Chapter 111: People from the Yang World

This abnormal silence lasted for a long while!

Feng Feiyun coughed twice and said: “The woman in black from earlier isn’t so easily fooled. If she doesn’t find you in the town, she will definitely be suspicious. If she came back after her reaction, then it will not be so easy to fool her again.”

Anyone on the cultivation road would all have some sort of wisdom and mind belonging to the most superior people. They were not so easy to fool.

Ji Xiaonu was also naturally aware of this fact and lamented: “If only big sister was here, then there would be no need to hide from them, but what can we do now, ah?”

Her eyes kept blinking as she played with her sleeves. She didn’t have any ideas in her mind.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes flashed with a hint of decisiveness. He suddenly stood up and said: “We will go now.”

“Going won’t work. The Four Grand Death Generals definitely sealed Green Maple Town with the Yang Rune Death Formation.” Ji Xiaonu shook her head hard.

Feng Feiyun said: “Don’t Treasure Seeking Masters also understand the Yang Rune Death Formation? This is a means to seal spirit monsters when Treasure Seeking Masters search ancient graves, right?”

“How do you know?” Ji Xiaonu’s gaze became cold with a hint of murderous intent.

This beggar knew so many thing, he will definitely be problematic. Plus, before, everything was fine. Only after meeting him did the people from the Ji Clan come right to the door. This was quite a coincidence.

Could he be a spy from the Ji Clan!

Feng Feiyun quickly retreated two steps back and said: “I am a Treasure Seeking Master, so I naturally know the Yang Rune Death Formation.”

The murderous intent on Ji Xiaonu’s body slowly withdrew. She suddenly remembered that this beggar really did say that he had learned a few means of Treasure Seeking Masters. He was a half-learned person who was wrong nine times out of ten.

“Forget it, with only your abilities, how could it break through the Yang Rune Death Formation?” Ji Xiaonu temporarily dropped her caution against Feng Feiyun, but she didn’t think highly of his Treasure Seeking Master abilities.

“Maybe I can try a little bit!” Feng Feiyun reluctantly gritted his teeth.

Ji Xiaonu slightly raised her eyebrows. Even if he was only half-learned, but at the very least, there would still be some hope. It was worth a shot.


The black hazy night engulfed all of Green Maple Town.

When Ji Cangyue and Ji Fengleng were searching other places, Feng Feiyun and Ji Xiaonu quietly left Green Maple Town. They hid in the shadow and went outside of the town towards the Wang Wu Mountain range.

“Why are we going to Wang Wu Mountain?” Feng Feiyun whispered while walking behind her.

“The Ji Clan had sent the Death Spirit Child to Green Maple Town so there has to be more experts hidden in the night curtain. We must go to Wang Wu Mountain to inform Big Sister and Grandpa Sun.” Ji Xiaonu was in a hurry and hastened her pace. She originally thought that Feng Feiyun would not be able to follow her, but even though this beggar was running in a slanted manner, he was not any slower than her.

“Who is Grandpa Sun?” Feng Feiyun curiously asked.

“He is the senior I told you about before!” Even though Ji Xiaonu still couldn’t handle Feng Feiyun, her attitude was obviously much better than before.

“He lives in the Wang Wu Mountain range?” Feng Feiyun asked again.

Ji Xiaonu didn’t answer his question and slowed down her pace before stopping completely. She lied down on the ground with her gaze raised slightly upwards towards the top. Feng Feiyun also followed her gaze and looked up.

They saw a man dressed in black armor standing on top of a tree branch that grew from a cliff. He stood still there for a long time like a giant Night Hawk.

His body emitted a black mist that resembled a Black Dragon. His glare was ferocious and gave others a sensation of death, even when they were separated by several thousands of zhang.

“This is a Death General in the legends. Even standing on the high cliff, it truly is cool, ah!” Feng Feiyun almost excitedly yelled. Ji Xiaonu quickly pushed down this guy’s head, who had never seen the world before, before his loud voice alarmed the Death General over there.

