Chapter 983: One More Chance!

Chapter 983: One More Chance!

“Are you really a Dark Nether clansman?” Guan Lian asked seriously.

The Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners grew nervous too. They seemed to know how powerful a Dark Nether clansman was.

Qin Lie laughed softly before looking towards Naji and Zhuang Jing. He said, “What are you guys still waiting for?”

“There’s someone else there!” Wan Bin exclaimed.

Blue Flame Manor’s martial practitioners looked towards Naji’s hiding spot.

The young Asura Race warrior swore in his head before he walked out from behind the Crystal Moon Core.

“An Asura clansman!” Guan Lian’s expression changed.

Every Blue Flame Manor martial practitioner looked serious too.

They were very well aware that the Asura Race was a warlike race among the powerful ancient races. Every Asura clansman possessed incredible combat power and was extremely difficult to deal with.

The human race had had many frictions with the Asura Race while they were developing new realms throughout the years.

Although the human race now ruled over Spirit Realm, they didn’t always gain the upper hand when clashing against the Asura Race.

That was why the human race had always viewed the Asura Race as a powerful enemy.

“I don’t care about the conflict between you human beings.” Naji laughed and cut ties with Qin Lie without hesitation. “I just happened to be passing by this area.”

Guan Lian and the others let out a sigh of relief when they heard this. They didn’t want to fight against an Asura clansman either.

—They were worried that Naji might command a troop of Asura warriors.

“Passing by, huh…” Qin Lie laughed involuntarily.

Qin Lie immediately realized that Naji planned to abandon him and that the he didn’t want to clash against Blue Flame Manor now for his sake… Naji was obviously not optimistic about his chances.

“What about you?” He turned to look at Zhuang Jing.

Zhuang Jing of Lunar Temple cursed Qin Lie all the way up to his eighteenth ancestors in her head, but she no choice but to smile forcefully. “My life is in your hands. I can only obey your every whim.” She wasn’t Naji, and she couldn’t cut ties with Qin Lie the way he did. She had no choice but to surrender to her fate.

“Zhuang Jing of Lunar Temple!” Guan Lian frowned. “Are you here for the Crystal Moon Cores?”

Zhuang Jing smiled bitterly and kept quiet.

“You and I share no conflict of interest.” A flash passed through Guan Lian’s eyes. “You may summon your sect mates and excavate all the Crystal Moon Core fragments in this place. Blue Flame Manor wants the Sun Cores and nothing more.”

Naturally, he thought that Zhuang Jing had come with her sect mates.

Blue Flame Manor and Lunar Temple were both second tier Gold rank forces, and they had sent more or less the same amount of martial practitioners into this place. He didn’t want to fight Lunar Temple to death especially since Lunar Temple only wanted the Crystal Moon Core.

“There is no one else.” Zhuang Jing looked between Qin Lie and Guan Lian. “All Lunar Temple martial practitioners have been killed, and I… am his captive.”

Zhuang Jing nodded towards Qin Lie.

Her words Blue Flame Manor’s martial practitioners to suddenly stare at Qin Lie with a trace of conflicting emotions.

They began to ponder about Qin Lie’s true identity.

Could he really be… a Dark Nether clansman?

“Zhuang Jing, I’m giving you one more chance to choose. To live, or to die. It is your choice,” said Qin Lie suddenly.

Wisps of bloody light suddenly flew out of Zhuang Jing’s True Soul. They vanished the moment they left her pupils.

In an instant, the feeling where her soul was controlled by a restriction was gone.

Zhuang Jing was one hundred percent sure that she had regained her freedom.

Qin Lie had actually relinquished control over her True Soul during this critical moment. The unexpected action confused Zhuang Jing suddenly.

“It all depends on you now whether you live or die. If you make the right choice, you will live. If you don’t… you will die.” Qin Lie’s eyes were cold and cruel.

Zhuang Jing suddenly grown nervous.

Originally, she hoped that Qin Lie would be killed by Blue Flame Manor. This way, she would be able to regain her freedom and obtain the Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact.

She never thought that Qin Lie would relinquish his control over her soul.

At first, she thought that Qin Lie was weak and absolutely not a match for Blue Flame Manor. She thought that he had called her out to sacrifice her like a cannon fodder.

But now, Qin Lie had relinquished his control over her soul and gave her a new chance to reconsider her stance.

“Should I help him kill Blue Flame Manor, or should I help Blue Flame Manor... kill him?”

Anxiety shone out of Zhuang Jing’s eyes. For the first time, the girl who knew how to size up a situation the best was confused by the situation before her.

“I await your decision,” Qin Lie said indifferently.

Guan Lian and the rest of the Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners fell silent and stared at Zhuang Jing as well.

They didn’t know why, but for some reason the guy they had thought to be insignificant suddenly made them feel pressured.

Naji of the Asura Race had also withdrawn his smile. His expression looked uncertain and dark.

He had a feeling that he might have made the wrong decision.

A long bout of silence later.

Zhuang Jing inhaled deeply and took out the Blue Moon Cold Blade all of a sudden. The weapon flew straight towards the closest Blue Flame Manor martial practitioner.

