Chapter 969: Escape from the Clutches of Death

Chapter 969: Escape from the Clutches of Death

Even before the energy in the arrow had been completely condensed, Qin Lie could feel his eyes stinging as he watched.

The streaks of cold light radiating from the arrow were like sharp knives. They were so blinding that no one dared to look directly at the arrow.

The bow and arrow in Sen Ye’s hands seemed to have been formed from a convergence of all of the light within his eyes.

The hands with which Sen Ye grasped the bow became corpse-like as they withered away and turned a grayish white color. Not a single trace of the sheen of life could be seen, as if all of his vitality had abruptly been sucked out.

At this moment, all of the vitality within his hands had been fully infused into the arrow of light.

Qin Lie felt a strong sense of crisis arise within him.

Even without being stimulated by rage, the blood in his veins abruptly began to boil as countless blaze divine characters invisible to the naked eye suddenly surged into his sea of consciousness.

There, the nine clusters of intense energy were fiercely enveloped by the blaze divine characters.

Amidst these blaze divine characters, the innate power of the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake—corrosion, abruptly took effect.

One pale ancient character after another, each containing the universe’s secrets of corrosion flickered between the blaze divine characters.

The nine clusters of energy active within his mind’s sea of consciousness were dissipated into nothingness by the power of corrosion.

At this moment, an abnormal light flashed through the eyes of Sen Ye, who was in the action of drawing his bow and arrow. Abruptly, his shoulders began to shake uncontrollably.

The head of the arrow of light, which glowed so blindingly that no one dared to look at it, also began to tremble, as if it were unable to accurately determine Qin Lie’s location.

At this same moment, Qin Lie’s brows slightly furrowed as he shouted, “Come out!”

Other than the fire spirit, the thunder, water, earth, wood, and metal spirits transformed into five-colored ray of light and flew out from within the Soul Suppressing Orb.

A single thought ran through Qin Lie’s mind.

In an instant, the five great Spirits of Void and Chaos had flown towards the Soul Altars of the nearby eastern barbarians.

“Quickly retract your Soul Altars!”

Ke Yu’s expression quickly changed as he loudly screamed out. It was as if he knew the strength of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

Of the Imperishable Realm practitioners of the three great eastern barbarian tribes, some had only just released their Soul Altars. However, upon seeing the emergence of the “Soul Altar Devourers”, they quickly bit their tongues and attempted to retract their Soul Altars into their sea of consciousness as quickly as possible.

After summoning the Spirits of Void and Chaos, Qin Lie slightly relaxed and turned the entirety of his attention towards Sen Ye.

Not too long ago, he had just seen the strength of Xue Li following his merge with the Blood Progenitor. Today’s Sen Ye was also a beneficiary of the past excursion into the Graveyard of Gods. He had received the Arrow God’s remnant soul and resonated with it, resulting in the merging of his soul with the soul of the dead Arrow God.

Although Sen Ye could only manifest a mere ten percent or so of the Arrow God’s strength, it still contained the power of the Nirvana Realm. It was absolutely no trifling matter.

Qin Lie had already made the preparations to bring out Moon Tear and fight at any moment.

“Zzz zzz zzt! Zz zzz zzzt!”

The arrow of light between Sen Ye’s hands trembled once more, then finally seemed to lock onto the target.


The arrow of light shot out. Sen Ye abruptly became lifeless, as if a great portion of his vitality had been sucked out.

The arrow was like a bolt of lightning as its radiance blinded everyone!

An intense fluctuation of vitality emerged from within the arrow of light like an inexhaustible sea. The surging aura caused even Qin Lie to feel shocked.

He summoned the Moon Tear without any hesitation!

Under the scorching sun, the star-like Moon Tear flew out from his shoulders and mystically condensed to form a barrier of moonlight.

The shield was a full meter in front of his body.

The aura emanating from the arrow of light Sen Ye shot had become incredibly terrifying. Although blindingly bright, it was indeed not that fast.

As it traveled, it acted similar to other arrows shot from the Sun Killing Bow. The arrow seemed to be constantly absorbing chaotic energies from the chaotic streams of space.

As it slowed down, it absorbed chaotic energy even more fiercely, causing its power to reach even more shocking heights.

“Crackle crackle!”

By the time the arrow of light was about to reach the barrier created by the Moon Tear, it had already slowed down to a snail’s pace. Meanwhile, the wild energy which had gathered atop the arrow of light was causing the entirety of its surroundings to crackle and explode in a terrifying manner.

Suddenly, the arrow of light disappeared. In its place appeared a bottomless black spatial cavern.

The spatial cavern abruptly enveloped Qin Lie like a cloth.

Sen Ye immediately began to cackle strangely.

“Not good!” Tate’s expression greatly changed.

Tate was currently exchanging blows with a scarlet barbarian and his Soul Altar, yet he was still able to split some of his attention towards Qin Lie. He was ready to go and support Qin Lie at any moment.

When Tate saw Qin Lie use the divine grade spirit artifact, Moon Tear, he had abruptly relaxed and stopped thinking about intervening.

But then, just when the arrow of light was about to collide with the barrier condensed by the Moon Tear, the wild energies atop the arrow of light shockingly managed to shatter the space around it.

A spatial cavern had appeared out of nowhere.

Tate continuously observed the changes. From within the spatial cavern, he could clearly sense the soul aura of the Heaven Ghoul Race.

A series of thoughts quickly ran through Tate’s mind like a bolt of lightning as he quickly realized something— the three great ghoul races, who had gone into hiding, were colluding with the eastern barbarians!

