Chapter 963: Giant Race

Chapter 963: Giant Race

Boluo Realm.

Under the burning sky, the sky seemed to be on fire, trying to burn away the last drop of water in people's bodies.

Tong Zhenzhen came once again in hopes of arranging for some Vermillion Birds to come to Boluo Realm and she also hoped to receive Tong Yan's promise to act against Blue Flame Manor together.

On the other side, Qin Lie wanted to claim a territory for Flaming Sun Island’s base through the Ancient Beast Race.

Consequently, the two came together.

When Tong Zhenzhen went to find the rank nine Vermillion Bird, Qin Lie was talking to Nivitt and Teng Yuan.

"How large an area do you want? Any special requirements?" Teng Yuan asked nonchalantly.

"I do not need a very large one," Qin Lie explained. "I only want to arrange for some people to cultivate in Boluo Realm's special environment. I do not have any great need for location. I only hope it is a place that is quiet, safe and away from fighting."

"How about the area within fifty kilometers north of the secret realm entrance?" Teng Yuan said.

"Could you take me for a visit?"

"No problem!"

A bright yellow light shield then wrapped around Qin Lie and took him for a cruise around the area north of the secret realm entrance.

Qin Lie looked closely and found that this part of the Ancient Beast Race’s territory was all gray-brown mountains with some ancient beasts living within.

"Look over there." Nivitt pointed at the sky.

Looking over, Qin Lie found about seven islands of different sizes floating in the air.

The smallest among them was slightly larger than Li Mu's Floating Island. The largest however, was larger than Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island and, Blood Island added up together.

"Humans like to cultivate on the floating islands, Lunar Temple, Sun Palace and the families are all like that." Nivitt twisted his mouth. "We ancient beasts, and the races of Boluo Realm, like to establish ourselves on solid ground. We don’t like the feeling of being in the air. These seven floating islands are all within one hundred miles of us. They will naturally belong to you."

Qin Lie's eyes suddenly lit up.

Those seven islands were thousands meters above the earth. They would directly face the heat of the three suns during the day and bath in the moonlight during night.

Tang Beidou and Lu Yi would definitely feel comfortable cultivating on these seven islands.

"Great location," he praised.

Boluo Realm's gravity was ten times that of Spirit Realm yet wondrous rocks could float in the sky. He marveled at this.

"My bloodline has recently reached rank six. I need to borrow the magma lakes of volcanoes to cultivate. Do you two have any places to recommend?"

After determining the location, he relaxed and asked again.

"You want Tong Yan's place?" Nivitt shouted.

"I will be the only one cultivating there," Qin Lie explained.

Nivitt sighed in relief. He said, "Then there won’t be any problems. There are many volcanoes where the Vermillion Birds and the Flame Race live. The Flame Race... you should not go there right now. But you can go anywhere in Vermillion Bird Race’s territory."

"That would be best," Qin Lie laughed.

"Boom boom boom!”

As the three spoke, rumbles came from the horizon.

Qin Lie looked from afar and found something like a small gold mountain moving through the forest.

Under the illumination of the suns, the reflected golden light was dazzling.

"Banderas is coming," Teng Yuan snickered.

"This old fogey is moving quickly," Nivitt muttered.

Qin Lie was astounded. Then he looked and found the moving gold mountain was the gold giant he had once seen before.

The gold giant caused the forest and mountains to tremble as he walked. The earth gave off reverberating thuds.

"Banderas pestered me many times to notify him immediately if you came again," Teng Yuan said with a helpless expression. “He bothered me so much that I messaged him when you came.”

"What does he want from me?" Qin Lie asked.

"What else?" Nivitt snorted. "He knows that us ancient beasts obtained a great amount of cultivation materials through you, he also wants to trade with you."

Qin Lie immediately smiled and said, "Let him come then!"

"Tyler should also be coming soon," Teng Yuanr said.

"The more the better!" Qin Lie smiled even more happily.

He knew that Tyler was an expert of the Black Jail Race, and Banderas was the head of the Giant Race. These two could represent their respective races.

The places where the Black Jail Race and the Giant Race lived produced all kinds of precious spirit materials, many of which the Ancient Beast Race did not have.

Through business with the Ancient Beast Race, he had made great profit. How could he refuse the Giant Race and the Black Jail Race coming to him for business?

Flaming Sun Island had to develop, had to provide spirit materials for their Nirvana Realm practitioners to build Soul Altars.

Additionally, he had to help Ling Yushi against Blue Flame Manor. That would also need a vast amount of spirit materials and spirit stones. Therefore, he had to make more profit through Boluo Realm.

The Black Jail Race and the Giant Race had to go through him to gather rare materials that Boluo Realm could never produce.

This business was beneficial to both sides.


The gold giant Banderas suddenly shouted when he was about to arrive.

A gust of wind rose in that part of the forest, the ancient trees swaying, leaves flying into the air as the branches cracked and snapped.

The nearby Ancient Beast clansmen quickly moved away.

When the gold giant came closer, Qin Lie saw this giant that was even larger than the god corpses and had an enormous bag on his golden shoulder.

That bag seemed able to contain hundreds of people.

As he moved, he seemed extremely careful. He did not allow the enormous bag to land on the ground as though he was afraid he would damage the contents.

"Do not shout recklessly!" Teng Yuan scolded.

Banderas laughed openly, and scratched his head with one hand. He said, "I am too happy, I waited too long for this esteemed guest to arrive."

As he spoke, he strode forward with large strides, making a path through the forest until he reached where Qin Lie and the others were.

At this time, Qin Lie was on a small gray-brown mountain. When Banderas came, he found that Banderas's head was almost the same height as the mountain.

He grimaced inside.

Compared to Banderas, the god corpses and the Demon God avatars of Nether Realm suddenly seemed small.

And he, in Banderas's eyes, might just be... a small insect.

"The stuff is in here, take a look."

Banderas stopped and carefully put down the large bag he had been carrying. Then, he opened the bag and pulled out seven hundred kilograms of spirit materials.

Glittering gold ore was the first thing taken out and put on the mountain where Qin Lie was. The ore contained golden threads that appeared like dragon patterns that seemed to contain some profound mystery.

"Heaven Grade Five, Dragon Pattern Gold!" Qin Lie shouted in surprise.

Then, several dozen strange slabs of wood were taken out. The slabs had grains like coiling dragons that wrapped around the trunk like a dragon about to take flight.

"The Soaring Dragon Wood produced in the same place as Dragon Pattern Gold! Heaven Grade Six!"

Banderas carefully took out six head-sized jars and carefully placed them at Qin Lie's feet.

The jars contained blue liquid. Qin Lie looked down and seemed to see the reflection of his True Soul in the liquid.

"Jade Soul Liquid!" Qin Lie changed color.

Banderas laughed and said, "Not bad, right?"

He then took out Black Flame Iron, Thick Earth Topaz, and other precious materials that were almost impossible to find in the Land of Chaos.

Qin Lie looked dazedly with a shocked expression.

The spirit materials that Banderas took out were almost all Heaven Grade spirit materials. They were worth even more than the Ancient Beast Race's materials.

"These are... the materials that we need. Could you see if you can help us gather them?" During his daze, Banderas embarrassedly handed over a list written in Spirit Realm's common language. "When we traded with Sun Palace before, our spirit materials could only trade for a small number of things on the list. What do you think?"

"Thirty times!" Qin Lie said briskly after giving the list a quick look. "I can give you thirty times the materials on the list!"

Banderas suddenly gave off a blinding golden light. He nodded solemnly towards Qin Lie and said excitedly, "Thank you! The Giant Race will all be grateful!"

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