Chapter 965: A Change in Status

Chapter 965: A Change in Status

It was only a long, long time later that the group finally somewhat calmed down. However, they were unable to contain their happy, beaming smiles across their faces.

To them, the fact that the Illusory Demon Sect was submitting to them was like a dream.

A force which they had once looked up to had abruptly become one of their vassal forces. Their massive change in status caused them to also finally realize the strength of Flaming Sun Island.

“Here are some things for you all to look at.” Qin Lie’s lips curled into a smile.

Afterwards, having attracted everyone’s gaze onto himself, Qin Lie took out one spatial ring after another. Light continuously flashed as a large number of rare treasures began to appear on the stone floor of the palace.

“Soaring Dragon Wood! Dragon Pattern Gold!”

“rank nine Bamboo! Snake Eye Crystal!”

“Black Flame Iron! Jade Soul Liquid!”

All of the people within the palace couldn’t help but exclaim as they saw the collection of rare spirit materials on the ground. Seeing the light radiating from the materials, they couldn’t help but feel giddy.

They were all knowledgeable figures. From just a single glance, they were able to roughly estimate the value of these materials.

“These come from the Boluo Realm?” Song Tingyu asked, her eyes brightening.

“They are the first batch of trading materials from the Giant and Black Jail Races.” Qin Lie grinned as he handed two lists to Song Tingyu, “These are the materials these two forces are asking for, thirty of each.”

After receiving the lists, Song Tingyu focusedly looked over them. The corners of her mouth raised to form an exquisite smile as she said, “We can make a profit of sixty to seventy million spirit stones!”

As she said those words, the faces of everyone present immediately became joyful and full of smiles.

“Qin Lie! To us, the Boluo Realm is simply a mountain of treasures, one with an inexhaustible amount of wealth!” Mo Hai said, full of praise.

“Just this Boluo Realm is enough to turn our Flaming Sun Island into one of the most prosperous forces in the Land of Chaos.” Tang Siqi was also extremely amazed. “Even if we didn’t have any artificers and couldn’t rely on artifact forging to make money, just our connection to Boluo Realm would still guarantee us a great amount of wealth.”

At this time, everyone’s attention once again turned towards the trades between Flaming Sun Island and the Boluo Realm, and the possible riches that they could obtain.

“Qin Lie, Sect Master Yu would like to personally converse with you,” Song Tingyu said.

“Okay.” Qin Lie smiled, then said, “I will leave for Illusory Demon Sect right away.”

“No. It’s not like that.” Song Tingyu shook her head, her eyes turning into crescents as she replied, “She will be personally coming over.”

“Eh?” Qin Lie was so surprised he couldn’t respond.

“From today on, you are above everyone else. If she wants to talk to you… she needs to personally come to Flaming Sun Island. If you ever need to talk to her, you only need to transmit a summon and she will quickly come over from Illusory Demon Sect,” Song Tingyu patiently explained.


After being dazed for a moment, Qin Lie nodded and responded, “I understand.”

“I will let her know then.” Song Tingyu made the arrangement.

An hour later.

Yu Lingwei arrived before Qin Lie, accompanied by Qiu Huili and several Nirvana Realm guards.

By this time, the people within the palace had all already left. Only Song Tingyu and Tang Siqi remained beside Qin Lie.

“Greetings, Island Master Qin.” Yu Lingwei hurried over and bowed in salute.

The Nirvana Realm Illusory Demon Sect members behind her naturally lowered their heads to pay respect as well.

“No need to be courteous.” Qin Lie relaxedly nodded as he signaled for them to relax. Afterwards, he focused his attention on Yu Lingwei.

This was the first time he was truly able to closely observe this sect master of Illusory Demon Sect.

At a glance, Yu Lingwei seemed to only be around thirty years of age. Her figure was delicate and petite, but still well-proportioned.

From what he saw, her appearance and figure would only place her a little above average. She was nowhere near Song Tingyu, and slightly inferior to Tang Siqi.

Yet, Yu Lingwei’s eyes were indeed extremely charming. They seemed to be hiding many mysteries behind them, like a valley covered in an early morning mist.

