Chapter 109: Approaching Crisis

“During the full moon is when the yin energy is at its strongest. Demon Spawn, do you still want to hide?”

The lady in black raised the stone bagua compass in her hand and coldly scanned all of Green Maple Town. The entire town was quickly encompassed by her eyes.

The voice was mighty and spread across the night sky!

Her bagua compass rapidly turned faster and faster. It completely hid the moonlight in the sky. No, to be exact, the bagua compass had devoured all of the surrounding moonlight.


The Scaled Tiger beneath her opened its huge, bloody jaw — like a basin — and violently roared, shaking all of Green Maple Town.

“Oh, so they are righteous warriors slaying the evil. Hehe, why do we need to be scared like this! Come on out, come on out.”

Feng Feiyun wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and stood up. However, his legs didn’t get the chance to be straightened before he was already pulled back by Ji Xiaonu.

“Don’t move, they are people from the Ji Clan.”

Ji Xiaonu said with a deep tone as she gritted her teeth and coldly glared at Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun was very close to her, and their bodies were basically attached at the same place. Feng Feiyun’s back felt a little warm, and he could even sense the two soft goods in front of her chest.

This little girl is developing really well, ah! Feng Feiyun slightly rubbed his back twice and the sensation became even stronger.

“If you move again, do you believe that I won’t rip off your head?”

Ji Xiaonu was squatting right behind Feng Feiyun with her chest glued to his back. At this moment, when he gently moved, she was naturally very sensitive and knew what this scoundrel was thinking.

He was simply too disgusting — truly a scoundrel. If the experts from the Ji Clan weren’t hovering up above, she would have directly killed Feng Feiyun already.

Feng Feiyun turned around and innocently smiled:

“I… I wanted to ask why you are so afraid of the Ji Clan. Do you owe them a lot of money?”

Hearing the two words “Ji Clan”, Ji Xiaonu’s eyes gave birth to endless hatred, and her white teeth bit on her lips and said:

“Don’t be nosy about others’ business!”

Feng Feiyun suddenly remembered that the Ji Clan was a powerful cultivation clan of the Grand Southern Prefecture. It had about the same power as the Feng Clan. The Ji Clan’s history dated for more than one thousand years, but the Ji Clan had always been entrenched in the Godly Tiger County and rarely brought their forces out of Violet Firmament Ancient City. As a result, their name was not as renowned as the Feng Clan or Qin Clan, but their power was not any weaker.

Plus, the Ji Clan was a rather mysterious family, and they were also very low-key. Outsiders didn’t even know where they were located in the Godly Tiger County.

Truly not simple, ah, truly not simple!

Obviously, the two Ji sisters were the two demon spawns that the Ji Clan was searching for. What the hell did they do to offend the Ji Clan?

Feng Feiyun hesitated for a moment, and he pretended to be scared as he asked:

“I think that they came with a lot of people. If they searched every house in the town, we wouldn’t be able to hide.”

Ji Xiaonu also thought of this, and a glimmer of worriness appeared in her eyes. She hugged Feng Feiyun’s arm even tighter:

“What should we do then?”

“Like I said earlier, a house without a man will not do. You stay put here! I will go reason with them. Isn’t it only a bit of money? Might as well give it to them.”

Feng Feiyun acted composed to paint a picture of how an ordinary person would act — frightened but also heroic.

“They will not reason with you. Once you walk out, they will take your life.”

Ji Xiaonu felt that this beggar was a fool. He even wanted to reason with the Ji Clan’s cultivators. If there was reasoning in the cultivation world, then there wouldn’t be so many killings.

This fool at least had a heart. At the very least, he didn’t run away by himself.

In the night sky, the three Scaled Tigers were still hovering above with their wings blocking out the stars and the moon, leaving Green Maple Town in darkness.

Ji Fengleng suddenly stood up from the Scaled Tiger’s back with his pale face full of killing intent. He looked at the lady in black and asked:

“Find them yet?”

“From the compass, there is only one in Green Maple Town. However, the cultivation of this demon spawn is higher. At this moment, I have no way of directly locating it.”

Ji Cangyue’s cold gaze stared at the bagua compass. On its surface was the reflection of the stars along with the moonlight’s condensation, creating a green shadow.

“First, we will capture this demon spawn. Then, we can naturally force the other one out.”

