Chapter 977: Chopping Vegetables

Chapter 977: Chopping Vegetables

The deaths of the six Lunar Temple martial practitioners caused Zhuang Jing’s expression to shift. Her eyes turned ice cold as she looked towards Qin Lie.

"A Serene Moon clansman dares to attack Lunar Temple practitioners! Unforgivable!"

The Lunar Temple youth who had spoken earlier was like a poisonous snake whose tail had been stepped on. His dark eyes flashed with viciousness and hate.

"You are dead! The Serene Moon Race branch of Boluo Realm will be met with calamity due to your actions today!" Zhuang Jing shouted coldly.

From beginning to end, they had never treated the members of the Serene Moon Race as equals. While they had the blood of the Serene Moon Race, they still looked down on them.

In their eyes, Qin Lie, a lowly Serene Moon clansman, was committing an offense by acting like this and deserved death for it.

"Maybe... You Ye will have new plans for the future of the Serene Moon Race."

Qin Lie thought nothing of Zhuang Jing's threat. He looked with a frown at the Crystal Moon Core and You Ye's soul shadow within in thought.

Lunar Temple's young generation with the bloodline of the Serene Moon Race dismissed the Serene Moon Race and looked down on them. The old generation of Lunar Temple… would their attitudes be even worse?

Did the Serene Moon Race have to be bound together with Lunar Temple?

"Kill these people for me. Next time you go to Boluo Realm, I will appear and talk with You Pu," You Ye said mentally. "I will convince the Serene Moon Race of Boluo Realm to break ties with Lunar Temple. If possible… I hope the Serene Moon Race will swear loyalty to the God Race and receive the protection of the God Race."

"Let's discuss this later," Qin Lie responded.

He had reached his goal.

Then, he moved his gaze back to Zhuang Jing and the others. He then looked towards where Naji and Ji Qi were hiding. A meaningful smile appeared on his lips.

"Blood Dragon’s Roar!"

A blood dragon formed out of blood spirit power. It roared as though it was going to rush out of his chest.

The blood dragon a dozen meters long had clearly defined bloody scales. Its eyes were filled with savagery and viciousness.

At the same time, threads of electricity criss-crossed in the depths of Qin Lie's eyes.

On the Crystal Moon Core, the remaining dozen Lunar Temple martial practitioners had originally been looking greedily at Qin Lie, attempting to steal the Serene Moon Race holy artifact from him.

At this time, when the blood dragon appeared, these Lunar Temple martial practitioners shouted.

"He isn't a Serene Moon clansman!"

"He has not used a single secret art of the Serene Moon Race!"

"He is just like us. At most, he just has the bloodline of the Serene Moon Race!"

The Lunar Temple martial practitioners reacted.

However, those shouting Lunar Temple martial practitioners weren't able to act before their gazes turned stunned.

Bolts of blue lightning flashed through their pupils and caused their Soul Lakes to flood. Their True Souls were serious damaged.

"Who are you?!" Zhuang Jing screamed.

Qin Lie's moves included ice, lightning, blood power, but none of them were Serene Moon Race's bloodline power.

She was not stupid enough to still believe Qin Lie was from the Serene Moon Race.

But Qin Lie had the silver moon mark and held the holy artifact of the Serene Moon Race. All of this surpassed her expectations.

"Someone about to die doesn't need to know who I am." Qin Lie smiled freely. Threads of lightning flashed through his eyes,

His mental attacks carried thunder and lightning. They flew out of his eyes and assaulted minds of the remaining Lunar Temple martial practitioners.

His thoughts moved. He used lightning pool liquid stored inside his acupoints to activate Blitz Thunder Escape, and suddenly appeared in front of that Lunar Temple youth.

He smiled and pressed a hand to that youth's chest.


A dazzling lightning ball exploded from that youth's chest.

The sound of bones cracking came from the youth's entire body. He was completely wrapped in lightning and thunder. Heavenly thunder continued to attack his body until his True Soul was completely extinguished.

He continued to teleport short distances using Blitz Thunder Escape. Qin Lie was like a ghost, appearing suddenly next to the remaining Lunar Temple martial practitioners.

The enormous thunder balls exploded in the chests of the Lunar Temple martial practitioners. Their death soon followed.