The depths of her eyes seemed to be always shifting as if a mystic world was being created and destroyed within, similar to the treasure of the Illusory Demon Sect, the Illusory Demon Sphere.

“Senior Yu, have you truly carefully considered everything?” Qin Lie suddenly asked.

A look of helplessness abruptly emerged on Yu Lingwei’s face as she responded, “Even if there weren’t the eastern barbarians, there is still the Terminator Sect, Black Voodoo Cult, and Heavenly Sword Mountain. Due to our extremely fertile and prosperous land, they all intend to move against my Illusory Demon Sect once we no longer have the strength to defend ourselves. At some point, we will inevitably be trampled into the ground… thus we require the protection of a stronger force.”

“Why did you pick Flaming Sun Island?” Qin Lie asked.

“One reason is because Flaming Sun Island is strong enough. You can request the assistance of a Void Realm expert, possess the most excellent artificers, and your wealth and resource are abundant. The other because in the past, Island Master Qin was clearly able to take advantage of the situation to settle in the Heavenly Slaughter Continent and kick the Illusory Demon Sect out, yet you did not do so…”

Yu Lingwei stared deeply towards Qin Lie and continued, “This caused me to realize that Island Master Qin’s mind and vision are much greater and more open than the vast majority of people within the Land of Chaos. Your strength and broad-mindedness are what led us to choose you and your Flaming Sun Island in our search for a protector.”

At this time, a tinge of abnormality appeared in both Song Tingyu and Tang Siqi’s eyes as they looked at Qin Lie.

Months ago, after Wen Bin’s group, with the assistance of Black Voodoo Cult, had occupied Illusory Demon Sect, they had ignored Yu Lingwei and her group and not had any thoughts of forcefully wrestling away Illusory Demon Sect.

Moreover, once the matter had concluded, Qin Lie had not demanded Illusory Demon Sect’s territory during his meeting with Jiang Zhuzhe and Mo Lingye over spoils of war. This caused them to believe Qin Lie was quite tolerant.

And now, the most important reason for Yu Lingwei surrendering the entirety of Illusory Demon Sect today was her own gratitude towards Qin Lie for his magnanimity.

This caused the two girls to realize that many of Qin Lie’s seemingly bizarre actions were indeed done with the greater interest of Flaming Sun Island in mind.

“This matter… we cannot make it public too early.” After thinking for a moment, Qin Lie said, “If everyone knows that Illusory Demon Sect has attached itself to Flaming Sun Island, I’m afraid it will cause a great disturbance. Flaming Sun Island will become a Silver rank force and become the most feared competitor of the other forces in Land of Chaos.”

“We shall listen to the arrangements of Flaming Sun Island.” Yu Lingwei softly responded, “Once they are completed, then from there on, thirty percent of all of the spirit materials and stones originating from Illusory Demon Sect’s mines and spirit mountains will be given to Flaming Sun Island as tribute. From that point onward, Illusory Demon Sect will be under Flaming Sun Island’s control and accept any orders, whether it is resisting strong enemies or conquering other forces. Of course, when our Illusory Demon Sect encounters any crises, Flaming Sun Island must also help us resolve our troubles as our protector.”

After a slight pause, she continued, “The factions previously associated with my Illusory Demon Sect, Evil Eye, and Sky Flame, will also be included by our agreement.”

“For the vast majority of Silver rank forces, such relations with subordinate forces are very standard.” Song Tingyu commented.

Qin Lie nodded. He agreed, “Then let it be so. As for the details…” Qin Lie looked towards Song Tingyu and Tang Siqi before continuing, “Senior Yu can arrange for others to talk with these two and come to an agreement.”

“Alright.” Yu Lingwei succinctly responded, then bitterly laughed, “The eastern barbarians are currently invading…”

“Do you all have any teleportation formations which can let us make it over there and intercept them?” Qin Lie casually asked.

“Good. Then give me an hour. I’ll make some arrangements.”


Very quickly, Tang Beidou, Tan Miao, and Lu Yi all received orders. They hurriedly gathered at Flaming Sun Island.