“The Death General is here, so the Yang Rune Death Formation should be arranged nearby. Can you find the formation runes or not?” Ji Xiaonu was not too trusting of Feng Feiyun. In the end, his ability was wrong nine times out of ten, it was not any better than being very lucky.

Feng Feiyun confidently slapped his chest and then led the way forward. He carefully treaded to the front while searching for rune prints on the ground in the dark.

“Haha! He carved the formation runes on the surface and underground. No, even some in the air as well. Without a Treasure Seeking Master like me, you wouldn’t have been able to notice them.” Feng Feiyun suddenly stopped and arrogantly laughed.

Ji Xiaonu was speechless towards him, so she stepped on his foot again.

“Ow…” Feng Feiyun was in pain but he didn’t dare to scream out loud.

Ji Xiaonu saw that he got hit but didn’t dare to scream, so she smiled secretly. Finally, she was able to get payback for him taking advantage of her earlier.

“If we forcefully break the Yang Rune Death Formation, then it will create a loud explosion. At that moment, the four Death Generals and the two Death Spirit Children will notice and come running. Thus, when the Yang Rune Death Formation is broken, we need to run away as far as possible.” Ji Xiaonu squatted on the ground and glanced at Feng Feiyun, then she said: “How about this, I will immediately destroy the Yang Rune Death Formation. You sit on my back, it will be faster if I carry you.”

“Why bother? To a Treasure Seeking Master, wanting to silently break open the Yang Rune Death Formation is as easy as a breakfast meal.” Feng Feiyun directly picked up a wooden branch from the ground and drew a symbol that resembled a door, and then he stepped forward.

This didn’t alarm the formation, but he was able to leave the sealing ground.

Ji Xiaonu was speechless from surprise. After a while, she said: “This is possible?”

“Of course, go!” Feng Feiyun took her hand and rushed towards the dense forest of Wang Wu Mountain. They ran quickly and finally disappeared amidst the trees.

There were many dangerous valleys near the cliffs. Even during the daytime, it would be easy to fall to one’s death, but with Ji Xiaonu leading the way, they walked along a mountainous path without seeing any danger.

“With such a loud commotion at Green Maple Town, there is no chance that your big sister didn’t notice. But how come she didn’t come back to save you?” Feng Feiyun, who was behind her, wondered.

Anxiety appeared in her eyes due to Feng Feiyun’s words from earlier. This was the one matter that she was more worried about at this moment. Her big sister’s cultivation was even higher than the Death Spirit Child, so there was no chance that she wouldn’t be able to notice the commotion at Green Maple Town. This could only mean one thing — that she was also facing a powerful enemy.

But with Grandpa Sun there, there was no need to worry about any powerful enemy!

Even though this was her thought, she was still worried!

An unknown amount of time later, a very high mountain appeared in front of them, towering high in the layers of clouds. Even though it was night time, one could still feel its majesticness.


Suddenly, the huge mountain shook and even the mist and clouds dissipated. What kind of monstrous force was required to shake such a huge mountain like this?

Could it be that there was a distinguished beast with five hundred years of cultivation or higher in the mountain?


Another huge explosion!

The explosion directly caused Feng Feiyun and Ji Xiaonu to become unstable, and they fell down to the ground. The two tightly held each other as they rolled down.

“This is…”

Feng Feiyun was horrified by the scene in front of him. He saw a giant hand reaching out from the mountain and directly pierced through the huge cloud around the mountain.

This hand was so big that just the fingertips were several dozen meters long. The fingernails were like giant broadswords, emitting a soul frightening light.

The huge mountain was penetrated by just one blade, what the hell kind of existence was this?

Seeing the runes on the claws, this was not a human nor a distinguished beast. It carried a strange aura that truly suppressed others.

Feng Feiyun considered himself to be someone with very broad knowledge and he had dealt with many secret races of the cultivation world; however, some of the things that happened recently and encountering some unheard-of things made him feel that he was, step by step, exposed to some mysterious groups.

“It is over, the Yang World sent people here!”

Seeing the giant claw, Ji Xiaonu’s face was even more solemn. She was even more fearful than when she saw the Ji Clan’s experts.

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