Chapter 976: Kill Them All!

Chapter 976: Kill Them All!

Zhuang Jing had the bloodline of the Serene Moon Race. She recognized the silver moon mark unique to the Serene Moon Race. When she saw that mark, she started to suspect Qin Lie's identity.

Only a rare few of the Serene Moon Race would have such a mark on their bodies, or on the ancient spirit artifacts they carried.

Many of Lunar Temple's martial practitioners possessed the Serene Moon Race bloodline, but couldn’t produce a moon mark.

Therefore, she thought that Qin Lie had to be a true Serene Moon clansman.

However, Qin Lie's eyes, and his overall appearance... were clearly different from the Serene Moon clansmen she was familiar with.

Zhuang Jing was puzzled by this.

"Do not let them obtain the Crystal Moon Core!" You Ye told Qin Lie mentally.

When the martial practitioners of Lunar Temple came close, You Ye had slipped into the Crystal Moon Core.

He did not appear in front of the Lunar Temple martial practitioners.

"Yes, I am a member of the Serene Moon Race." Qin Lie chuckled.

“What happened in Boluo Realm?"

Seeing Qin Lie admitting he was of the Serene Moon Race, and not a practitioner from the human top Gold rank forces, Zhuang Jing raised her head slightly and her expression turned slightly proud.

Her tone became arrogant.

"I cannot tell you." Qin Lie's expression was indifferent. He pointed at his feet and said, "I found this Crystal Moon Core first so logically… it should be mine!"

"Bastard!" Suddenly, a male of the Lunar Temple shouted coldly. "You really think that you are equal to Lunar Temple because of the marriage alliance between Lunar Temple and the Serene Moon Race? If not for the help of Lunar Temple, Boluo Realm's Serene Moon Race wouldn't have been able to compete with Black Jail Race! Also, the reason we have a marriage alliance with you is only because the Serene Moon Race bloodline is of help to us in gathering moon energy and cultivating Lunar Temple' spirit arts!"

"Serene Moon Race is not a powerful ancient race and does not have their own Chaos Blood Realm." Zhuang Jing laughed dismissively and said, "If your bloodline hadn’t had connection to the moon... do you think Lunar Temple would have bothered and intermarried with you? "

"A mere second-rate race, if not for Lunar Temple's care and attention, you think you would be able to safely live?" the youth said proudly.

The youth of Lunar Temple all raised their heads and looked at Qin Lie as thought he was a lowly servant.

Qin Lie rubbed his chin amusedly.

In the ancient era, the humans were the lowest of the races, weak, bullied and looked down by other races.

In that era of darkness, the humans... were frequently used as sacrifices ancient races offered to their ancestors. They would be killed in tens of thousands at once.

Back then, human lives were worthless.

Twenty thousand years ago, as the humans gradually rose through battle with the God Race and by stealing the bloodlines of other races through intermarrying, their strength completely transformed.

At present, the martial practitioners of the top Gold rank forces of Central World dismissed even the ancient races that once dominated the universe.

Without a Chaos Blood Realm of their own, the Serene Moon Race couldn’t even be called an ancient race and were considered a low-level race in the eyes of Lunar Temple martial practitioners.

This kind of thinking was deeply rooted in the young generation.

Due to this, they thought the intermarriage between the Lunar Temple and Serene Moon Race was just because the Serene Moon Race bloodline was suited to the spirit art they cultivated.

They did not think that Serene Moon Race could really be considered equal to Lunar Temple.

"Kill them! Kill them all for me!"

Qin Lie hadn't reacted but You Ye screamed restlessly from inside the Crystal Moon Core.

"Let me say it again, this Crystal Moon Core belongs to me!" Qin Lie pointed under his feet and looked calmly at the martial practitioners of Lunar Temple. "If you want this Crystal Moon Core, you’ll have to kill me."

"You think that Lunar Temple wouldn’t dare to kill a Serene Moon clansman?" Zhuang Jing had a taunting expression. "Truthfully... we have killed many Serene Moon clansmen.

“Other than your bloodline, you have nothing else of value. Without the Chaos Blood Realm, having lost your inheritance, without the care of Lunar Temple, you… are not even worthy of existence.” The youth smirked.

