Chapter 98: Activate (Teaser)

Chapter 98: Activate

“Gao Yu’s too awesome!”

“This guy, the heck is that demon sealed inside his body?”

“Heavens, something that even the Soul Devouring Beast is afraid of? Gao Yu, just what kind of secret he fellow hiding?”

“It’s all thanks to Gao Yu, Gao Yu’s the one who turned the tide around!”

Outside the valley, the girls of Water Moon Sect and those of Crimson Flame Association were all looking in terror at the demon apparition floating above Gao Yu’s head. They were so frightened they had fallen on their butts, and their teeth chattered as they discussed about it.

Ban Hong and the remaining surviving Dark Asura Hall generals looked absolutely and pleasantly surprised at Gao Yu, and even Liang Zhong breathed a sigh of relief, looking towards Gao Yu with a praising look.

Currently, Gao Yu was without a doubt the center of attention, and everyone thought of him as a key figure.

In their eyes, it was Gao Yu’s presence that had suppressed the Soul Devouring Beast, intimidating it enough that it didn’t dare to act rashly or attempt to kill anyone.

Even Liang Zhong himself felt a sliver of gratitude towards Gao Yu—the Soul Devouring Beast had exhausted him so much that he was on the brink of collapsing.

It was because Gao Yu had let out the demon mirage that the Soul Devouring Beast’s...

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