Chapter 974: Crystal Moon Core

Chapter 974: Crystal Moon Core

Qin Lie rode on the Demon Sealing Tombstone as he cautiously passed through one void passage after another. He felt as if his heart was suspended in midair.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos glowed in five different colors and also remained vigilant.

From the moment he entered this unknown area, Qin Lie had become increasingly nervous. He kept feeling as if there was danger around every corner.

Indeed… there was.

After who knew how long had passed, Qin Lie began to see a large number of ancient corpses floating in midair. There were corpses of all races’ clansmen. There were ancient beasts of the Ancient Beast Race, thousand meter long dragons, as well as the War Gods of the Asura Race and Demon Gods of the Nether Realm. There were even some creatures of races which Qin Lie couldn’t immediately recognize.

After suffering the warping and erosion of the chaotic streams of space and chaotic energy for so many years, these corpses were all completely worthless.

There was not a single fluctuation of energy coming from any of these corpses. They were like pieces of ten billion year old wood. It seemed like they would crumble to ash the moment they were touched.

Nonetheless, the appearance of these corpses caused Qin Lie to feel more uneasy.

The corpses were all massive. While the corpses of the ancient beasts had already been worn to the point where there was no longer a trace of energy on their bodies, the natural symbols on their bodies could still be clearly seen.

This meant that at some point, these ancient beasts had mastered the fundamental basis of some variation of the world’s laws.

Shattered Soul Altar fragments also silently lingered in midair. They looked like gray boulder fragments.

As the five Spirits of Void and Chaos, or the “Soul Altar Devourers” as they were called, passed through the field of Soul Altar fragments, and, surprisingly, did not devour anything.

In fact, from his soul connection, Qin Lie could even feel some feelings of disgust from them.

This meant that these Soul Altar fragments were simply worthless.

The corpses of various ancient elites, fragmented Soul Altars, one void passage after another, terrifying storms of energy, soul-extinguishing gusts, streaks of light which would explode upon being touched… there were just too many mysteries in this place.

Qin Lie split his consciousness into twelve parts, and continued to slowly move forward.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

A turbulent undulation suddenly came out from within a deep void passage. The mouth of the passage wriggled like it was alive, giving off an extremely strange feeling.

Qin Lie, who was passing through the area, abruptly stopped and raised his guard as he looked at the entrance.


One roar after another echoed out from with entrance, each followed by a burst of energy and light.


Ten seconds later, a figure covered in blood flew out from within the void passage.

The figure was a full three meters tall. His pupils were in the shape of a cross, and his skin was covered with an innate horned carapace. It was a member of the Asura Race.

His body was covered in a jet black armor. Over his chest, the armor was composed of many plates, making it look like a strange black demonic flower had bloomed all over his chest.

Drops of fresh blood fell from the petal-like black plates. Each drop of blood contained an extremely wild and tyrannical aura.


He once again rushed towards the void passage. When he saw the nearby Qin Lie, a cruel light suddenly flashed through his cross shaped pupils.

“Tender prey!”

A strange smile appeared on his face. Afterwards, this young warrior of the Asura Race rushed towards Qin Lie.

In that instant, the petals of demonic flower esque armor turned into sharp blades.

The entire sky seemed to become filled with black, scimitar esque petals. Each one released a jet black glow as they rained down on Qin Lie.

Qin Lie calmly furrowed his brows as he watched the descending storm of black petals from atop the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

Only when the flower petals were three meters away from him did a trace of blood color abruptly emerge in the depths of Qin Lie eyes.

A giant blood drenched claw suddenly condensed above Qin Lie’s head and collided with the descending storm of black petals like the paw of a fierce ancient beast.

“Zzzt! Buzzzz zzzt zt!”

An ice cold sheen faintly flashed between the black petals as metal collided. After being swept away by the Blood Weeping Ghost Claw, obvious scratches remained.

But the black petals were not crushed as one would expect.

Qin Lie couldn’t help but quietly chuckle.

A strange light emerged in the depths of the young Asura Race warrior’s cross-shaped pupils.

“Only the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm, yet such strength. It is indeed shocking,” the Asura clansman grunted as his expression became increasingly sinister. “Clan elder was indeed not wrong. After twenty thousand years of development, the human race has transformed… into a force which absolutely cannot be overlooked.”

The sky full of descending black petals abruptly recondensed together to form a giant black demonic flower.

The black demonic flower hung in the sky directly above Qin Lie’s head.

Suddenly, an extremely strong sucking force came from the heart of the flower.

At this moment, Qin Lie abruptly lost control of the Demon Sealing Tombstone he was riding on. The scene looked like he was about to be inhaled by the mouth of a giant demon.

The young Asura Race warrior bared a vicious smile as he cruelly licked his lips and avariciously said, “I heard that the blood and flesh of the human race is most delicious. It seems I will finally be able to taste it today.”

But right after he said those words, he couldn’t help but scream as his expression rapidly changed.

In the air above Qin Lie’s head, clusters of tyrannical lightning containing thunder and lightning energy condensed to form a wild sea of thunderbolts, covering him.

Countless thin streaks of blue electricity began to coil and surge upwards towards the heart of the black demonic flower in the sky. It looked like an inverted waterfall.

As the crackling thunder and lightning surged into the heart of the demonic flower, the tumultuous raging soul emitted a roar akin to that of an evil ghost in pain.

The battle soul within the demonic flower had been injured!

