Chapter 998: The Remains of the Three Progenitors

Chapter 998: The Remains of the Three Progenitors

"Who is she?"

Qin Lie thought, looking at the woman down in the other secret realm. He found that this person was not from the group that had entered the spatial passageway earlier.

Clad in heavy black armor and a ferocious mask, this woman was so eye-catching that he felt it would be impossible for him to have forgotten her if he had ever seen her.

The female's eyes were as sharp as knives and left a deep impression on him.

He continued to observe. He discovered that the woman encountered new opponents and did not continue to stare at the sky.

Like a lethal blade capable of cutting through anyone, the woman flashed like lightning around a giant dragon.

The giant dragon quickly stopped breathing.

The woman's actions gradually attracted the races who had been fighting for the treasures of the God Race. They stopped.

The human survivors led by Ji Qi and Xi Hongze, as well as Asura and Ancient Beast clansmen turned their attention to her.

Through the crystal layer, Qin Lie could see them questioning the armor-clad woman.

The female did not seem to pay attention to them, causing their anger to flare.

Qin Lie knew that an even bloodier battle would soon unfold.

While he was observing, he felt the Spirits of Void and Chaos move.

At this time, he realized that when he had been cultivating the Molten Blood Art, the Spirits of Void and Chaos hadn't entered the Soul Suppressing Orb.

He followed the soul fluctuations of the Spirits of Void and Chaos and floated into the sky, moving his attention away from what was happening on the other side.

Soon, he stopped at a place deep within the clouds of this secret realm and looked down.

"Another Graveyard of Gods!"

His expression became shocked.

The secret realm below him consisted of the Forbidden Land of Metal, Forbidden Land of Wood, Forbidden Land of Water, Forbidden Land of Thunder, Forbidden Land of Earth, Forbidden Land of Fire, and Forbidden Land of Ice.

The volcanic area he had just been in was clearly the Forbidden Land of Fire. At this time, the flame aura in that place had faded greatly.

Yet the Forbidden Land of Metal, Forbidden Land of Wood, Forbidden Land of Water, Forbidden Land of Thunder, and Forbidden Land of Earth exuded a stream of five-colored light.

That was the purest power of the five elements.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos were floating above lands of their respective attributes and frantically absorbing the energy of the five elements.

This lively secret realm seemed to shrivel like ancient trees being robbed of life as the Spirits of Void and Chaos absorbed the five-colored energies.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone floated high up, seven godly lights moving as though they had sensed something.

However, the Demon Sealing Tombstone did not detect any spirit bodies.

Based on the information Qin Lie obtained later, he knew that all Graveyards of Gods should have seven spirit bodies guarding them.

This place had seven forbidden lands, and the seven spirit bodies should be in seven different places to maintain the Graveyards of Gods.

However, there was no presence of the seven spirit bodies. They may have left or died.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos were born from his Soul Suppressing Orb through the Pure Soul Spring, the essence of the spirit bodies, his blood and soul.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos had the unique ability of absorbing energy of their respective elements.

This Graveyards of Gods and the five elements’ energies concentrated in their respective forbidden lands were perfect nutrients for these five Spirits of Void and Chaos.

They were desperately consuming the energies of the five elements.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos seemed to have been doing this when he had been cultivating the Molten Blood Art.

"The fire spirit is evolving, it may not be able to consume the fire energy here. However, I’ve gained its latent ability of flame consumption. While cultivating Molten Blood Art I unwittingly did what fire spirit should have been doing,” Qin Lie thought inwardly.

He looked at the Forbidden Land of Fire. He discovered that the fire energy aura there was barely discernible. The majority of it had been consumed by him.

Without realizing it, he took place of the fire spirit and used flame consumption latent ability in his blood to consume the majority of fire energy in the Forbidden Land of Fire.

"Maybe the reason I could form a second heart was because I consumed the fire energy in the Forbidden Land of Fire!" he suddenly realized.

La Pu once said the transformation of the God Race bloodline and the formation of new hearts needed vast amounts of power.

He most likely used the fire energy in the Forbidden Land of Fire to form his second heart.

—The power of magma in the molten lava lake!

"Out of seven forbidden lands, five are being consumed by the Spirits of Void and Chaos. I absorbed the power of the Forbidden Land of Fire to form the second heart, there is still the Forbidden Land of Ice untouched!" Qin Lie's eyes lit up. "The Land of Buried Gods is in the Forbidden Land of Ice!"

The Blood Progenitor, Voodoo Progenitor, Arrow God, Demon God of the Nether Realm, and remains of other ancient elites had all been in the Land of Buried Gods.

This Graveyards of Gods was the exact same as the Graveyards of Gods he had entered in the past. This meant that the Land of Buried Gods would exist in this Graveyards of Gods as well!

After realizing this, he turned into a bolt of lightning and flew towards the Forbidden Land of Ice.

As expected, since he had no ice attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos, nothing was consuming the Forbidden Land of Ice. It was still shrouded in cold mist, glaciers towering above vast forests.

He went into the inner parts of the Forbidden Land of Ice. Looking down at the sunken Land of Buried Gods, he saw three corpses that had been frozen for an unknown number of years.

One white corpse was like a dried Corpse Demon that had lived for tens of millennia, shrouded in heart-shaking corpse energy.

Another corpse was covered in mysterious runes. When he looked over, he found that those runes seemed to be wriggling eerily on the surface of the corpse.

The last corpse glowed like blade jade, countless shadowy schools of fish swimming in his bones.

"The Corpse Progenitor, the Curse Progenitor, the Soul Progenitor!" Qin Lie exclaimed in great shock before he even landed.

In the ancient era, the Five Progenitors of the human race were all astounding figures. In the long war against the God Race, the Five Progenitors played a major role.

The Soul Progenitor, Blood Progenitor, Voodoo Progenitor, Corpse Progenitor, and Curse Progenitor. These five had led the human race to prominence.

However, the Five Progenitors had been proven to have died a long time ago.

The Blood Progenitor and Voodoo Progenitor were discovered in the first Graveyards of Gods. In the end, Xue Li assimilated the Blood Progenitor’s Soul Altar.

The Voodoo Progenitor became possessed by the voodoo creature that he had raised and became the body of the first voodoo creature.

And then, after many years, in another Graveyard of Gods, Qin Lie saw the remains of the remaining three progenitors.

The three corpses were completely covered in cold energy of the Forbidden Land of Ice.

The three corpses would never rot.

He suddenly remembered what the Ancient Beast Race's Teng Yuan once said, "The God Race is complex. They respect those truly strong, even their enemies. For those truly worth of respect, even if they kill them, they will have respect, and try to preserve their remains and inheritance..."

The five great progenitors of the humans, the Demon Gods of the Nether Realm, the Arrow God of the eastern barbarians, the Battle Gods of the Asura Race, those people had been the strongest of the ancient era.

While the God Race had killed them, their corpses had been preserved, and placed into the Graveyards of Gods.

This was God Race’s way of respecting the strong.

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