Chapter 985: You Screwed Us Hard

Chapter 985: You Screwed Us Hard

Guan Lian couldn’t be sure if the person supporting Qin Lie, the person who had taught him the Thunder Emperor’s spirit art, was the Thunder Emperor himself.

That was why he dared not act recklessly.

Therefore, the Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners could do nothing but wait.

Everyone stared at Qin Lie, awaiting his response.

“Who’s the person supporting me?” Qin Lie shook his head and laughed involuntarily. “You only need to know that it’s not the Thunder Emperor.”

“Not the Thunder Emperor, huh…” Guan Lian’s eyes flashed before he smiled and suddenly nodded. “That is good to hear!”

He raised his right arm into the air and made a cutting motion, motioning for Wan Bin and the others to continue the attack.

However, the slight delay gave way to a new turn in the battle.

“Naji! How dare you show up!”

A brawny Asura Race warrior had appeared from a silver river of light in the distance. The moment he got close, he immediately saw the fragmented Crystal Sun Cores.

His eyes immediately turned passionate.

Behind him, a dozen or so young Asura Race warriors clad in battle armor walked out with sinister smiles and bloodthirsty eyes on their faces.

The battle that threatened to erupt came to an abrupt stop yet again.

“The Asura Race!” Guan Lian looked worried.

Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners withdrew and gathered instead of making a move towards Qin Lie.

Naji and Zhuang Jing also stilled at Qin Lie’s side.

A trace of bitterness tugged at the corner of Naji’s lips. “Originally, my plan was for Blue Flame Manor and my people to fight each other while we were still hidden. After a winner has been decided, we’d come out and take out the remaining fighters on the field. Your charge wrecked all of our plans though.”

On the way, he had told Qin Lie this plan and this hiding spot he found some time earlier.

Originally, Qin Lie had agreed to the plan.

However, Guan Lian and Wan Bin had insulted Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan just as they arrived. Qin Lie was triggered into action as a result.

Naji was eventually forced to show himself too.

Then, the Asura Race had shown up before they could finish off Blue Flame Manor.

The battlefield became even livelier as a result.

“Naji, are you going to surrender to us, or do we have to take your corpse back to the Asura Realm?” The brawny youthr at the front of the Asura group yelled.

“Take my corpse back to the Asura Realm if you can, Lando,” Naji said.

The barbs traded by the two Asura clansmen caught Guan Lian of Blue Flame Manor off guard.

To think that Naji wasn’t on the same side as these Asura clansmen...

A moment of hesitation later, Guan Lian suddenly pointed at Naji. “Are you going after this person?”

Lando, the leader of the Asura Race group thought Naji was in cahoots with the Blue Flame Manor. He thought he was using Blue Flame Manor against them.

But when he heard Guan Lian’s question, Lando realized that things were different from what he initially imagined.

“His name is Naji. Our first priority for this trip is to capture him and take him back to the Asura Realm.” Lando explained. “Tracking down the God Race and finding the treasures they might have hidden in this world is only secondary.”

Guan Lian laughed loudly while nodding again and again. “Very good, very good! Do as you wish!”

He then pointed at Qin Lie. “We just want to kill these two humans!”

Lando glanced at Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing before reaching a tacit understanding with Guan Lian instantly. “In that case, everyone shall mind their own business!”

“Agreed!” Guan Lian’s smile grew wider and wider.

“You screwed us hard this time.” Naji stared deeply at Qin Lie. “This is not a place to stick around for long… I guess it’s to each of their own then.”

A black, demonic flower bloomed before his chest. The petals of the flower were flowing with pure black energy flames.

Clumps of black flames rose from the core of the demonic flower and spread to every corner of Naji’s body rapidly.

A cold, evil aura rose from the black flames on Naji’s body.

“Don’t let him escape!” Lando yelled.

The Asura Race warriors’ eyes shone with animalistic cruelty as pitch black light that looked like fire beacons flew out of their chests.

The black light threatened to wrap around Naji like ribbons.

“Please help me stall them for a moment!” Naji begged.

“You don’t need to leave.” Qin Lie said very, very calmly, “In the chaotic streams of space, I have many ways to take a life. Individual strength is not the only thing I possess.”

