Chapter 100: Evil Woman’s Presence

An evil woman. Her body did not rot after eighteen hundred years, and her soul finally came back.

Reverse Life and Death was a terrifying grand technique. However, the chance of success was extremely low — not even one percent. Yet, she was successful, and she even absorbed several hundred drops of spirit spring water. She devoured one-third of a spirit vein and even the power from the moon and stars were absorbed by her.

“What kind of existence is this?”

Some people felt chills throughout their entire body. They envisioned a scene where the heaven fell and the earth crumbled.

Time had passed and very few people knew her real name. Many instinctively called her “evil woman.” This was not a name for an ordinary demon, but a true devil. She was an existence that could fight against the gods and capable of forcing all existences in this world to tremble.

The evil woman also wore a buddhist robe and the material wove together to make it was unknown. After one thousand years, it was completely unharmed; it even carried a unique sense of spirituality. It was embroidered with an azure buddhist lotus — beautiful and moving. Like a lotus flower blooming in a spirit pond, there were still rolling dewdrops on the lotus leaf.

Her hair was not at all disheveled. She was using a jade ornamented hairpin to hold her hair together. Each strand of hair was full of energy and life essence. The strands emitted a bright, jade light. Some shone on her jade-white neck and others faintly glimmered on her round earrings.

Her crimson eyes were still red like two tigers, carefully gazing at the ancestor of the Grand Development Immortal Gate. With the presence of a higher being looking down below, her pressure was truly formidable and suffocated her opponent.

The two wounds on the back of the ancestor were finally sealed by his powerful cultivation. However, they were grave wounds, and his internal organs had been damaged. He had to use his endless spirit energy to barely suppress his injuries.

“I inadvertently have offended you, but you shouldn’t kill to the very end!”

The ancestor took two steps back and his eyes emitted blinding lights. The two hands hidden in his sleeves began to form sword seals. If this woman took action yet again, he could only fight to the bitter end.

With a Spirit Treasure in his hand, there was a chance that he could survive this using his sword.

The evil woman’s figure was so sultry and her slim waist under the moonlight was too beautifully charming. Her face under the silver moonlight was illuminated like the ceramic jade — filled with implicit charms.

A beautiful woman was even more pretty while standing below the moonlight!

But at the moment, no one dared to enjoy this kind of beauty. Even Young Noble Flawless, who was always crazily obsessed with beauties, ran away a long time ago. This wasn’t a joke; even Giants were decapitated, how could he stay in this place?

The beautiful, alluring jade hands of the evil woman stretched out again. They were the same hands that had just crushed the head of a Giant, earlier. The sword of the ancestor immediately slashed forward, releasing a cold ray from the sky.

A Giant ferociously attacked with the power of the Spirit Treasure utilized to the extreme.


Two slender fingers pinched the unstoppable Sky Breaking Sword. All of the spirit energy immediately collapsed into pieces; the powerful Giant attack was easily blocked by her.


The Sky Breaking Sword was broken by her jade fingers, and a countless amount of spirit energy and spirituality spilled out from the fracture. A bright light — the size of a fist — wanted to rush into the sky. This was the Spirit Awareness of the Sky Breaking Sword; it contained a trace of intelligence.

It wanted to flee, but the evil woman opened her red lips. She opened her sweet, moist, and seductive lips to easily swallow it, and it was refined.

A Spirit Treasure was crushed and even the Spirit Awareness was swallowed?

“First, she absorbed the power of the moon and stars; now, she devoured the power of the Spirit Awareness… Is there anything in the world that she can’t eat?”

Feng Feiyun felt a tingling sensation beneath his scalp. He leaned on the wall of the godly temple while cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

“Little Brat, why are you in daze? Hurry up and escape.”

Monk Jiu Rou’s sleeves gently fluttered as he rushed out from the godly temple. He was a monk, but he had a grand stature. His chest was revealed and it was filled with fierce tattoos.

The left had an Azure Dragon, the right had a White Tiger, and in the middle was a giant rat!

This monk, before entering the buddhist temple, must have been a street thug. No, a butcher on a rowdy street. If he held a sword with a piece of cloth tied in his hair and showed off his fat body, he would certainly look like an executioner.

“Fuck, aren’t you suppressing the ancient monk corpses? Why are you running out here?”

Feng Feiyun looked at the monk corpses, who were killing without restraint while wearing their decaying buddhist robes that covered their dried flesh. It was a truly ferocious terror, able to scare a coward to death.

This Monk Jiu Rou was truly not reliable, ah!

Monk Jiu Rou heavily sighed and said:

“The heaven’s will is made up. Humans cannot turn back the rotation of the heaven and earth. At the moment Xiao Nuolan awakened, all of the ancient formations of the godly temple collapsed. Plus, she combined the spirit essence of all of the ancient monk corpses. When she awakened, all of the power of these corpses also activated, creating a resonance, and they became even more powerful. My power alone cannot stop them.”

