Chapter 997: The Second Heart

Chapter 997: The Second Heart

The seven-colored spatial door rippled next to the youth.

A black shadow suddenly appeared out of the spatial door.

It was a female clad in full, heavy black armor with a savage mask that only revealed her icy cold eyes.

Her body exuded fighting spirit, as if she had just come back from a bloody battlefield. Her arrival caused the space around her to become extremely unstable.

"Sister! Look at those two secret realms!" a red-haired youth shouted.

He pointed at the two nearby crystals.

The armored female looked with her soul-stunning eyes at the secret realms that the youth pointed at. She said in a rich voice, "These people finally found that place. Took them longer than I anticipated."

"Hm?" she suddenly exclaimed.

Her gaze landed on the secret realm where Qin Lie was, and gazed into the ocean of lava.

She seemed to see a bloody cocoon at the bottom of one of the molten lava lakes.

The youth followed her gaze and looked for a while. Then he exclaimed, "Someone is using the flames of the lava to cultivate the Molten Blood Art!

"Only those of the Blaze Family are able to obtain the Molten Blood Art from the Chaos Blood Realm and manipulate the special environment of that secret realm." The female's eyes were filled with surprise. "That person is the same as you, he is pureblood descendant of Blaze Family. However… no one from our race should be in that secret realm!"

"Then what is going on?" the youth was confused.

The woman thought for a while and said, "Build a spatial passageway, I will go and investigate this matter."

"Sister... shouldn’t we first report to the clan elder?" the youth asked.

"No need." The female shook her head.

"Okay then..." The youth nodded and said, "Which secret realm will you start with?"

The armored woman thought for a moment and pointed towards the secret realm where the human race and other races were fighting. "Start with this one. No one in our generation has actually fought against the humans. I want to see how powerful the humans that chased away our ancestors are now. "

"Alright." The youth nodded and started setting up the passageway.

Seven-colored godly light gathered in the center of the enormous crystal and formed a spatial passageway.

"Go early and come back early, if you are late... this passageway will collapse. Be careful," the youth warned seriously.

"I know." The armored female entered the passageway.

In the secret realm filled with flames.

Qin Lie sat at the bottom of the molten lava lake, a blood membrane wrapped tightly around his body. Countless blaze divine characters flashed on his skin.

The wild flame power in the lava gathered from all directions, and turned into streams that seeped into his bloodline.

He seemed to be in the middle of a furnace as he consumed all the lava’s fire energy in the lake, refined it, and assimilated it into his body. He felt wondrous, as if his body was an artifact that he was refining.

"Zzzt zzt zzzt!"

Unconsciously, the black Soul Suppressing Orb floated out of his skin at his brow.

It dissolved a small hole in the blood cocoon wrapped around him.

The Soul Suppressing Orb glittered in the opening.

The Soul Suppressing Orb released countless mysterious blood lines and formed an enormous spirit diagram in the molten lava lake.

That enormous spirit diagram was composed out of many ancient diagrams. It seemed to contain the most core mysteries of the world.

The enormous diagram floated above Qin Lie's head as if it covered the entire world.

Strange fluctuations came from the center of the diagram as though it accelerated the speed at which the fire energy entered Qin Lie’s body.

Qin Lie felt as if this cultivation session would cause his body explode, destroying him in body and soul.

Inside his spirit sea, the glittering ice ball made from frost power suddenly spun rapidly.

The Frost Concept Diagram that he had cultivated for a time in the past flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb and suddenly floated above his soul.

His body was as wild as a furnace, feeling as though it was about to explode. He subconsciously wanted to lower the temperature of his body.

Then he saw Frost Concept Diagram which had manifested from frost concept.

His soul started to slowly move along the glittering crystal lines of the ancient frost diagram. He seemed to sketch it out in his mind.

His soul was calm, his mind cold, and he felt frost power slowly wrap around him.

After a while, the lightning and thunder balls in his spirit sea, and the bright yellow balls made out of earth energy shook violently.

The lightning, thunder, and yellow magnetic force surged out of his spirit sea.

