Chapter 979: Captive

Chapter 979: Captive

Qin Lie had not used bloodline power in killing the Lunar Temple martial practitioners. He also deliberately kept away the Spirits of Void and Chaos but those people could not stand even one attack.

Holding Zhuang Jing, he flew away from the Crystal Moon Core devoid of moon energy. After increasing the distance between him and Ji Qi, Qin Lie once again summoned out the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

In the chaotic streams of space and their ever-present deadly dangers, Spirits of Void and Chaos were crucial to his survival.

When he met Ji Qi and Naji, they were covered in wounds and looked exhausted.

Without needing to think, he knew that their wounds were mostly due to the different danger zones in the chaotic streams of space.

These two did not have the Spirits of Void and Chaos to guide them.

When the five Spirits of Void and Chaos came out, Qin Lie sat on the Demon Sealing Tombstone and flew into the distance according to the Demon Sealing Tombstone's guidance.

Zhuang Jing, who was restrained by lightning and thunder, was unable to shout and scream now. She could only look at him with an expression of terror.

Many hours later.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone stopped in the middle of an area of shattered rock under his mental control. There were no power storms here, no void passages, and the surrounding chaotic power was not especially wild.

Releasing his soul consciousness to stretch like a spiderweb, he slowly probed for any signs life.


After he was sure that his soul consciousness stretched to its limit, and there were no signs of other beings, he reached out and touched Zhuang Jing's forehead.

When his index finger landed on Zhuang Jing's brow, waves of blue electricity flowed out of Zhuang Jing's body.

He took back half of the lightning spirit power.

When half of the lightning restraining power was taken away, Zhuang Jing's expression immediately became energized. Her lips moved and she said hoarsely, "What do you want to do?"

Her eyes held a trace of fear.

When they had fought just now, she felt an enormous amount of moon energy from Qin Lie's body. She knew that she would have a difficult time gaining an advantage when faced against this moon energy.

Thus, she had decisively tried to flee.

Someone who was not of the Serene Moon Race, yet possessed the holy artifact of the Serene Moon Race, and came from Boluo Realm. To her, Qin Lie’s identity was a riddle.

She planned to report everything about Qin Lie to Lunar Temple after escaping and have Lunar Temple quickly establish another passage to Boluo Realm.

At that time, she would go with the experts of Lunar Temple to Boluo Realm and investigate Qin Lie's identity.

She had a detailed plan.


"Who has higher status in Lunar Temple, you or Lin Jie?" Qin Lie suddenly asked.

Zhuang Jing's eyes flashed, her expression dim. "Her status is higher."

"Oh?" Qin Lie's expression was amused. "You have late Fragmentation Realm cultivation, Lin Jie is weaker than you, how come her status is higher?"

"She is much younger than me," Zhuang Jing said.

Qin Lie was astounded.

"I can see you are not from the Central World." Zhuang Jing calmed down and said with a dim expression. "Before the secret realm entrance of Boluo Realm was destroyed, Lin Jie was one of the Moon Seeds of Lunar Temple. Moon Seeds are the future elite that Lunar Temple will do their best to cultivate. If they don't die, they will become elders of Lunar Temple, the commanders of war campaigns, and possibly hall masters of Lunar Temple."

"Only those who are extremely young and have outstanding cultivation talent will be chosen as Moon Seeds. And I... while my cultivation is higher than Lin Jie's, I am much older than her, so my status in Lunar Temple is not as high."

"If I were a Moon Seed, I wouldn’t have been sent here to die…”

Zhuang Jing's eyes were full of self-deprecation.

When she first saw Qin Lie and thought that she could easily kill Qin Lie, each of her words were harsh, and arrogant like she was an emperor.

When Qin Lie captured her, and Ji Qi was present, she shouted and threatened, still domineering and proud.

Yet when Qin Lie caught her, restrained her, and took her here, her attitude experienced a complete transformation

She did not hide anything that Qin Lie asked. She answered in great detail.

Qin Lie was surprised at this reversal in attitude.

"Has Lunar Temple sent someone to Boluo Realm?" Qin Lie frowned and asked, "How long will those people need to reach Boluo Realm?"

"At most twenty years, the elders going to Boluo Realm can rebuild the secret realm entrance," Zhuang Jing said.

"Twenty years!" Qin Lie's expression changed. "Didn't you just say that Lin Jie and the Serene Moon Race will not be able to survive after a hundred years? Didn't you say that Lunar Temple's martial practitioners will need at least a century to enter Boluo Realm?"

Teng Yuan and rest of the Ancient Beast Race, the experts of Black Jail Race, and the Giant Race thought that Lunar Temple and Sun Palace's martial practitioners would need more than a century to get to Boluo Realm from Spirit Realm.

They thought they had enough time to increase their strength.

If they only had twenty years, when Lunar Temple and Sun Palace build their secret realm entrance in Boluo Realm, and gathered the martial practitioners of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple to come back, would the Ancient Beast Race, Giant Race, and Black Jail Race be able to fight back?

