Chapter 101: Jumping into the Yellow Ancient Well

Monk Jiu Rou seemed to be doing it on purpose. It seemed that he was leading the Evil Woman away to reduce the scale of the massacre so that the remaining cultivators would have a chance of survival.

At this moment, the one-hour time limit was approaching. Feng Feiyun felt a sense of exhaustion. He didn’t dare to stay in this evil land any longer.

The side effect of the ancient pill was too great; it was even able to make the user faint from fatigue. If he fell down at this time, then there would immediately be monk corpses coming to gnaw on his bones.


Feng Feiyun wanted to leave, but it was not up to him. Someone sneaked an attack from behind. The fist that was accompanied by the hidden fluttering wind had an endless killing intent.

“Feng Feiyun, you devilspawn, I can’t believe you let the Evil Woman free. Today, I will clean our house and destroy you, this unfilial bastard.”

The Feng ancestor was the one who attacked him. Earlier, when the Evil Woman came into being, he was hiding in the depths of the godly temple and escaped the potential calamity. After the Evil Woman left, he immediately rushed out.

Everyone saw Feng Feiyun going into the light and making it out unscathed. And that was when the Evil Woman completely recovered as well. Thus, all of these events made others suspicious that Feng Feiyun helped her revive.

“This is taking the side of Tyrant Zhou!”

“The Grand Southern Prefecture is facing a great calamity. Feng Feiyun must directly take the responsibility.”

“One is the Son of the Evil Demon, the other is an Evil Woman; they turned out to be the same type of trash. Today, we will first slay the Son of the Evil Demon, then we will kill the Evil Woman.”


Many cultivators died in the hands of the monk corpses so their grievances were quite high. At this moment, they placed all of their hatred onto Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun had already been wrongly accused, before. Even if he could survive today, his notorious name would soon be spread throughout the entire world and he will be labeled as the “Son of the Evil Demon”, “servant of the Evil Woman”, “traitor of the Feng Clan”, and “creator of the calamity”.

But so what? He was Feng Feiyun, and he never did anything to be shameful about. His conscience was just. Whoever dared to spout nonsense… If one person, then kill one person; if two, then kill two.


Feng Feiyun no longer showed any mercy. He pierced the forehead of a white-clothed cultivator with one finger. It left a hole as big as a finger. His head was penetrated by the spirit energy that blasted the back of his neck and then, his stiff body fell to the ground.

Another palm flew out, like an iron print throughout the whole sky, into three elders of the Feng Clan. They were struck flying away and were vomiting blood as they rolled on the ground.

In order to open a path of escape, he had to be decisively merciless!

“Poof, poof, poof!”

One palm unleashed the shadows of three Qilins, all of them were several zhang high. They swung their iron heels and trampled about like wild beasts, causing the three Feng elders — who were on the ground — to turn into meat paste.

Even though the medicinal property of the ancient pill was weakening and the feeling of exhaustion in his body was increasing, Feng Feiyun became more ferocious as he fought with his crimson eyes. Whoever tried to stop him was his enemy!


The Feng ancestor couldn’t hold back any longer. He stretched his palm and the world’s energy condensed on top of it, creating a huge palm print that knocked Feng Feiyun flying away.

Feng Feiyun was already spent so he couldn’t stop the palm of a Giant. He flew upside down in the sky and crashed into a corner of the godly temple. His internal organs were considerably shaken and he spat out a mouthful of blood, causing his clothes to be stained with blood.


He fell on the floor — no longer able to stand. He stumbled a few times before he arrived by the icy yellow ancient well.

The palm of the Feng ancestor knocked him back into the godly temple. He leaned on the yellow ancient well. He was completely out of strength and was as cold as ice. He didn’t know whether it was because the power of the ancient pill was running out or whether it was the yellow ancient well that caused him to feel this chill that permeated his bones.

A well with an ancient architecture gave life to a supreme Evil Woman. The inside of the well had a dense and endless mist, hiding the endless thirst for blood. One glance was enough to cause blood to flow from the eyes of humans.