In a flash, he was both shrouded in lightning and covered in earth power.

His body was covered in several layers of different attributes.

He hadn't expected that cultivating the Molten Blood Art would cause his Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Frost Arts, and the Records of Geocentric Magnetism to go wild.

His rank six bloodline, after receiving nurturing from the lava, seemed to feed back into his body and cause his body to transform.

This transformation had an amplification effect on his cultivation.

As he cultivated the Molten Blood Art, he continued to use lightning, earth and frost energies to draw ancient diagrams with his mind.

On the outside, his body was wrapped in layers of different colors. Inside, the blood coursing through his veins seemed to be urging his body to transform.

Blood gathered in the right of his chest and formed a ball of blood the size of an infant's fist.

The blood ball solidified, countless blaze divine characters flashing like lightning. Gradually, a faint heartbeat formed.

Veins connected to the ball of blood thickened.


Soon, clear heartbeats could be heard from the blood sphere

In this moment, his body's speed at absorbing the lava’s fire energy doubled!

His acupoints seemed to suddenly dilate.

Even his spirit sea changed. The ice, lightning, and earth balls, the three spirit power natal palaces, also released blinding light.

In the Soul Lake, the right side of his True Soul’s chest, the most important part of the True Soul, also underwent transformation.

A small ball of light formed at the chest of his True Soul. It caused his soul consciousness to be greatly enhanced, both in range and sensitivity. Even his mental power increased by leaps and bounds.

The change at his chest caused his mind to rumble. The feeling of his body about to explode instantly disappeared.

It seemed when the second heart formed, his body's ability to contain all kinds of power doubled.

This meant that his fighting strength would increase greatly!

"Bloodline, bloodline... the bloodline is the source of power for the ancient races, the heart is the power that pushes the flow of blood. For the ancient races, the heart is like the spirit sea of the humans, the core of their strength."

Inside the several layers of different spirit energies, Qin Lie pondered over his astounding transformation.

"The God Race does not appear very different to the human race, but they can have more than one heart ..."

La Pu's words sounded in his mind. He realized that as his bloodline grew stronger, he started to develop the wonders of the bloodline.

The transformation of his bloodline would cause changes in his body. For example, this extra heart meant that his God Race bloodline finally reached the doorstep.

"The stabilization of the rank six bloodline, the formation of the second heart, is this a process that every God Race clansman has to experience?" he wondered.

Inside the molten lava lake, he continued to cultivate the Molten Blood Art without resting or eating.

Time passed.

Some time later, he gradually found the molten lava lake he was immersed in was no longer hot and hard to tolerate.

The lava slowly flowed into the distance and disappeared.

In the end, he sat on the crystalline surface of a mountain valley.

Opening his eyes, the volcano he sat next to seemed to suddenly die, and stopped making any noise.

He stood up and felt the changes in his body. He realized he didn't just have an extra heart, he also reached the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm.

His Soul Lake, spirit sea, body, and bloodline seemed to have transformed as that new heart formed.

He looked down below him.

Through the transparent crystal, he saw the corpses of different races in the secret realm below.

The human race, the Asura Race, the giant dragons, the Sea Race, the Wood Race… the young geniuses that had entered the secret realm to compete for the God Race’s treasures had mostly become bloody corpses.

Only a few dozen people were scattered around the secret realm below, still fighting furiously.

A woman dressed in heavy armor anad wearing a wild mask suddenly attracted all of his attention.

That woman slowly advanced towards where the races were gathered like a hunting predator that tore apart all beings she encountered along the way.

The two blades in the woman's hand were extremely sharp. With her left hand, she cut Lando of the Asura Race in half from head to foot.

Behind her, Ye Yilan of Starry Hall, and Ao Jing of the Ao Family had been beheaded. They had clearly died a long time ago.

As Qin Lie looked in shock at her, this woman also gazed up at the sky. Her icy eyes seemed to penetrate the crystal barrier between the two secret realms and gathered on him.

Looking at her eyes, Qin Lie felt as though he was being stared at by an ancient monster and he shuddered.

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