Chapter 989: Concession

Chapter 989: Concession

Zhuang Jing knew that the so-called holy artifact of the Serene Moon Race belonged to the Heaven Grade, if it were to be judged by the standards of the Central World.

Heaven Grade spirit artifacts and Divine Grade spirit artifacts were completely different.

Heaven Grade spirit artifacts did not have artifact souls. From the moment they were successfully forged, their rank was determined.

Divine Grade spirit artifacts didn't just have an artifact soul, they possessed the wondrous quality of being able to evolve.

Even if a Divine Grade spirit artifact was just grade one, if the artifact soul inside of it was nurtured with all kinds of spirit materials, it could advance through grades.

Only Divine Grade spirit artifacts possessed the ability to evolve and transform!

Moreover, Divine Grade spirit artifacts had many other miraculous traits that Heaven Grade spirit artifacts did not. Their strength far surpassed the limits of what Heaven Grade spirit artifacts could do.

Zhuang Jing had the Serene Moon Race bloodline, and knew that the Serene Moon Race had five great holy artifacts. However, she had never heard the Serene Moon Race had a Divine Grade spirit artifact!

At this moment, seeing the artifact soul You Ye appear, she started to doubt if the Moon Tear that Qin Lie possessed was really the holy artifact of Serene Moon Race.

"Of course I have a reason for letting her live." Qin Lie ignored Zhuang Jing's exclamation. His eyes narrowed, he ordered You Ye, "The only thing you should worry about is completely absorbing the moon energy inside these Moon Core fragments."

"If she lives, she may threaten the Serene Moon Race in Boluo Realm!" You Ye objected.

"After this matter, I will take you to Boluo Realm and have you talk with those Serene Moon clansmen." Qin Lie thought and made a promise to You Ye for the first time. "If you and the Serene Moon Race swear your fealty to me, I will return the inheritance of the Moon Tear to the Serene Moon Race."

"Swear fealty to you?" You Ye was astounded.

"I represent a former Gold rank faction of Central World—the Qin Family!" Qin Lie said mentally.

"The Qin Family... is not enough for us to swear our loyalty. Only the God Race that had once dominated this universe is worthy of our submission!" You Ye said.

"Then the Serene Moon Race can prepare to be exterminated," Qin Lie said impatiently.

From beginning to end, You Ye stubbornly thought the God Race was the only one that could help the Serene Moon Race get their revenge.

The Dark Moon World where the Serene Moon Race lived, and many of the Serene Moon clansmen had been killed by the shadow beings that lived in Dark Shadow World.

He continued to feel that only the God Race could help them fight back against the shadow beings.

But Qin Lie, who had the God Race bloodline, had never seen any member of the God Race before. He could not promise You Ye anything.

After speaking, Qin Lie ignored You Ye's objections and mentally forced orders toward You Ye.

He was the master of Moon Tear. As its artifact soul, You Ye could not rebel against his orders.

Due to this, You Ye could only fly to the closest Moon Core fragment and use the Moon Tear to absorb the tremendous amount of moon energy contained within.

"Master. Was… that an artifact soul?" At this time, Zhuang Jing asked with bright eyes.

Qin Lie nodded coolly.

"Then... is your artifact an actual Divine Grade spirit artifact?” Zhuang Jing exclaimed.

"Pretty much," Qin Lie said.

"Divine Grade spirit artifact, it really is a Divine Grade spirit artifact..." Zhuang Jing's eyes flashed with strange light as she murmured, "Even Lunar Temple that cultivates the moon energy does not have a Divine Grade spirit artifact that has the moon energy as the core. Yet you have such a Divine Grade spirit artifact. I really cannot believe it."

Qin Lie kept silent.

The memories he had just awakened still made him feel dazed. He was also slightly irritated by You Ye's stubbornness.

He was thinking what method could cause all the Serene Moon clansmen to cut their ties to Lunar Temple and swear loyalty to him and the Qin Family.

"Divine Grade spirit artifacts has the ability to evolve. The Moon Core fragments here… will help its evolution" Zhuang Jing continued to ask relentlessly.

Qin Lie frowned and looked deeply at her. He suddenly asked, "If I want the Serene Moon Race to betray the Lunar Temple, do you know of any simple and straightforward method to achieve it?"

"Make Serene Moon Race betray Lunar Temple?" Zhuang Jing's eyes flashed with light. She thought for a while and said, "There are many ways. As for simple and direct ones… there are two. One is to lure them away with benefits, the other... force them. Of course, if one could use both together, the effect would be even stronger."

"Benefits or force..." Qin Lie's thoughts moved.

He started to seriously consider Zhuang Jing's suggestions.

