Chapter 999: The Icy Figures Within the Icy Stream

Chapter 999: The Icy Figures Within the Icy Stream

There were only three lonely remains in this gigantic Land of Buried Gods. Compared to the previous Land of Buried Gods Qin Lie had entered, the number of the remains was pitifully small.

While he was jumping down into the ice cave beneath him, the seven godly lights lingering around the Demon Sealing Tombstone grew brighter and brighter.

The seven godly lights lowered themselves and touched the hard, icy surface covering the cave.


The thick, translucent ice cracked and revealed the Land of Buried Gods hidden behind it. A sudden gush of cold air caused Qin Lie’s body to stiffen up.

He was forced to circulate the frost concept.

Tendrils of cold, white air suddenly flowed out of his pores and enveloped his entire body.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The moment the icy mist appeared, the power of absolute frost inside the Forbidden Land of Ice suddenly surged towards him as if it had found a vent.

He could even hear the cry of a Ice Phoenix from inside the turbulent stream. The frost stream seemed to be imprinted with the thoughts of the Ice Phoenix’s refined soul.

“The ice spirit here is also an Ice Phoenix!” Qin Lie thought.

He tried to capture the Ice Phoenix’s message contained inside the frost stream.

A lot of blurry, fragment thoughts trapped inside the frost stream began to wrap around him.

He gradually turned into a glowing ball of ice.

Qin Lie hovered in mid air several hundred meters above the three human progenitors inside the Land of Buried Gods.

The absolute frost mist covering the Forbidden Land of Ice condensed to form many white rivers that surged towards Qin Lie.

Far, far away, a number of glaciers cracked and looked like they would crumble at any moment.

Not long after, one of the glaciers abruptly exploded into many ice fragments. The ice fragments turned into gray white stones not long after after.

“Boom boom boom!”

Multiple explosions began to occur all around the Forbidden Land of Ice as the glaciers collapsed one after another.

The same thing was happening throughout the seven great forbidden lands of this secret realm.

After the refined energy of the five elements had been absorbed by the Spirits of Void and Chaos, their respective forbidden lands started to crumble as well.

The Forbidden Land of Ice was also collapsing because Qin Lie was deciphering the Ice Phoenix’s message while channeling his Frost Arts, drawing the milky rivers of ice energy towards him.

Many icy figures that were shaped like phoenixes could be seen flickering in and out of existence repeatedly inside the frost streams. They looked like the Ice Phoenix Race’s unique mental imprint.

Right now, Qin Lie was covered in thick layers of ice as countless frost streams poured into his body.

These frost streams entered into dantian’s spirit sea before he realized it.

Inside his spirit sea, his frost natal palaces seemed to have turned into black holes that devoured all of the Forbidden Land of Ice’s frost streams.

They kept growing larger, a sign that his natal palaces’ capacity to accommodate frost energy had been expanded once more.

The Ice Phoenix figures couldn’t be absorbed into his frost natal palaces. Therefore, they were left outside his body.

Soon, the thick ice covering Qin Lie’s body became covered by countless Ice Phoenix figures.

The icy figures flashed and took on many unusual forms as if they were trying to convey something to Qin Lie.

Unfortunately, Qin Lie couldn’t understand their meaning no matter what.

“I can’t understand them, but… Lin Liang’er definitely can.”

As he thought this, Qin Lie took out a Memory Fragment Crystal and attempted to guide those Ice Phoenix figures into the crystal.

The Memory Fragment Crystal could store soul thoughts and memories. The user could also extract a specific memory and thought through a special method.

He was certain that these Ice Phoenix figures that had fused into the ice were carrying some secrets of the Ice Phoenix Race. The Ice Phoenix Race was closely related to the Ice Emperor, and he happened to be cultivating the Ice Emperor’s frost spirit art. Perhaps that was why the soul thought fragments of the ice spirit inside the frost streams thought he could be trusted and hoped to convey something to him.

Considering his relationship with Lin Liang’er, Qin Lie was happy to record the Ice Phoenix Race’s secrets and pass it onto her.

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

Wisps of Ice Phoenix figures flew into the Memory Fragment Crystal as he made many hand gestures.

Many thin, icy lines suddenly appeared inside the Memory Fragment Crystal. They swam and sparkled inside the ball-shaped crystal.

Slowly, the lines connected with one another to form the lifelike image of a flying Ice Phoenix.