In a dozen breaths, other than Zhuang Jing, every Lunar Temple martial practitioners that stood on the Crystal Moon Core had been killed.

Most of the dead were in the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm. Two of them were like Zhuang Jing, and were in the late stage.

Those that cultivated multiple spirit arts usually advanced slower in cultivation than those that focused on one spirit art.

The more spirit arts one cultivated, the slower they advanced.

In return, those who trained in multiple spirit arts were usually much stronger!

Qin Lie was skilled in ice, lightning, thunder, earth and had the Blood Spirit Art. He had a bloodline thought to be the strongest. His physical refinement far surpassed other martial practitioners of his level. His true strength was not something these Fragmentation Realm Lunar Temple martial practitioners could rival.

When he killed these middle stage Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners, he felt absolutely no pressure.

This caused Zhuang Jing who was in the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm to tremble.

"Slightly more troublesome than I thought." Naji, the Asura clansman hiding in the distance, murmured to himself with a shocked expression. "The elders were right. After developing for twenty thousand years, the lowly human race has become powerful. No wonder... the humans have become more arrogant. It seems that they have grown too much."

The Asura Race had always been one of the ancient races. In the era where the ancient races dominated the universe, they had ruled over many stars.

Spirit Realm had frequently been invaded and attacked by the Asura Race.

In the ancient era, when the Asura Race rampaged through Spirit Realm, the humans were unable to fight back and were killed in large numbers.

The Asura Race thought that humans were the weakest race in the world.

After the God Race successfully conquered Spirit Realm, the Asura Race had fought repeatedly against the God Race and was repeatedly defeated.

In the end, the Asura Race retreated back to their territories. In the time the God Race ruled Spirit Realm, they didn't dare to return.

In the minds of the Asura Race, only the God Race was stronger than them in the world. They always recognized the status of the God Race as the conquerors of the universe.

In these years, the human race replaced the God Race and slowly took over Spirit Realm. They started to stretch their hands into other realms, and came into conflict with the Asura Race.

The Asura elder who had fought against the humans returned and told them that the humans were nothing like in the past. He told all of the Asura Race to be wary of the humans.

However, many of the young Asura clansmen still thought the human race was weak and dismissed them.

Naji was one of those.

But today, when he saw Qin Lie and the Lunar Temple martial practitionerss’ fight, he recognized that the elder's warning was not exaggerated.

The human race... had quickly grown up.


With another Blitz Thunder Escape, Qin Lie appeared a meter in front of Zhuang Jing and stretched out a hand to grab Zhuang Jing's neck.

But Zhuang Jing who was clearly in front of him disappeared like smoke when Qin Lie reached for her like a mirage.

Qin Lie missed.

When he recognized this, he found Zhuang Jing manifesting hundreds of meters away, her eyes flashing with silver moonlight.

"I am not like them. It will not be so easy to kill me," Zhuang Jing said coldly.

A silver spirit armor that seemed to flow with moonlight covered her entire body. The mysterious patterns on the spirit armor gave off a cool presence.

Inside the Crystal Moon Core, threads of moon energy flew over and flowed toward the spirit armor.

Moons seemed to rise in Zhuang Jing's eyes. She gave off pure moonlight.

"Blue Moon Frostblade!"

A thin blade seemed to manifest out of the essence of the moon. It rippled with power of the moon.

This blade slowly floated out of Zhuang Jing's chest.

Qin Lie's soul shadow clearly reflected on the blade.

The strange feeling of his soul being exposed rushed at Qin Lie's mind.


That blade Zhuang Jing called the "Blue Moon Frostblade" turned into a ray of moonlight and shot towards him.

"Careful! That is a Heaven Grade spirit artifact!" You Ye suddenly warned.

"Heaven Grade spirit artifact ... ..." Qin Lie curled his lips.

A lightning ray suddenly manifested.

Drops of lightning pool fluid flew out of Qin Lie's acupoints and gathered into a lightning ray.

The lightning ray shaped like the Thunder Soul Blade suddenly gave off a roar of thunder, multiplying in size. It became an enormous blade that was almost a hundred meters long and ten meters wide.

The light of the thunder ray completely overshone the light of the Blue Moon Frostblade.

"Fragmentation Realm, able to manifest lightning pool fluid, this is... the inheritance of the Thunder Emperor!" Ji Qi suddenly shouted in shock.

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