Chapter 108: The Tiger’s Roar over Green Maple Town

An iron bell laid in the woodshed with its surface covered by yellow rust. It was etched with circular patterns and was brimming with a peculiar rhythm.

Why was there a large iron bell with writings on it here? It seemingly depicting a major event that happened in the past.

Sitting next to the iron bell, Feng Feiyun felt very helpless. His finger couldn’t help but trace along the bell’s surface. It was a truly ordinary iron bell, not made from any diluted spirit steels, yet it was extremely heavy, exceeding more than ten thousand jin. It was heavier than Feng Feiyun’s expectations by more than ten times.

If it was truly made from ordinary metal, then it would not be possible to be this heavy!

“Thump Thump!”

Feng Feiyun made a fist, knocked on the surface, and put his ear close to it to listen!

“Ommmm ommmm!”

A terrifying sound came from within. If Feng Feiyun didn’t retreat quickly, then this sound would have shattered his eardrums.

“Just the sound created from my knocking fist was enough to shockingly ache my eardrums, this iron bell is truly not ordinary!”

This iron bell still exuded the stench of blood. Maybe it was soaked in a pool of blood, or it perhaps killed a Giant once and the blood of this Giant still stained the surface until now.

Feng Feiyun stood up with both feet planted into the ground. His two hands held the iron bell and he furiously exerted strength; he wanted to lift up this iron bell. He felt that there was truly something inside. It was a strange feeling that stemmed from his spiritual awareness.

With such a large iron bell, even if a dead corpse was inside, it would be completely plausible!

“There isn’t a dead corpse inside, right?”

Feng Feiyun slightly lifted up the iron bell and felt an extraordinary and indescribable presence. It seemed to be breathing with a very slow speed, an unusually slow speed. Plus, this presence did not feel like it was from a human being.

Feng Feiyun’s hands were not only shaking, but even cold sweat began to pour from his body. If he truly lifted this iron bell, could he be releasing a horrible creature from inside?

Right when Feng Feiyun was hesitating, there was the sound of chaotic and rushed footsteps from the outside. Just by hearing the footsteps, Feng Feiyun immediately knew that Ji Xiaonu was coming.

It was this little girl that he didn’t like again!


The door was pushed open, and it was indeed Ji Xiaonu.

Feng Feiyun was still lying on the ground next to the pyre. It was as if he hadn’t moved at all.

Ji Xiaonu bit her lips and disdainfully stared at Feng Feiyun’s disheveled hair along with his ragged and dirty clothes. This beggar had not taken a bath nor washed his face in who knows how many days. His face was covered with dirt, and his eyes and nose were no longer recognizable.

“Hey! Come with me!”

Ji Xiaonu said.

“Hey this, hey that. I am a person with a last name and a given name. My name is Feng Feiyun.”

Feng Feiyun arched his back and stood up from the ground with a smile on his face. Then he concernedly asked:

“Where is your big sister?”

Ji Xiaonu stared at his despicable face and became even more uncomfortable. This beggar was still dwelling on her big sister; he is truly a frog wanting to eat a swan. He should look into the mirror for a little bit to see his own appearance!

“Brat, I am warning you: forget about my sister! Otherwise, I will not be as courteous to you!”

Ji Xiaonu narrowed her eyes and waved her five, cute fingers in front of Feng Feiyun. Then, she turned them into a tender and white fist.

Feng Feiyun wasn’t taking her threat seriously, but he asked:

“Of course I don’t have this courage, I was simply just asking!”

“Today, I will bring you to meet an important senior. My big sister already went there first to prepare so we will go right now as well!”

Ji Xiaonu looked at Feng Feiyun’s clothing and continuously shook her head. Finally, she said:

“Meeting this senior today is not a joke. Why not take a bath first, so that it wouldn’t be so distasteful in front of him. Why are you just standing there?”

Feng Feiyun was indeed in a daze and only regained his wits after a while. He helplessly waved his arms around and muttered:

“Isn’t this a little too fast? I have not prepared anything!”

Ji Xiaonu was also stunned. Then she suddenly understood that the beggar was having strange thoughts again. She angrily stepped on his feet and said:

“Do you really think that my sister thinks highly of you? What are you doing? You’re only daydreaming.”

“What other thing could it be when meeting a person, ah?”

Feng Feiyun innocently said.

