Chapter 992: Disruptor

Chapter 992: Disruptor

Under the hostile gazes of the foreign races, Qin Lie took Zhuang Jing along in a swirl of the energy storms and walked towards the spatial passageway.

Along the way, the foreign races cursed but no one dared to charge. They could only allow him to move forward.

Qin Lie's actions also attracted the gazes of the human forces in the inner circle.

The young human geniuses were also discussing busily.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Protected by the energy storms, Qin Lie easily passed through the encirclement of the foreign races to slowly walk towards the inner circle.

"Friend, which force do you come from?" a tall brawny human youth asked loudly seeing Qin Lie come closer.

"He is Ao Jing, from Central World's three great families, the Ao Family. He has late Fragmentation Realm cultivation, is extremely strong and actually has the Giant Dragon Race bloodline," Zhuang Jing said in a small voice. "While the Ao Family has the Giant Dragon Race bloodline, they are at odds with the Giant Dragon Race. Supposedly, to obtain the Giant Dragon Race bloodline, they captured female dragons, forced them into human form and then..."

Qin Lie nodded gently.

Recently, he had deliberately tried to learn about the Gold rank forces in Central World.

The Gold rank forces in Central World had more or less all stolen the bloodline of the ancient races. Some of them used marriages of convenience.

Other forces used more shameless methods, just like the Ao Family.

The Ao Family, through capturing the female giant dragons, forced them to take on human form and… forcefully obtained their bloodline.

The Ao Family's actions caused the Giant Dragon Race who had originally been close to the human race to hate the entire human race.

In these recent years, many bloody battles occurred between the Giant Dragon Race and the Ao Family because of that matter.

Twenty thousand years ago, the Giant Dragon Race and the human race had been the main forces fighting against the God Race. They had been the best allies, but they broke their ties.

"The Ao Family..." Qin Lie snorted inside.

"State your force. We will discuss, and decide whether to let you in." Ao Jing's expression darkened at Qin Lie's lack of response. He said, "We will not accept those of unclear identity!"

"Zhuang Jing! Who is this?" a beautiful woman dressed in a long dress covered in stars shouted authoritatively, her eyes sparking with starlight.

"She is Ye Yilan, of Starry Hall." Zhuang Jing grimaced. Facing that female's gaze, she appeared timid, her head bent low, and not daring to respond.

"Zhuang Jing! I am asking you a question!" Ye Yilan's eyes turned cold.

Lunar Temple was not a top Gold rank force. While they were allies with Starry Hall, it would be more accurate to say they were subordinates.

Ye Yilan was the person in charge of Starry Hall here, and in terms of status, she was a level higher than Zhuang Jing.

Before Zhuang Jing came in, the people from Lunar Temple told her to listen to Ye Yilan's orders in here.

If she wasn't controlled by Qin Lie, when facing Ye Yilan, she would obey and would not ignore her like she was doing now.

"Zhuang Jing! What are you dong?" Ye Yilan's expression became even more unfriendly.

"Don't ask, she may not be able to help herself," Ji Qi suddenly inserted. "This person killed everyone from Lunar Temple, only Zhuang Jing is alive. I thought that Zhuang Jing would have also died. Her soul is most likely restrained if she is still alive, so she wouldn't dare to answer."

"He killed everyone from Lunar Temple?" Ye Yilan's eyes glittered as she said, "Before entering, your Ji Family ordered us to not fight among the human race! You watched as he killed the people of Lunar Temple, why did you not stop him? After the matter, why did you not hold him accountable?" She said in a domineering manner.

Ji Qi's expression was cool. He said, "Zhuang Jing and Lunar Temple attacked first."

When these words were said, Ye Yilan's expression froze and became slightly awkward. She didn't know what to say.

As they conversed on this side, Qin Lie did not stop walking forward. The energy storm circled around him as he approached the entrance of the spatial passageway.

"Stop!" Ao Jing shouted.

In an instant, the humans attacking the three giant dragons were also alerted.

All members of the human race looked towards Qin Lie.

Even the foreign races that Qin Lie had passed had surprised looks. They all realized that the situation was unusual.

They had assumed that Qin Lie was from the same group as the humans. At this time, seeing Qin Lie had no intentions of stopping, and was charging into the inner circle surrounded by energy storms, they couldn't help but shout.

"He isn't a human from Central World!" Ji Qi took a deep breath and his expression changed. "I came in before all of you, yet not long after I came in, I saw him."

"Then he isn't on the same side as us!" Ao Jing said.

"Kill him!" someone yelled.

"Why don't you try?" Ye Yilan snorted.

As they argued, Qin Lie forced his way in, surrounded by the wild energy storms.

"Clap clap clap! Boom boom boom!"

Many of the barriers and restrictions the humans had built shattered when those energy storms surged in.

The barriers and shields raised to keep the foreign races at bay immediately collapsed upon meeting with the energy storms of the chaotic streams of space.

The young martial practitioners of Central World reacted the same as the foreign races when they saw the energy storms closing in. They cursed and evaded.

"What human force do you belong to?" Ji Qi asked, unwilling to give up.

Qin Lie did not say a word. Hiding between the energy storms, he charged around their defense line.

More barriers and restrictions shattered.

The foreign races saw Qin Lie tear open the barriers using the energy storms. As he got closer to the spatial passageway, they became alert.

"The human-built power circle has been destroyed! Everyone, take the chance and charge!"

"To the spatial passageway!"

"Get in the midst of the humans!"

Suddenly, the spirits of the foreign races’ clansmen on the perimeter were reignited. They charged, accompanied by savage roars.

The ancient beasts charging in their true forms, the Asura Race warriors blazing with black fire, the Wood Race experts releasing thorny vines, the Sea Race surfing on self-created waves...

The three wound-covered dragons guarding the passageway were unable to withstand the next attack of the humans and were preparing to burrow into the spatial passageway.

At this time, as Qin Lie charged in, and the humans in the inner circle panicked, causing the pressure on the giant dragons to lessen greatly.

They blocked the spatial passageway again to try to gain more time for their clansmen who had entered first.

"This person is evil! What he is doing is detrimental to the entire human race!" a handsome youth shouted righteously.

"That’s Han Lei," Zhuang Jing remarked softly.

Qin Lie who had originally wanted to enter the spatial passageway as fast as possible suddenly stopped in the middle of the packed crowd.

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