Chapter 966: Close Friend

Chapter 966: Close Friend

Qin Lie and his group teleported from Flaming Sun Island to Illusory Demon Sect, then from Illusory Demon Sect to the eastern sea of the Heavenly Slaughter Continent. They appeared at a lifeless underground spot near the seabed.

This teleportation formation thirty meters beneath this unknown island was the same size as Flaming Sun Island’s teleportation formation. A stone passage led the group back onto the surface.

“In the past, the envoys of Illusory Demon Sect used this teleportation formation to patrol the eastern sea region,” Yu Lingwei explained.

Qin Lie looked towards the horizon. The sky was blue, the clouds were white, and there was no end to the sea.

“Ah, so there’s a teleportation formation around here,” Tang Beidou muttered.

Qin Lie smiled and asked, “Are you familiar with this place?”

Tang Beidou looked proud of himself.

“Qin Lie, the eastern barbarians will surely feel a rising headache with the Flame Demon by your side.” the Horned Demon warrior with eight horns, Tate, chuckled.

“Oh?” Qin Lie didn’t understand what he meant.

He knew that there were two reasons that compelled Tang Beidou to guard Gray Island. One of them was Tang Siqi, and the other was… Tate.

Tang Beidou and Tate seemed to share a close relationship with each other.

“Old Tang used to cultivate at the Eastern Fire Hell, and the Eastern Fire Hell is to the east of the eastern barbarian’s territory.” Tate let out an odd chuckle before continuing, “Old Tang here gave a lot of trouble to the eastern barbarians in the past, so they’ll definitely be shocked to see him later.”

“I wonder which one of those old fools will show up this time.” Tang Beidou snorted.

“Once this matter is over, Old Tang and Lu Yi should come with me. I know a place that’s… suitable for your cultivation,” Qin Lie suddenly said while rubbing his chin.

Tang Beidou and Lu Yi looked moved by this.

They knew very well that Qin Lie had a relationship with Boluo Realm. They also knew from Ge Rongguang’s description that Boluo Realm had three unbearably hot suns during the day and nine moons during the night...

Tang Beidou and Lu Yi had wanted to visit Boluo Realm since a long time ago. The reason Ge Rongguang reminded Qin Lie about their desire last time was because he noticed that they desperately wanted to go there.

The reason they hadn’t asked to visit that place yet was because they weren’t sure what was the situation at Boluo Realm and whether Qin Lie was free to escort them.

Excitement began to creep in their hearts when they heard Qin Lie bringing up this matter.

“How long do we have to travel from here to the eastern barbarians?” Qin Lie looked at Yu Lingwei again.

“According to the latest news, the eastern barbarians should be at Shuttle Island about two thousand and five hundred kilometers away from here. Oh, also the people they’re chasing after are only about two thousand kilometers away,” Yu Lingwei explained.

Qin Lie nodded. “Then let us head over as soon as possible.”

Then, he took out the Hexagon Chariot and motioned everyone to get onto the vehicle.

The Soul Altar experts were all quite curious about the new crystalline war chariot that was created by Flaming Sun Island. Naturally, they all climbed up on their own.

The crystalline war chariot glowed with crystalline luster under the sun. The war chariot was shaped like a bowl or a plate, so it wasn’t crowded at all even though they all had all stood atop.

Electricity passed through the mysterious and complex spirit diagram engraved on a crystalline surface beneath their feet constantly.

Qin Lie stood at the center of the Hexagon Chariot and put a hand at the groove where a spirit stone should be fitted in.

His soul consciousness swam inside the spirit diagram.

“Sit well.”

A refined spirit energy suddenly flowed into the core of the spirit diagram. The Hexagon Chariot started.


Like an arrow, the Hexagon Chariot abruptly rushed forwards with unbelievable speed.

The three-level Soul Altar expert Tang Beidou, Tate, and everyone else couldn’t help but cry out involuntarily.

They noticed that they wouldn’t be much faster than the Hexagon Chariot even if they were to summon their Soul Altars and fly at full speed.

Celestial Artifact Sect’s best crystalline war chariot was at least three times slower compared to the Hexagon Chariot. This also meant that Flaming Sun Island’s core members could only be caught by a three-level Soul Altar expert if they were to escape at top speed using this crystalline war chariot.

“Not bad. This vehicle is seriously fast. It’s even slightly better than Lunar Temple and Sun Palce’s war chariots.” Eddie gave his review.

He once interacted with Lunar Temple and Sun Palace back at Boluo Realm. Naturally, he knew of their excellent war chariots.

However, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace were Gold rank forces of Spirit Realm’s Central World. It was only natural that their artificers’ artifact forging skills were extraordinary.

