Chapter 986: The Dark Soul Beast’s Skull

Chapter 986: The Dark Soul Beast’s Skull

“Your fiance?”

Guan Lian turned sideways and shot a meaningful glance at Wan Bin with a dark face.

Wan Bin understood.

As the energy tornadoes continued to rampage through their ranks, Wan Bin suddenly roared fiercely and caused clumps of fire to rise out of his head.

A trace of Wan Bin’s True Soul could be seen inside each of the clumps. They burned fiercely and violently.

Guan Lian snorted coldly before he jumped to the air as well. A ball of light that looked like the sun suddenly enveloped his body.

In an instant, the Sun Core fragments floating in midair brightened and shot a beam of fierce, sunny light at Guan Lian at once.

The Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners who were still alive knew that their leaders were planning to go all out.

They also understood that Qin Lie would not stop until he exterminated them all!

Therefore, they used all their trump cards without hesitation.

They threw out their fiery spirit artifacts. There were swords, blades, and hammers that looked like burning balls of light. Spirit artifacts cut through the air and roared towards Qin Lie from all directions like burning wraiths.

The Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners continued to run for their lives from the energy storms after unleashing their spirit arts and spirit artifacts.

“That human guy is the main target!”

Lando of the Asura Race figured out what was going on from their movements.

Under his order, the Asura Race warriors roared and charged at Qin Lie with the intent to kill.

Many gray-white skulls flew out of the Asura Race warriors’ hands. The skulls were entangled with corpse phosphorescence, and the dots on the skulls seemed to be arranged in some sort of a pattern that manifested a mysterious and strange law of the universe.

Pitch black flames began to burn on top of the skulls, causing shrill cries to break out from inside them.

An evil energy capable of assaulting the soul abruptly plunged into Qin Lie’s mind. It was as if countless evil souls and locusts were ravaging through his head.

The rapid loss of mental energy caused the connection between Qin Lie and the Spirits of Void and Chaos to weaken.

The threads that connected his soul to the Spirits of Void and Chaos slowly melted away due to the evil attack.

The soul thought Qin Lie used to command the Spirits of Void and Chaos also disappeared shortly after.

As a result, the five Spirits of Void and Chaos that were controlling the five energy storms suddenly stopped what they were doing.

The moment the connection was broken, the Spirits of Void and Chaos immediately flew towards Qin Lie in attempt to rebuild their connection with him instead of continuing to attack the Asura Race and Blue Flame Manor.

The five great Spirits of Void and Chaos were about to enter the Soul Suppressing Orb in the form of light beams after they flew out of the energy storms.

Without the Spirits of Void and Chaos to threaten them, the pressure on the Asura Race and Blue Flame Manor’s was greatly lightened. Their spirits were invigorated.

“Continue!” Lando yelled strangely.

The skulls that looked like gray-white tiles floating around Qin Lie transmitted even deadlier soul attacks into his head.

The soul attacks that felt like chilly streams made him panic a little.

He had no choice but to concentrate all of his concentration and draw forth a thunderstorm inside his head. He used the heavenly thunder to sweep clean the evil energy and wraiths that were wreaking havoc inside his mind.

However, that also meant that he could no longer use the Profound Thunder Heart against his enemies.

The Profound Thunder Heart and the five energy storms had killed a lot of Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners and Asura clansmen. These were the two weapons that scared them both the most.

Now that both of these weapons had been turned ineffective, both Lando and Guan Lian started to smile sinisterly.

“He’s just relying on external powers, that’s all.” Wan Bin also curled his lips.

In his eyes, the Spirits of Void and Chaos and the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs were all artifacts. A spirit artifact had to be connected to a martial practitioner’s soul, else they wouldn’t be able to unleash their full strength.

Only spirit artifacts that had reached the Divine Grade and possessed artifact souls were able to unleash their full power without sharing a soul connection with the artifact owner.

In Wan Bin’s eyes, the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs couldn’t be considered a Divine Grade spirit artifact, that was obvious. As for the Spirits of Void and Chaos… their intelligence hadn’t reached the level of an artifact soul either.

