Chapter 967: The Mystery of the Evil God

Chapter 967: The Mystery of the Demon God

Eddie and Yuria were Dark Shadow clansmen.

Tate might be a Horned Demon clansman, but he didn’t come from the same clan as Ku Luo. He had almost no knowledge of Gao Yu.

They didn’t know that Gao Yu had once visited Nether Realm and obtained the Demon God’s inheritance from the mountain range near Ku Luo’s clan where the Demon God was enshrined.

They definitely didn’t know that Gao Yu had gotten the Ogre-faced Rings when he was younger, and that the spirit arts they contained all came from a Demon God.

From the start until now, everything Gao Yu cultivated was a part of the Demon God’s cultivation system.

That was why he possessed the purest Demon God aura.

Under the trio’s astonished gazes, Gao Yu withdrew the Demon God avatar and got onto the Hexagon Chariot with Jia Yue.

“Do you know where the closest island from here is?” Qin Lie asked casually.

Tang Beidou pointed in a direction.

The Hexagon Chariot roared into action.

Inside the war chariot, Tate, Eddie, and Yuria examined Gao Yu closely.

They all looked incredibly puzzled.

However, Qin Lie and Gao Yu were speaking with each other and exchanging experiences right now.

Jia Yue looked back and forth between Tang Beidou and Yu Lingwei. Her expression was very odd.

She was once the pearl of the White Barbarian Tribe, so of course she recognized both Tang Beidou and Illusory Demon Sect’s sect master. Flame Demon Tang Beidou was a name that was so infamous that it could frighten a crying eastern barbarian child into silence.

The three barbarian tribes’ elders had all tried to surround and kill Tang Beidou before.

Unfortunately for them, they failed again and again.

Every once in a while, Tang Beidou would leave the Eastern Fire Hell, fly to the eastern barbarian’s territory and cause some havoc.

A lot of eastern barbarians would be killed by the hot-tempered Tang Beidou.

In their eyes, Tang Beidou was a demon that disgusted and frightened them.

Jia Yue couldn’t even begin to describe her feelings when she learned that the demon in the eastern barbarians’ eyes was a Flaming Sun Island martial practitioner today.

“Flame Demon, Flaming Sun Island. They both have“Flame” in their titles. I should’ve known that they were one and the same,” Jia Yue thought.

After that, she looked at Yu Lingwei of Illusory Demon Sect and noticed that the sect master had been paying attention to Qin Lie and Gao Yu’s discussion all this time. She didn’t look impatient in the slightest.

In fact, she thought she saw a trace of respect in her eyes...

This discovery shocked her even more.

She remembered the day Qin Lie was just a Netherpassage Realm martial practitioner at the Graveyard of Gods. He neither had a powerful backer nor any sort of foundation in the Land of Chaos.

But several years had passed, and Gao Yu’s friend had become a major power in the current Land of Chaos. His success felt unreal to her.

While Jia Yue was deep in her thoughts, the Hexagon Chariot descended on a gray-colored island. The island was filled with rocks, but not a single plant, beast or insect could be seen anywhere.

“We will stay here and wait for the eastern barbarians to come.” Qin Lie got off the chariot and grinned. “Gao Yu, back then I gave you my blessing only because you wanted to develop your power in the eastern barbarians’ territory, but now… why don’t you come to Flaming Sun Island? Tingyu, Siqi, and Master Yao Tai are all at Flaming Sun Island right now. They’re all people you’re familiar with, aren’t they? What do you think?”

Qin Lie officially invited Gao Yu to Flaming Sun Island.

But Tate, Yuria, and Eddie grew anxious before Gao Yu could agree.

“No, he shouldn’t!” Tate hurriedly exclaimed.

Qin Lie looked at him in confusion.

Eddie of the Dark Shadow Race inhaled deeply before saying, “It would be best if he can stay on the Nether Continent!”

Yuria also nodded strongly. “The Nether Continent is the best place for him!”

Qin Lie frowned.

“If I may ask… did you acquire that Demon God from the Graveyard of Gods?” Tate stared seriously at Gao Yu.

Gao Yu nodded and pointed at Qin Lie. He answered coolly, “Back when we were both at the Graveyard of Gods, I found these Demon God remains at the Land of Buried Gods.”

Tate’s eyes lit up before he let out a couple of coughs. Then, he casually threw Yu Lingwei and the others a glance.

Qin Lie came to a realization and said, “Sect Master Yu, please move away for a moment.”

“Alright.” Yu Lingwei turned around and left.

Tang Beidou, Lu Yi, and Tan Miao also left at Qin Lie’s gesture.

Tate then looked at Jia Yue.

He trusted Qin Lie and Gao Yu, but he obviously couldn’t trust the eastern barbarian Jia Yue. That was why he hoped that she would leave of her own accord.

Jia Yue was about to leave too.

It was at this moment Gao Yu caught her arm and looked at Tate. “She is my wife.”

Tate hesitated for a moment before he nodded.

Jia Yue’s tightened her grip on Gao Yu’s hand and smiled with a blush of happiness on her face.

“That Demon God avatar you rode on just now… it’s not actually an avatar at all. It is the true body of a Demon God,” Tate suddenly said.

Yuria and Eddie suddenly grew excited.

Qin Lie was the first to let out an exclamation when he said this, “That’s not right. I thought all five Demon Gods had perished three thousand years ago?”

Even Gao Yu looked confused.

It was obvious that he hadn’t figured out all the secrets the Demon Gods held just yet.