Naji looked very surprised.

Qin Lie’s mouth curled into an eerie smile. “Just watch.”

The moment he said this, the five Spirits of Void and Chaos he put into the Soul Suppressing Orb earlier appeared like rainbows.

“Over there!” Qin Lie pointed.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos turned blurry and vanished right before Naji’s eyes.

While Naji was still guessing what the Spirits of Void and Chaos were planning to do, five energy storms came roaring from a very distant place.

The five energy storms contained a terrific amount of distorted energy, light beam explosions, Soul Decaying Stones, and spatial rifts criss-crossing into a web.

It was the kind of energy storm that could tear apart even a Void Realm expert’s body!

The five energy storms normally moved at a very slow pace, but right now they were roaring right where the Asura Race warriors were.

Terrifying suction appeared from inside the storms.

Six Asura Race warriors were devoured by the energy storms like kites whose strings had been cut.

The second they were drawn into the web of spatial blades, their bodies were cut into many pieces instantly like tofu.

They didn’t even manage to let out a scream before they vanished entirely into the energy storms. It was as if their souls had been cut into many strips as well.

“The Spirits of Void and Chaos! He actually has Spirits of Void and Chaos!” Lando’s complexion took on an ugly color all of a sudden.

The surviving members of the Asura Race looked fearful. They hurriedly stopped all their attacks and did everything in their power to escape the energy storms’ range.

Naji also shuddered.

As an Asura clansman, he had heard a little about how unique and lethal the Spirits of Void and Chaos were. However, only the peak Asura Race experts would know the real extent of their abilities.

Naji… was not of noble birth. Therefore, he only knew that the Spirits of Void and Chaos were scary, but not exactly what made them so.

When he saw the Spirits of Void and Chaos manipulating the natural energy storms of the chaotic streams of space with his own eyes, he finally realized they weren’t just capable of avoiding the dangers of this place, but also use the natural hazards around them to attack their enemies.

“And now, let’s switch the target.” Qin Lie smiled warmly as he pointed towards the Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners this time.

The five hurricane-like energy storms descended onto the Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners under the spirits’ control like world-devouring demons.

In an instant, Guan Lian, Wan Bin, and many Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners escaped, scattering in panic.

Guan Lian and Lando had operated in the chaotic streams of space for a while, and they both knew that the most terrifying thing here wasn’t the enemy races but these natural traps and destructive storms.

When they noticed that the Spirits of Void and Chaos were actually capable of manipulating these natural storms that were present everywhere, both Guan Lian and Lando turned pale with fright.

Naji and Zhuang Jing felt the exact opposite though.

When the duo saw that the energy storms were chasing down the Asura Race warriors and Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners under Qin Lie’s command, they suddenly relaxed.

What should’ve been an intense battle turned completely one-sided thanks to the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

“Let’s put in some work ourselves and take out these people for our own needs.” Qin Lie smiled.

Naji grinned and let out an odd chuckle. “I am making friends with you for sure!”

The black, demonic flower at his body fired sharp blades towards the distance.

Zhuang Jing let out a secret sigh of relief and took out the Blue Moon Cold Blade once more, absorbing the moon energy inside the Moon Core fragments to kill the fleeing Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners.

Qin Lie himself continued to stand amid the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs, crushing his enemies’ hearts with Profound Thunder Heart.

As thunder boomed, both the Asura Race warriors and the Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners were instantly wrapped by lightning.

The refined souls in their eyes were crushed by Qin Lie’s heavenly thunder.

Tremendous life force swiftly drained away from the bodies and leaving behind many dry husks.

“Fine, we retreat! Do you have to kill all of us?” Guan Lian yelled.

He could see that the battle was not favorable towards them. He was ready to give up on the Crystal Sun Cores in exchange for their lives.

“Did you really think I came all the way here for the Moon Cores only?” Qin Lie shook his head before saying seriously, “I’ve come here with the specific purpose of killing you all.”

Guan Lian grew more and more terrified. “What did we do to offend you so?”

“Ling Yushi is my fiance.” Qin Lie snorted coldly.

Guan Lian and Wan Bin finally realized what was going on.

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