Chapter 102: A girl’s voice in the Deep Forest


The yellow ancient well collapsed, and the rocks and soil around it automatically buried the well. Not long after, the ground became flat, as if there hadn’t been a yellow ancient well there.

The yellow ancient well was originally the body of the Mortal Temple Life’s abbot, and its purpose was for the Reverse Life and Death formation. Now that the Evil Woman has revived, naturally, it has completed its mission. Thus, along with the ancient formations of the godly temple, they became dust in the history of time.


And the entire godly temple, once again, sank into the ground. This time, it sank even deeper, disappearing forever from this world. The buddhist pagoda —along with the chambers — all went down as well. Everything was buried, including Feng Feiyun who jumped into the yellow ancient well.

Deep underground, a cyan river was flowing. It was around one hundred zhang wide, and the surging river was flowing towards an unknown direction.

The mist rose with bright lights, carrying an infinitely mysterious atmosphere. Inside was a rich aura of monstrous spirit energy; it was almost dense to the point of being liquid.

Along the long river, the spirit mists condensed into many forms. Some were in the shape of an Ancient Giant Oxen, swimming in the river, and there was also a Water Dragon, sucking the clouds and spraying water. Everything was seemingly very magical.

If an immortal gate discovered that the scene below the earth was like this, they would be trembling with excitement. This was a spirit vein, ah! The condensation of the heaven and earth spirit energy. It required a complex terrain along with more than ten thousand years of gestation before becoming a spirit vein.

Spirit veins were always hidden deep underground. Even if one’s cultivation could see through the world, they would still have a difficult time finding them. Only special people, such as Treasure Seeking Masters, would be able to use secret methods to guess the general direction of spirit veins.

However, generally, spirit veins were always flowing. Only a powerful Treasure Seeking Master would be able to stabilize the vein and root it into the earth before it could be used by immortal gates and sects.

The spirit vein under Jing Huan Mountain was used by the yellow ancient well for eighteen hundred years and thus, more than one third of the spirit energy was consumed. However, when the yellow ancient well collapsed, the spirit vein regained its freedom to freely flow through the earth like a giant eel.

The spirit energy inside this vein was also extraordinarily violent and thick. Ordinary cultivators would immediately explode when they step inside. For the people with low cultivation, it would be best for them to not rush inside a spirit vein.

But at this moment, between the mist of the rough spirit vein, there was an azure boat floating about. This boat was made out from azure bronze. It carried a primitive simplicity and held a sad vicissitude of life. Many places were rusted, and it had lasted for so many generations.

On the small azure bronze boat was eighteen godly sails made from iron cloth. They emitted black rays that were capable of reflecting the lights of the stars. It was easy to tell that they were made from exceedingly rare materials of the gods. However, these iron sails began to rot and many places were rusted all the way to the core.

How much time was needed for it to become dust?

The more amazing thing was that there was a young man lying on the small, azure bronze boat. He seemed to have slept for a long time. His body was tall and heroic, but it was also covered in blood. Clearly, he had suffered many severe injuries.

The small azure bronze boat had been floating for five days and five nights along the underground spirit vein. He still had no signs of waking up, but there were lights flashing in his dantian — a godly flower was blooming.

This was the “Immortal Foundation”!

The Immortal Foundation looked like a godly flower. It was beautifully blooming green petals that were crystal clear. It bloomed a total of three times and then withered three times. Finally, a green fruit started to grow.

All of the spirit energy inside his dantian began to head towards the fruit. Countless amounts of spirit rays floated around it, providing it with nutrients. An endless amount of golden liquid dripped down from the green fruit into the dantian, then it tempered the body by joining into the flesh and blood, along with the bone marrow.

This was the metamorphosis from intermediate Immortal Foundation to peak Immortal Foundation!

And the young man sleeping on the Spirit Vessel was naturally Feng Feiyun.

After jumping down from the yellow ancient well, he was not killed by the killing intent rays. He fell into this spirit vein, instead. The Spirit Vessel in his dantian rushed out and carried him while drifting on this river towards an unknown destination.

Before, he was very close to the peak level, but after being nourished by the spirit vein, it caused him to completely enter the peak level of the Immortal Foundation realm.

There was a huge difference between the intermediate and the peak level. This was a transitional stage; the Immortal Foundation inside his body had completely matured, and it was just waiting for the fruit to turn into the “God Base”.

Because the God Base was the first building block in the cultivation world, a firm foundation would allow for one to travel farther in their cultivation. Therefore, the God Base was also one of the most important realms of a cultivator.