“Three thousand years ago, the five Demon Gods who perished were not all the Demon Gods that have ever existed in Nether Realm. There were more than five Dark Nether clansmen who successfully reached rank ten bloodline and evolved into Demon Gods,” Tate said seriously. “The five Demon Gods who were killed on the Nether Continent were just the newest Demon Gods. Twenty thousand years ago, Nether Realm participated in the war against the God Race. At the time, there were many more Demon Gods of incredible strength who fought against the God Race, head on.”

“You’re saying that this Demon God… is one of the Demon Gods who fought against the God Race at the time?” Qin Lie exclaimed in shock.

Tate nodded strongly. “And it’s the Demon God’s true body no less!”

“But his size and appearance didn’t look too different from the Demon God avatar we saw at the Horned Demon Race’s village,” Qin Lie said.

Back at the Demon God Mountain Range where Ku Luo’s clan was situated, the Demon God Qin Lie saw also had a pair of wings and a sinister curved horn on his head.

“If two cultivators’ bloodlines and talent are similar to each other, then they will look almost the same after they achieve rank ten bloodline and evolve into Demon Gods. This is normal.” Tate continued, “The five Demon Gods we worshipped in the Demon God Mountain Ranges represented five types of Dark Nether bloodline. That is how a Dark Nether clansman would look more or less after they evolved to rank ten.”

Qin Lie suddenly came to understanding.

When a Dark Nether clansman’s bloodline reached rank ten and they evolved into a Demon God, they would look like one of the five Demon Gods.

This was destined from the moment they were born with a specific bloodline.

This meant that the five Demon Gods worshipped by the powerful races of Nether Realm weren’t just the five Demon Gods from three thousand years ago. They were worshipping all the Demon Gods with any one of those five types of bloodlines!

“Does that mean that Yushi, Xuanxuan, and Ling Feng will take on their appearances after they reached rank ten too?” Qin Lie asked in astonishment.

“No, the two missus of Ling Family possess somewhat special bloodlines. They might look different when their bloodlines reach rank ten.” Tate shook his head. “That Ling Feng and the rest of the Ling Family however, would probably look like the Demon Gods of the mountain range if their bloodline reached rank ten.”

“What… have you gotten from the Demon God?”

It was at this moment Yuria stared at Gao Yu and asked very seriously.

Her eyes showed just how excited she was.

Gao Yu’s Demon God was killed and thrown into the Graveyard of Gods after he was killed in the war against the God Race twenty thousand years ago. It was supposed to supply the Flesh Filling Tombstone with refined flesh and blood energy so the God Race could recover their bloodline strength quickly.

The Demon God at the time was even stronger than the five Demon Gods who were killed by Sky Mender Palace three thousand years ago.

It was a true body no less!

“He may have died, but his body still contains a tremendous amount of power. That is how we managed to escape the White Barbarian Tribe.” Gao Yu pondered for a moment before continuing, “I had obtained some jumbled inheritances and memory fragments from his body. Besides, that, I also acquired a spirit art that should allow my soul to enter his body and unleash a small part of his strength once I reach the Nirvana Realm.”

“You shouldn’t stay at Flaming Sun Island. Why don’t you come with us to the Nether Continent? Lord Gordon, Lord Gray and Lord Luz can teach you how to use this Demon God. Also, the Nether Realm has a lot of holy scriptures that will improve your mastery of your inheritances!” Tate exclaimed.

“Qin Lie, he will have a better future if he goes to the Nether Continent,” Yuria persuaded.

Gao Yu looked at Qin Lie in puzzlement. Right now the trio’s words had confused him greatly, and he had no idea what course of action was the best.

Qin Lie smiled. “Why don’t you head to the Nether Continent once this war is over. The Ling Family is there, and you know what kind of relationship I share with the Ling Family.”

Gao Yu thought for a moment. “I’ll give you my answer after I head over and take a look first.”

He was afraid that Jia Yue might not be able to get used to Nether Realm’s environment.

“That’s fine.” Qin Lie nodded.

“Qin Lie! The eastern barbarians are about to show up!” Tang Beidou yelled from a corner of the island. “It seems that they’re able to lock onto the kids’ location.”

Qin Lie frowned and looked at Jia Yue.

“After the Graveyard of Gods had exploded, the eastern barbarians obtained the Arrow God’s remains and the Sun Killing Bow. The Sun Killing Bow can… lock down our position. That’s why we’re unable to escape from them no matter where we run to.” Jia Yue smiled bitterly.

“The Sun Killing Bow?” Tang Beidou grinned and let out an odd chuckle. “Qin Lie, we’re Flaming Sun Island martial practitioners, and they’re holding the Sun Killing Bow. They’re obviously gunning for us.”

Tang Beidou had a long history with the eastern barbarians, and he didn’t hold a shred of goodwill towards them. He was obviously trying to provoke Qin Lie into action.

“Elder Tang, you don’t need to push me. They wanted to hurt Gao Yu, so of course I’m not going to just sit by and do nothing.” Qin Lie chuckled.

“Haha, that is good, that is good.” Tang Beidou laughed loudly. “I was feeling itchy all over because I haven’t visited to the eastern barbarians for a long time since I returned from the Eastern Fire Hell. To think they would visit me from so far away!”

While they were talking to each other, the eastern barbarians’ bird-shaped war chariots and large-sized flying spirit artifacts slowly showed up on the sky at the horizon.

Tang Beidou laughed loudly before he jumped to the sky first while covered in flames.

“The Flame Demon!”

“It’s the Flame Demon!”

Cries of fright abruptly broke out of the eastern barbarians’ ranks. The war chariot formation also suddenly fell into disarray.

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