Chapter 996: The Connecting Realm

Chapter 996: The Connecting Realm

“Zzzt zzt!”

The rainbow lights at the spatial entrance twisted into a completely new spatial passage. It obviously had a secret connection with the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

Qin Lie rubbed his chin and pondered for a moment. Suddenly, he said, “You stay here.”

“Ah!” Zhuang Jing exclaimed in astonishment.

“To you, this secret realm… may be a dead end,” Qin Lie said coldly.

“But why?” Zhuang Jing didn’t understand.

“Stay here if you don’t want to die.” Qin Lie didn’t explain things further. He suddenly transformed into a bolt of lightning and passed through the spatial ring.


The Spirits of Void and Chaos patrolling outside followed Qin Lie into the secret realm.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone that let out the seven godly lights also did the same thing.

Zhuang Jing stared blankly at the mysterious spatial passage.

The prismatic rays of light disappeared into the passage after Qin Lie was gone. The spatial passage that the Demon Sealing Tombstone had created also disappeared.

The spatial passage suddenly turned back to normal. It now looked no different from the spatial rifts that could be seen everywhere in the chaotic streams of space.

Even if Zhuang Jing still wanted to head in, she had already missed the best timing..

Therefore, she had no choice but to wait at this place.

A while later, Naji of the Asura Race made his way here through some unknown means.

His face changed a little when he saw Zhuang Jing. “Why are you here?”

Zhuang Jing glanced at him before asking, “How did you find this place?”

A flash passed through Naji’s eyes. He said suddenly, “If I’m not mistaken, this should be the secret realm entrance that leads to the God Race’s treasures, right?” He pointed at the spatial passage everyone was fighting to get in earlier.

The great number of corpses suspended in space proved that a bloody battle had taken place here earlier.

“That’s right,” Zhuang Jing answered calmly.

Naji observed the corpses as his face darkened. “So where are they?”

Zhuang Jing pointed at the spatial passage that had returned to normal after Qin Lie went in. “They all went in already.”

“Why are you still here then?” Naji’s eyes were odd. “Also, where is that guy that was with you?”

“He went in as well,” Zhuang Jing added.

“So… why are you still here then?” Naji asked again.

Zhuang Jing’s eyes cooled as she snorted. “I don’t need to explain anything to you.”

Naji pondered for a moment and waited outside the spatial passage just like Zhuang Jing. He didn’t continue to chat with her, but he didn’t rush into the secret realm entrance either.

A while later, a couple of clansmen belonging to various powerful ancient races showed up in succession.

They weren’t as cautious as Naji. They passed through the spatial passage the moment they confirmed that that secret realm entrance lead to the God Race’s treasury.

A trace of disdain passed through Zhuang Jing’s eyes. She seemed to realize that these people were fated to die a horrible death inside.

“What is inside that place? Two different doors leading to two different secret realms. What kind of world is in there?” she thought to herself.


Qin Lie passed through the secret realm entrance.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The Spirits of Void and Chaos appeared behind him, followed by the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

“Boooom! Boom boom boom!”

This secret realm was rocked by earthshaking explosions everywhere.

When Qin Lie concentrated, he discovered that he was inside an unknown secret realm that looked like it would collapse at any second. There were countless tall volcanoes that kept spouting volcanic lava.

The valley he was in was slowly turned into a giant molten lava lake due to the inflow of lava from nearby volcanoes.

When he looked down beneath his feet, his face suddenly turned incredibly odd.

As it turned out, the ground he was standing on wasn’t soil. It was a giant, translucent crystal.

He could see that there was another space beyond the crystal. A great number of powerful lifeforms seemed to be fighting on the other side of the crystal.

“The Giant Dragon Race! The Asura Race! The human race!” He cried out involuntarily.

The giant crystal was like the sky or the sea. It kept the secret realm he was in and the one below apart.