Qin Lie's mood turned heavy.

He thought of Boluo Realm as his private domain. He could obtain incalculable wealth through business with the Ancient Beast, Black Jail, and Giant Races.

Once Lunar Temple and Sun Palace came, he feared he wouldn't be able to gain enormous profit through the three races anymore.

Therefore, he hoped that Boluo Realm wouldn’t have a new secret realm entrance built in it so soon.

"At most twenty years." Zhuang Jing's expression was indifferent. "If everything goes smoothly, maybe they will reach Boluo Realm in a little bit more than a decade."

Qin Lie's expression became even more serious.

"Void Realm experts will need more than a hundred years to get to Boluo Realm starting from Spirit Realm. In the past, the martial practitioners of Lunar Temple and Sun Palace spent that long to pass through the vast space to reach Boluo Realm.

"But that was several thousand years ago."

"Right now, as the human Gold rank forces continue to conquer unknown realms, many distant domains have been found and had secret realm entrances built in them."

"Six hundred years ago, Reincarnation Sect conquered a domain called Kunhuan Domain which is coincidentally near Boluo Realm."

Zhuang Jing explained, "Lunar Temple and Sun Palace gave a batch of materials to Reincarnation Sect and can use Kunhuan Domain. They can save on the hundred year journey to Boluo Realm by going through Kunhuan Domain."

"Also, because Lunar Temple and Sun Palace suffered serious losses in Boluo Realm, once the secret realm entrance is rebuilt, they will clear all of Boluo Realm."

"At that time, the foreign races that do not have marriage alliances with humans will be exterminated."

"Even Serene Moon Race and Flame Race will be taken over."

"They will not allow another accident to occur in Boluo Realm."

Zhuang Jing's words caused Qin Lie's brow to furrow deeply. He suddenly felt pressure.

He had been secretly paying attention to the changes in Zhuang Jing's eyes. As Zhuang Jing explained, her expression was calm and she spoke smoothly, almost without any pauses. She most likely spoke the truth.

Also, what Zhuang Jing said was logical.

He believed these words to be true.

"You are very cooperative." After being silent for a while, Qin Lie looked at Zhuang Jing with a strange look.

"I live intelligently." Zhuang Jing laughed. "If I do not say the truth, if you use some moves and put in some effort, you will be able to get what you want anyway. And I, in this process, will endure inhuman pain. The result will be the same. Rather than this, it's better to be obedient, and give you what you want. This way... maybe you will be happy and let me live."

When she got to the end, her eyes were begging. "I really do not want to die for no concrete reason..."

"How much do you know about this place?" Qin Lie asked.

Zhuang Jing thought and then said, "I only know that the God Race retreated through this place twenty thousand years ago and disappeared. When the experts of the human race and other foreign races gathered here to give chase, they suffered great casualties."

"Other says that when the God Race dominated Spirit Realm, they hid the worldly treasures they raided from Spirit Realm and other domains in this place."

"There are countless void passages here, and one of the passages is able to reach the secret realm where the God Race stored their treasures."

"Right now, the rumor is that the God Race fled hurriedly, chased by the other races, and did not have time to take the stored treasures with them."

"Right now, twenty thousand years later, the God Race is about to come back to Spirit Realm. They will surely go to that treasure trove to supply their campaign against Spirit Realm."

Qin Lie stilled and said, "If that is so, why are you the only ones that have come? Why don't those Void Realm and Genesis Realm experts from Central World come?"

"The universe is full of mysteries we cannot comprehend. When the God Race and the hundred races fought here, they seriously damage the balance in this place. The universe’s laws are twisted and broken here. Anyone above the Fragmentation Realm is barred from entering this place."

Zhuang Jing clearly did not know the specifics and said, "In conclusion, this place is full of danger. It is a powerful restraint on Void Realm and Genesis Realm experts. The stronger the being, the greater the restrain on them. I heard that peak Genesis Realm experts may be able to forcibly break these restraints, then would destroy this place in the process."

"They do not want this place to disappear, so they can only follow the natural rules that formed here. They can only arrange for martial practitioners under the Nirvana Realm to search."

Zhuang Jing was extremely cooperative and explained everything she knew.

Following this, Qin Lie asked some things about Lunar Temple, and the Gold rank forces in Spirit Realm's Central World.

Zhuang Jing spoke honestly.

He could see that she did not try to conceal anything or lie.

From Zhuang Jing, Qin Lie obtained a lot of information he wanted.

"Last question, why hasn't Han Qian of Ninth Heaven come?" Qin Lie asked. 

"She is in the late stage of the Nirvana Realm and is preparing to create her Soul Altar, how could she come here?" Zhuang Jing shook her head and then said, "However, her younger brother has come."

"Younger brother?" Qin Lie's eyes flashed harshly. "Han Lei?"

"Who else could it be?" Zhuang Jing had an expression of dislike.

"Good!" Qin Lie snarled as he nodded his head.

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