Chapter 973: The Fight of the New Generation!

Chapter 973: The Fight of the New Generation!

The seven godly lights of the Demon Sealing Tombstone wriggled like tentacles as if they were sensing something.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos glowed in bright colors as they quietly examined the unusual environment around them.

Qin Lie was about to enter deeper into the area when a sense of great danger suddenly rose from the depths of his soul.


Thunder roared inside his head as if they were fighting against an invisible force.

Nearby, the whirlpools, wriggling spatial passages and criss-crossing spatial rifts shook violently all of a sudden.

In front, countless mysterious lines that looked like manifestation of the world’s laws themselves suddenly appeared, just to disappear a flash later.

In the next instant, everything returned to normal as the whirlpools, the spatial passages and the spatial rifts gradually returned to normal.

At that moment, Qin Lie felt as if he had passed through an invisible barrier and stepped into a mysterious and unknown world.

The rumbles in his head abruptly disappeared.

The terrific sense of danger that frightened even his soul abruptly disappeared too.

Not long after Qin Lie went inside.

Ji Yao, Ji Xi, Ji Rui and the rest of the Soul Altar experts of the Ji Family arrived at this place using the compass in Ji Yao’s hands.

“This is the place,” Ji Yao said.

The five Ji Family members immediately spotted the deadly whirlpools, unknown spatial passages and countless criss-crossing spatial rifts, their expressions changing drastically.

They exchanged glances and saw the shock and fear in one another’s eyes. Their hearts turned heavy.

A moment of silence later, Ji Yao gritted his teeth and said, “Wait here. I’ll head in and have a look!”

Once he said that, he tried to enter the place on his five-level Soul Altar before Ji Xi or Ji Rui could dissuade him.

However, he abruptly clutched his head and let out an involuntary scream when he approached the first whirlpool.

An invisible barrier abruptly came to life.

The energy whirlpools, spatial passages, criss-crossing spatial rifts, astral winds of outer realm and ferocious magnetic storms surged towards him almost at the same time.

Ji Yao turned deathly pale even as he clutched his head and screamed. He bit the tip of his tongue and swiftly retreated.

When he returned to the Soul Altar experts’ side, he said with shaky lips and a pale face, “There’s an unbelievably scary barrier in the way!”

He didn’t need to explain this. The rest of the Soul Altar experts saw everything when he triggered the barrier.

“Uncle, you’re a Void Realm expert with a five-level Soul Altar. Maybe that’s where the problem lies.” Ji Rui’s eyes sparkled with the light of wisdom. “We’re only Imperishable Realm experts with three-level Soul Altars. Maybe… the barrier won’t hurt us?”

Ji Yao pondered for a moment on top of his Soul Altar before agreeing to his suggestion. “Be careful.”

“Alright.” Ji Rui rode his three-level Soul Altar into the area.

However, just as he reached Ji Yao’s previous position, he abruptly paled as great fear surged from his heart.

The terrifying dangers that threatened Ji Yao earlier flew towards him in unison again.

He too had to retreat in a panic.

“It doesn’t work. Imperishable Realm cultivators are stopped outside as well,” Ji Rui said with a look of lingering fear. Suddenly, an idea struck him as he said, “That boy earlier came through this way, but he’s nowhere to be seen already. He’s only in the Fragmentation Realm…”

“I’ll tear open a spatial rift and summon a youngling at Fragmentation Realm to test this barrier!” Ji Yao declared.

While saying this, he poured energy into the compass and caused thousands of star to twinkle atop the compass.

Gradually, the starlight connected with each other and opened a spatial rift in this world.

“Great uncle! How are things over there?” A loud voice came through the spatial rift that was slowly taking on a full form.

“Ji Qi! Come over quickly!” Ji Yao ordered.

A handsome youth at the late stage of Fragmentation Realm instantly burst forth from the spatial rift.

Before the youth could ask anything more, Ji Rui pointed towards the front and said, “We’re here, but there’s a natural barrier that’s blocking our way. I need you to walk forward and test it.”

“Alright.” Ji Qi immediately got ready to move.

Ji Rui held him still before warning him with a serious look on his face, “You must be extremely careful!”

“I got it.”

Ji Qi acknowledged with a nod and slowly walked towards the dreaded spot confidently and without any traces of panic.

The moment he reached the spot, he felt a great sense of terror and anxiety just like Qin Lie did.

However, it lasted for only an instant before everything returned to normal once more.

He then noticed that he had already passed through the barrier.

Just as he turned around and was about to tell Ji Yao and his seniors that Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners weren’t affected by the barrier, he noticed that the scene behind him had already disappeared.

A gray fog had replaced it instead.

When he tried to pass through the fog, he discovered that he was pushing against a ball-like boundary that he couldn’t break through no matter what he tried.

A blank moment later, he realized that he couldn’t go back through the way he came from and decided to continued forwards.

“Ji Qi went in!” Ji Yao’s eyes lit up.

