Chapter 971: Meditation

Chapter 971: Meditation

A long time after Qin Lie escaped, Matthew finally recovered from the burning pain inflicted by the blaze imprint.

Two Heaven Ghoul elders suddenly appeared from a crack in space while carrying a dispirited Bhutto with them.

Bhutto’s face was pale, and his pupils were no longer shining with an intimidating light. He looked like he might shrivel up and die at any moment.

“Did you kill him?” Bhutto asked.

“No. He… escaped from me,” Matthew said dejectedly. “His bloodline had reached rank six, so when his bloodline was incited, the blaze imprints in my body conjured an even deadlier imperishable flame.”

Bhutto looked at him disappointedly before saying, “My bloodline was eroded by the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam, and it’ll be very hard for me to recover. You are the strongest cultivator in the Heaven Ghoul Race after me, so if you can’t kill that boy with the God Race’s bloodline then the Heaven Ghoul Race may perish very soon.”

“They… only want his life?” Matthew asked.

“They promised to let us live as their vassal force if we manage to kill him.” Bhutto revealed an expression of great desire. “They even promised us to conquer the Land of Chaos when the time is right in the future!”

“They only want Qin Lie dead, right?” Matthew asked yet again.

“That’s right, they only want Qin Lie’s life! In fact, the main reason the eastern barbarians have cooperated with us is to kill Qin Lie too!” Bhutto said.

“I understand.” Matthew nodded and clenched his teeth. “The first time we returned to Spirit Realm, Qin Lie once entered into the chaotic streams of space with his soul from Prism Continent. His soul aura is as fresh as yesterday in my mind. If I’m willing to pay a small price… I should still be able to find him in the chaotic streams of space!”

“We are naturally adapted to this environment. If you cannot kill him in the chaotic streams of space, your chance will only lessen if he manages to return to Spirit Realm.” Bhutto pondered for a moment and ordered the Heaven Ghoul elders. “Take me back and return here to work with Matthew later. That Central World force told me clearly that they’d only accept us if we kill Qin Lie!”

“But your current condition is very worrying,” one of the elders said hastily.

“Don’t worry, I just lost my bloodline powers. I won’t die from this.” Bhutto snorted.

“Alright, I understand.”

After that, the two elders took Bhutto through the spatial crack they came in from so he might rest in a secret place in the eastern barbarians’ territory.

After that, they stood together with Matthew.

“For the survival of our race, I will find him at all costs and use his head to win us a new future!” Matthew declared harshly.

Then, he executed a Heaven Ghoul Race secret art that caused all seven of his orifices to bleed.

Matthew’s face turned very ugly and scary.

However, his senses were also increased dozens of times in an instant!

“I found him!”

An evil flash fleeted across his pupils as Matthew screamed.

And so, the three Heaven Ghoul Race elders started flying towards Qin Lie at a tremendous speed. They flew so fast it was as if they were teleporting through space, and they relied on their natural instincts to avoid most of the dangers that existed in the chaotic streams of space. Here, they were like fish in water.


The Demon Sealing Tombstone flew through the chaotic and distorted streams of space like a light boat. Qin Lie sat quietly on top of it with a heavy look on his face.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos were also sitting next to him while looking like bright lamps.

Beneath the Demon Sealing Tombstone, seven godly lights twisted and turned like spirit snakes. They seemed to be checking their flight direction constantly.

Qin Lie maintained a soul connection with the Spirits of Void and Chaos. He knew that this place was extremely dangerous.

The reason they all appeared was to protect Qin Lie and prevent him from being killed.

At the beginning, Qin Lie thought they were being overprotective and didn’t believe he would be killed so easily in the chaotic streams of space.

That impression lasted until he met his first living soul.

While he was about to pass through a foggy area, he suddenly saw many dark shadows wriggling in that area.

At the time, he simply thought they were phantoms of the chaotic streams of space.

When he got close though, he immediately detected a tremendous amount of life energy from them.