When the Asura clansman looked at Qin Lie again, he discovered that Qin Lie was just as calm as before and still sitting motionlessly atop the tombstone with an indifferent smirk on his face.

Only now, there seemed to be an endless amount of killing intent and bloodthirst hidden in his eyes.

The Asura youth stared deeply at Qin Lie for quite a long while, then suddenly sweared and muttered quietly to himself, “It seems like this is not some easy prey after all.”

Afterwards, he stuck out a finger. The black demonic flower in the sky turned into a streak of black light as it returned to him and vanished.

A moment later, there was a burst of light as the black demonic flower transformed back into a black plate armor perfectly fitted to the Asura youth’s burly figure.

The Asura youth immediately turned around and left.

Upon realizing that Qin Lie was a much more difficult opponent than expected for his current injured condition, the Asura youth immediately decided it was impossible for him to quickly finish this fight and resolutely gave up.

“You want to leave?” But right this moment, Qin Lie grinned. “How could it be so easy?”

A silvery white layer of frosty fog and countless sharp, knife-like shards of ice composed of a material similar to dry ice suddenly condensed around the area where the young Asura was standing, instantly forming an Icestone Twister.

The Asura youth immediately realized that he had been trapped in the middle of a blizzard.

“Dark Mandara Blade!”

Rage suddenly shot out from the depths of the Asura clansman’s cross-shaped pupils as he began to rotate in place.

Hideous black spikes began to emerge from his skin over his entire body, covering his entire body with an ice cold metallic luster and causing him to look like a giant hedgehog.

As he continued to spin, streaks of evil shadows shot in all directions and completely enveloped him.

At that moment, Qin Lie was unable to see what was happening within the Icestone Twister. Thus, he had no clue if he had grievously injured the Asura youth or not.

He suddenly heard a harsh scream.

“You are truly seeking death!”

The Asura Race youth shrieked from inside the mass of shadows.

It seemed like he was about to use some kind of mysterious evil art.

At this moment, however, a fierce spatial wave had come flying out from a void passage right next to him.

Under Qin Lie’s astonished gaze, countless figures emerged. They were all people of the Asura Race.


As soon as the Asura warriors emerged, they immediately saw cluster of shadows within the Icestone Twister.

As if they could see through the barrier of shadows, they immediately realized that it contained the youth of the Asura Race that they were looking for.

“Brat! Consider yourself lucky!”

The Asura youth called Naji sneered from within the shadows as he suddenly transformed into a cluster of black clouds and hurriedly rushed off into the distance.

“Chase him! He ignored the clan’s rules and maliciously killed his clansmen to meet the quota to enter. He must be killed for his sins!”

The ten Asura warriors were seething with rage as they ignored Qin Lie and immediately gave chase after Naji.

Qin Lie stood where he was in a daze, completely unable to comprehend what had just happened. He couldn’t figure out why these Asura clansmen had immediately entered an internal conflict the moment they appeared.

“Were those actually the people of the Asura Race just now?” A shocked voice suddenly sounded out from behind Qin Lie.

Qin Lie abruptly turned his head.

A human male covered in blood wearing green, old-fashioned clothes with a beggar-like appearance stood right behind him.

The man was none other than Ji Qi.

On his way over, he had escaped death countless times, but had also expended a great amount of energy to do so.

Thus, when the group of Asura clansmen had appeared earlier from the void passage, he had carefully hidden himself in the fear of being discovered.

He hadn’t expected that the Asura Race warriors would actually go chasing after Naji without analyzing their surroundings or dealing with Qin Lie.

Only after all of the Asura clansmen had left did he finally emerge from his hiding spot and ask Qin Lie to confirm his doubts.

“Did you not see them yourself?” Qin Lie threw a glance at the man, and immediately realized that he was from a member of the Ji Family. Thus, his words were still quite courteous.

“I was too far away, and couldn’t see very clearly. They all came out from that one void passage?” Ji Qi asked.

“Yes.” Qin Lie nodded. Not wanting to say any more, he immediately sat back onto the Demon Sealing Tombstone and continued moving forward.

Ji Qi’s mind was full of doubts. He wanted to ask Qin Lie about his identity, but abruptly realized that Qin Lie had already quickly moved off into the distance.

“He is obviously a human, but there is no family symbol or emblem on him. He also doesn’t seem to be from one of the Central World’s Gold rank forces. But I should be the first human to enter. He… how did he enter before me?” Ji Qi couldn’t understand anything about Qin Lie.

Leaving behind Ji Qi, Qin Lie continued moving into the depths following the guidance of the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

Some time later.

On this day, the Demon Sealing Tombstone brought Qin Lie in front of a huge, fragmented crystal surface.

It was a couple thousand meters wide, and looked like a shattered Soul Altar and a fragmented piece of land. Moonlight flickered across the surface. It was incredibly mysterious.

Upon reaching this place, the silver moon mark on Qin Lie’s shoulders suddenly became eye-catchingly bright.

Even artifact soul You Ye hidden within the depths of the Moon Tear expended soul energy to appear as a faint shadow above the Moon Tear.

“Crystal Moon Core!” You Ye shouted.

As You Ye spoke, the Moon Tear combined and merged into the giant crystal like nine drops of water.

At this moment, the energy core of the silver moon mark on Qin Lie’s shoulder became flooded with moon essence, as if liquid silver had been poured onto them.


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