Chapter 984: The Thunder Emperor’s Name!

Chapter 984: The Thunder Emperor’s Name!

Nearly twenty Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners had entered the chaotic streams of space. Most of these people were at the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm while six people were at the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm.

This force was incomparable to top Gold rank forces such as Ninth Heaven or Reincarnation Sect, but it was still slightly stronger than Lunar Temple’s.

Although a few of them were killed, there were still a dozen or so Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners who responded to Guan Lian’s command.

These people ignored Naji and Zhuang Jing and focused all their attention on Qin Lie. Their combined determination to eliminate Qin Lie alone was extremely intimidating.

The spirit art Blue Flame Manor cultivated was a secret art that used the souls of fire beings as the source of their fire. This secret art was very common in Blue Flame Manor.

Therefore, an unusual scene suddenly happened around Qin Lie when they started attacking him.

The Fire Qilin’s soul, the Vermillion Bird’s soul, the Flame Snake’s soul, the Fire Phoenix’s soul… all sorts of unusual beasts that were made of fire flew out of their bodies.

At first glance, the fire beasts’ souls looked like fiery meteors pouring down from the sky.

The Crystal Sun Cores hovering in midair seemed to glow even brighter as the fire beasts’ souls passed by them.

Qin Lie suddenly became the target of his enemies and was shot at by many Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners.

The giant lightning heart between the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs hovering quietly above Qin Lie’s head beat even more rapidly.

“Thump! Thump thump! Thump thump thump!”

Every time the giant lightning heart beat, blue lightning would flash instantly towards a random target.

At the same time, a fire beast’s soul would be devoured by the lightning.

The power of thunder and lightning was the bane of all souls. They were just as destructive against the fire beasts’ souls.

The number of fiery meteors flying towards Qin Lie decreased at a visible rate to both Naji and Zhuang Jing.

The beasts that were obviously refined souls of fire struggled and roared as they were melted by lightning from the inside.

A dozen or so fiery meteors flew towards Qin Lie like a flood in the galaxy.

However, the beating lightning heart quickly extinguished them. The second wave wasn’t nearly as strong as the first one.

The refined souls of fire inside the meteors were killed as well.

“The technique of storing a refined beast soul inside a clump of fire is supposed to be a wonderful spirit art, but… they just had to run into thunder and lightning.” By now Zhuang Jing was standing beside Qin Lie and staring at him deeply. When she probed the thunder and lightning with her mind consciousness, her eyes abruptly changed once more. “This aura…”

At the same time, Guan Lian also sucked in a deep breath. “The Thunder Emperor’s inheritance!”

Wan Bin also exclaimed, “I thought only those who have reached the Imperishable Realm can easily eliminate a soul with the power of thunder and lightning? Heavenly thunder is the bane of all evil souls, but only Imperishable Realm experts should be able to harness it!”

The thunder power Qin Lie unleashed and the destruction of those souls terrified Guan Lian and Wan Bin.

They knew very well that most thunder spirit art cultivators couldn’t temper their souls with heavenly thunder unless they reached the Imperishable Realm.

It was only when they reached that level that they could imbue their souls with the terrifying might of heavenly thunder, the power to destroy all kinds of souls!

But Qin Lie was only in the Fragmentation Realm. Somehow, his lightning spirit art was able to easily defeat their spirit art which used fire beasts’ souls as the fire source.

As martial practitioners of Blue Flame Manor, they knew were well aware that the spirit art they cultivated came from an incomplete inheritance belonging to the Flame Emperor.

Therefore, the only thunder power in the world that could so easily destroy a spirit art of the Flame Emperor’s inheritance was likely the Thunder Emperor’s!

The Thunder Emperor’s inheritance enabled its inheritors to temper their souls with heavenly thunder before they ascended to the Imperishable Realm.

This meant that even a low realm cultivator of the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance was able to borrow the power of heavenly thunder to eliminate all kinds of evil souls.

Guan Lian and Wan Bin immediately understood what they were fighting against when the refined souls of fire were destroyed.

—Qin Lie’s thunder spirit art had originated from the Thunder Emperor himself!

“The Thunder Emperor!” Zhuang Jing looked very surprised too.

She suddenly recalled Ji Qi exclaiming that Qin Lie’s thunder spirit art had originated from the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance during the earlier battle.

At the time, she was busy fighting Qin Lie and didn’t pay serious attention to his words.

But now, after Guan Lian and Wan Bin displayed shock and fear towards Qin Lie’s thunder spirit art, she suddenly realized that Ji Qi wasn’t just saying for the heck of it.

