Chapter 970: Chaotic Streams of Space

Chapter 970: Chaotic Streams of Space

Outside the void, in Spirit Realm.

Tate and the others watched as the hole in space devoured Qin Lie and vanished entirely.

They could do nothing about it at all.

Neither Tate, Eddie, Yuria, nor Tang Beidou were well-versed in the power of space or have reached the Void Realm.

That was why they couldn’t tear apart space, rush into the chaotic streams of space and rescue Qin Lie from it.

Therefore, everyone’s faces were dark when they gathered at the spot where Qin Lie disappeared.

“Kill all of these eastern barbarians! I need to report this to the Venerable One immediately!” Tate said in a heavy tone.

Eddie and Yuria nodded.

Tang Beidou charged madly at Ke Yu like covered in flames.

Yu Lingwei, Tan Miao, and Lu Yi also worked together with Eddie and Yuria to slaughter the eastern barbarians.

“Hehe! It’s useless; the Heaven Ghoul Race will kill Qin Lie!” Sen Ye grinned savagely as he yelled. “Even if you did manage to summon that Void Realm expert to your aid, you cannot do anything to us!”

“The three ghoul races that escaped from the Land of Chaos are currently protected by Gold rank forces of the Central World of Spirit Realm. If a Void Realm expert dares shows their face in the eastern barbarians’ territory, they’ll interfere for sure!” Ke Yu also laughed loudly. “Flame Demon! You should know who that vast territory to the east of the Eastern Fire Hell belongs to, don’t you?”

Tang Beidou’s expression changed.

It was at this moment Tate took out a wooden sculpture and made a call to the other side with his soul.

The eyes of the wooden sculpture that was sculpted in Qin Shan’s image suddenly sparkled with deep luster as a soul thought replied from the other side, “Tate, why have you sought me out so urgently?”

“Venerable One, the young master… the young master was tricked by the Heaven Ghoul Race and eastern barbarians and sucked into the chaotic streams of space,” Tate responded.

The sparkling eyes of the wooden sculpture he was holding actually glowed intimidatingly somehow.

“The Heaven Ghoul Race and the eastern barbarians?” the soul thought inside the wooden sculpture said.

Tate hastily nodded.

“Understood.” Another soul thought came from the wooden sculpture. “Don’t worry, Lie’er will be fine… I will make the appropriate arrangements on the side of the chaotic streams of space.”

Tate secretly let out a sigh of relief.

Then, another message came.

“Kill as many eastern barbarians as you can!”

“The eastern barbarians and the Heaven Ghoul Race… seem to have found a backer at the Central World,” Tate said.

“Don’t worry. Kill them to your hearts’ content.”

“Understood.” Tate nodded.

Then, he put away the wooden sculpture carefully before looking at Tang Beidou. “Kill them! There’s no need to worry about their backer. Just kill as many of them as you can!”

“Alright!” Tang Beidou’s eyes were burning with flames.

Eddie and the others also attacked the eastern barbarians mercilessly with the intent to kill.

This group of eastern barbarians was just part of the vanguard. There numbered less than forty people and a large majority of them were Nirvana Realm martial practitioners.

Their main force hadn’t arrived yet.

After Tate made up his mind to massacre the eastern barbarians, the four late stage Imperishable Realm martial practitioners, Yu Lingwei, Tan Miao, and Lu Yi immediately went all out against their enemies.

The eastern barbarians immediately began to scream in pain, dying left and right.


In the chaotic streams of space.

This eternally gray-colored and deathly still space didn’t contain a single trace of world spirit energy. However, it contained an abundance of chaotic and distorted energy.

It was said that the chaotic streams of space enveloped the outer layer of every realm like a shell.

All powerful beings who wished to slip away from the realm underneath their feet without the use of a spatial passage had to go through the strange chaotic streams of space first.

A lot of experts who wished to travel beyond their realms and venture into the infinite space had unfortunately perished while they were flying through the chaotic streams of space.

The chaotic streams of space were a natural boundary between a realm and the rest of the galaxy.

This boundary that was filled with chaotic and distorted energies of space contained an innumerable amount of unknown dangers. Even a Void Realm expert might be killed if they exposed their body to the chaotic streams of space directly.

Normally, a martial practitioner only dared to venture the chaotic streams of space with their soul after they reached the Nirvana Realm.

An Imperishable Realm expert could gradually familiarize themselves with the chaotic streams of space and choose a safer way to travel with their soul.

