Chapter 981: Surging Killing Intent!

Chapter 981: Surging Killing Intent!

"Blue Flame Manor is extremely close to Six Ways Alliance, and also a human faction. If you attack Blue Flame Manor with the Asura Race, won’t it be inappropriate?"

As they travelled with Naji to where the Crystal Sun and Moon Core fragments were, Zhuang Jing said worriedly in a soft voice.

"The Ji Family found this place, told the Gold rank human factions and warned the humans factions to not fight and kill. If the Ji Family learns of your actions, it may cause trouble for you and the faction behind you," Zhuang Jing continued.

"Previously, why did you and those people from Lunar Temple attack me?" Qin Lie was astounded.

"At the start, I thought you were a Serene Moon clansman," Zhuang Jing stated.

"And then?" Qin Lie said.

"Later, I felt you would not live to tell the tale," Zhuang Jing explained.

Qin Lie nodded, his eyes deep. "In other words... it will be alright as long as we kill all the humans of Blue Flame Manor?"

"The people from Blue Flame Manor that came this time will not be easy to defeat." Zhuang Jing thought and then said, "Guan Lian, the son of Blue Flame Manor’s vice manor lord Guan Zhou, is their leader. Guan Lian has late Fragmentation Realm cultivation, and is stronger than me. Also, his flame spirit art is not affected by the silver moon mark. You and that Asura clansman, may not be a match for Blue Flame Manor. It is not realistic for you to think… you can kill all of them."

"Guan Zhou's son Guan Lian?" Qin Lie's expression darkened

"You know him?" Zhuang Jing had a strange look.

"No. However... I want to kill him, and discomfort his father." Qin Lie had a harsh expression.

The reason that Ling Yushi received a backlash in her bloodline was because she helped Gordon and the others fight Blue Flame Manor's Guan Zhou. Blue Flame Manor's palace master, Cai Can, stayed in Vermillion Bird Realm to cultivate. Therefore, Guan Zhou was the one responsible for the attack on the Nether Continent.

Many Nether Realm experts were killed by Guan Zhou. This person was the the public enemy in the Nether Realm.

Qin Lie had originally prepared to help the experts of Nether Realm against Guan Zhou.

His son, Guan Lian, just like Han Lei, had come here. Qin Lie was pleasantly surprised by this.

"Guan Lian is not easy to defeat. Think twice," Zhuang Jing urged.

She thought the reason Qin Lie could easily kill the Lunar Temple martial practitioners previously was because of Qin Lie's silver moon mark and the holy artifact of Serene Moon Race.

For them who also used moon energy as the source of their power, many of their powerful spirit arts were ineffective against Qin Lie.

In her heart, she felt that the early Fragmentation Realm practitioner like Qin Lie had relied on the holy artifact's suppression effect to defeat her fellow disciples.

She did not feel that Qin Lie could do the same thing to the martial practitioners of Blue Flame Manor.

"Do not worry. I know my limits," Qin Lie said coolly.

As the two of them conversed softly, Naji, the young Asura Race warrior, occasionally turned back to look.

There was a thousand meters between the pair and Naji.

In the chaotic streams of space, spatial power twisted, distorting and blocking many things. Sound was only one of them.

Naji shouldn't have been able to hear what Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing were talking about.

But at this time, his eyes turned alight. He said in a tone that only he could hear, "Stupid woman, if that person’s battle prowess was anything like an early stage Fragmentation Realm, would I have sought his aid? The Spirits of Void and Chaos are miraculous. They are like light or a compass in the chaotic streams of space. With them by his side, he can boldly fly about and explore this place. That woman… might not even know what Spirits of Void and Chaos are."

Naji was full of disdain for Zhuang Jing.

As he passed through an area full of shattered rocks, he took out a hand-sized black skull behind Qin Lie's back.

The small black skull was covered in holes as though people had penetrated it with their fingers.

A wisp of black flames suddenly flew from Naji's finger into the skull.

Two balls of black flame appeared in the black skull's empty eyes. This skull suddenly seemed to have a soul.