Qin Lie’s spirit art most likely originated from the Thunder Emperor of the human race!

Once upon a time, there were five progenitors and three emperors. The five progenitors were the Soul Progenitor, Blood Progenitor, Voodoo Progenitor, Corpse Progenitor, and the Curse Progenitor. The three emperors are the Thunder Emperor, Flame Emperor, and the Ice Emperor.

During ancient times, it was these eight peak experts who led the human race in a decisive rebellion against the God Race!

The five progenitors and three emperors were absolutely critical in the successful banishment of the God Race. Many of the human race’s bizarre inheritances and secret arts were variations of these eight cultivators’ spirit arts as well.

Unfortunately, the five progenitors and three emperors were either killed or vanished during the great War of the Hundred Races.

To this day, no one had ever seen them again even though they left behind all sorts of legends.

Since the human race didn’t possess a Chaos Blood Realm, most of the three emperors’ inheritances were forgotten after twenty thousand years.

The five progenitors’ inheritances could still be found in some places of Spirit Realm, but in the hearts of many elders of the powerful ancient races, the three emperors were stronger than the five progenitors.

For many years, the Gold rank forces of the Central World tried very hard to seek out the three emperors’ inheritances. However, for all their effort they only managed to acquire some incomplete fragments.

Incomplete inheritances resulted in incomplete cultivation systems, and incomplete cultivation systems were flawed in many ways. That was why the top Gold rank forces didn’t teach their disciples these incomplete inheritances.

On the other hands, the second tier Gold rank forces didn’t possess the powerful spirit arts top Gold rank forces had. Therefore, their members chose to cultivate the three emperors’ incomplete spirit arts.

Blue Flame Manor’s cultivators were fire spirit art martial practitioners. Many of them cultivated the Flame Emperor’s incomplete inheritance.

The reason they invaded the Vermillion Bird Realm was because they heard that the Flame Emperor once visited this place. They thought they might be able to find his true inheritance there.

“The Thunder Emperor, Flame Emperor, and Ice Emperor were the three emperors of the human race during ancient times. The Thunder Emperor is probably the strongest cultivator out of all of them, followed by the Flame Emperor and Ice Emperor.” Naji of the Asura Race rubbed his chin while muttering, “The cultivator of the complete Thunder Emperor inheritance should theoretically be stronger than the cultivator of an incomplete Flame Emperor inheritance. His realm is slightly low, but… that isn’t the only spirit art he cultivates. That is why his true combat power exceeds the limitation of his realm.”

“This is truly surprising. To think that the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance would appear in the chaotic streams of space.”

“Interesting. This is getting more and more interesting!”

Naji looked extremely excited. It was as if he couldn’t wait for the chaos to grow larger.

“Everyone, watch out! He cultivates the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance! From now on, no one is to use the the Flame Soul Secret Art or attack him with their refined spirit beast soul!” Wan Bin yelled.

Guan Lian suddenly asked with an extremely serious expression on his face, “Friend, there is no way you’re a Dark Nether clansman. You must be a human just like us! So, who is the power standing behind your back? Perhaps… the grudge we share can still be resolved.”

“Hmm!” Zhuang Jing stared deeply at Guan Lian. She suddenly realized that Guan Lian had probably chickened out.

Guan Lian actually didn’t lose control over his emotions and tried to negotiate some form of peace between Blue Flame Manor and Qin Lie despite losing several of his brothers.

Guan Lian’s change in attitude wrapped even the martial practitioners of Blue Flame Manor in disbelief.

Wan Bin and Zhuang Jing were the only ones who somewhat caught onto Guan Lian’s inner thoughts.

In ancient times, the five progenitors were proven by many forces and the senior generation of the powerful ancient races to be dead.

During the War of Hundred Races, some peak experts had witnessed the death of the five progenitors in the hands of the God Race with their own eyes.

However… no one saw the death of the three emperors.

It was true that various tombs and remnants belonging to the three emperors had been found in Spirit Realm and other realms.

However, there were still no proof that the three emperors were dead. No one had ever seen their bodies either.

In the minds of the peak experts of the powerful ancient races, they believed that the three emperors still lived to this day. It was because those who reached Genesis Realm almost had an infinite lifespan.

If the three emperors were still alive, and if Qin Lie… was the direct disciple of the great Thunder Emperor himself, how could Blue Flame Manor withstand his wrath if they killed Qin Lie?

—That was the reason Guan Lian was chickening out of this fight.

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