“There are Great Sages of the Heaven Ghoul Race helping the eastern barbarians from the shadows!” Tate loudly yelled.

As these words reverberated through the air, Flame Demon, Eddie, Luz, and the rest all swiftly reacted.

They all simultaneously looked towards Qin Lie.

They could only watch as the giant pocket-like spatial cavern completely swallowed Qin Lie and the barrier created by the Moon Tear like a giant, demonic mouth.

Countless thin and densely packed spatial rifts spread out from the edges of the spatial cavern, forming what looked like a spider web.

Violent and chaotic fluctuations continuously spread throughout that entire area as sharp spatial blades tore through the space in all directions like swords.

Qin Lie, and the Moon Tear barrier, gradually disappeared amidst the depths of the spatial cavern.

“Hehe! Qin Lie, let’s see how you escape from the clutches of my Heaven Ghoul Race after you have entered a region of chaotic spatial currents!” An incredibly sharp and harsh voice resonated out from within the spatial cavern. The moment they heard this voice, Eddie and Tang Beidou, who had fought against the Heaven Ghoul Race in the past, knew that it was the Heaven Ghoul Race’s Matthew.

A feeling of helplessness emerged within all of them.

No one had expected that the ghoul races, which had completely vanished within the Land of Chaos, would actually be colluding with the eastern barbarians.

Since the eastern barbarians invaded the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, their actions had never been hurried or anxious. From start to finish, they had never shown any signs of having made contact with the three ghoul races.

Until now, when Sen Ye shot an arrow of light towards Qin Lie by relying on the remains of the Arrow God he fused with.

The arrow of light had continuously absorbed chaotic energy from surrounding space, causing it to move increasingly slow. Then, in the final moment when it arrived in front of Qin Lie, the arrow of light had abruptly torn space open, revealing the presence of Matthew of the Heaven Ghoul Race.

“First rescue Qin Lie!”

Tate, Eddie, Yuria, and the rest all threw off their opponents as quickly as possible and used their full strength to charge towards the mouth of the spatial crack.

At the mouth of the spatial cavern, Qin Lie’s figure was slowly dragged into the chaotic spatial current as if he were becoming entangled with an invisible rope.

The mouth of the cavern also began slowly contracting.

“Rank six bloodline! Ignition! Transformation!”

At this critical moment, Qin Lie, who was being forcefully dragged towards the chaotic spatial currents, abruptly exhausted the entirety of his energy to incite his bloodline.

Qin Lie’s hair began to grow wildly as it became a reddish color reminiscent of fresh blood. His pupils also turned crimson, causing them to look like two drops of blood.

His bones cracked and popped as his body suddenly swelled with power and became like an imposing mountain. Clusters of blaze divine characters flowed out from the pores covering his body as a terrifying, devastating energy capable of sundering the heavens emerged.


Some light entered into the cavern through some invisible spatial cracks, but not enough to allow Qin Lie to see anything clearly. However, he was able to clearly hear Matthew’s pain-filled voice within the cavern.

Qin Lie knew very clearly that the insides of Matthew’s body had been seared by the blaze imprint. As his bloodline increased in strength and the distance between him and Matthew decreased, these injures would only become increasingly severe.

“Sen Ye! Shoot him! Keep shooting him!” Di Fei loudly shouted.

Di Fei also took out a crimson bow. As he spoke, he nocked and released several arrows towards the spatial cavern.

However, upon approaching the region of chaotic spatial currents around Qin Lie, all of the arrows Di Fei shot abruptly lost their paths.

Afterwards, the arrows were sucked into the spatial cavern at a speed which made them look like comets.

Qin Lie continued to bitterly struggle at the mouth of the cavern as he fought against the suction force coming from within the cavern and waited for help to arrive from Tang Beidou and the rest.

“You cannot escape!” Matthew’s screeching wails came from some unknown area amidst the flashing streaks of light.

An incomparably strong force abruptly surged over Qin Lie’s entire body. Unable to resist any longer, he could only enter the chaotic spatial currents.

At almost the same time, the five Spirits of Void and Chaos connected with his mind turned into five streaks of light as they entered the spatial cavern right before the mouth closed at a speed Tang Beidou and Tate couldn’t deal with.


Qin Lie and the Spirits of Void and Chaos passed through the mouth of the spatial cavern. They suddenly felt as if they had entered the most terrifying and dangerous section of the void’s chaotic streams of space.

He didn’t even have time to observe his surroundings before his attention was drawn towards a fiery shadow struggling amidst the dazzling light flashing within one of the seemingly nearby black whirlpools.

From within the light of the fire, Qin Lie could make out the shackling divine characters of the Blaze Family. He instantly discerned that it was Matthew.

It was obvious that after Qin Lie had completely activated his rank six bloodline, Heaven Ghoul Race’s Matthew had suffered from the blaze imprint within him and become entangled with a bit of trouble.

Qin Lie quickly turned his head and looked behind him. There he saw countless streaks of light flashing around. He could no longer see any trace of the spatial cavern.

He immediately realized that returning to the eastern sea region had already become naught but a dream.

And the moment Matthew was able to resist the burning of the blaze imprint or call another Great Sage of the Heaven Ghoul Race to come, he would die without a doubt.

Qin Lie knew that he definitely could not stay here for long!

He knew that he had been tricked by the alliance of the eastern barbarians and Heaven Ghoul Race. Without sparing Matthew another glance, Qin Lie randomly picked a direction and began to quickly move.

He needed to make it so that Matthew couldn’t quickly find him and kill him after he broke free of the sharp pain caused by the blaze imprint.

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