Chapter 103: Beautiful Sisters

“Hey! Beggar, have you seen a large eagle falling down from the sky earlier?”

This was a girl carrying a Tie Lan wooden bow. She was around thirteen to fourteen years old and wore a green, plaid robe. Her lower half wore short linen pants, only covering the area above the knees while revealing everything below.

She had wheat colored skin and a very lean and compact figure. A touch would most likely reveal her elasticity.

She was wearing a yellow straw pair of sandals. Because of the trek in the mountains, not only the sandals were tattered, but the soles were also left with wounds from the bushes and thorns. The blood had either dried up or became scars!

She was pretty, especially the round eyes that were just like the moon in the sky.

She was equipped with a bamboo quiver filled with arrows. They were made from wooden branches. Three feet and three inches long, each arrow had an iron head and goose feathers for the tail.

She was similar to a daughter from an ordinary family, but also not in a certain sense. At the very least, a daughter from an ordinary family would not have an appearance like her. They would not wear this kind of linen clothes and straw sandals while carrying the bow and quiver. This was definitely a martial artist.

The truth was, Feng Feiyun grew up and lived in Spirit State City. It was a rich environment so he felt that girls should be well dressed in clean outfits and sit at home to learn embroidery or feed the fishes while enjoying the pond. Even a poorer girl like the little girl in Old Man Luo’s tea house would always dress properly and politely. She would definitely not wear straw sandals and hunt beasts in the mountains.

However, the reality was that in the remote mountains, not only men, but women also had to do some menial tasks just to survive. For a few coins, they have to go pick herbs in the mountains and fruits amongst the cliffs.

“Cough cough! I am not a beggar, you shouldn’t look down on people.”

Feng Feiyun coughed twice as he leaned against a bush, as if he was limping on the ground.

Ji Xiaonu slightly frowned. She took another glance at Feng Feiyun and nodded her head. Once again, she confirmed that he was indeed a beggar. If he wasn’t a beggar, then would he be dressed in rags and have the appearance of being hungry for several days?

Generally, beggars wouldn’t admit that they were beggars!

“Well, then did you see a huge eagle falling down or not?”

Ji Xiaonu was more concerned with this issue. Her round eyes stared at Feng Feiyun without blinking.

Feng Feiyun said:

“Of course I didn’t see any!”

“That’s strange. It clearly fell around this area, how did you not see it?”

Ji Xiaonu perched her tiny lips and glanced over at the bush right behind Feng Feiyun. She angrily stomped her feet and scoldingly said:

“You sneaky beggar, you dare to hide the prey my sister shot down? You didn’t even bat an eye when you were lying.”

“No such thing, I am not lying!”

Feng Feiyun still didn’t bat his eyes.

“You still dare to lie! What is this then?”

Ji Xiaonu bypassed Feng Feiyun and pushed away the bush behind him. There was indeed a huge Ma Cang Eagle in the bush. Just the wings alone were two meters long, the head was as big as a human. The feathers were as big as a palm, and its tail was one meter long.

This eagle would weight around four to five hundred jin. It was enough to sell for several thousands of copper coins.

There was an arrow on its neck, exactly like the arrows in the quiver behind Ji Xiaonu’s back. It pierced the bird’s neck and killed it in one shot.

There was a distance of several hundred zhang high, yet it was an accurate shot at the neck of the Ma Cang Eagle… The coordination and sight were both very impressive.

Feng Feiyun’s face was not red. His breathing was still calm. He sighed and said:

“You also saw it yourself, this eagle fell down right behind me. I really didn’t see it earlier, my eyes don’t grow behind my neck!”

“Even if your eyes didn’t see, were your ears deaf as well?”

Ji Xiaonu seemed to notice that this brat in front of her was not only a beggar, but also a scumbag that was capable of lying without shame.

“Sometimes, my ears do not work well.”

Feng Feiyun replied.


Ji Xiaonu grinned her teeth in anger. She wanted to use the wooden bow in her hand to smack Feng Feiyun on the head. However, at this time, more sounds of footsteps appeared.

“Xiaonu, did you find the Ma Cang Eagle?”

An older girl came over. She was also wearing a linen dress with a short skirt along with the straw sandals as well as a quiver and bow on her back.

Her figure was quite similar to the girl before him, but around two years older. She was a bit taller and had fairer skin. However, what surprised Feng Fei Yun was that her body was floating a little bit of spirit energy. Even though it was very faint — almost negligible, but it did exist.

She should be at the early Spirit Realm level!

Even though early Spirit Realm is considered the lowest level in the cultivation world, it was quite extraordinary in the eyes of mortals. It was enough to be a martial arts master, and they could take care of more than ten muscular men without a problem.

The beauty of the two sisters were first class. If they were dressed with makeup, then they wouldn’t be any less than the rich, noble daughters. And the older sister would even be higher, with a tender elegance.

“Older Sister, I met a little thief!”

Ji Xiaonu glared at Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun retorted:

“I am not a thief and definitely not a little thief!”

After these words came out, Feng Feiyun’s chest suddenly felt heavy and he began to cough. He lost all of the strength in his body and his eyes darkened.

The older sister that had just arrived noticed that Feng Feiyun was weak so she took out a wooden gourd from her chest and propped him up into her chest. She opened the gourd and gave him some water.