After a while, Naji who had left to chase after the other Asura clansmen returned with an apologetic look. He bowed towarsd Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing. He said, "I lost my composure previously and almost injured you both. Please forgive me. "

"You almost caused my soul to collapse!" Zhuang Jing gritted out.

"My apologies, my sincere apologies, I finally managed to piece together the skull of the Dark Soul Beast. I... forgot myself in my excitement," Naji said with a face full of smiles.

"That Dark Soul Beast skull seems to be a formidable artifact. Is it famous among Asura Race?" Qin Lie asked.

Naji was silent for a moment before saying, "The Dark Soul Beast skull in my possession originally belonged to a Rank Ten Dark Soul Beast. Its skull is extremely rare!"

Qin Lie nodded minutely and said, "A Rank Ten Dark Soul Beast. How many souls can it produce?"

"A hundred thousand!" Naji said solemnly.

"A hundred thousand?" Qin Lie was stunned.

Naji nodded seriously. "After a Dark Soul Beast reaches rank ten, its skull will contain at least a hundred thousand souls. These souls will fight without end in the small skull, old souls dying, new souls forming. This is the most mysterious beast of the Asura Race!"

"How many Rank Ten Dark Soul Beasts are there? Other than the hundred thousand souls, what are their other special traits?" Qin Lie asked.

Naji snickered, and shook his head. He said, "Even if I have been abandoned by the Asura Race and may never receive their recognition in my lifetime, I will not tell the secrets of the Dark Soul Beast to outsiders."

Seeing that Naji didn’t want to tell him anything, Qin Lie stopped pressing the matter. He said, "According to our agreement, you gather the Crystal Sun Core fragments, I take the Crystal Moon Cores."

"Extremely fair!" Naji nodded.

Then, he said no more and flew towards a Sun Core fragment..

Wisps of black flame floated from below his body, supporting it like a lotus platform.

He landed on a Crystal Sun Core.

Those black flames seemed to root themselves into the surface of the Crystal Sun Core like an eerie plant. It started to extract sun power from the Sun Core fragment.

Qin Lie watched for a while. He could not see anything from the scene so he summoned the Demon Sealing Tombstone and sat on it, using spirit stones to cultivate.

Pure threads of spirit power flew out of the spirit stones and flowed towards his spirit sea along his channels.

When he was drawing spirit power into his spirit sea, his mind was calm, his expression focused.

He did not use any bloodline power.

Yet for some unknown reason, sparks from the Crystal Sun Cores seemed to be attracted to him. They flew over like moths drawn to a flame and fell onto his body.

They moment the sparks landed, they disappeared.

In the midst of his cultivation session, he probed around with his mind and found that those sparks had merged into his bloodline like droplets of water.

He was secretly surprised by this.

At the start, there were only a few sparks.

But after he cultivated for a while, he seemed to produce a powerful attractive field, causing more sparks to fly towards him.

Soon after, the millions of sparks resembled countless stars of a galaxy.

Zhuang Jing couldn't help but cover her mouth to prevent herself from exclaiming in shock.

Naji, who was further away him was also absorbing the flame power inside the Crystal Sun Cores. At this time, he was alarmed by Qin Lie's abnormality.

Naji opened his eyes, his expression turning dark. He flew with the black flames in front of Qin Lie.

"Friend, isn’t this a little too much?" Naji said.

Qin Lie stopped cultivating. The flow of the sparks reversed, going back into the fragments of Sun Core.

"You and I had an agreement, the Moon Core fragments for you, Sun Core fragments to me." Naji's eyes were dark. "But what are you doing now? You use the artifact to absorb the moon energy from the Crystal Moon Cores, and use a secret art to gather the sun power in the Crystal Sun Cores? This isn’t too nice."

"I want just one as compensation for when you used the evil mental power of the Dark Soul Beast skull to wound souls of me and Zhuang Jing." Qin Lie pointed at a relatively large piece of Sun Core.

"Just one?" Naji's expression eased slightly.

"Just one." Qin Lie nodded.

Naji's eyes flashed as he looked at Qin Lie and then looked at Zhuang Jing. He calculated if he could kill Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing with his strength.

A dozen seconds later, Naji nodded and gave up on the thought. He said, "That piece belongs to you."

He couldn’t get an accurate estimate on Qin Lie’s prowess.

Even if he had the complete Dark Soul Beast skull, he did not have any confidence he could defeat Qin Lie. Thus, he did not dare to risk it, and chose to compromise to satisfy Qin Lie's appetite.

He, who was usually so proud, had never thought that he would ever make any concessions to lowly humans. And yet, on that day, he did.

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