Chapter 975: The Evolving Power of Divine Artifacts

Chapter 975: The Evolving Power of Divine Artifacts

Inside the silver moon mark, mysterious ancient diagrams formed an enormous formation.

The core of the formation was used to refine and store moonpower. Suddenly, nine vast silver streams appeared inside the Moon Tear. They were pure moon energy..

The roiling moon energy spilled in from the outside world through these streams.

In a flash, the core used to contain moon energy turned into a river. As the moon energy flowed in, the small river expanded, becoming deep and vast.

Qin Lie looked down at himself.

That Moon Tear had merged into the enormous crystal. Like a whale sucking in water, it absorbed the moon energy contained in the crystal into the mark.

You Ye, the former chief of the Serene Moon Race, and now the artifact soul of Moon Tear turned into a blurry shadow. He floated in front of Qin Lie, and strong soul ripples passed to him.

"Where is this? Why is there a Crystal Moon Core here?" he said joyfully.

Qin Lie sat on the Demon Sealing Tombstone with a serious expression and said, "We are in an extremely dangerous forbidden area in the middle of chaotic streams of space."

"Chaotic streams of space!"

You Ye paled. As the moon energy inside the silver moon mark grew, his blurry figure became clear, like a remnant soul manifesting.

"You are only in the Fragmentation Realm and you dare enter the chaotic streams of space? Also, this place... the spatial power here is extremely twisted and chaotic, how can you adjust?"

You Ye seemed disbelieving.

In a short period of time, he transformed from blurry shadow to a clear, tangible figure.

With the help of the surging moon energy in the Crystal Moon Core, You Ye, as the artifact soul, received great benefits. In a short amount of time, he surpassed his form back in Boluo Realm.

"Crystal Moon Core... the center of the moon?" Qin Lie asked instead.

You Ye nodded. He said, "The Crystal Moon Core is the core of the moon, the heart of the moon, the spring of moon energy!"

"And the Crystal Moon Core is here?" Qin Lie asked.

"It should be a fragment of Crystal Moon Core after a moon exploded. While it is only a fragment, it’s quite big! To the Moon Tear, to me... it is of great help!" You Ye said emotionally.

Qin Lie nodded and said, "Then do your best to extract moon energy out."

"Don't worry, I will take out all of the moon energy in this Crystal Moon Core. Not a drop will be left behind!" You Ye said excitedly.

"Oh?" Qin Lie had a surprised expression. "You are able to extract all of the moon energy?"

The Crystal Moon Core underneath their feet was dozens of miles wide, and stretched out endlessly. The moon energy contained was most likely incalculable. You Ye said he was going to extract all of the moon energy. Qin Lie felt it was not possible.

"In the past, Moon Tear wouldn’t have that kind of ability. But now, after it had been refined into a Divine Grade spirit artifact, its strength has increased exponentially compared to the ‘old’ Moon Tear. Even if there were one hundred fragments of Crystal Moon Core in this place, I would still be able to extract all of the moon energy stored inside them!" You Ye said fanatically.

Qin Lie was shocked inside.

He knew that You Ye referred to the Serene Moon Race’s holy artifact. Through the refinement of the Soul Suppressing Orb, the holy artifact of the Serene Moon Race, Moon Tear, had transformed into a Divine Grade spirit artifact.

Clearly, his understanding of Divine Grade spirit artifacts was limited. He didn't know how great spirit artifact of this level could be.

"Even when the Moon Tear absorbs all the moon energy in this Crystal Moon Core, it will not be able to evolve. However, if there were ten, or more Crystal Moon Core fragments like this one, it may reach Divine Grade Two," You Ye murmured to himself.

Qin Lie's eyebrow raised. "Right now, the Moon Tear is just Divine Grade One?"

"While this has not be professionally evaluated, I am the artifact soul. From what I feel, the Moon Tear… has barely reached the threshold of the Divine Grade. At most, it is a Divine Grade One spirit artifact. Only by absorbing moon energy and transforming the artifact soul will it advance."

You Ye looked at Qin Lie and said seriously, "Almost all Divine Grade spirit artifacts have the ability to evolve. As the artifact itself changes, as the artifact soul grows stronger, the level of the spirit artifact will also change correspondingly. Evolution, this is an ability only Divine Grade spirit artifacts have. The Moon Tear is a low level Divine Grade spirit artifact but it also possesses this ability."

