Chapter 105: I am a Treasure Seeking Master

The Wang Wu Mountain range was steep and rugged. She was only a girl, yet she had to pull the wooden carriage that weighed several hundred pounds. It slowly inched forward in this manner.

Feng Feiyun stared at her back and sighed.

“Hey, Beggar, why do you keep staring at my sister? Don’t think of any crooked thoughts lest I will dig out your eyeballs.”

Ji Xiaonu said as she signaled her finger over at Feng Feiyun and mercilessly glared at him.

“How could I have any crooked ideas? I just want to know what your sister’s name is?”

Feng Feiyun said.

“Then ask her yourself!”

Ji Xiaonu replied.

“I’m very shy, I was born with very thin skin!”

Feng Feiyun said in a serious tone.


Ji Xiaonu didn’t really believe him.

Feng Feiyun said:

“I have never lied before; you really should believe me.”

Yeah, right! It would be strange if I believed you. Even though Ji Xiaonu had this thought in her head, she said still:

“My name is Xiaonu, and my sister’s name is Xinnu.”

“Ji Xiaonu, Ji Xinnu, why are your names so strange? Why do they have the word ‘Nu’? Isn’t it an unlucky word?”

Feng Feiyun asked.

“None of your business. If you keep on asking so many things, I will cut off your tongue.”

Ji Xiaonu was obviously hiding something from Feng Feiyun. She didn’t want him to know. There was a complicated expression on her face. Even though it was well hidden, Feng Feiyun still noticed it.

It seems like they also have their own stories, ah!


Feng Feiyun suddenly shouted loudly.

Ji Xinnu, who was struggling to pull the carriage forward, quickly held her pace. However, Feng Feiyun was not sitting straight, so he rolled down from the wooden cart and fell straight to the ground.


“Ouch! Can you go a bit slower?”

Feng Feiyun rubbed his butt and sat up from the ground.

Ji Xiaonu laughed loudly at Feng Feiyun’s misfortune. She felt a sense of schadenfreude, and then said:

“You suddenly yelled to stop, how can you even blame my sister?”

“Xiaonu, less arguing; quickly go help him up. He is already sick, so he shouldn’t sit on the cold ground.”

Ji Xinnu quickly came over and gently held him up with one hand. She slowly got him to sit on the wooden carriage.

Her actions were very meticulous, as if she was afraid of hurting Feng Feiyun. When he finally sat straight on the wooden carriage, she then slowly withdrew her hand.

Ji Xiaonu became increasingly annoyed. She squeezed her fists tightly. She felt that this beggar was using this opportunity to win her sister’s sympathy, and also to take advantage of her. She coldly snorted and said:

“Why were you yelling! Wanting to die, ah?”

“Hush! Don’t be so loud, do you guys smell something?”

Feng Feiyun closed his eyes and carefully sniffed with a smirk on his face.

The Ji sisters had doubts, but they also followed Feng Feiyun’s action and started to sniff. However, they couldn’t smell anything. There was nothing out of place here.

“Haha! It is over in that direction?”

Feng Feiyun pointed at the old road next to the mountain as he burst out in laughter. He repeatedly urged Ji Xiaonu to go search. It was as if he thought there was a treasure there.

There were only bushes and thorns in that direction, and it was completely dark. These large thorns had been there for so many years and were harder than iron. As for whether there was treasure or not, how would this beggar know?

Even though Ji Xiaonu was very doubtful, she still went over to the bush of thorns and sniffed again. There was still no distinct smell.

“Cut that bush, quickly. There is a Blood Spirit Seed inside; I can smell its medicinal scent. I can’t believe that we could dig up a Blood Spirit Seed in this Wang Wu Mountain — truly surprising.”

Feng Feiyun was rushing and talking to himself at the same time.

The Ji sisters could be considered to be quite knowledgeable about medicinal plants. At the very least, they knew the names and shapes of dozens of herbs. However, they have never heard of the Blood Spirit Seed, before. It had to be an ordinary herb and not worth many coins.

However, seeing Feng Feiyun’s incessant urging, they didn’t want to rain on his parade. They took out iron blades and started to cut the bush of thorns.

However, after the bush was chopped down, there was no sign of any medicinal plants. It was apparent that they were tricked by the beggar!

Ji Xiaonu wiped the sweat on her forehead and was no longer able to hold back. She rolled up her sleeve and walked forward angrily:

“It is not very interesting to tease us. At this moment, roll down from the carriage for me, we will go our separate ways!”


“Older Sister, this beggar is clearly a scoundrel. First he tried to steal the Ma Cang Eagle, then he pretended to be sick, and now he fooled us about the medicinal plant in the bush. Why are we still letting him stay? Sister has done enough, and you don’t owe him anything.”