He immediately recognized that they were the souls of powerful beings.

Humans had the ability to send their souls into the chaotic streams of space if they could find a spatial crack and if they reached the Nirvana Realm.

It was the same for the other races. When their soul reached a certain level of strength, it could detach itself from one’s body and enter into the chaotic streams of space.

Many beings utilized the chaotic streams of space’s unique environment to temper their souls.

One of the points of this training was to strengthen their soul so that it could adapt better to the harsh environments of the world. It was also a preparation for intergalactic travel.

The dark shadows he saw in the foggy area weren’t phantoms. They were the souls of powerful beings.

These souls had physical bodies of course. They had just left them behind at the realms they lived in or Spirit Realm.

They were likely utilizing the unique environment to temper their souls.

When Qin Lie flew past that area on the Demon Sealing Tombstone, these souls that were at least at the Nirvana Realm suddenly attacked him like savage wraiths.

However, just as they were about to approach Qin Lie, they abruptly noticed that five tiny beings were sitting beside him.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos seemed to be some of the deadliest creatures in the chaotic streams of space. It was because these people had escaped like their lives depended on it the second they saw the five Spirits of Void and Chaos beside him.

They immediately slipped into the foggy area and refused to reveal themselves any longer.

The experience taught Qin Lie to watch out for natural and artificial disasters in the chaotic streams of space.

The Spirits of Void and Chaos were strange life forms that became very active in the chaotic streams of space. They could also predict all sorts of dangers. They taught Qin Lie where he could go, and where he might encounter life-threatening dangers.

After they came out, Qin Lie suddenly felt a lot more secure.

As he continued to fly through the chaotic streams of space, he kept running into powerful beings who were cultivating their souls in the chaotic streams of space. Most of those beings were very unfriendly and tried to attack him.

However, they always ran away after they sensed the presence of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

After this situation repeated itself for a while, Qin Lie relaxed enough to take out some spirit stones and soul replenishing pills to recover his strength. He also absorbed the refined flesh and blood energy inside the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

This terrifying space that was filled with infinite dangers was now just a place that continuously consumed his strength thanks to the presence of the five Spirits of Void and Chaos.

While he was cultivating with the spirit stones and pills, he discovered in surprise that his mind as a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner was unbelievably calm and at peace in this world that didn’t contain even a trace of world spirit energy.

It was as if cultivating in the chaotic streams of space was very useful for a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner like him.

This discovery invigorated him.

And so he sat quietly on top of the Demon Sealing Tombstone and discarded all external changes and the Demon Sealing Tombstone’s destination from his mind for a period of time.

He didn’t even think of the dangers that were ever-present...

He cultivated quietly in silence.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos were like the masters of the chaotic streams of space. With them by his side, he was easily able to avoid every dangerous place that might threaten his life.

No souls dared to approach them either.

He was actually able to cultivate in peace and quiet in the chaotic streams of space for a very, very long time. He even forgot everything that had been troubling him until now.

One day, he was awakened from his cultivation by a powerful energy ripple.

He opened his eyes and saw a gigantic whirlpool in front of him. It was like a twisting giant ancient beast that threatened to devour everything.

There were exploding beams of light, hurricanes of Soul Decaying Stone, and icy sharp spatial blades inside that whirlpool.

He even saw a couple of figures roaring and struggling with all their might against something inside the whirlpool.

These figures were physical and were flesh and blood people just like him.

The Demon Sealing Tombstone which hadn’t stopped flying all this time slowed to pause beside that whirlpool.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos were also examining the giant whirlpool and looking like they were picking up something.

“Young friend! Save us! Please save us!”

A soul thought resounded from inside the whirlpool. This soul ripple felt extremely strange.

“We are members of the Ji Family from the Central World! Friend, the Ji Family will reward you greatly if you’re willing to save us!”

The man transmitted his message even more urgently when he saw that Qin Lie wasn’t doing anything.

“One of the three great families of the Central World, the Ji Family…” Qin Lie pondered.

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