Chapter 110: Too Swift Actions

Under the bright moonlight and the screaming of the cold wind, a surge of chilling killing intent was hovering about.

Ji Cangyue’s clothes sank down, it was as if they were made from steel. The wind couldn’t blow even the hem of her sleeve. The bagua compass in her hand contained sparkling stars. It seemed that there was a whole universe inside.

The green shadow on the compass became clearer and brighter. Clearly, the demon spawn was very close.

There were only a few hundred people in Green Maple Town, and all of the houses had a lamp burning since there were people in the house. However, only this part of the town was unusually quiet without any light.

Too strange — the demon spawn was very likely hiding in this compound.

The two black swords on Ji Cangyue’s back began to move, issuing clanking sounds. Her whole body was also a sheathed sword that was ready to be unleashed.

There was the sound of breathing from inside the wooden shed, and it was very fast!

Ji Cangyue shifted her body and turned into a black shadow to instantly reappear in front of the door. Her two swords began to shake even harder.


The wooden door was broken by her palm and her dual swords instantly left their sheaths, emanating two bright lights akin to lightning dragons. The dual swords were already in her hands, but they didn’t pierce forward and paused in midair.

Ji Cangyue was also shocked!

On top of the wooden pile was a man and a woman, sneaking a romance. The man was completely naked and was on top of the petite, cute girl. His back was revealed and was vibrant with youth.

“Hmh! Ah…”

The man buried his head and was kissing the girl’s neck and lips. Her unkempt hair completely covered her face. At this moment, the two were inflamed with passionate love and heavy breathing. Slowly and slowly, they were entangled while reaching the peak of pleasure.

They seemed to be in a rush. After kissing her face, one of his hands was taking off her clothes as they were half dangling around her chest while the other hand lifted up her slender leg and mounted it on his shoulder. He seemed very professional.

The woman was also harmonizing. She constantly wiggled her soft body while faintly moaning:

“Slower, slower… A, oh, oh!”

As the sweat dripped down their skin and when they were reaching the peak of pleasure, the wooden door was broken and a woman in black suddenly barged in.

Feng Feiyun and Ji Xiaonu, who were lost in their passion on top of the pyre, suddenly stopped!

Feng Feiyun’s entire body shivered as he was pushing forward. At this moment, he suddenly turned his head. With sweat dripping down his forehead, he stared at Ji Cangyue in astonishment. However, his body was still on top of Ji Xiaonu.

Ji Cangyue was stunned. She bit down on her teeth and carefully observed Feng Feiyun’s naked body. Feng Feiyun was like a frightened bird, and he immediately covered his lower body.

“Female Hero, please spare us, ah! We are two willing lovers!”

Feng Feiyun trembled as he saw the two black swords in her hands and he kept begging for mercy. He was still hugging Ji Xiaonu in her messy clothing and hid her in his arms.

Ji Cangyue quickly turned around and no longer stared at the bare ass of Feng Feiyun. She angrily bit her teeth and asked:

“Who on earth are you? Why are you hiding here?”

“I am called Feng Er Gou! We were hiding here… We were hiding here… to… to…”

Feng Feiyun stalled for a long time and words wouldn’t properly come out as his face was completely red.

Ji Cangyue tapped her forehead and felt really stupid for asking this question. A boy and a girl hiding alone in a wooden storage room with this scene… What else could they be doing?

Why did I ask such a thing?

“No need to say it!”

Ji Cangyue was a bit embarrassed. She slightly glanced at the naked and intertwined man and woman again. Feng Feiyun hugged Ji Xiaonu tighter and tensely said:

“Female Hero, we are truly in love, please spare us a living path.”

“When did I say I wanted to separate you two?”

Ji Cangyue was a little speechless.

“Are you not a thief from Huang Feng Mountain? Witch Shisan Niang?”

Feng Feiyun astonishingly said.

Ji Cangyue replied:


“Shisan Niang, I know that you like pretty men and specialize in picking handsome men — like me — back to Huang Feng Mountain to have your way with me. However, even if you do this, you can only have my body, not my heart.”

Feng Feiyun spoke clearly with emotion as true tears dripped down.