"I found the treasure place to harvest Crystal Sun Cores. I will be there shortly. If you want to kill me, come!" Naji released a mental thought into the skull.

Then, the black flames in this black skull suddenly surged.

A furious roar that only Naji could hear came out of it.

Naji grinned and snarled. Then he put away the skull and said to himself, "Blue Flame Manor, the mysterious human boy, and my good brothers who wish to kill me, it will be lively when they gather together."

A certain place in the chaotic streams of space.

Dozens of Crystal Sun and Moon Core fragments several hundred acres large floated like enormous shards of glass.

Some of those fragments shone with silver moonlight had moon power flowing within.

Some enormous pieces gave off blinding sunlight like the corpse of an exploded sun.

Many figures that were flickering with flame moved around those fragments.

They wore the robes of Blue Flame Manor.

"Brother Liang, we found so many Crystal Sun Core on this journey to the chaotic streams of space. Ha, if we successfully return with these Crystal Sun Core, when our fathers build our Soul Altars, they will have the materials that they need the most!" Wan Tong's son, Wan Bin, said joyfully.

"If we take all of these Crystal Sun Core back to Blue Flame Manor, the palace master won't just reward us greatly, we may be able to finally defeat Nether Continent!" Guan Lian said joyfully.

"The Crystal Sun Core can truly defeat the Nether Continent?" Wan Bin said in surprise.

"The sky above the Nether Continent is covered in thick nether demonic energy. The light of the sun cannot penetrate it. The Horned Demon Race, the Dark Shadow Race, and the Ghost Eye Race are unable to adjust to direct and strong sunlight!"

Guan Lian smiled coldly and said, "Under blinding sunlight, the strength of the three races will be halved!"

"In battle, if the light of the sun can penetrate the barrier of nether demonic energy and suddenly illuminate Nether Continent, what do you think will happen?"

Wan Bin became invigorated. "The Crystal Sun Cores will have such an effect?"

"The Crystal Sun Cores will form a prism formation in the sky above the Nether Continent, and can form a terrifying sunlight stream!" Guan Lian said confidently. "It will be easy to tear open a hole in the nether demonic energy barrier above Nether Continent!"

"Then we will definitely take these Crystal Sun Cores back!" Wan Bin said.

Guan Lian smiled slightly, his eyes slightly intoxicated. He said, "While the women of Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race, and Ghost Eye Race are unsightly, those Ling Family women that have the Dark Nether Race bloodline... are extremely beautiful. Ha, that Ling sister pair, you saw them last time. Tsk tsk, even the pearls of many major families in Central World cannot compare to their unique aura. Such an outstanding pair of sisters but they mixed with those lowly foreign races, such a pity."

"I like the younger sister." Wan Bin laughed perversely.

"If we really break the barrier above the Nether Continent and have the sun come down, the three races of Nether Realm will be completely defeated." Guan Lian licked the corner of his lips. "When we kill the three races, we will ask the palace master to give the Ling sisters to us brothers using our service in getting the Crystal Sun Cores. Hah, you like the younger sister, but I like the older one..."

"Good!" Wan Bin's eyes lit up.

The two conversed loudly, not bothering to conceal anything. After speaking, they laughed in pleasure.

Yet before they finished laughing, they felt a wave of killing intent rush at them.

Nearby, between two Moon Cores, a thick bloody light shot into the sky.

Furious and savage soul dulations came from within the bloody light as negative emotions came in layers.

Guan Lian and Wan Bin’s expressions changed.

Naji of the Asura Race, and Zhuang Jing looked in shock at the bloody light with unusual looks.

When the three arrived, before they could discuss strategy, Qin Lie who heard Guan Lian and Wan Bin's last words suddenly went mad.

Naji and Zhuang Jing watched as Qin Lie turned into a bloody light and charged at Guan Lian and Wan Bin.

Some of the Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners that were gathering Crystal Sun Cores screamed in anger when the bloody light moved past them.

Two people exploded in the angry shout.

"Who is that? Madman!" Wan Bin shouted.

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