Feng Feiyun is now at the peak of the Immortal Foundation, and he will soon reach this state, so each step must be the best — the most perfect, to create the most secure foundation.

Many cultivators were willing to stay at the God Base realm for dozens of years to temper the foundation in order to have the best foundation.

The spirit vein crashed into a cliff inside a mountain. It kept flowing past the cliff while the Spirit Vessel stopped and turned into an azure light. Then, it disappeared inside Feng Feiyun’s dantian.

The little boat — once again — floated inside his dantian and suppressed the spirit energy inside, causing Feng Feiyun’s dantian to be as solid as a boulder.


Feng Feiyun’s body fell into an underground river that was as cold as ice, but his body was wrapped in spirit energy and floated in the water. He continued to drift forward. Eventually, the underground river flowed out to a big mountain and then ran down the mountain into a small stream.

The sun began to appear; it was a bit blinding.

The sparrows and cicadas were singing and the buzzing of the bees were nearby. Of course, there would not be an absence of the sound of the flowing water. These sounds became clearer and clearer.

The blood on Feng Feiyun’s body was rinsed by the strong flowing water. However, his clothes were a bit too tattered. Also, because he was soaked in the water for so long, it became white and stained with some moss.

His nose slightly quivered. He could smell the water and the fragrance of the flowers nearby along the stream. He took a deep breath and suddenly opened his eyes while quivering.

Where is this place? Not good, could this be inside the ancient well?

He felt that he was covered by an icy cold water.


Feng Feiyun wanted to stand up, but there was a sense of tiredness in his body. He felt like an extremely sick person and had no power in his limbs while he began to sweat. He not only couldn’t stand up, but he began to sink into the water. He drank two full gulp of the river water. He had no choice but to swallow — it was a terrible taste.

Luckily, Feng Feiyun was proficient underwater. Otherwise, he would have drowned to death — an undeserving death.

He struggled hard in the water before climbing to the shore. At this moment, he didn’t have any strength in his body, and he couldn’t even move a finger.

What dogshit fourth rank pill! This side effect wasn’t something an ordinary person could handle. Even he, who was practicing the Immortal Phoenix Physique, was miserably tortured like this. Other cultivators wouldn’t be able to get up at all.

Feng Feiyun took comfort in the fact that the spirit energy in his body didn’t wilt. In fact, it became even stronger. And the Immortal Foundation had matured; this was the sign of reaching peak Immortal Foundation.

Even though his body was very weak, Feng Feiyun grinded his teeth to sit up. He wanted to channel the spirit energy in his body in order to recover to his peak condition.

However, he was disappointed to find that his meridians and blood vessels greatly shrank. Without spirit energy throughout his body, only small strands were moving throughout the vessels, and they were slowly revitalizing.

With this speed, it would take half a month before he could reach his peak condition. It seemed that he needed to find a hidden place and cultivate in secrecy.

The cultivation world was also the robbers world. Without power, it would be difficult to go anywhere.

In front of him was a stream surrounded by giant, towering trees. Some had purple leaves while others had tree bark with fish scale patterns on them. One tree root was exposed, revealing its huge root like a mill grindstone. Naturally, he was located in the deep and desolate jungle.

To survive, he needed to find something to eat first. Feng Feiyun didn’t know how long he had been asleep for, and he only felt his empty stomach. One of the reasons that he couldn’t muster any strength could be because he was hungry.

When he was worried about finding something to eat, he looked up and saw a bald eagle flying in the sky. It looked very ferocious as it had an iron hook beak and claws as sharp as swords. However, it also had a lot of meat. If he could capture this bald eagle then cook it with fire, it would be very delicious.

Unfortunately, he even had trouble moving at this very second, let alone beating a bald eagle down for meat.


As Feng Feiyun was thinking this in his mind, the huge bald eagle flying on top of his head suddenly fell down right next to Feng Feiyun.

Oh my god! The old Heaven saw that I had really bad luck recently, so he finally showed me mercy and granted my wish. He wanted to eat eagle meat, then an eagle fell straight down from the sky! Then, if I wanted a little sister, would a little sister also fall down from the sky?

That would be too cool!

Right when Feng Feiyun was excited, the old Heaven opened his eyes again. There was really a little sister. From the far distance came the crisp and clear voice of a young, sweet girl:

“Older Sister, your arrow earlier was really on the mark. I clearly saw the Ma Cang Eagle falling down, but how come we can’t find it right now?”

“We will go to the stream over there to find it. I think it fell towards that direction!”

Another woman’s voice appeared.

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