Right now it was as if he was standing on the sky of the secret realm beneath him. He could see the bloody battle happening below and piles upon piles of mysterious rainbow-colored crystals.

The human race, the Giant Dragon Race, the Asura Race and the rest of the foreign races were fighting each other with all their might beneath him.

They seemed to be fighting for those rainbow-colored crystals.

“Boom boom boom!”

The volcanoes continued to erupt and spout lava streams from the sky. They all fell into the valley he was in for some reason.

The burning lava instantly flooded over him.

He probed around with his soul consciousness, but he didn’t notice any presence of life or abnormalities around him.

Boiling lava gushed towards him. His Blaze bloodline suddenly boiled of its own accord.

The blood in his veins boiled as hot as the turbulent lava of this land. Blaze divine characters appeared like tiny sparks.

The Molten Blood Art he obtained from the Chaos Blood Realm last time suddenly appeared in his mind. He involuntarily began circulating the bloodline power inside his body in cultivation.

The Molten Blood Art was an art that utilized the lava inside the volcanoes by reaping the lava’s terrific fiery energy and fusing it into the cultivator’s bloodline.

It was necessary for him to stabilize his rank six bloodline through the use of this secret art.

This unknown secret realm was filled with gushing volcanoes. The lava streams surging towards the sky was several times hotter and more volatile than the ones at Boluo Realm!

It was as if the very purpose of this land was for a cultivator to cultivate the Molten Blood Art!

He laid down his stray thoughts and sat down properly inside the valley. He allowed the lava to pour down on him.

Very soon, the valley he was in turned into a molten lava lake. The lava of this place was capable of melting even stones, and it completely flooded over his head.

The terror of being melted by lava rose in his heart.

He concentrated on circulating the Molten Blood Art with all his might. A strange film of blood slowly wrapped around his entire body.

It was as if he had turned into a giant blood cocoon inside the molten lava lake. The blood cocoon kept bubbling with fiery blood bubbles.

The blood cocoon throbbed and generated a unique magnetic field. Somehow, the fiery energy inside the lava was being absorbed into the cocoon.

Qin Lie sat naked inside the cocoon. His clothes had long since melted into nothingness, and his body was as red as a cooked prawn.

Tiny blaze divine characters sparkled throughout his body like fiery stars. They joined together to form a beautiful and mysterious image.

The mysterious image covered his entire body.

It would appear that this mysterious image was the essence of the Molten Blood Art.

Covered in a cocoon of blood at the bottom of the molten lava lake, Qin Lie discarded all unnecessary thoughts and external stimuli, concentrating solely on cultivating the Molten Blood Art.

He didn’t know what was going on inside the secret realm beneath him.

He didn’t know what other secrets were stored inside this world either.


Inside a mysterious space painted by prismatic lights.

Colorful clouds passed through the air looking like the most beautiful of fresh flowers.

Many rainbow-colored divine lights swam across the world like fish in water. This world contained a tremendous amount of world spirit energy, and it was a catalyzer that sped up the growth of the most precious spirit herbs.

Many giant translucent flat crystals hung in the air like suspended mirrors.

Something was happening in two of the giant crystals. One of them showed a scene where volcanoes were erupting and pouring lava into a molten lava lake. At the bottom of the lake, a blood cocoon throbbed like a living heart.

The next crystal beside it showed Ji Qi, Ao Jing, Ye Yilan, and other young human leaders fighting one another to the death.

This mysterious space was originally empty.

An unknown amount of time later, a spatial entrance formed by prismatic divine light appeared inside the space. A handsome youth dressed in exceedingly luxurious clothing walked out of the spatial passage.

His clothes were adorned with many divine characters of fire.

His eyes and his hair were as red as blood. The “blaze” character was clearly imprinted on his glabella.

The moment he came in, he immediately noticed the unusual scene happening inside the two crystals. He then yelled suddenly, “Sister! Something’s finally happening here! And it’s at the two secret realms at Spirit Realm’s chaotic streams of space no less!

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