!”

Ji Cangyue pierced through the night and flew out from the darkness. Her clothes were like steel and with the bagua compass in her hand, her pair of eyes were as cold as swords.

Feng Feiyun was startled and lamented at the turn of events. Why did this girl also come to this place?

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