Chapter 987: Tearing Apart the Memory Restriction

Chapter 987: Tearing Apart the Memory Restriction

Naji was obviously fighting for control over the Dark Soul Beast’s skull. He was also at a complete disadvantage.

Qin Lie glanced at Naji first before looking at Lando and the other Asura clansmen.

The pitch black skull floating near him and skull pieces were slowly floating towards Lando.

Lando and the Asura Race warriors looked overjoyed. Souls wriggled behind their eyes like shadows.

There were souls operating above the skull pieces like invisible threads.

Just like that, the black skull was slowly being wrested out of Naji’s control.

“This man is a devious person and he doesn’t belong to our race. He is not trustworthy.” It was at this moment Zhuang Jing suddenly warned him in a small voice. “We should let the Asura clansmen fight amongst themselves and solve their own conflicts. There’s no need for us to get involved.”

At the beginning, after seeing that Qin Lie was taken down a peg by Blue Flame Manor, Naji’s opinion of Qin Lie had immediately lessened.

When Qin Lie requested Naji to fight by his side, he even cut ties with Qin Lie and said that he was just a passerby.

Although Naji changed his mind at the very end, his actions were questionable to say the least.

That was why Qin Lie had hesitated.

“Also, this guy didn’t mention these Asura clansmen when he invited us over.” Zhuang Jing sneered. “In my opinion, this Naji was planning to entrap us from the beginning! It was highly like that he was the one who summoned these Asura clansmen over in the first place so that Blue Flame Manor can decrease their numbers and vice versa!”

“If you hadn’t charged out so suddenly, these Asura clansmen still would’ve shown up after some time.”

“He planned to take out the remaining martial practitioners and claim the spoils when both sides were bloodied and tattered… it is very possible that we were among the people he planned to entrap too!”

Zhuang Jing herself was just as devious as Naji. She was able to guess Naji’s plan roughly.

Her guesses weren’t far off either.

Naji was indeed planning to kill Blue Flame Manor, the Asura clansmen, Qin Lie, and Zhuang Jing at the beginning.

“What about you?” Qin Lie grinned as his eyes shone meaningfully. “What were you thinking when I was hurt by Blue Flame Manor? Weren’t you hoping that I would die by Blue Flame Manor’s hands so you may free yourself from my soul bind? Weren’t you the same as Naji?”

Zhuang Jing immediately looked embarrassed.

“I… er…” She mumbled for a moment before admitting in the end. “That’s right. I was hoping that you would be killed by Blue Flame Manor as soon as possible… I was thinking that I might even be able to obtain the Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact. Then, I would come to an agreement with Guan Lian and collect the Crystal Moon Cores scattered here…”

Zhuang Jing felt her face burned as she endured Qin Lie’s stare. She forced out a laugh. “I, I thought you were bold but foolish, and I thought that you would die for sure, so…”

Qin Lie simply smiled and stared at her without saying anything.

Zhuang Jing suddenly felt alarmed as pressure began to mount on her shoulders. She hastily bowed her head and said, “Your servant recognizes her mistake. Please… please forgive me, master.”

“Servant, master…” Qin Lie muttered in a low tone before letting out a cold snort. “You are as adaptable as you claim.”

Zhuang Jing smiled awkwardly and didn’t dare to answer.

“Do you know what you should do now?” Qin Lie asked.

“I don’t know,” Zhuang Jing said softly.

Qin Lie looked at her coldly as his eyes turned bloodier. Soon, a bloody light flew out of them.

Zhuang Jing immediately understood his meaning after she got over her initial surprise. She obediently lowered all the resistances in her soul.

A couple of seconds later, bloody threads that couldn’t be seen with the eyes appeared once more.

She understood that Qin Lie had shackled her True Soul with his secret art once more, and that he could crush her soul with a single thought.

“It’s still easier to deal with a single Asura clansman than a group of them, especially if this guy is as smart and adaptable as you are,” Qin Lie said suddenly.

The moment he said this, Zhuang Jing asked immediately, “Should I attack the Asura clansmen right now?”

“It’s fine.” Qin Lie shook his head and sent his thoughts to the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The five energy storms that had stayed still for a moment roared once more and moved towards the Asura clansmen.

At the same time, the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood floating beside Qin Lie had been set ablaze with thunder and lightning once again.


A thunderous rumble erupted from amid the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs. An invisible ripple of energy surged madly towards Lando and his clansmen.

Their bodies shook as tendrils of lightning crawled across their eyes.

“Naji! You colluded with outsiders to slaughter your own people! You are forever a traitor to the Asura Race!” Lando roared angrily.

The Asura clansmen stretched out their hands in attempt to withdraw the skull pieces.

It was at this moment soul thoughts imbued with heavenly thunder flew out of Qin Lie’s pupils.

They instantly cut apart the soul threads that were connected to the skull pieces.

The tug of war instantly leaned towards Naji’s side.

At first, the skull pieces were dragging the black skull towards Lando and the Asura clansmen. After the soul threads were cut, the skull pieces were actually attracted towards the black skull like magnets and got stuck.

When Qin Lie looked closely, he discovered that the skull pieces had become one with the black skull.

“Thank you!” Naji laughed loudly.

He grabbed the black skull firmly in his palm.

The moment the skull entered his hands, violence and madness immediately burst out of his eyes as he laughed savagely. “Didn’t think this day would come, did you Lando? In the end, I did manage to complete the Dark Soul Beast’s skull!”

While saying this, he raised the black skull high atop his head as black flames burned madly from the tip of his fingers.

Soul ripples undulated from inside the black skull as the cries of myriad souls resounded in everyone’s head.

Even Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing was caught in a daze. It was as if they could see tens of thousands of souls of alien beasts tearing each other apart.

Zhuang Jing had to clutch her head and scream.

Qin Lie’s face turned cold as lightning pool droplets flew out from inside his body and surrounded him.

It was strong enough to insulate himself from the strange soul ripples that were capable of completely annihilating the soul of a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner.

At the same time, a certain restriction in his mind suddenly came apart for no apparent reason.

“A Dark Soul Beast continuously gives birth to new souls throughout its growth, and its old and new souls are in locked in eternal conflict...”

Naji’s early words poured into his mind like a stream of enlightenment.

“New souls, old souls, giving birth to souls…”

Qin Lie shuddered.

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