On the other side, Tate returned to the Nether Continent through the White Bone Nether Spirit Altar and invited Eddie and Yuria over.

An hour later. In the teleportation formation of Flaming Sun Island stood Qin Lie, along with five Soul Altar experts.

“We have three three-level Soul Altar experts. You have a two-level Soul Altar. If we also include the two one-level Soul Altars of Tan Miao and Lu Yi, could you perhaps first stop the advance of the eastern barbarians?” Qin Lie asked.

Yu Lingwei took a deep breath, then responded, “I should be able to.”

“Qin Lie, this is our newly refined Hexagon Chariot. It might be of use to you,” Tang Siqi said.

As she spoke, a bowl shaped crystalline chariot with six incredibly sharp corners flashing with icy light abruptly emerged from within her spatial ring.

“We can also forge crystalline chariots?” Qin Lie blankly asked.

Until now, almost all of the crystalline chariots in the Land of Chaos had been forge and sold by Celestial Artifact Sect.

Only Terminator Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain also had one or two artificers who could forge this kind of flying spirit artifact.

Qin Lie had originally thought that there was still quite a while before Flaming Sun Island would be able to forge its own crystalline chariots.

He had never expected that the artificers of Gray Island would give him such a surprise just as he prepared to go deal with the eastern barbarians.

“This Hexagon Chariot is about three times faster than Celestial Artifact Sect’s highest grade chariot!” Tang Siqi’s blushing face was like a ripe apple as she proudly introduced the chariot, “Not only is it three times faster, this Hexagon Chariot’s six corners are each incredibly sharp and able to be treated as spirit artifacts! From today on, those who want chariots in the Land of Chaos, will order them from us!”

Qin Lie became incredibly shocked.

“With just our own knowledge, it would still be not really possible for us to control the entire market of crystalline war chariots and other flying spirit artifacts,” Mo Hai calmly interjected. “However, with the guidance of Senior Evil Infant in addition to our own core diagrams, things have changed.”

Qin Lie instantly understood.

Evil Infant Boy was originally the junior brother of Luo Han, Celestial Artifact Sect’s most talented artificer. Thus, he was able to refine even large-sized teleportation formations. Naturally, this meant that he was very familiar with the forging methods for flying spirit artifacts quite as well.

Upon having received Qin Lie’s promise and letting him see the Flaming Sun Island’s treasure—ancient spirit diagrams—it seemed like he had truly devoted his entire being to Flaming Sun Island.

The Hexagon Chariot was most likely created through his guidance with the addition of ancient spirit diagram as the artifact’s core. As such, they had managed to create a high level flying spirit artifact.

“Where is Senior Evil Infant?” Qin Lie gazed towards Gray Island.

“He has put his entire heart and mind towards studying the diagrams,” Mo Hai explained.

Qin Lie remembered very clearly when Evil Infant Boy first saw the ancient diagrams. He knew that it was very likely that Evil Infant Boy would be forgetting to eat for quite a while as he wholeheartedly devoted himself towards studying them. Qin Lie realized he would probably not see Evil Infant Boy for quite some time.

“How many of these Hexagon Chariots do we have?” Tate’s eyes brightened.

Upon hearing that these chariots were three times faster than even Celestial Artifact Sect’s highest grade chariot, Tate was shocked, and abruptly had his interest piqued.

He knew very clearly that a chariot of this level could probably carve out a name for itself even in Spirit Realm’s Central World.

“As of now… we only have one. The main thing is the parts are just too expensive. The construction of just one of these Hexagon Chariots required the consumption of nearly one million spirit stones, about the amount of wealth a Copper rank force gains within an entire year!” Mo Hai said.

“Let’s make another ten or so!” Qin Lie ordered.

“Okay,” Mo Hai agreed.

“Ten chariots, each costing a million Earth Grade spirit stones. I’m afraid even some Silver rank forces… wouldn’t be able to afford such expenditure.” Yu Lingwei secretly exclaimed in shock. She suddenly felt that Flaming Sun Island’s financial resources were even more terrifying than she had thought.


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