Feng Feiyun stepped on a headless body. This corpse was already shattered by the cold of the yellow ancient well; it was an extremely miserable sight to behold.

This was the corpse of a Giant. No matter how majestic or domineering he used to be, he was now nothing but only trashy, icy remnants.

“Am I going to die here as well and share the same fate as him?”

Feng Feiyun was very unwilling.

Many sounds of wind whistling came about. Not only the cultivators of the Feng Clan, but experts from the other great families also surrounded this place. Some wanted the evil demon’s blood in his body, and others just wanted to kill him to become famous.

Feng Feiyun was the legendary Evil Demon’s Son that could fight equally against a Giant. However, at this moment, he was heavily wounded and besieged by everyone. As long as they could kill him, they would be renowned throughout the world.

They gazed at him as if he was a piece of treasure — with wild eyes that wanted to eat him alive.

Feng Feiyun coldly sneered in his heart. A bunch of people blinded by their greed, ah! If I, Feng Feiyun, died in your hands, then it would truly be too unfortunate.

“Old Man Feng, from today on, this Feng Feiyun will no longer have any relation with the Feng Clan. I will remember this enmity well. As long as I don’t die, I will definitely go to the Feng Clan. The ones that besieged me today, I will tear your bodies into pieces.”

Feng Feiyun’s aura was still powerful. He stood straight and smiled. He didn’t resemble a man who was about to die at all.

Knowledgeable scholars, merchants, geniuses, gentlemen… Many people facing death would be scared while wearing a pale expression and have their legs weaken. Some could even be frightened until they shat their pants and directly collapse on the ground.

However, Feng Feiyun was still smiling and talking unyieldingly. He didn’t show a trace of fear.

This presence caused many people here to almost change their minds. They were feeling the shame, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to do the same.

The Feng ancestor puffed his nose. He did not believe that Feng Feiyun could escape, so he didn’t take Feng Feiyun’s threats seriously. He was able to reach such a high position; what kind of troubles had he not seen before? Feng Feiyun could be considered heaven-defying, but the ancestor only saw him as an ant — still too young and inexperienced.

Feng Feiyun touched the yellow mud on the yellow ancient well and felt a biting chill on its surface. Suddenly, he bit his teeth to gather his courage and jumped into the ancient well.

Life and death with just a single thought. At this second, Feng Feiyun had made up his mind.

Even though the killing intent of the yellow ancient well was compellingly forceful and caused others to be afraid, and anyone that jumped down would be refined into pus, Feng Feiyun knew that this place might be his only chance of survival.

If what Monk Jiu Rou said was true, then under the yellow ancient well was a path to a flowing spirit vein. If this was the case, then there was really a chance for him to survive.

Feng Feiyun personally made the bet for there was no other choice. He was becoming weaker, and he couldn’t even walk. He could only hope that the yellow ancient well was connected to a spirit vein underground. Even though he could be lost underground and float about without a destination, he had no other way.

“What! He no longer wants to live! I can’t believe he jumped into the yellow ancient well!”

“This is committing suicide. He didn’t want to die in the hands of the Feng Clan, so he decisively jumped down to end his own life.”

Someone said as they felt sorry for Feng Feiyun.

A white glowing ray of light flew by and landed near the yellow ancient well.

“He… He… Scoundrel…”

Dongfang Jingyue, with her white-as-snow dress, was standing next to the yellow ancient well. She angrily stomped her foot with a complicated emotion in her heart.

She came one second too late.

“Aiyysh! It seems like the chance to bury the stray dog is gone as well.”

Dongfang Jingshui said.

“Run quickly, I feel that the Evil Woman is coming back. If we don’t run now, it will be a disaster.”

Second Grandpa grabbed Dongfang Jingyue. He directly dragged her and flew away into the horizon. He left extremely quickly.

The Evil Woman came out from the yellow ancient well and the Evil Demon’s Son jumped inside. This was only the beginning, who could determine that Feng Feiyun would die for sure in the ground?

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