“It actually doesn’t block a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner!” Ji Rui’s face was dark. “The chaotic streams of space are a place where even a Void Realm expert could be met with a random calamity and perish. It’s almost impossible for a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner to survive in this place. The zone ahead of us is even scarier than most places in the chaotic streams of space, but for some reason it only allows those at Fragmentation Realm to enter… Can they really survive this trip?”

Ji Yao’s eyes were just as heavy. A moment of thought later, he said, “Inform the other Gold rank forces... and tell them that we’ve found the place. Tell them to send their Fragmentation Realm practitioners over!”

“The other races should’ve heard of this too. Why don’t we see any of them here?” Ji Yao asked.

“They may have gotten in from an internal spatial passage.” Ji Rui pointed at the black, wriggling passages before shouting orders through the spatial rift. He explained the circumstances and checked the exact coordinates once more with the compass.

The news spread like lightning among the Gold rank forces of the Central World.

In at most an hour’s time.

All kinds of powerful spirit artifacts and experts who were well-versed in the power of space tore open many spatial rifts beside the Ji Family group.

After that, the Fragmentation Realm experts of the Lu Family, the Ao Family, Sky Mender Palace, Six Ways Alliance, Ninth Heaven, Starry Hall, Reincarnation Sect and even Sun Palace, Lunar Temple and Blue Flame City walked out of the spatial rifts.

These people saluted the Ji Family members and said all kinds of polite words like “Thank you for your hard work, seniors,” and so on.

“Save your breath. You already know the situation, and Ji Qi of the Ji Family had already gone in. You guys shouldn’t waste time too,” Ji Yao said impatiently.

Many of the youths of the Gold rank forces possessed powerful bloodlines of ancient races. Both their cultivation realms and bloodlines were incredibly powerful.

Although they were just in the Fragmentation Realm, they appeared to be perfectly at ease in the chaotic streams of space.

The future leaders of the Central World were as handsome or pretty as divine sons and daughters. However, they couldn’t help but look serious when they heard Ji Yao’s words.

They cautiously entered the danger zone in groups only after Ji Yao had urged them repeatedly.

“You may encounter the new generation of many powerful races inside the zone… you may even run into an actual member of the God Race! So watch your own backs and be careful.” Ji Rui gave one last instruction before he waved them in.

While the five Ji Family members watched on as the chosen sons and daughters of the Central World entered into the zone where space was distorted the most, a blurry figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The blurry figure had appeared a couple thousand meters behind the Ji Family members. He seemed to be watching the geniuses of the Central World venturing deep into the zone too.

However, neither Ji Yao nor the rest of the Ji Family group had noticed him.

A while later, the figure took on the form of a shriveled old man about fifty years of age.

The old man was gripping a wooden sculpture in his hand. The sculpture… was in the shape of Qin Shan.

He seemed to have chased a certain someone to this place using the wooden sculpture in his hand.

He stared deeply into the zone where the chosen sons and daughters were entering before finally leaving.

Ripples of space appeared from beneath his feet. He seemed to be traversing through space continuously.

A few minutes later, he suddenly came to stop to stare at a group of ghouls hurrying on their way.

The group of three was none other than Matthew and two other Heaven Ghoul clansmen tasked to hunt down Qin Lie.

“What a coincidence.” The shriveled old man’s eyes shone intimidatingly like a snake’s as he let out an eerie, shrill laugh that sounded like it came from a dying man’s mouth. Suddenly, he made a grabbing motion with his hand.

Many dense spatial lines filled the space where Matthew and the two Heaven Ghoul clansmen. They looked like the cold light of the grim reaper’s scythe.

Bloody wounds suddenly burst from the dry bodies of the three Heaven Ghoul clansmen.

Matthew immediately let out a bloodcurdling scream.

That entire section of space looked like it was forcefully carved out by a sharp blade.

Then, it exploded suddenly.

The three Soul Altar-level Heaven Ghoul clansmen were also well-versed in the power of space, but they were crushed into dust alongside their Soul Altars without being able to resist at all.

The shriveled old man snorted coldly before saying, “You filthy beings, how dare you trick Young Master Lie! I will make you regret ever forming a soul consciousness!”

While saying this, he somehow pulled three wisps of soul fragments from the crushed Soul Altars and tossed them into a spatial door he easily conjured.

It was the world of eternal spring known as Oldenwarm Realm.

The shriveled but surprisingly graceful old man arrived at a vast mountain valley while dragging three soul fragments with him.

Inside the valley, many Qin Family artificers were working to forge all sorts of precious spirit artifacts.

The shriveled old man arrived at the sky observatory of an ancient palace inside the valley before kneeling on one knee. “My lord, Young Master Lie was guided by the God Race’s Flesh Filling Tombstone into that place ahead of time. I was unable to stop him by the time I arrived. However, I was able to capture the three Heaven Ghoul clansmen who tricked Young Master Lie and capture their souls.”

“I guess everything in the world follows fate’s plan. I was wondering if I should send him over in the first place, but I never thought he would head in himself… If that is so, then so it shall be.”

“Should we pause our plan for now?” the old man asked.

“No need. We shall proceed as usual.”


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