“Is going to see a senior always an in-law meeting?”

Ji Xiaonu angrily rolled her eyes and said:

“I don’t want to waste words with you. You don’t need to take a bath anymore. Just stick with this appearance and come with me right now.”

Feng Feiyun chuckled in his mind and felt that this little girl was much more interesting than her older sister. He pretended to nod in an honest manner and followed her outside.

At this moment, it was already getting late, and the stars were appearing high above. The moon was shining down, creating mottle shadows on the ground.

“Why are we going to meet this senior at night? Isn’t it more polite to go during the day?”

Feng Feiyun said as he was standing in the yard and lifted his head towards the sky. He looked at the position of the moon and the stars to guess the time — it was four o’clock at night.

“Shut up!”

Ji Xiaonu mercilessly stomped on Feng Feiyun’s foot again. It was so hard that he grimaced in pain, but he didn’t dare to make a noise.

They haven’t yet left the courtyard that was inhabited by the two sisters before Feng Feiyun suddenly stopped and felt tense. He stared into the deep curtain of darkness and his pair of eyes narrowed into a gap.

Something was happening!

Up ahead, Ji Xiaonu also felt that something wasn’t right. She also stopped and looked towards the same direction as Feng Feiyun.

The two of them responded almost at the same time, but Feng Feiyun was a bit faster. However, since Ji Xiaonu’s attention was gathered towards the darkness, she didn’t notice the abnormal reaction of Feng Feiyun.

“Hurry, hide!”

Ji Xiaonu’s pretty face suddenly turned pale. She pulled Feng Feiyun all the way back to the woodshed and slammed the door shut.

“What happened exactly?”

Feng Feiyun was pushed to the corner by her and couldn’t move.

“Shut up!”

Ji Xiaonu’s nerves were tense, yet she still sharpy snapped at Feng Feiyun. However, this did not hide her nervousness. Her two hands were squeezing Feng Feiyun’s arm tightly.

She was indeed very nervous, and her body was compressed into a clump.


In the darkness, there was a muffled tiger roar that carried a cold wind from very far away.

There was a five-meter long black tiger flying in the sky, but to call it a huge tiger was not very accurate because it only had the similar length of a tiger. It didn’t have any fur on its body and was instead covered by silky black scales and it had two huge wings from its back. The two wings were in the shape of a fan, and each flap created a huge gust of wind.

This was a distinguished beast, a “Scaled Tiger” with three hundred years of cultivation!

When a fierce beast reaches one hundred years and above for their cultivation, they would already fall into the category of distinguished beasts. They would be captured by an immortal gate or taken by the Godly Martial Army of the Godly Jin Dynasty to train them into war beasts.

Thus, in the mortal world, normally no one would be able to see a beast above one hundred years of cultivation. And distinguished beasts with three hundred years of cultivation were even rarer and had powerful battle potential. They would be able to destroy a city’s wall with just one hit.

In a few small immortal gates, a distinguished beast with three hundred years of cultivation could be called a Beast King.

The layer of scales on the Scaled Tiger had changed three times so it was as hard as steel. Even ordinary flames would not be able to harm it. It truly had three hundred years worth of cultivation.

Riding the Scaled Tiger was a skinny, black-clothed young man with evil energy surrounding his body. His face was pale, like a corpse crawling out from a grave.

“The two demon spawns had escaped for so long. I finally found a little trail!”

Another Scaled Tiger was flying in the back with a woman on top of it. She was also wearing black clothing. With two steel swords on her back and a strange stone bagua compass on her hand, it was as if she was searching for something.

Her cold eyes focused on the bagua compass with one finger pointed towards the sky. Her finger seals continuously transformed, and the lights from the stars all shined onto the bagua compass.

A third Scaled Tiger at the back caught up, and there were four men wearing black, godly armor. Their entire bodies were covered by the armor, only revealing their black eyes, like two black holes without any emotions.

Four black mist circled the space between the armor as if they were four death gods.

They tried to follow right behind the man and woman up ahead, but they didn’t dare to pass them. They were clearly the bodyguards brought along by this man and woman.

Who were they and what were they searching for in the dark night? They kept on circling the space around Green Maple Town. The tigers’ roars resounded throughout the darkness and broke the tranquility at this location, causing the townspeople to awaken from their dreams.

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