Chapter 99: The Sky Darkens (Teaser)

Chapter 99: The Sky Darkens

Both the sky above and land below of the valley were covered by a great sea of fire. The heat spread out in rolling waves, and the people outside the valley began sweating through their shirts.

Everyone stared solemnly at the valley and waited in silence, hoping that the Eight Extreme Trigram Fire Formation would be able to completely purify the Soul Devouring Beast and eliminate this threat.

Time passed by slowly.

Gradually, following a strange ‘chi chi’ sound that could be heard from inside the valley, a thick, negative aura was starting to be released and spread outside the valley.

“Not only can the Trigram Fire purify the Soul Devouring Beast, it will also purify the negative feelings.” Liang Zhong looked to the crowd and said in a serious manner, “The aura of negativity can be considered a layer of defense for the Soul Devouring Beast, and after it has been vaporized, it still needs some time to dissipate. All of you should be a bit more careful to not have evil thoughts in your hearts. This will prevent your mind from being affected.”

The crowd nodded in understanding and calmed their hearts, protecting their minds from other thoughts.

“Is Qin Lie okay?” Liang Zhong walked over and looked at Qin Lie, whose eyes were tightly closed and body was occasionally shaking, before frowning and saying,...

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