Chapter 968: Arrow God’s Remains

Chapter 968: Arrow God’s Remain

“The Flame Demon!”

The eastern barbarians cried out the moment they saw Tang Beidou taking to the air. The elders at the front instantly despaired when they saw him.

In the eastern barbarians’ eyes, Tang Beidou was undoubtedly an unrivalled demon king. They all grew nervous because of his presence.

Qin Lie noticed that a dozen or so eastern barbarian elders had walked out of the group.

The leader of the elders was dressed in a woven rush raincoat made from black feathers. His figure was thin and his face was wizened, but his eyes were as sharp as a hawk.

“Tang Beidou! Why are you here?” he cried in a shrill voice.

“Who is this guy?” Qin Lie asked carelessly.

“He is Ke Yu, elder of the Black Barbarian Tribe. He has a three-level Soul Altar,” Jia Yue answered in a soft voice.

“I belong to Flaming Sun Island, and Illusory Demon Sect is Flaming Sun Island’s staunchest ally. Therefore, you are clearly disrespecting Flaming Sun Island by plundering the islands belonging to Illusory Demon Sect!” Tang Beidou grinned and let out a couple of mad laughs. “I heard you’ve gotten a Sun Killing Bow from the Graveyard of Gods, haven’t you? My island master is extremely displeased with this bow’s name. If you will break this bow right before my island master, I will allow you to run back to your homes with your tails between your knees!”

The eastern barbarians of all three clans were immediately enraged by his words as they swore at him loudly.

Even Jia Yue had shot him a hateful glare.

Qin Lie shook his head while laughing involuntarily. Even he was surprised by how arrogant Tang Beidou was acting towards the eastern barbarians.

He wasn’t really that close with Tang Beidou. He only knew that he had a hot temper and was liable to murder at a single provocation.

Today, he learned why the eastern barbarians hated Tang Beidou so much from his provocative words.

The Sun Killing Bow was the divine bow the Arrow God used in the past and the biggest prize the eastern barbarians had gotten from the Graveyard of Gods. It held a special meaning to them.

Therefore, Tang Beidou was obviously humiliating the eastern barbarians when he told them to break the Sun Killing Bow.

“How dare you, Tang Beidou! We had gone to the Eastern Fire Hell to take revenge after we obtained the Sun Killing Bow, but we didn’t think that you’d be hiding in Flaming Sun Island!” Ke Yu of the Black Barbarian Tribe smiled at the peak of his fury. “It is good that we meet today!”

While saying this, he notched a silvery arrow to the the Sun Killing Bow and pulled it back.

In an instant, Qin Lie sensed that an unusual change had taken over the flow of the world’s spirit energy.

His soul consciousness was telling him that a large amount of world spirit energy was pulled from at least fifty kilometers away and gathered inside the Sun Killing Bow.

The silvery arrow was so bright that some people had to avert their eyes.


The arrow abruptly cut through the air.

In Qin Lie’s eyes, the arrow was fired towards Tang Beidou like a dazzling, silver meteor.

Tiny spatial cracks appeared throughout the air where the arrow passed through.

Glimpses of strange light inside the spatial cracks that were suddenly absorbed into the silvery arrow as well.

“This arrow is actually capable of absorbing the power of chaos from the chaotic streams of space!” Tate’s expression changed a little.

Qin Lie also looked frightened by it.

He watched as the space where Tang Beidou was shattered into many pieces like glass.

The arrow that looked like a meteor passed through the strange-looking pieces of space and exploded right in front of Tang Beidou’s chest.

A ball of orange flame exploded as a shocking amount of heat spread to the surroundings.

Tang Beidou’s angry yell suddenly cut through the air as fire rained down from the sky.

Boom boom boom!”

Even more booms, flashes of light and shockwaves erupted around Tang Beidou.

A long time later, the astounding noises finally subsided.

As the flames slowly dispersed, Tang Beidou reappeared in everyone’s view. He was holding the silver arrow with two hands.

The tip of the arrow had entered several inches into his chest.

The veins of his hands were clearly visible, and blood was dripping from his palm.

“Very good. The arrow fired from the Sun Killing Bow is truly powerful!” He glared fiercely at Ke Yu before he abruptly laughed savagely. “Unfortunately for you, it still isn’t enough to kill me!”

As a sea of flames gushed out of his body, Tang Beidou roared and charged towards the eastern barbarians.

“Shoot! Shoot him to death!” Ke Yu yelled.

At the island, Qin Lie looked at Gao Yu with narrowed eyes. “Stay here with Jia Yue.”

