Chapter 988: Symbiosis Between Souls

Chapter 988: Symbiosis Between Souls

Naji, Zhuang Jing, and the Asura Race warriors vanished from Qin Lie’s eyes.

A dark and colorless scene had replaced them instead.

He was slowly recalling a hidden memory after the seal on his memories had been breached

He suddenly recalled that his world was colorless and lightless a long, long time ago.

He seemed to be trapped in a very small, dark world.

There was only one other lifeform in his senses, and this lifeform often came to him and told him about his helplessness and unhappiness.

“Grandfather, father, everyone in the entire family have high expectations of me, but for some reason, my bloodline just wouldn’t awaken.”

“I don’t know what’s going on either.”

“Maybe you are the major reason why I was unable to find my self and activate my bloodline.”

“I don’t dare to tell grandfather and father about you... I am afraid that they’ll kill you.”

“I’m not sure what happened when father and mother’s bloodlines merged into one, but two souls were actually birthed in this one body.”

“You’ve existed since the moment I gained consciousness. You and I were born together in this world, so you don’t deserve to die because of me.”

“To think that two souls would be birthed in one body, and I… am the only person in the world who can sense you.”

“You can never emerge as long as I’m alive.”

“Perhaps you can be reborn one day after I die.”

These confessions of the souls resounded inside Qin Lie’s mind. In a daze, he almost thought that he was still trapped in that dark, colorless world.

“I remember now.”

A long time later, Qin Lie muttered to himself. “I never died. I had always been living inside his body. He… was the one who died in the end. After his soul had passed away from this world, I was freed from that dark world and finally given control over this body. I had lived with him since the moment he was conceived, and the only difference is that he was the master of this body, and I was hidden in a dark corner inside the body…”

“This status quo lasted until the moment his soul was killed by Han Qian of Ninth Heaven. It was only after he was gone that I was freed from my small world.”

For a moment, Qin Lie’s heart was filled with all kinds of conflicting emotions such as bitterness, pain, sadness and more. It was as if he accidentally knocked over a five-flavor bottle inside his mouth.

He finally recalled his past.

For the longest time, he assumed that all his memories before he was ten years old had been sealed away.

It was only on that day that he finally realized that his memories from before he was ten years old… were a blank canvas.

What he thought were his lost memories weren’t actually his. They belonged to the other soul who had passed away.

He struggled free from that dark place only after the other soul was killed by Han Qian.

The fusion between a human and a god was bound to be unusual. Somehow, two souls were birthed into one body.

The first soul lived in the Central World of Spirit Realm. Everyone in the Qin Family had high hopes for him, and every great Gold rank forces thought of him as the deadliest threat in the future.

However, his bloodline never awakened because of the distortion in his soul and various reasons.

His life became very difficult as he faced the doubts, disappointment, and anger of his family and the taunts, ridicule, and sneers of the Gold rank forces’ experts.

He knew where the real problem lay, but he never told anyone about him or revealed his unusual condition.

He endured everything in silence.

Perhaps he harbored the thought of killing himself one day to free himself from this life.

That was why he gave up and willingly embraced all kinds of vices, chasing for nothing but a moment of pleasure.

He gave up on himself.

He became a laughingstock in everyone’s eyes in the Central World.

He was supposed to bear the hope of the Qin Family, but he ultimately became the shame of the Qin Family instead.

What’s worse, he became the ultimate trigger that caused his family’s collapse.

However, the death of his soul also freed the other Qin Lie from his lightless prison. With his death, came another life.

His death allowed his soul to be reborn and witness the beautiful world outside.

Qin Lie stood stiffly between the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs deep inside the chaotic streams of space, but tears wouldn’t stop pouring down his cheeks.

“My existence stopped you from awakening your bloodline and turned you into a laughingstock in your short life. If you were truly heartless, you could’ve killed my soul and extricate yourself from this problem entirely. But… you chose to live a mediocre life instead and embraced your own death, all so that I can succeed this body and see the beautiful world around me.”

“You saved me with your death…”

Qin Lie was beside himself. He had no idea where he was, and he couldn’t see what was going on outside.


While Qin Lie was in a daze, Lando suddenly let out a long howl.