As a blue rainbow cut through the air, the moonlight inside two Crystal Moon Cores was suddenly drawn out and absorbed into the weapon.


The weapon slammed into the Blue Flame Manor martial practitioner’s bone, drawing a blood curdling scream from him.

“Bitch! You’re courting death!” Wan Bin roared angrily.

“To think that Zhuang Jing of Lunar Temple would be this foolish!” Guan Lian sneered before waving his hands. “Kill them!”

The group of Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners had been waiting for this for a long time. They finally attacked.

Surprisingly, the conflicted Naji actually charged over and joined the battle despite having cut ties with Qin Lie earlier.

“Friend, I was only joking with you just now. I was the one who invited you over to kill these Blue Flame Manor bastards, so why in Spirit Realm would I sit by?” Naji laughed.

Logically speaking, he should’ve waited until the Asura Race had shown up and fought against Blue Flame Manor. Then, he would clean up the rest after both sides were wounded and weary.

He didn’t know why he had charged forwards like a fool either.

He thought that Qin Lie might be more capable than he imagined because the latter had relinquished his control over Zhuang Jing’s soul at a critical moment. Zhuang Jing’s surprising choice was also a prompt.

He instinctively thought Qin Lie could bring him a pleasant surprise


A thunderous noise suddenly resounded as a violent ripple of thunder burst out of his Qin Lie’s body.

Blue lightning bolts that looked as thick as a child’s arm burst out of Qin Lie’s body like slithering snakes.

The tangled lightning entered the broad Thunder Soul Blade and caused it to shine like a waterfall of heavens.

Many Thunder Lightning Balls the size of a millstone appeared like lightning made suns of destructive power.

Each Thunder Lightning Ball contained a drop of liquid from the lightning pool in Qin Lie’s pores. They contained terrific thunderous power that was the bane of all souls.

A moment ago, the middle stage Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner who clashed against Qin Lie had used his killer move the moment he saw the appearance of the Thunder Lightning Balls.

The fireballs surrounding Qin Lie abruptly flew towards him.

“Pow pow pow!”

The fireballs were abruptly cut into shred by a dense web of lightning that came out of nowhere. The soul thoughts imbued in the fireballs were destroyed as well.

Eight Thunderblitz wood slabs hovered quietly above Qin Lie’s head like eight giant heavenly pillars.

Every Thunderblitz wood slab was crawling with lightning. A complex-looking compound ancient diagram was first created amid the slabs of Thunderblitz wood. Then, it transformed into seemingly beating heart of lightning.

At the same time, a fist-sized lightning heart appeared between Qin Lie’s hands too.

A shocking amount of thunderous light was bursting out of his fingertips.

“Thump! Thump thump!”

The lightning heart between his hands throbbed, triggering the one that looked like a lightning made sun at the center of the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs to do the same.


The Blue Flame Manor martial practitioner who used his fire spirit art to scorch Qin Lie’s chest heard a boom of heavenly thunder before his True Soul abruptly became blurry.

At the same time, his chest abruptly exploded with violent, thunder energy.

When he looked down, he saw that his heart was completely filled with dazzling lightning.

In the next moment, tiny bits of lightning spilled out of his eyes, nose, ears and pores too.

His soul magnetic field and lifeforce were vanishing at a swift rate.


Another resounding boom of thunder followed, and this time it was followed by a bloodcurdling scream from a Blue Flame Manor martial practitioner at the late stage Fragmentation Realm.

The martial practitioner had wanted to ambush Zhuang Jing from the back, but he was suddenly covered in lightning and killed in an instant.

Zhuang Jing reacted only after the man had screamed. When she turned around to look, she was shocked by the gruesome sight before her.

The person who was devoured by lightning was just meters away from her.

She was embroiled in a battle against Wan Bin, and she knew that the ambusher might have killed her if the lightning hadn’t killed him first.

Zhuang Jing subconsciously shot a glance at Qin Lie.

Right now, her eyes were etched with deep fear and shock. There was also a hint of joy for making the right choice.

She suddenly understood that the reason Qin Lie was able to kill all Lunar Temple martial practitioners wasn’t just because he possessed the Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact.

She also realized that Qin Lie could still kill her and her sect mates even if he didn’t rely on the holy artifact. At most, he would have to invest a bit more effort into doing so.

“Thank goodness I made the right choice, or else…” Zhuang Jing dared not think any further.

“I should’ve trusted my very first instinct!” Naji of the Asura Race yelled in his head.

The moment the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs rose above Qin Lie’s head, the moment his aura changed entirely, and the moment he unleashed his thunderous power, Naji knew that his instinct was right from the beginning.

—Qin Lie possessed combat power that far exceeded his realm!

“Ignore Zhuang Jing and that Asura clansman! Kill him first!” Guan Lian yelled loudly in shock.

After the Profound Thunder Heart was formed, and after his allies had their hearts detonated one after another, he realized that Qin Lie hadn’t shown his true strength at all until now.

A serious Qin Lie with the power he currently possessed was starting to look like he could kill all of them on his own.

Guan Lian felt Qin Lie was like the grim reaper. Therefore, he wanted everyone to work together to bring him down.

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