“That’s the skull of a Dark Soul Beast! A Dark Soul Beast continuously gives birth to new souls throughout its growth, and its old and new souls are in locked in eternal conflict until it dies! A rank eight Dark Soul Beast might possess a hundred or so fighting souls. Moreover, its skull contains a mysterious power that can confuse all living beings’ souls! You must be extremely careful!” Naji screamed.

At the same time, he took out a black skull of his own and spat out a mouthful of flames.

The flames were sucked into the empty eye sockets of the black skull.


The black skull suddenly flew above Qin Lie’s head as if it gained a life and a soul.

After the black skull landed on top of Qin Lie’s head, the skull pieces that Lando and the Asura Race warriors used to attack Qin Lie with a continuous stream of soul attacks seemed to have found a new target.

The soul attacks began to slip into the black skull beyond Lando and his warriors’ control. The souls caused the skull’s black luster to grow even purer.

“Naji! You are the one who stole the Dark Soul Beast’s skull!” Lando was absolutely furious.

At first, Qin Lie was putting all of his concentration into clear out the strange, evil energies wrecking havoc inside his brain. Then, the pressure suddenly became much lighter.

He could sense clearly that no new evil energy was slipping into his mind after the black skull had landed on top of his head.

The skulls that emanated with evil soul energy also became non-threatening in his eyes.

“Boom boom boom!”

In his head, thunder and lightning rampaged across the world and killed off all the evil forces that confused his soul.

Qin Lie’s eyes slowly regained clarity.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

At nearly the same time, five Spirits of Void and Chaos flew over from the distance and rebuilt their soul connection with him before they entered the Soul Suppressing Orb.

“Kill them!” Qin Lie sent out the order again.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos that had just returned cheered and flew away after they rebuilt the soul connection and made sure that he was okay.

The Profound Thunder Heart that had stopped beating a while ago began to pound once more.


Lightning and fire crisscrossed on Wan Bin’s chest. His eyes dimmed as he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

He immediately gathered all of his flame spirit energy inside his chest.

Because he had wrapped the entirety of his flame energy around the thunder energy that suddenly appeared in his heart, he managed to prevent his heart from exploding at first notice.

“Brother Lian! I’m leaving first!”

An unhealthy redness appeared on Wan Bin’s cheeks. Then, clumps of fiery shadows appeared behind his back.

As if drawn away by the fiery shadows behind him, Wan Bin suddenly vanished before Qin Lie’s eyes in the blink of an eye. He had completely vanished from sight.

“Eh? That didn’t kill him?” Qin Lie looked surprised.

Then, he looked at Guan Lian and grinned. “Now it’s your turn!”

“Leave, now!” Guan Lian yelled fiercely.

Light burst out of his body like an exploding sun.

Not a shred of Guan Lian’s soul presence was left. It was almost as if he had been burned to dust by the fire.

When the remaining Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners noted that both Wan Bin and Guan Lian had escaped using self-harming secret arts, they too turned pale with fright.

They all exploded into fireballs and vanished.

In an instant, these fierce Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners escaped completely.

Qin Lie attempted to lock down the direction they escaped to with his soul consciousness. His eyes were chilly.

Unfortunately, it was all too difficult to find someone in the chaotic streams of space.

He wasn’t able to find any soul presence belonging to the Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners despite investigating his surroundings clearly. He didn’t know where they had gone to.

In the end, he had no choice but to give up on the idea of chasing them down.

Naturally, his gaze landed on the Asura clansmen. Then, he noticed from the eyes of the leader of the Asura Race warriors, Lando, that he had attached some wisps of his refined soul on the Dark Soul Beast’s skull pieces.

The skull pieces floating around him had generated some kind of attraction force that clung onto that black skull.

Naji, the Asura clansman who was controlling the black skull with his soul was roaring loudly with a distorted face. He seemed to be doing his utmost to stop Lando and his clansmen from robbing him of the Dark Soul Beast’s skull.

“Help me! Please help me!” Naji cried.

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