Chapter 991: The Trees Long for Peace but the Wind Will Never Cease!

Chapter 991: The Trees Long for Peace but the Wind Will Never Cease!

When Qin Lie came close, he saw the raging fight as many clansmen of the ancient races were embroiled in a bloody battle.

Human race, Wood Race, Sea Race, Giant Dragon Race, Ancient Beast Race, Asura Race… these races that had taken over the Spirit Realm after God Race’s expulsion were furiously fighting there in the chaotic streams of space.

The fragmented corpses of different races floated in the perimeter, ignored by everyone.

More and more higher-level beings seemed to receive the news and hurried over from afar.

Those powerful beings streamed towards the battlefield. Everyone's eyes were red in bloodthirst as they immediately began to fight to the death.

At the center of the battlefield were three giant dragons hundreds of meters long, their scales glittering with metallic light. They were roaring and twisting their bodies to fight off the ancient races’ experts.

Many humans were attacking those giant dragons too. The spirit artifacts flying over looked like meteor shower as they landed on the bodies of three giant dragons.

Behind the giant dragons was a void passageway glittering with prismatic light. It gave off intoxicating spirit energy fluctuations.

Ancient races’ clansmen gathered there looked like they wanted to charge into that passageway.

"They are behind that door! The treasures that God Race had accumulated in the past!" Lando of the Asura Race appeared and shouted, "The members of the Giant Dragon Race have entered before us. If we give them more time, all the wonders inside will be stolen by the giant dragons!"

"Everyone, work together to kill these three giant dragons!" a member of the Wood Race shouted.

"We should first kill those humans!" the Ancient Beast clansmen roared.

Shouts and many dazzling light rays containing wild power fluctuations assaulted both the three dragons and the humans.

The chaotic streams of space had their mysterious rules so those three giant dragons were only at rank seven. However, they were born with extremely sturdy bodies and were capable of blocking the entrance. They were killing anyone who tried to move past them.

More and more various races’ members were torn to pieces by their claws or blasted into puddles of blood by their dragon breath.

However, facing the onslaught from all directions, the three giant dragons were covered in wounds.

Their metal-like scales cracked under the attacks of the spirit artifacts. The bright light in their eyes gradually dimmed.

Qin Lie came over and looked from afar at the three giant dragons and the spatial passage behind them.

That spatial passage flashing with prismatic light were just like the seven godly lights of the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

The seven spirit bodies were the exact same.

Qin Lie knew that because of the abnormal fluctuations in the Demon Sealing Tombstone. He knew that the destination the Demon Sealing Tombstone searched for was most likely behind that spatial passageway.

This made him panic inside.

"Heavens, what, what is this?" Zhuang Jing shouted.

At this time, Qin Lie, who had been sitting on top of the Demon Sealing Tombstone, saw that everyone's attention was on the three giant dragons and the spatial passage behind them, so he put the Demon Sealing Tombstone back into his spatial ring.

If people noticed the seven godly lights on the Demon Sealing Tombstone, it could become a calamity for him.


Zhuang Jing reacted suddenly when she saw Qin Lie put away the Demon Sealing Tombstone and made a sound.

She suddenly looked at the spatial passageway behind the three dragons, the seven lights the entrance was giving off, and immediately made a connection between it and Qin Lie’s action. She also recalled the seven lights on the Demon Sealing Tombstone… and her eyes flashed with unusual gleam.

"Master... does that thing you put away have a special connection to the void passage the ancient races want to take control of?" Zhuang Jing asked softly.

"A bit." Knowing he could not fool her, Qin Lie nodded.

Zhuang Jing's eyes lit up with astounding light. "Then what should we do?"

"What should we do?" Qin Lie's brow furrowed and his expression turned dark. "The wisest way is to not be in a hurry to participate. Wait for those people to finish."

"That way... we may fall behind others." Zhuang Jing had a conflicted expression. "The reason those people are fighting so hard is because they want to enter first. The ones to enter first will get the best things, and take the most valuable parts of the wealth the God Race had reaped in the past. Those that fall behind... may not get a thing."

At this moment, the ancient races’ clansmen were furiously squeezing forward to get near the entrance.

They worked together to kill the dragons barring the entrance.

According to the rumors, the door led to the ultimate treasures that the God Race had accumulated in the past.

The ones that entered first would have an advantage and would get the rarest treasures.

This was why everyone was fighting and killing one another.

"With our strength, it's almost impossible to squeeze to the front. Look at those people torn to pieces... sometimes greed can be one’s downfall," Qin Lie said coolly.

"But..." Zhuang Jing grimaced.