However, even an Imperishable Realm expert could see their body turned into dust if they carelessly appeared in the chaotic streams of space in their physical form.

Moreover, it was nearly impossible for an Imperishable Realm expert to break through the crystal walls of space that made up the ceiling of the chaotic streams of space.

If a martial practitioner couldn’t fly out of a realm with their body, a journey into the unknown space would become very difficult.

Only a Void Realm expert had the power to traverse the chaotic streams of space, tear a hole in the crystal walls of space and detach themselves from a realm entirely.

Qin Lie was only at the Fragmentation Realm. However, his body was flung into the chaotic streams of space directly after he fell for the Heaven Ghoul Race and eastern barbarians’ trick.

While he was doing his best to escape the place he was dragged into, he could clearly sense that his spirit energy, life energy, and soul energy were dissipating bit by bit due to the effects of the chaotic, distorted energies in this place.

It felt as if his spirit energy, life energy, and soul energy would be depleted by the chaotic, distorted energies even if he stayed perfectly still in this world.

He couldn’t stay still, however. He had to move if he wished to get away from Matthew, and this meant that he was losing energy at a faster rate.

Very soon, he felt tired because his soul energy and spirit energy were largely diminished.


Not far away, unknown beams of light collided into each other and caused a world-ending explosion not far away from him.

Light that looked like tiny suns boomed in his view.

It only took a second of probing with his soul for Qin Lie to turn pale. He was certain that that explosion was at least ten times scarier than the explosion he caused with the Blazing Profound Bombs and destroyed Sun Palace’s secret realm entrance with!

He had zero doubt that even a Void Realm expert would be blown to dust if they happened to be around that area.

Maybe even their Soul Altar would break as a result.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Some time later, he saw a gray yellowish hurricane in the distance that contained a substance that could eliminate one’s soul called the “Soul Decaying Stone”.

The Soul Decaying Stone was a Heaven Grade Six spirit material and the trump card of some evil spirit artifacts. Any living being with a soul would find their souls growing flimsy like smoke and their memories confused the moment they were touched by the Soul Decaying Stone. In the end, their soul would slowly dissipate for real.

It was an evil spirit material that was used for the specific purpose of exterminating one’s soul.

He knew of this spirit material, but he never knew how this spirit material came to be.

Today, after he arrived at the chaotic streams of space and saw the yellowish gray hurricane, he finally understood where this evil spirit material came from.

He hurriedly moved out of the path of the hurricane.

He knew very well that even an Imperishable Realm martial practitioner’s soul couldn’t withstand this many Soul Decaying Stones, let alone his own.

Strange explosions, soul rending hurricanes, spatial blades and natural formations of destruction were ever-present inside the chaotic streams of space.

These were all dangers that could threaten his life.

Qin Lie flew quickly even as fear and trepidation clung firmly onto his body. There were a couple of times he nearly perished in entirety.

He grew more and more tired after flying without direction for a moment. His soul energy and spirit energy were greatly exhausted.

He noticed that the chaotic and distorted energies of this place would soon seep into his flesh and soul if he couldn’t find a place to recover himself soon.

There was no world spirit energy here, so he could only recover his strength through spirit stones that contained spirit energy and pills that restored one’s soul energy.

“Flesh Filling Tombstone!”

He summoned the Demon Sealing Tombstone first and attempted to absorb refined flesh and blood energy from it using a secret art he learned in the past.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

However, the moment the Demon Sealing Tombstone appeared in the chaotic streams of space, seven godly lights abruptly burst out from the tombstone.

The seven godly lights twisted and turned like chains, spirit snakes or tentacles. It seemed to be searching for something.

Qin Lie stared at the Demon Sealing Tombstone in shock.

Back at Prism Continent, his soul once detected something in the chaotic streams of space.

At the time, he hadn’t physically descended into the chaotic streams of space.

Right now, the Demon Sealing Tombstone was acting of its own accord without Qin Lie’s orders.

Even the five Spirits of Void and Chaos he withdrew into the Soul Suppressing Orb had emerged from his glabella of their own accord after the seven godly lights appeared.

The five Spirits of Void and Chaos landed quietly on top of the Demon Sealing Tombstone.


Suddenly, the still tombstone flew towards a certain direction.

After letting out an involuntary cry, Qin Lie hurriedly caught up with the Demon Sealing Tombstone and sat on top of it like he was riding a boat.

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