Chapter 978: Advent of the God Race

Chapter 978: Advent of the God Race

The Thunder Soul Blade was like divine lightning that drowned the light of the Blue Moon Frostblade and completely covered the area where Zhuang Jing was.

At the same time, thunder and lightning crossed above the Crystal Moon Core and gave off a roar.

Zhuang Jing's Blue Moon Frostblade suddenly retracted all of its moon power.

"Just you wait. When I get out, I will report to Lunar Temple, and the Serene Moon Race of Boluo Realm will be exterminated because of you!" Zhuang Jing screamed.

As she shouted, she and the Blue Moon Frostblade merged into one and turned into a silver moon energy ray, trying to escape into the distance.

"Don't let her leave alive!" You Ye shouted from inside the Crystal Moon Core.

"Don't worry, she won't be able to escape," Qin Lie grinned and said.

A ball of lightning exploded out of his body.

In a flash, he chased after Zhuang Jing using Blitz Thunder Escape. The Thunder Soul Blade followed closely behind Zhuang Jing.

"We are all humans, why kill us all?" Ji Qi who had been watching from the side could not stand by and urged with a frown. "She is the only one left from Lunar Temple. Why not forgive and spare her?"

Naji of the Asura Race snickered and said, "If you do not uproot the weeds, they will cause trouble for you in the future."

He and Ji Qi walked out into the open.

Qin Lie did not think anything of them and ignored their words. He appeared behind Zhuang Jing with Blitz Thunder Escape" and pointed at Zhuang Jing's back.

Dozens of bolts of lightning shot out.

In the midst of fleeing, Zhuang Jing's body stilled and she suddenly stopped.

Threads of electricitly climbed over Zhuang Jing's body and numbed her blood and flesh.

Zhuang Jing's body was gradually trapped.

"You, what do you want to do?" Zhuang Jing was frightened.

Ji Qi's expression turned grave. He said, "Do not go overboard."

He thought that Qin Lie had malicious intent towards Zhuang Jing.

"Mind your own business." Qin Lie had an irritated expression. He looked towards Ji Qi and Naji, and said, "As for what I want to do... I don't care about anyone's opinion!"

As he spoke, he grabbed Zhuang Jing hair. Ignoring her screams and shouts, he dragged her back into the shadows.

"Ji Qi! Young Master Ji! Please stop this person!" Zhuang Jing yelled.

Her body was restrained by thunder and lightning, her tendons numbed. She could not use her spirit power and lost the ability to fight back.

As a martial practitioner of Lunar Temple, she cultivated moon power. Her bloodline was also mixed with the bloodline of the Serene Moon Race. For Qin Lie who possessed the holy artifact Moon Tear, she was but a weak lamb awaiting slaughter.

Many of her destructive spells were ineffective against Qin Lie, and her bloodline power could not harm Qin Lie at all.

The reason Qin Lie could easily kill the people of Lunar Temple was also because of this.

The silver moon mark on his shoulder gave Qin Lie just too many advantages when facing Lunar Temple martial practitioners.

"The Ji Family has created this situation in the hopes that everyone will work together and find the direction that the God Race retreated in." Ji Qi's expression was grave. "This place is full of dangers, and foreign races are mixed within. The God Race may have already arrived in secret. The human race should work together, and not kill each other."

"Where the God Race retreated in?" Qin Lie's eyes flashed.

He did not respond. He thought back to the corpses of the ancient races along the way and organized his thoughts.

This place may have been the path that the God Race had retreated in. The God Race disappeared mysteriously at this place.

For many years later, the God Race was completely gone. The Gold rank human forces never saw the God Race again.

Right now, due to unknown reasons, the humans, and some ancient races, came again to this place and wanted to find the direction that the God Race had fled in.

What had happened?

Qin Lie frowned and thought.

"We cannot fight like we did before." Ji Qi saw Qin Lie silent and thought that he felt ashamed. He said, "The signs say that the God Race which has disappeared for twenty thousand years has started making waves again. Some of the distaint domains that used to be ruled by the God Race and are now ruled by us humans have been cleansed recently. We saw the signs of God Race activity from these events. They... should have recovered after twenty thousand years of rest."

"Maybe, not long from now, the God Race will once again descend upon Spirit Realm!"

"The human race, the Asura Race, and the other strong races worked together to expel them in the past."

"They will create a storm of blood when they return."

Ji Qi looked at Qin Lie and then at Naji of the Asura Race with a grave expression.

"The rumors say that the God Race is a powerful race more battlethirsty than us and better than us at fighting." Naji laughed. "I am young, I have never seen a member of the God Race before. Ha, in this era of mine, if I am fortunate enough to fight the God Race once, I will feel that dying in battle will be worthy!" His eyes were filled with fanaticism.

"They... they are going to return?" Qin Lie was dazed.

"There are many evil sects in Spirit Realm and some extreme members of ancient races that admire the God Race." Ji Qi took a deep breath and seemed extremely worried. He said, "These evil races, and some of the unusual members of the foreign race have been extremely active. They have held secret ceremonies in many areas to welcome the God Race. Some of the evil demons in those sects say that their souls have been guided by the God Race. Once the God Race returns, they will cooperate with the God Race to attack the other races!"

"Chaos is rising in this world. If we continue fighting and competing like in the past, the hundred races may fall again."

His eyes were full of sincerity as he looked at Qin Lie and Naji.

But Naji had an eager and excited expression when he heard that God Race was about to come.

Naji anticipated this event happening.

As for Qin Lie who possessed the God Race bloodline, he hoped to learn through the God Race who his mother was. He also did not fear the arrival of the God Race.

Ji Qi's speech did not have any effect.

As he described the situation, You Ye completely absorbed the moon power in this Crystal Moon Core through the nine crescent moons of Moon Tear.

The Moon Tear and You Ye flew out of the Crystal Moon Core and disappeared into the silver moon mark on Qin Lie’s shoulder. The fragment of Crystal Moon Core became dim as cracks appeared on its surface.

Without the moon energy, this Crystal Moon Core would soon crumble into fine dust under the onslaught of chaotic space currents.

"Thank you for your input. I have other matters to attend to, so I shall take my leave." Qin Lie gripped Zhuang Jing's hair, nodded with a smile at Ji Qi and flew away.

"You humans fear the arrival of the God Race, but other ancient races may not fear that." Naji looked meaningfully at Ji Qi and said, "According to what I know, many races... have been pressed too much by your humans in these years, they secretly hope for the return of the God Race."

After saying those words, Naji looked in the direction Qin Lie disappeared in, and followed with a chuckle.

"Some races hope for the arrival of the God Race?" Ji Qi's expression became even more solemn.

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