Another two Asura Race warriors had been devoured by the energy storms controlled by the five Spirits of Void and Chaos.

After the black skull had finally been restored, Naji laughed madly while clutching the object.

Countless souls were wriggling as if they were screaming and killing each other inside the black skull.

The ripples of soul energy spread indiscriminately throughout the surroundings.

Zhuang Jing clutched her head as the light inside her eyes flickered. Blood was trailing down the corner of her mouth.

Beside her, Qin Lie’s drops of liquid from the lightning pool sparkled and protected him from being affected by the evil soul activity inside the skull.

That was why he was able to recall his memories in peace.

Lando and the other Asura Race warriors couldn’t say the same though. Not only were they attacked by the energy storms, the evil soul energy rippling out of the black skull was affecting them too. After losing another two warriors, Lando finally gave up on trying to seize the black skull.

The Asura clansmen escaped in fear.

“You’re afraid, Lando? Haha, I can’t believe that even you can know fear!”

Naji laughed madly while holding the black skull. Ignoring Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing, he erupted into motion and chased after the Asura clansmen.

In a short time, both the Asura Race warriors and him had vanished from this place.

The moment he left, the ferocious soul ripples that confused one’s soul immediately vanished.

Zhuang Jing, barely holding on to her soul removed her hands from her head and swore loudly while blood trailed down the corner of her lips. “Those damnable foreigners! We should’ve ignored them from the start!”

When she was done swearing, she looked at Qin Lie and asked, “Master, we…”

Then, surprise overtook her as she stared at him in astonishment. “What’s wrong, master? Were you… affected by that foreigner’s mental attack too?”

Beside her, Qin Lie looked beside himself with tears covering his entire face. His spirit seemed to have crumbled, and his mind was in an extremely weak spot.

She assumed that Qin Lie’s loss of control was due to the Naji’s soul attack.

“Master, master…”

Zhuang Jing cried out a couple of times softly in attempt to draw his attention and awaken him from his dazed state.

A few attempts either, Qin Lie’s unstable soul seemed to have returned to its original place.

Focus returned to his eyes once more.

“Hmm. I’m fine, I’m fine…”

When he awakened from his dazed state, Qin Lie subconsciously wiped away the tears on his face as clarity slowly returned to his eyes.

“Where’s Naji? Where are those Asura clansmen?” he asked casually.

“Naji had unleashed an indiscriminate soul attack with that black skull just now. He almost killed me!” Zhuang Jing’s face turned cold. “Right now he’s chasing after those Asura clansmen. Hmph, I’ll show him if he dares show his face again!”

“He did well, very well..” Qin Lie muttered.

If it wasn’t for the strange, evil energy hidden inside the Dark Soul Beast’s skull, he might not have necessarily succeeded in recalling his lost memories.

“Why did you say that, master? You were just as affected as I was, weren’t you? Why don’t you blame him for his transgression?” Zhuang Jing didn’t understand.

“He unwittingly did me a great favor.”

After giving her a rough explanation, Qin Lie stopped talking and released Moon Tear from his spatial ring.

Nine translucent water beads flew out of the silver moon marks. You Ye took on a solid form once more.

“This woman is still alive! Why is she still alive?” You Ye glared at Zhuang Jing like a wraith. It was as if he would attack her at any moment.

“An artifact soul!” Zhuang Jing’s face turned pale with fright.

As she stared blankly at Moon Tear, its nine beads circulating with the purest kind of cool and holy moonlight, she suddenly screamed, “A Divine Grade artifact! This is a Divine Grade artifact! Heavens above, I was pretty sure that the Serene Moon Race didn’t have a Divine Grade spirit artifact!”

During the previous battle, Qin Lie had ordered You Ye to extract the energy inside Moon Core fragments but didn’t allow him to materialize into existence.

That was why Zhuang Jing thought that Moon Tear was just a Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact.

This wasn’t to mention that she had never heard that the Serene Moon Race had a Divine Grade spirit artifact in their possession.

She knew You Ye was Moon Tear’s artifact soul because he had appeared alongside Moon Tear and he possessed the clear outline of a soul.

It was a Divine Grade spirit artifact with an artifact soul in it!

Zhuang Jing suddenly grew restless.

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