When he saw the Ice Phoenix inside the Memory Fragment Crystal, Qin Lie knew that he had successfully imprinted the message contained inside the frost streams into the crystal.

Even more frost streams poured into his body. By now, his frost natal palaces had grown twice as large as before.

The frost streams were still pouring into his body. However, the Ice Phoenix’s fragmented message was no longer present.

Qin Lie observed his surroundings and discovered that the entire Forbidden Land of Ice was exploding madly.

Even further away, he could see that the same thing was happening to the other forbidden lands.

“This secret realm is about to collapse.”

Realizing that he was in danger, Qin Lie ignored the onpour of frost streams and dropped sharply towards the Land of Buried Gods.


He crash-landed amidst the three progenitors’ remains.

The gigantic, translucent crystal that connected all seven great forbidden lands were present beneath his feet too.

Again, he could observe what was going on on the other side through the crystal. In fact, the image had gotten even clearer than before!

It was as if the secret realm beneath his feet was just dozens of meters away from him.

He even felt like he could charge right down and stand among those fighting cultivators if he shattered the crystal beneath his feet.

The discovery surprised him a little.

He looked down.

Beneath him, a woman clad in heavy, black armor was fighting all of the remaining cultivators inside the other secret realm alone.

Beside her, there were dead giant dragons, Asura clansmen, ancient beasts, clansmen of Wood and Sea Races, and many, many more. The place was littered with decapitated corpses.

Hardly a piece of good flesh could be found on those corpses’ bodies. Their terrible appearance shocked all with eyes to see.

Ji Qi, Xi Hongze, and other still surviving powerful clansmen of ancient races obviously looked afraid of the woman.

On the other hand, the eyes of the woman showed only two emotions—ridicule and mockery.

—She seemed to be enjoying the process of murder.

On the surface, it looked like Ji Qi and the others had the heavily armored woman surrounded. But in reality, Qin Lie thought that it was the other way around.

It was an indescribable feeling.

“Yiya! Yiya!”

He suddenly heard the Spirits of Void and Chaos’ cheers. Then, he saw the metal spirit entering the Soul Suppressing Orb as a golden beam.

The thunder, wood, earth, and water spirits had returned from the forbidden lands as well.

They all turned into beams and vanished into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Qin Lie could feel their wild joy and happiness. He realized that they would be undergoing their second evolution inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos were rank five creatures since the moment they were born. They had already evolved once in the past, so they were all at rank six right now.

The fire spirit had begun its evolution ahead of the others because it had obtained the Flame Race’s Life Flame Crystal and his bloodline.

Originally, Qin Lie thought that the five Spirits of Void and Chaos would take another dozens or hundreds of years to kickstart their next evolution.

He never imagined that he would find another Graveyard of Gods deep inside the chaotic streams of space.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos had caused the collapse of this secret realm because they absorbed all of the refined element energy present in this place, and they also obtained enough energy to ascend to the next rank as a result.

He himself had successfully constructed his second heart by absorbing the fire energy inside molten lava through the use of the Molten Blood Art.

“This secret realm is about to explode… I’d better put away the three progenitors’ bodies first.” He tried to store the remains of the three human progenitors into his spatial ring.

However, the Soul Suppressing Orb abruptly fired three gentle-looking beams at the three human progenitor remains.

They landed on the remains like light ribbons.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Just like that, the three progenitors’ remains vanished into the Soul Suppressing Orb right before a stunned Qin Lie.

“Crack crack crack!”

The moment the three progenitors’ disappeared, the giant crystal beneath the secret realm suddenly shattered like a mirror.

Qin Lie looked at the shattering crystal and the experts beneath him. The woman clad in heavy black armor, Ji Qi, Xi Hongze, and other experts stopped fighting temporarily and looked up towards the sky.

The mysterious woman aside, everyone else looked utterly shocked.

It was because the sky had literally collapsed on them.


The secret realm finally exploded completely. The giant crystal also shattered into many pieces.

Qin Lie fell down the sky head first from the exploding secret realm.

The woman clad in heavy black armor and the other cultivators all looked up towards the sky.

They saw a man falling towards them from the collapsing sky like a shooting star.

“Eh?! It’s him! Why is he falling down from the sky?” Ji Qi exclaimed in astonishment.

Those experts who had seen Qin Lie earlier also looked confused. They didn’t know what had happened to Qin Lie earlier.

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