Chapter 994: Heavengold Mirror

Chapter 994: Heavengold Mirror

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos were revealed as well after the whirlpool had vanished.

“That spirit artifact is called the “Heavengold Mirror”. It belongs to the Ji Family and was said to be severely damaged. Supposedly, it hasn’t been repaired even to this day. The grade of this spirit artifact… is unknown,” Zhuang Jing said quietly.

The distorted laws of space seemed to be influenced and consumed by the unique space spreading from inside the Heavengold Mirror.

Now that the energy storms had disappeared, the Spirits of Void and Chaos could no longer intimidate their enemies by manipulating the surrounding environment.

Qin Lie’s threat level dropped severely because of this.

“Heavengold Mirror…”

A heavy look settled in Qin Lie’s expression as he examined the bronze mirror with narrowed eyes.

This spirit artifact capable of smoothing the laws of the world had robbed him of his greatest weapon.

The young experts from the Central World who dared not approach him earlier because of the energy storms approached him coldly.

“From whom did you obtain the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance?” Ji Qi asked solemnly.

The Heavengold Mirror continued to expand its white space and smoothing the distorted space energies in the surroundings above his head.

“We don’t have much time to waste.” Ao Jing said with sharp eyes. “The giant dragons are profiting from that secret realm while we waste precious time on this man!”

“He killed Han Lei. This proves that he isn’t part of our group.” Ye Yilan said impatiently, “Even if his patron is the Thunder Emperor himself, what do we have to be afraid of if all Gold rank forces in the Central World unite their strength as one?”

Ji Qi frowned. “You can kill him now if you wish. You don’t have to ask for my opinion on this.”

“What do you guys think?” Ao Jing looked at a few other people.

These people hailed from the Lu Family, Reincarnation Sect, Six Ways Alliance, and Sky Mender Palace. They were busy attacking the three giant dragons earlier, and they didn’t provide their opinion on Qin Lie’s actions now because the three giant dragons were still eyeing them covetously.

All four of them nodded in response after Ao Jing had directed the question at them.

“Just deal with him him as quickly as possible,” Xi Hongze of Six Ways Alliance said.

“Not everyone from Ninth Heaven is dead, right?” Ye Yilan’s eyes turned cold. “Han Lei is dead. If this man survives, none of you will survive Han Qian’s wrath even if you managed to return to Spirit Realm, am I right? So what are you all still waiting for?”

The Ninth Heaven martial practitioners who accompanied Han Lei on this trip finally snapped out of their panic and grew fierce.

Six late stage Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners exchanged a glance with one another before attacking Qin Lie at almost the same time.

Six spirit swords enveloped in purple flames flew out of their sleeves like purple lightning and joined together to form a strange ancient rune midway.

The moment the purple ancient rune was formed, Qin Lie heard a resounding boom and discovered that purple light had covered up his vision entirely.

Six spirit swords suddenly flew out of the sea of light and stabbed towards his eyes, glabella, throat, heart, and dantian.

Qin Lie suddenly smiled.

He abruptly dashed out of the way in a trail of lightning before the six spirit swords could strike him.

When the electrical light faded, Qin Lie had already disappeared.

He reappeared at the center of the six Ninth Heaven martial practitioners while glowing like a brilliant thunder ball.

“Watch out! His Thunder Emperor inheritance might be the real thing!” Guan Lian’s voice rang from the outermost ring of the battlefield.

He, Wan Bin, and a couple of Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners appeared while covered in blood.

“They’re from Blue Flame Manor!” Ao Jing cried out in surprise.

“It looks like Blue Flame Manor once suffered by this man’s hands too.” Ye Yilan’s face turned colder. “He’s definitely a traitor of the human race!”


While they were speaking, a violent thunderstorm erupted from the center of the six Ninth Heaven martial practitioners.

Several hundred lightning bolts flew towards all direction.

The six Ninth Heaven martial practitioners were suddenly covered in lightning. Some of them were even twitching and shaking as a result.

Blood burst into view amidst the web of lightning. Before they knew it, Qin Lie had drawn out a long lightning blade at least a dozen or so meters long.

The blade was like a lightning dragon twisting amidst the six Ninth Heaven martial practitioners and drawing blood.

At almost the same time, the four other human forces commanded by Xi Hongze suddenly attacked the three giant dragons with the intent to kill once more.

Fiery needles, golden spears, banners woven with mysterious runes, and colorful spirit lights landed on top of the three giant dragons like a torrent.

The three giant dragons were covered in wounds in the first place. The attack was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, and they hurriedly shrink away and slipped into the prismatic spatial passage while roaring madly.

The foreign races who had been watching the internal strife of the human race finally could restrain themselves no longer when they saw that the three giant dragons had escaped into the spatial passage.

“Kill anyone who stands in our way! Charge!” Lando roared angrily.

The clansmen of all kinds of powerful ancient races roared loudly in response.

The barrier conjured by Ji Qi and the others was destroyed by Qin Lie using the energy storm earlier. Therefore, the foreign races were able to charge them without any problems.

The bloody flame of war was completely ignited. The battle between the human race and other foreign races instantly reached the peak.

No one could be bothered to deal with Qin Lie despite his murdering of the six Ninth Heaven martial practitioners seconds earlier. The young human experts led by Ji Qi, Ao Jing and Ye Yilan began fighting the foreign races.

For some reason, the foreign races avoided clashing against Qin Lie after they joined the battlefield.

It would seem that they believed that Qin Lie would prove to be surprisingly useful in their battle against the human race.

“Are we traitors for having disrupted the human race’s grand plan? Where shall we hide if the Gold rank forces of the Central World were to find fault in us?” Zhuang Jing sighed.

Right now, Qin Lie was situated amid eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood. Lightning slithered all across his body like eels.

A dark, cold look flashed across his eyes as he stared at the warring races. “Would you believe me if I say that our dear kin will fight themselves to the death when they enter the secret realm full of God Race treasures without the interference of foreign races?”

Zhuang Jing immediately mulled over Qin Lie’s question after a brief startlement. A while later, she nodded bitterly and said, “They probably will…”

“Alliances can change as the situation sees fit. No one is immune to this.” Qin Lie’s expression was cold. “The only reason the human race was able to unite as one right now is because too many powerful ancient races had been attracted to this place. Their alliance may appear solid right now, but I dare say we would be witnessing them fighting each other had the foreign races not shown up! Do you believe me?”

“I do,” Zhuang Jing said helplessly.

“Just the same, if the human race—the biggest threat out of all these races—wasn’t here, these foreign races from foreign realms would fight each other endlessly for their own interests!” Qin Lie snorted coldly before continuing, “Was there a time when the hundred races were united before the invasion of the God Race? Never! They had been warring against each other endlessly even before the God Race showed up, and the number of experts they lost to each other far exceeds the number of experts who were killed by the God Race!

“I’ve finally understood that there is no such thing as an eternal alliance in this world. All oaths and treaties become as weak as paper before one’s interests.

“There is only one absolute truth that doesn’t change regardless of race and force. The strong dominate and prey on the weak. This is the reality of our world.”

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