"Artifacts are able to evolve?" Qin Lie was deeply shocked.

"If possible, please search for Crystal Moon Cores in this place. If you find about fifteen fragments of this size, the Moon Tear may reach the next grade!" You Ye said sincerely. "The Moon Tear is imprinted with the mark of your bloodline and soul. It has become one with you, its strength is your strength!"

"I will try my best," Qin Lie responded.

You Ye cut off communication. He gathered his soul power to communicate with the Moon Tear, absorbing moon energy from this fragment of the Crystal Moon Core.

Qin Lie noticed that the glittering silver Crystal Moon Core started to become dim on the border.

It seemed the moon energy at the border of the Crystal Moon Core had been extracted.

"Chaotic streams of space, the corpses of difference races, a destroyed moon... how many secrets does this place have?"

Qin Lie's brow furrowed, his expression serious. He stretched his soul perception into the distance, attempting to capture the soul presences of other beings, and find an intelligent being he could ask.

He realized this place was unusual.

However, he had been guided by the Demon Sealing Tombstone to this place and had no choice in the matter. Alas, Demon Sealing Tombstone couldn’t speak to tell him the mysteries of this place.

Not knowing anything about his current location, he couldn’t think of his next move, nor what he could obtain from this place.

This made him feel as though he was blinding searching in the dark.

"Up ahead! There are extremely powerful moon vibrations up ahead! Heavens! Crystal Moon Core! An enormous Crystal Moon Core!"

The joyful voice of a woman came from the distance. Shortly after, figures appeared.

The group had both males and females, numbered about fifteen, all of them in the Fragmentation Realm.

They wore bright and beautiful armor, their bodies with the crescent moon insignia of the Lunar Temple. With just a glance, Qin Lie knew these people were martial practitioners of Lunar Temple.

"Hm? Someone is here!"

A female who appeared to have Serene Moon Race blood with a narrow face, thin eyebrows, and cold eyes suddenly floated close by.

Another youth of Lunar Temple followed closely behind her.

"May I ask where are you from?"

She walked towards Qin Lie. Her tone was polite at the start, her eyes flashing as she examined Qin Lie's clothing from top to toe.

She attempted to find the insignia of the major families and forces from Qin Lie's body.

Lunar Temple was only a subpar Gold rank force in the Central World. The reason they could enter this time was due to Starry Hall. Otherwise, they were not qualified.

She knew very well the humans that could come to this place were from the highest forces in Central World.

Therefore, she was extremely careful.

Yet when she walked close and found that Qin Lie was alone, and he only had Fragmentation Realm cultivation, her eyes immediately flashed with concealed killing intent.

"I am Zhuang Jing of Lunar Temple. You know that the spirit art that Lunar Temple cultivates and our bloodline rely greatly on moon energy. This Crystal Moon Core... is extremely valuable to us. Please give it to us." She bowed and appeared sincere. She seemed to be asking Qin Lie to be generous and give them the Crystal Moon Core.

"Lunar Temple, Zhuang Jing..." Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and said, "You know Lin Jie?"

"Lin Jie?" Zhuang Jing stilled and then here mouth twisted. A hint of disdain flashed through her eyes. "She can be considered my junior sister, but she is not of good birth and was sent to Boluo Realm. Recently, due to the destruction of Boluo Realm's secret realm entrance, I'm afraid she won't be able to return to Central World in the next century. When Lunar Temple reopens the secret realm passage to Boluo Realm, she may… have already been killed."

"You may not know, but the Serene Moon Race branch of Boluo Realm could only compete against the Black Jail Race because of our support. Now that we’ve been cut off, the Serene Moon Race’s destruction is inevitable. They shouldn’t live past this century."

"However, Boluo Realm's Serene Moon Race branch is not the only ones on good terms with Lunar Temple. Even if the Serene Moon Race branch is exterminated, Lunar Temple will not be affected."

"So it’s like this..."

Qin Lie drawled out. He smiled and said, "I come from Boluo Realm. Look at my silver moon mark, are you able to see something?"

As he spoke, he exposed the silver moon mark on his shoulder so Zhuang Jing and the others could see it clearly.

The group from Lunar Temple looked and their expressions changed slightly.

"You are a member of the Boluo Realm’s Serene Moon Race branch?" Zhuang Jing's eyes gradually turned cold.

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