Ji Cangyue’s lung were about to explode from anger. How could she encounter this sort of thing? She was even considered a witch by this guy. If she didn’t notice that this brat was a mortal without a trace of spirit energy, she would have slapped all the teeth out of his mouth.

Ji Cangyue’s attention was drawn to Feng Feiyun so she didn’t notice the small, pretty, and shy girl in Feng Feiyun’s embrace. She only considered her as a little girl with her first love.


Ji Cangyue turned around and left as if she was escaping. She only thought about getting away from this bastard, Feng Feiyun. She wanted to get as far away as possible before his mouth would spew out even more dirty words.

When she went to search the house next door, Feng Feiyun and Ji Xiaonu finally breathed a sigh of relief and knew that they had made it through this disaster.

Feng Feiyun’s power was only thirty percent of his prime condition. Even if he risked his life, he wouldn’t be able to fight Ji Cangyue and so, he had to resort to this move.

Even if Ji Cangyue had a high cultivation, she was only an inexperienced girl. After seeing the secret passionate affair between a couple, she naturally wouldn’t dare to look at it anymore. Especially when the scoundrel, Feng Feiyun, deliberately showed his lower body that was towering directly at her. How could she try to search more carefully after this?

Because Feng Feiyun grasped her mentality, he was able to repel her.

“Pahh! Hmph! Pahh! You actually kissed me!”

Ji Xiaonu continuously spat on the ground, wanting to spit away all of Feng Feiyun’s saliva. Truly disgusting — it was only supposed to be an act yet he actually kissed really hard. Plus, his tongue thrusted inside her slender mouth.

Feng Feiyun licked his lips and revealed a silly smile:

“This female hero’s eyes were very smart; if I didn’t kiss correctly, I’m afraid that she would have been able to see through it.”

“Your hand shouldn’t have actually reached into my clothes. You even gripped so tightly.”

Ji Xiaonu’s black eyes were filled with anger as her long eyelashes were fluttering. She lifted her white-as-snow hands to put on the clothes that were undressed by Feng Feiyun. However, the sensation did not feel better, her two breasts were still in pain.

“Cough cough! Earlier, it was pitch black, and that female hero was so aggressive. At that moment, I was very tense and my hands couldn’t help it so I used a bit too much strength.”

Feng Feiyun replied.

Ji Xiaonu’s small hands busily covered her chest and angrily pushed Feng Feiyun’s chest, knocking him flying to the outside.

“Give it back to me!”

Her expression was very hard to see, but it carried a shy blush.


Feng Feiyun fell to the ground. He rubbed his head not knowing what was going on.

“Still pretending with me… Where did you hide my clothes?”

Her red face became even more beautiful. Because of the intense exercise from earlier, the headband on her head was cut and her long hair fell straight down all the way to her waist.

This caused her to be even more charming!

“Aren’t you wearing your clothes right now?”

Feng Feiyun innocently said.

“I’m talking about… The thing inside!”

“Oh! I remember now. I took it off too quickly and then pocketed it earlier. I’m really sorry, ah! It seemed to be a bad habit from before… No, that is not true, this was my first time. I was scared by that female hero so my action was too fast!”

Feng Feiyun unwillingly took out a piece of sheep clothing of unknown colors and began to look at it. It still carried the scent of a young girl. The scent seemed to be orchid — truly very tempting.

This was her underwear that was tightly worn on her body, and it was very smooth when clasped in the hand.

“She was not a female hero, she was only a Death Spirit Child groomed by the Ji Clan.”

Ji Xiaonu turned her back and put on her underwear again while speaking with a cold voice that was filled with hatred.

Feng Feiyun looked at her cute, petite body and couldn’t help but recall the fierce and ferocious actions from earlier. He gently rubbed his fingers and then took out — from his pocket — a small piece of cloth. He embarrassingly coughed twice before he said:

“Earlier, I was too swift and accidentally took this out as well.”

Ji Xiaonu’s round eyes began to turn green as she looked at the small piece of cloth in Feng Feiyun’s hand. While slightly clamping her long and slender legs, she felt that, below her skirt, it was a bit breezy.

A cold breeze blew in from the outside, and this cold sensation became even more apparent.

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