Ji Xiaonu was crying and talking at the same time. She didn’t cry from anger; instead, she was feeling bad for her sister.

Ji Xinnu gently bit her lips and stared at the dispirited and weak Feng Feiyun. Her bright eyes also became moist as if she was about to cry.

Feng Feiyun stared at her and said:

“The Blood Spirit Seed grows in the stone. The stone is not too deep underground. If you still trust me, then you can dig it up and see!”

“It would be strange if we trusted you. What kind of medicinal plant grows inside a stone…”

Ji Xiaonu was carrying Feng Feiyun’s calves. She wanted to drag him down from the wooden carriage.

“Oh, there really is a red stone.”

Ji Xinnu, in the end, still chose to trust Feng Feiyun’s words. She dug out a red stone, around the size of a fist, from the mud. There was still a red liquid around it, like blood flowing from inside the stone.

Ji Xiaonu scowled and temporarily set Feng Feiyun’s feet aside. Then, she ran over to stare at the red stone in Ji Xinnu’s hand, and she curiously asked:

“Why is the stone bleeding?”

“It is because the Blood Spirit Seed has matured so the medicinal property is flowing outside!”

Feng Feiyun answered.

“Why are you lying? It is just a stone, how could a grass grow inside a stone?”

Ji Xiaonu revealed her white teeth and pretended to bite as she was scolding Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun didn’t want to argue with her — there was no need.

Ji Xinnu was surprised. This was her first time seeing a stone bleeding blood. Normally, if she dug a stone that was bleeding from the ground, she would be avoiding it from fear. How could she think about a grass growing inside the stone?

“There really is a medicinal grass inside?”

The voice of Ji Xinnu was a lot more gentle. It was as soft as the spring water, causing others to feel calm.

Feng Feiyun smiled and replied:

“Of course, but you guys might not believe me. Go to town and find a specialist on medicinal items and see. I trust that they will give you a very good price.”

“Well, how much is a good price? Around one thousand bronze?”

One thousand bronze coins, to them, was a very good price. At the very least, ordinary medicinal materials would not have this price. However, they also saw that this bloody stone was not ordinary, so they felt that it should be quite expensive.

Feng Feiyun rubbed his forehead and didn’t know how to answer them. At the Yin Gou Ward, he had bought some Blood Spirit Seeds to cultivate. At that time, he spent more than one thousand gold coins to buy one root. One thousand gold coins was equivalent to ten million bronze coins.

However, the price should be cheaper to sell. As long as they met someone who could recognize the item, then, at the very least, it would be five million bronze coins. That should be enough to buy it.

If Feng Feiyun said five million bronze coins, they would definitely think that he was fooling them. Thus, he only smiled and nodded his head:

“If you guys sell it, being able to buy a beautiful dress should be possible.”

Although the two sisters did not know how much the medicinal grass inside the stone could sell for, it certainly wouldn’t be cheap. They carefully put it away and continued to pull the wooden carriage back home.

“Hey, how did you know there was a rock underneath there?”

After a while, Ji Xiaonu couldn’t suppress her curiosity and asked.

“The truth is… I am a Treasure Seeking Master!”

Feng Feiyun replied.


Ji Xiaonu was startled as she shouted. Then, she carefully looked at Feng Feiyun. Treasure Seeking Master — this was a high above character. This was the richest and most mysterious group in the world. Even the gate master of the Three Mysterious Gate would have to be deferential towards them. Was this beggar really a Treasure Seeking Master?

Feng Feiyun coughed twice and said:

“The truth is, I almost became a Treasure Seeking Master. However, later on, I suffered a reversal of fortune and my great teacher departed from this life. I then lost both of my parents and became separated from my wife and child. Then, natural calamities and manmade disasters drove me away from my home. In reality, I have learned two or three parts of the treasure seeking art, yet I am wrong nine times out of ten. Aizzz! Otherwise, how could I become so poor with this appearance today!”

Feng Feiyun lamented with sighs. It was as if he was remembering the past!

“Nevermind, you scared me for a second. So you are just a fortune teller who is wrong nine times out of ten. I think, compared to the blind man at the edge of the town, you aren’t any better.”

Ji Xiaonu said.

“I am not a fortune teller, I have genuine abilities.”

“But at the moment, you are also a beggar!”

“I am not a beggar, I am a Treasure Seeking Master… At least I almost became a true Treasure Seeking Master, I was just a bit lacking!”

“If you keep on boasting, do you believe that I won’t throw you out of here and feed you to the wolves?”

“Fine, okay! I really am just a beggar!”

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