Ji Fengleng’s face became even whiter; it was as if he was painted white. He quickly said:

“Four Grand Death Generals, you all watch the four directions of Green Maple Town. Don’t let even a fly out. Above and below the ground, carve the Yang Rune Death Formation to prevent this demon spawn from escaping underground.”


The four Death Generals simultaneously confirmed and adorned their armor before they jumped down from the Scaled Tiger’s back. They turned into four black shadows and began to carve the arrays throughout the town’s four directions.

Ji Fengleng and Ji Cangyue also jumped down from the tigers. Their cultivations were extremely high. Their clothes fluttered in the sky. One cold person and one cold beauty, like two death gods descending from the heavens, they rendered the townspeople to be in horror.

“Oh heavens! Is this the Huang Feng thieves coming to slaughter the town?”

“All of you look at the three huge beasts in the sky. They aren’t the thieves from Huang Feng Mountain, but more like furious devils!”


Nearly all the townsfolk of Green Maple Town were awakened and left their rooms only to see a man and a woman in black descend from the sky.

Their bodies were very straight, like two sharp swords. Their eyes were especially formidable. A direct stare at anyone would send shivers down their entire bodies. They would then fall down to the floor, trembling from the coldness.

Truly frightening — one gaze alone was enough to scare people down to the ground.

“All of you go back to your houses and wait in there. If anyone dares to step out of the house, they’ll be killed on the spot!”

Ji Fengleng’s cold gaze swept through the townsfolk, causing them to have leg cramps. They prostrated on the ground and strugglingly crawled back into their own homes.

The town became silent again; no one was on the streets. Desolate and tranquil.

“Search house by house. I will search the left street, you search the right street!”

Finished speaking, Ji Fengleng destroyed the door of the first house with a palm and entered.

Green Maple Town was not big; there was only one common road from one side to the other. There were only around one hundred houses. If they searched house by house, then within six hours, they could entirely search Green Maple Town once. Not mentioning a human, even a hidden mouse could be found.

The worst situation had occurred!

They were truly searching house by house. They will eventually find the hiding spot of Feng Feiyun and Ji Xiaonu.

Danger was approaching step by step.

“What should we do now! While they still aren’t here, should we try to go first?”

Feng Feiyun’s heart was beginning to beat faster as well. If the Ji Clan’s experts found Ji Xiaonu, they definitely wouldn’t let him go, either.

“Go? Not possible. The Four Grand Death Generals of the Ji Clan are all top experts, and they have already blocked the four directions. At the moment, I’m afraid they have set up the Yang Rune Death Formation. We essentially can’t escape.”

Ji Xiaonu became desperate and stared at the iron bell in the corner of the woodshed. She bit her teeth and coldly said:

“We’ll risk our lives against them if it comes down to it!”

It was apparent that she was not a match for the Ji Clan’s experts. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be hiding nor have such a frightened appearance.

At this moment, she was already cornered with no path to retreat. She couldn’t hide any longer and could only fight one last desperate battle.

“Isn’t it only a few coins? Why the need to risk your life? Right, what is a Death General?”

Feng Feiyun pretended to not know anything and he asked blankly.

In the end, a normal person shouldn’t know an existence like a Death General!

“You… Even if I explain it, you wouldn’t understand!”

Ji Xiaonu’s heart was in despair, ah. Why did she have to meet such a useless idiot.


There was a loud noise coming from the outside. Another door was broken. Someone with cold aura came in. Even though they were still very far away, the air was becoming colder.

It was truly an expert!

Feng Feiyun glanced from the gap in the door. It was the woman in black with a bagua compass in her hand. Her eyes were extremely sharp, like two swords. She had already walked into the yard.

Ji Xiaonu’s entire body was tense. Her eyes and hair turned green again. Even though it was night time and one couldn’t see their five fingers in front of them, Feng Feiyun’s sight was extremely powerful. The transformation couldn’t hide from him.

She transformed once again. The moment the wooden storage room’s door was pushed open, she would directly rush forward. Even though it would result in death, she didn’t have any other choice.

Feng Feiyun’s palms became sweaty as well!

“Step step!”

Ji Cangyue’s footsteps were inching closer. She noticed that there were people in the wooden storage room which was why she came.

Not good! This woman in black was really not simple. Her aura was like a blade. A desperate battle with her would only result in death; what should we do now?

What to do? How about this!

Feng Feiyun dragged Ji Xiaonu, who wanted to rush out, back. His two hands pushed down on her shoulders and he solemnly said:

“Don’t be rash, you are not her match. I have a solution!”

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