Flaming Sun Island was just a Silver rank force in the Land of Chaos, and they had just become one. 

Flaming Sun Island’s artificers had only just started to grow. That was why they were very surprised to see that they could refine such a high-end spirit artifact in such a short time.

“Good! Very good! This is so much faster than me flying by myself!” Qin Lie showered the vehicle with praises.

This Hexagon Chariot might have cost a million Earth Grade spirit stones to build, but in return it gave him tremendous movement speed.

Plus, he should be able to drive it even in Boluo Realm since he could wield the power of gravity.

This meant that he didn’t need to rely on Teng Yuan, Nivitt or others to move about in Boluo Realm any longer.

It took only half an hour to fly several thousand kilometers inside the Hexagon Chariot.

“Boy, I think the friend you’re looking for is right ahead,” Tang Beidou suddenly said.

“Don’t worry, the eastern barbarians’ primary objective isn’t them.” At this point Yu Lingwei had learned about Gao Yu already. She said, “They’re using them as an excuse to invade the Heavenly Slaughter Continent. Therefore, they won’t attack them until they’ve achieved their goal.”

Qin Lie nodded. “How much longer until we see them?”

“In a moment,” Tang Beidou answered.

Dozens of seconds later, a Demon God avatar with a pair of wings behind its back appeared at the horizon as expected.

The avatar was carrying a man and a woman while flying across the sea surface. They were sitting on its shoulder, looking around.

“It looks like my tribesmen won’t try to kill us until we reach the Heavenly Slaughter Continent,” Jia Yue said calmly.

Ever since she noticed her tribesmen’s true objective, she no longer worried for her life day and night. Instead, she wondered what she should do after they reached Heavenly Slaughter Continent.

“Flaming Sun Island isn’t far from the Heavenly Slaughter Continent. We’ll see if we can teleport there from Illusory Demon Sect once we reach our destination,” Gao Yu said.

“Illusory Demon Sect and Flaming Sun Island aren’t close with each other, and I heard that Illusory Demon Sect had disliked Flaming Sun Island for a very long time. How could they possibly help us?”

The duo hadn’t paid much attention to the news lately, so they had no idea that Illusory Demon Sect had reconciled with Flaming Sun Island already. They still thought that Wen Bin was the master of Illusory Demon Sect.

“No, we can’t go to Illusory Demon Sect! I’m not a denizen of the Land of Chaos, so I doubt they’ll accept me lightly. They might even attack me because of my identity.” Jia Yue suddenly shook her head before asking uncertainly, “Also, are you sure Qin Lie will mobilize Flaming Sun Island and fight the eastern barbarians for you?”

Gao Yu was silent.

“A lot of things fade away with time…” Jia Yue said quietly.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

It was at this moment the sound of the Hexagon Chariot cutting through air reached their ears.

They abruptly looked up and saw a shiny, odd-shaped war chariot descending from the sky like a falling star.

There were people inside the war chariot.

Gao Yu and Jia Yue’s expressions changed immediately.

“Long time no see.” Qin Lie’s voice suddenly rang from above.

“Qin Lie!” Gao Yu and Jia Yue exclaimed softly in unison.

The Hexagon Chariot stopped right in front of the Demon God avatar’s sharp horn. While laughing loudly, he poked his head out of the war chariot and said, “I heard you’re being chased by the eastern barbarians, so I’ve come over to help you.”

Tate, Yu Lingwei, Eddie, Yuria, and the others slowly appeared behind Qin Lie.

Finally, Tang Beidou’s messy red hair and unkempt appearance entered their view as well.

“Flame Demon! It’s the Flame Demon!” Jia Yue abruptly screamed. Her eyes were filled with such deep fear that one would think that she had seen a monster.

“Old Tang, is it just me or are you infamous among the eastern barbarians?” Lu Yi exclaimed in surprise.

Tang Beidou let out a dry laugh. “Well, every time I got bored of cultivating at the Eastern Fire Hell, I will make some trouble for the eastern barbarians. Heh, I’ve fought every old fool among the eastern barbarians at least once, and I’ve killed at least nine hundred of them, if not a thousand. It’s only natural that they would fear me.”

“He’s an elder of Flaming Sun Island and our ally. You don’t have to fear him,” Qin Lie explained to Jia Yue.

Then, he grinned brightly at Gao Yu. “Come on, put away your Demon God avatar and get onto the chariot!”


Inside the Hexagon Chariot, Tate, Eddie, and Yuria’s faces changed slowly as they observed Gao Yu and the Demon God avatar beneath him.

“He possesses the purest and richest kind of Demon God aura I’ve ever seen!” Eddie abruptly exclaimed.

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