Feng Feiyun’s entire body was weakened, but he felt as if his head was leaning on a high-class cotton pillow. He instinctively drank the water from the wooden gourd. The water was clear and contained a unique source of energy. After drinking, there was a strange medicinal aftertaste in his mouth.

His body that was without any strength suddenly gained a bit more vitality. His blood flow became faster along with some sensations for his bones.

Feng Feiyun’s head was resting on her shoulder, and he could smell the faint fragrance from her hair. He stared at her face from the left and noticed that she had some really long eyelashes.

So lying in a woman’s arms was such a comfortable matter!

“Big Sister, why are you saving this beggar! He is a scoundrel and is probably faking his sickness as well. You didn’t need to give the Medicinal Spring for him to drink. In the next few days, what are we going to do if we get injured?”

Ji Xiaonu stomped her feet repeatedly with an angry expression.

The Medicinal Spring that was earlier given to Feng Feiyun was their preparation in case they were injured or bitten by poisonous scorpions. Even though it was the most ordinary and of the lowest rank, it was life-saving at times.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. With this bald hawk, our trip to the mountains is already successful. Today, we can go back to Green Maple Town so we won’t need the Medicinal Spring anymore.”

The voice of this woman was very gentle, any man would want to hug and love her well. Plus, her nature was so kindhearted; she even lent a hand to a beggar.

She noticed that Feng Feiyun’s face was becoming pink. She revealed a sweet smile and gently placed him on the ground. Then, she softly spoke:

“There are many fierce beasts on Wang Wu Mountain, how did you get to such a dangerous place as a beggar? And your clothes are so wet, you will easily become sick. Next time, don’t do this again.”

“I will remember!”

Feng Feiyun stared at her.

“Ah! You have arms and legs and is also a man, you should earn your own living. Even if you can’t join the army for a good career, but as long as you aren’t afraid of labor, being a little servant to earn some meals probably isn’t a difficult matter.”

She said with a sympathetic tone.

“I remember!”

Feng Feiyun replied.

She knew Feng Feiyun was just saying it to deal with her, so she shook her head and said:

“In fact, I know that you have such a miserable life. And coming to this deep mountain, you were on the verge of…”

Feng Feiyun wanted to know what she knew.

“You wanted to commit suicide by drowning — to end you life, but you were not successful.”

Feng Feiyun replied:


She seemed to understand Feng Feiyun really well. And she continued:

“Do you know? No matter how hard life is, you should just survive. As long as you are living, there is always hope. Well, I have said so much, it is no longer early. If I don’t leave now, I won’t be able to make it back to town. You should take care of yourself!”

The two women carried the iron bow on their back and placed the Ma Cang Eagle on a wooden carriage. Then, they headed towards the jungle. The wooden carriage rolled along the lonely trail, issuing many “click clack” sounds.

“Hey! If you are going to save people, then save them all the way!”

Feng Feiyun shouted towards the two women as he jumped up from the ground and held onto a tree with his hands.

The wooden carriage stopped!

The big sister naturally turned and revealed her white crystal waist. Then she said:

“You don’t want to die?”

“I no longer want to die. After hearing your words, I have being enlightened.”

Feng Feiyun replied.

“Bodhisattva said, saving one life is the same as accumulating merit for the next life!”

Feng Feiyun repeatedly nodded his head and said:

“Thats right, thats right! Bodhisattva was so right! I only want to eat a meal right now. Being alive is such a good thing. I trust that you, a female Bodhisattva, will not watch someone die without saving them.”

Ji Xiaonu frowned. It was obvious that she had a bad impression towards Feng Feiyun. She didn’t want this little thief to fool her sister, so she said:

“Big Sister, this boy has shifty-eyes and is crafty-looking, his origin is also unknown. He could be a thief of the Huang Feng Ridge, pretending to have this appearance to infiltrate our Green Maple Town. The thieves of the Huang Feng Ridge are quite notorious and specialized in dealing with beautiful girls. I heard the mayor say that a disciple of the Three Mysterious Gate was ruined by the thieves. Even a disciple from an immortal gate couldn’t escape. It is better if we are careful.”

“But he doesn’t look like a thief?”

The woman was also a bit scared. In the end, the thieves from the Huang Feng Ridge was quite scary. Even the Godly Martial Army here wasn’t able to kill them after several attempts, and they also suffered losses.

These thieves were quite elusive, never casting even a single shadow. Many townspeople were captured by them. Men became slaves and women were raped. The old were massacred and the young lost their corpses!

Feng Feiyun stood silently to the side while listening to their conversation. He was wondering where the hell this place was. It still had to be in the Grand Southern Prefecture because their accents didn’t change too much, but how come he had never heard of the Three Mysterious Gate? It must only be a small sect.

As for the Huang Feng Ridge’s thieves, they were described like the best demon kings. However, Feng Feiyun also had never heard of them. At this moment, he was only worried about the Evil Woman, Xiao Niulan, and the more than one thousand monk corpses that escaped from the Mortal Life Temple. These were the true devils and demons that caused chaos.

He was afraid that the entire cultivation world of the Grand Southern Prefecture had suffered a celestial change. However, this disaster still hasn’t spread to such a small little place yet.

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