She wanted to say that, in the present situation, only the first would get something. But then her thoughts changed. Qin Lie had something that had a mysterious connection to the spatial door. Maybe he had a better plan.

As she thought this, she stopped talking and watched from the perimeter with Qin Lie.

"Us humans are the strongest force." Zhuang Jing watched for a while and suddenly said, "The Gold rank forces of Central World all sent Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners here. Together, they are stronger than any ancient race."

Qin Lie nodded to indicate his agreement.

He noticed that it was the members of the human race closest to the three giant dragons. They were the main force assaulting them.

Those humans formed a circle to surround the giant dragons. Each of the young warriors unleashed spirit artifacts that wounded the dragons.

They had to face the attacks of the giant dragons and also stop the other races that tried to enter the inner circle.

Many bodies of Wood Race and Sea Race floated around those humans, clearly not killed by the giant dragons.

Qin Lie thought for a while and knew that the humans were definitely not the ones who had gotten here first. The ones that should have gotten here first and surrounded the three giant dragons should have been the Wood and Sea Races.

When the humans arrived, they have fought their way in, and killed all of the clansmen of the Wood and Sea Races.

In the end, they took over the innermost position. They fought the giant dragons on the inside, and stopped other races from coming close.

The humans were clearly intending to copy giant dragons’ actions after they’ve taken over the spatial passageway’s entrance.

"There are two young humans here! Damned human race! They killed our fellows, took over our position, and do not allow us to get close!"

Suddenly, a member of the Wood Race noticed Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing who were lingering on the outermost perimeter.

Dozens of clansmen of the Wood Race, along with several Sea Race clansmen charged at them.

"Do not let them meet up with the human race in the center!"

"Kill them!"

"The human race is the most treacherous and shameless!"

Due to the status of being of the human race, Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing immediately attracted public anger. The foreign races in the perimeter were unable to penetrate the defense line made out of the humans of the Gold rank forces and turned their aim on the pair.

Those people clearly thought that the pair were together with the humans inside.

"Hm! You again!" Lando of the Asura Race heard the ruckus behind him. He turned back to look and found it was Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing.

"That human boy is difficult to deal with, be careful!" Lando warned.

The incoming Sea and Wood Race clansmen’s expressions became grave upon hearing Lando’s words.

They started to take Qin Lie seriously.

The clansmen of the Wood Race had bodies like ancient trees, and even their faces were dry and shrivelled like the bark of old trees.

However, they gave off potent lifeforce. The wood energy they cultivated caused their life fields to be extremely strong.

Vines covered in small thorns snaked towards Qin Lie.

Those vines were extremely nimble with threads of green light flowing within as though they were alive.

On the other side. the Sea Race came riding rivers as their bodies gave off the sounds akin to water flowing.

"The trees long for peace, but the wind never ceases," Qin Lie said helplessly.

Eight Thunderblitz wood slabs suddenly floated around him, arcing lightning gathering between the slabs to form a mysterious and ancient diagram.

At the same time, five Spirits of Void and Chaos flew out from between his brows.

When the Spirits of Void and Chaos appeared, the energy storms nearby which had been moving slowly suddenly became violent.

The energy storms seemed to be attracted to Qin Lie and gathered towards him.

The expression of the incoming attackers immediately changed upon seeing the deadly energy storms coming towards Qin Lie.

They hurriedly withdrew.

"Do not go near him!" Lando screamed.

Without needing his warning, all of the charging ancient races’ clansmen that were going to kill Qin Lie hurriedly drew back.

"Oh, I forgot I actually have a simple way to get over." Qin Lie rubbed his nose and smiled easily.

Then, he strode calmly towards the inner circle, surrounded by the energy storms as though he was in the middle of one humongous and most savage energy storm.

Along the way, the experts of the ancient races screamed and avoided him.

Many of them had been killed by the natural disasters inside the chaotic streams of space. They knew just how terrifying these energy storms were.

Consequently, those foreign race experts that desperately wanted to kill Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing could only watch as he went deeper.

No foreign race dared to bar his way.

"Hm, who is that?"

In the inner circle, many of the young martial practitioners from the Gold rank forces in Central World had strange looks.

"I only recognize that woman, she is Zhuang Jing of Lunar Temple, but that male is unfamiliar..."

"I've never seen that man, I don't think he came in with us. So strange, did he come in through a foreign race’s passageway?"

Many of the young human youths discussed, curious of Qin Lie’s background.

"Strange, this person didn't kill Zhuang Jing." Ji Qi of the Ji Family was among them. He had met Qin Lie twice but he was also puzzled.

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