“You see, even the buddhist light on top of the pagoda, that had been burning for more than eighteen hundred years, has vanquished. If even this buddhist light has ran out, then this indicates that this was all part of the heaven’s will, ah!”

After his exasperation, he took the Invincible Buddhist Staff from Feng Feiyun. In his hands, its light was even stronger, and there were buddhist lights circulating its body.

“Since Xiao Nuolan utilized the essence of these monks to revive so naturally, she must also be able to control these ancient corpses. Oh heavens, an evil woman alone is scary enough, but now there are also these ancient monks that are truly capable of sweeping a grand power.”

Feng Feiyun said.

“So right now, you should get as far away as possible. Hand Nalan Xuejian over to this monk. Suppressing these monks wasted too much of my energy. At the moment, I also want to escape this situation.”

Monk Jiu Rou intended to steal the person from Feng Feiyun’s hand, then escape far away.

Nalan Xuejian’s last name was “Nalan”, and the Na Lan Buddhist Robe also had the two words, “Nalan”. Feng Feiyun felt that there was a connection between the two. Plus, this Monk Jiu Rou showed a lot of concern for her. This absolutely was not just because she was a natural buddhist physique, and not simply because he wanted to take her in as a disciple.

This concern was a bit too much…!

“Hey, hey, you’re kidding. She is my wife! Handing my wife to a monk — who in the world would do this?”

Feng Feiyun naturally wouldn’t hand Nalan Xuejian to an untrustworthy monk.

“Your wife? Such dog shit! Little Brat, I’ve been tolerating you for a long time now.”

Monk Jiu Rou was no longer polite and courteous. He swung his fist that was as big as a pot and knocked Feng Feiyun to the ground. Then, he lifted up Nalan Xuejian and propped her on his shoulder. As he was holding his Invincible Buddhist Staff, he took a strong step and its momentum carried him more than one hundred meters away.

“Your mother! You dare to kidnap someone!”

Feng Feiyun got up from the ground and spit out some dirt. His anger made his blood rise all the way to his head, and he began to chase.

He knew that this monk was taking revenge. Earlier, Feng Feiyun kicked his bald head twice so now he struck Feng Feiyun on the head.

*** ***

Although the evil woman broke the Sky Breaking Sword with her fingers and devoured its Spirit Awareness, the ancestor of the Grand Development Immortal Gate seized a glimmer of life and found the strength to escape. He directly flew to the clouds and used a forbidden technique to burn his blood energy. He only thought about running as far away as possible.

The evil woman gazed up to the sky with her crimson eyes. She gently stretched her hand towards the heavens curtain.

Even when separated by dozens of miles, the ancestor still felt the threat of death so his entire body was unable to relax. As long as this jade hand of the evil woman touched him, that would be his death.

I am not willing! I am not willing!

The jade hand had reached the head of the ancestor!

“Amitabha! Humans must have the heart to forgive and forget!”

A giant, golden pillar from the sky suppressed downward. It was like a pillar that was able to support the collapse of the heaven and earth. It destroyed the shadowy figure of the evil woman’s hand.

This was not a giant pillar but a golden buddhist staff.

So shocking! There was someone who was able to block a move from the evil woman and capable of destroying the shadow of her hand!

The moment she came into being, she swept this entire place. Even the Giants were not able to block one move from her. At this moment, she had finally met a worthy opponent. Could it be that there was a great virtuous paragon of the buddhist faith to destroy the evil?

Feng Feiyun was chasing right behind them, and he was quite surprised to see how powerful Monk Jiu Rou was.

Didn’t he say his original energy was expended?

Feng Feiyun originally thought that Monk Jiu Rou was just a scamming thug on the street. Only god would know that this person would be able to block a move from the evil woman that remained unbeaten.

Someone that could fight the evil woman had appeared!

This was a great turning point, and it allowed others to see a glimmer of survival!

“Oh mama! Run for your life, ah! This poor monk didn’t mean to offend you. Earlier, my hand was just cramping, ah!”

Monk Jiu Rou shouted. He carried Nalan Xuejian on his shoulder and ran away like an old man being chased by a dog. He used his Invincible Buddhist Staff like a walking stick; he propped it once then ran the heck away for his life.

Although he only propped it once, this speed simply couldn’t be described with words. He immediately jumped across several high mountains, leaving only a shadow.

The crimson eyes of the woman suddenly burst two rays of light, turning into two oceans of blood. With a “whoosh”, she disappeared from the spot and became a crimson ray of light that pierced through the high sky to pursue.

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