Zhuang Jing waved her hand and ordered the youths behind her. "He is not a member of the Gold rank forces of Central World. You don’t have to worry about consequences. Go."

Six Lunar Temple martial practitioners in the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm cultivation immediately surrounded Qin Lie. They helped crescent blades in their hands and moon light shone sharply off their bodies.

"Pitiful, pitiful..." Qin Lie shook his head and said mentally to You Ye, "So in the eyes of Lunar Temple, your Serene Moon Race... is just a reproductive tool. In my opinion, it was the Serene Moon Race females that were sent to Lunar Temple and given to Lunar Temple males. Therefore, these youths all possess the bloodline of Serene Moon Race, right You Ye? Won’t you be sad if I kill them?”

He deliberately stirred up You Ye's anger.

As the patriarch of Serene Moon Race, You Ye had always worked to strengthen the Serene Moon Race. However, the Dark Moon World they lived in had been taken over by the mysterious shadowy beings, and he himself had been trapped in the Moon Crown after descending to Moon Worshipping Cult trying to find a place to live for his race. Ultimately, he was refined into a mere artifact soul of the Moon Tear.

You Ye's life was a tragedy.

Without his guidance, the Serene Moon Race landed in a desperate situation. Lunar Temple stole their bloodline and also looked down on them. This was yet another grievous blow life had given him.

"Kill them! These people have dirtied the noble bloodline of the Serene Moon Race!" You Ye shouted.

He couldn't control himself from flying out of the Crystal Moon Core. He floated like a moon in the air and was going to also pull out the Moon Tear.

Qin Lie jerked the corner of his lips. He said with a smile, "Alright, keep doing your thing."

He forced a thought into the silver moon mark. As the artifact soul, You Ye had to act according to his mind. He suddenly shrank back into the Crystal Moon Core and used the Moon Tear as a medium to extract the moon energy inside the Crystal Moon Core.

The flash of You Ye and the nine tears appearing above the Crystal Moon Core caused Zhuang Jing and the youths of Lunar Temple to be astounded.

Many of them possessed the Serene Moon Race bloodline. The holy and pure presence that the Moon Tear that had become a Divine Grade spirit artifact exuded made them realize what that moon attribute spirit artifact saw.

Their eyes turned red.

"The holy artifact of the Serene Moon Race!"

The six Lunar Temple youths charging towards Qin Lie suddenly shouted, their eyes filled with greed.

"Yes, the holy artifact of the Serene Moon Race." Qin Lie smiled and continued to pour oil onto the fire. "I came to this place under its guidance."


A pitch black figure flashed from a distance.

His armor was like a blooming black demonic fire, his eyes in the shape of a cross.

—It was Naji. the Asura clansman who had fought briefly with Qin Lie a short while ago.

He was almost three meters tall, his clothing in tatters, his armor covered in cracks. He seemed to be just passing by. Seeing so many human Lunar Temple martial practitioners gathered here, he had intended to leave immediately.

Yet when he saw Qin Lie present, and those human Lunar Temple martial practitioners clearly designating him as their target, Naji snickered and stopped.

He looked on with his strange cross-shaped pupils. He licked his lips and looked with a cruel expression at Qin Lie and the female Lunar Temple martial practitioners.

On the other side, Ji Qi of the Ji Family suddenly appeared, his left hand still dripping blood.

He saw with a glance the martial practitioners of Lunar Temple about to attack Qin Lie.

His brows furrowed. His eyes showed his discontent, but he didn’t speak up.

At this time, Zhuang Jing and the others had forgotten everything else. All they could see and think of were Qin Lie and the Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact hidden inside the Crystal Moon Core. They didn't realize people were spying on them from afar.

"Someone asked me for your lives, my apologies," Qin Lie said indifferently.

As the six attackers came at him, he pulled out moon energy from the Moon Tear. The Lunar Temple martial practitioners who had poured their moon energy into their blades were not able to use any of Lunar Temple's spirit arts as their bodies froze.

Six white balls of mist drowned them.

Inside the mist, the sharp icicles were like a meat grinder that formed an Icestone Twister.

The Icestone Twister which hadn't crushed Naji was extremely effective after swallowing Lunar Temple martial practitioners.

Wailing and screaming, the six Lunar Temple martial practitioners turned into nothing more than frozen strips of flesh and red blood dripping down from the mist.

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