“No! I want to kill those bastards too!” Gao Yu shook his head.

“No!” Jia Yue hurriedly stopped him. “Some of those people belong to the White Barbarian Tribe. If too many of them die then… my parents may never ever be able to return to the clan.”

Gao Yu thought for a moment with a dark expression on his face. In the end, he decided against fighting the eastern barbarians.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie, Yu Lingwei and Tate flew towards the eastern barbarians.

“An eight horned warrior of the Horned Demon Race!”

“Two three-level Soul Altar Dark Shadow clansmen!”

“Yu Lingwei of the Illusory Demon Sect!”

The eastern barbarians exclaimed when they saw Tate, Eddie, Yuria, and Yu Lingwei releasing their Soul Altars. Their expressions had changed drastically.

“Sen Ye! Eh, Di Fei is here too! Long time no see!” Qin Lie let out a long laugh.

He saw the young leader Sen Ye among the Black Barbarian Tribe and Di Fei of the Scarlet Barbarian Tribe. It gladdened him to see them.

Back at the Graveyard of Gods, he wasn’t able to gain too much advantage over Sen Ye or Di Fei.

When he was at the lightning lagoon, he was even chased by the black barbarians led by Sen Ye for a time.

That was why his excitement skyrocketed when he suddenly saw Sen Ye and Di Fei after such a long time.

“Come here, you two. I’ll take you both on.” He pointed at Sen Ye and Di Fei while smiling. “It was my mistake for failing to kill you two and allowing you to return with the Arrow God’s remains and Sun Killing Bow. Today, I will fix my mistake from back then and kill the two future leaders of the eastern barbarians.”

“You’ve gotten a lot more arrogant than before,” Sen Ye said coldly.

“I can’t believe that someone like you managed to become a ruler in the Land of Chaos. I guess that the Land of Chaos has truly declined.” Di Fei looked at Qin Lie with disdain. “Since you’re here, the eastern barbarians will gladly rearrange the order of power on the Land of Chaos.”

While saying this, the two eastern barbarians flew over and blocked Qin Lie’s path.

After so many years, Qin Lie had advanced from the Netherpassage Realm to the early stage of the Fragmentation Realm. Although Sen Ye and Di Fei were extraordinarily talented, they were only at the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm.

In fact, Di Fei had only just reached the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm half a month ago.

They were given many precious spirit materials and care by their tribes after they brought back the Arrow God’s remains and Sun Killing Bow from the Graveyard of Gods. That was how they reached their current realm.

However, these two late stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners were nothing in Qin Lie’s eyes right now.

“Nine Thunder Blast!”

While swinging the Thunder Soul Blade, he conjured nine lightning balls and threw it towards the two eastern barbarians.

“Boom boom…”

The thunderous booms caused the Sen Ye and Di Fei’s ears to hurt and eyes to blur.

They immediately noticed that Qin Lie was far, far stronger than the Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners they’d met until now.

Di Fei retreated instantly.

He knew that he was absolutely no match for Qin Lie, and he would die if he stubbornly tried to fight him.

Sen Ye hesitated for an instant before he let out a strange howl all of a sudden. The Arrow God’s remains appeared at his howl.

In an instant, Sen Ye’s body became lifeless as if his soul had gone missing.

The Arrow God actually opened his eyes instead.

“Back at the Land of Buried Gods, I was acknowledged by the Arrow God’s remains as my soul resonated with the Arrow God’s soul fragments.” Sen Ye, whose soul had entered the Arrow God’s body stared at Qin Lie. “Just like how Xue Li had fused with the Blood Progenitor, I too have obtained my forefather’s mantle and soul!”

Silver arrows made of refined energy fired out of his pupils.

The lightning ball Qin Lie threw at him was instantly shattered by the small silver arrows.

At the same time, nine harsh energies flowed through the soul tendrils he attached to his lightning balls and stabbed into his mind.

Caught off guard, an intense headache abruptly broke out in Qin Lie’s mind. He felt as if the arrows had slipped into his Soul Lake and threatened to break his head open.

He let out a snort and flew backwards before he knew it. He hastily gathered his mind consciousness and destroyed the nine arrow-like energies that had entered his mind.

“I was thinking how powerful you are, but this is all you amount to!” Sen Ye sneered before he made a bow pulling motion.

An arrow that looked like it could erode the bone and extinguish one’s soul appeared in the light of Sen Ye’s eyes. It locked onto Qin Lie’s soul and was ready to fly the moment it accumulated enough power.

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