Chapter 962: Harsh Reality

Chapter 962: Harsh Reality

“The eastern barbarians are approaching. They’ve plundered all the islands we command along the way. This doesn’t look good.”

At Illusory Demon Sect, an old woman in the Nirvana Realm with many deep wrinkles on her face reported worriedly to Yu Lingwei.

“What about Black Voodoo Cult, Aunt Qiu?” Yu Lingwei asked in alarm and shock.

Several Nirvana Realm martial practitioners were gathered at the main hall of Illusory Demon Sect. They looked very worried.

The two three-level Soul Altar experts Ji Qingpeng and Yu Tong had been killed by the three ghoul races, whereas Chu Miaodan and Wen Bin were eliminated by Flaming Sun Island. This meant that Yu Lingwei was the only Soul Altar expert left in Illusory Demon Sect.

Yu Lingwei felt powerless in this situation.

Now that the eastern barbarians were invading, the future looked worrisome and was filled with unknown dangers.

“Black Voodoo Cult hasn’t moved at all.” The old woman Yu Lingwei referred to as “Aunt Qiu” was called Qiu Huili. She let out a deep sigh before saying, “Ever since Flaming Sun Island, Xue Li and Jiang Zhuzhe worked together to kill the patriarchs of the three great families and traitors such as the likes of Wen Bin, they have holed up in their sects and refused to even walk out of their front gates. Black Voodoo Cult is probably afraid of further attacks and has decided to give up the islands to the east.”

“Those islands may not be enough to satisfy the eastern barbarians’ appetite.” Yu Lingwei’s expression was heavy.

“The eastern barbarians may very well be targeting the Heavenly Slaughter Continent. Black Voodoo Cult and us… will be attacked by them.” Qiu Huili looked helpless as well.

The recent turn of events in the Land of Chaos had left both Black Voodoo Cult and Illusory Demon Sect tattered and torn. Now that the three great ghoul races had gone into hiding, it was only natural for the eastern barbarians to seize this golden opportunity to invade.

Both Yu Lingwei and Qiu Huili knew very well that the eastern barbarians’ given reason behind their trespassing—that they were chasing down traitors—was just an excuse.

“Sect master, forgive my honest words but… there is one way we can resist the eastern barbarians with our current level of strength.” Qiu Huili hesitated for a moment before deciding to tell the truth.

“From what I learned, the eastern barbarians obtained the Arrow God’s remains and the Sun Killing Bow before the Graveyard of Gods exploded. While we were ravaged by the three great ghoul races, the eastern barbarians have actually grown in strength thanks to the remains and the bow.”

“The eastern barbarians’ three great clans are at the level of Silver rank forces. In the past, we were hard-pressed by the eastern barbarians even when we were at our full strength and working together with Black Voodoo Cult. After our recent losses, we are not even close to being their match.”

“What is your plan, Aunt Qiu?” Yu Lingwei asked.

Qiu Huili smiled bitterly. “It is a bit embarrassing, but… I believe we should ask for help from Blood Fiend Sect.”

Yu Lingwei sighed quietly. “We have troubled them too much already.”

“We don’t have a choice.” Qiu Huili spread her arms and said helplessly, “Illusory Demon Sect may be eliminated otherwise.”

“I’ll try.” Yu Lingwei had no choice but to nod in agreement.

After the meeting, she appeared directly at Blood Cloud Mountain Range of Heavenly Calamity Continent using the large-sized spatial teleportation formation of Illusory Demon Sect.

Right now Blood Cloud Mountain Range was busy with activity. Many Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners were rebuilding their homes they had been forced to leave for thousands of years.

New grand palaces could be seen everywhere. Many figures wearing blood-colored garb could be seen flying left and right.

Not long after Yu Lingwei had appeared, Xue Moyan personally came over to take her to Mo Lingye.

Inside a valley filled with thick blood clouds, she directly spoke of her need the moment she saw Mo Lingye.

Mo Jun, Meng Feng, and Hong Bowen were present at the meeting too. They all fell silent after they heard her request.

Even Mo Lingye was frowning slightly.

“Sister, have I… put you in a difficult spot?” Yu Lingwei felt a little anxious.

“Your Big Brother Xue is currently in seclusion inside the ultimate blood ground. I don’t think… he’ll be able to help you until some time later.” Mo Lingye’s eyes were filled with pain. “You and I are closer than true sisters even though we’re not blood related, so I shall not lie to you. Xue Li killed many Black Voodoo Cult members when we worked together with Jiang Zhuzhe to attack Black Voodoo Cult last time. After he returned, his personality changed greatly and his mood became a bit unpredictable. We all know that he’s suffering a rebound from the Blood Progenitor’s soul fragments because he fused with his Soul Altar too hastily.”

Yu Lingwei’s expression changed slightly.

“It took Mrs. Mo and Moyan a great deal of effort before they finally calmed him down. They did all they could to persuade him to enter the ultimate blood ground and stay there until he eliminated the demons in his heart,” Mo Jun interrupted. “Right now his situation is extremely dangerous. If he fights again before dealing with his inner demons… the consequences will be unthinkable.”

Inside the valley, everyone was wearing heavy expressions on their faces.

Yu Lingwei also noticed the danger of the situation.

“How about this, let me see if… Jiang Zhuzhe can help you,” Mo Lingye said.

Yu Lingwei’s spirits were raised a little as she said softly, “Thank you, sister.”

“Such words are not needed between you and I. Also, I’m just giving it a try. I dare not say that Jiang Zhuzhe will help you for sure.” Mo Lingye took out a bloody crystal and called out to Jiang Zhuzhe right before Yu Lingwei.

Yu Lingwei stared at her expectantly.

Right now, Jiang Zhuzhe was extremely famous on the Land of Chaos. He had many experts and strange corpse demons under his command, so Illusory Demon Sect’s burden was certainly going to be lessened if he was willing to help them.

However, Mo Lingye quickly ended her communication with Jiang Zhuzhe and opened her eyes.

Mo Lingye shook her head and let out a sigh. “He rejected the moment he heard that the opponent is the eastern barbarians. He said… he owed them a favor. Back when he was cornered and hunted by every Silver rank force in the Land of Chaos, the eastern barbarians were the ones who took him in. He and his people will never fight against the eastern barbarians for your sake.”

Yu Lingwei felt a bit of strength depart her when she heard this. Even her eyes had turned a little dim.

“Sister, do you think… we should try Qin Lie?” Hong Bowen suggested suddenly.

Hope reignited in Yu Lingwei’s heart once more.

“Qin Lie?” Mo Lingye frowned and shot a glance at Xue Moyan. Then, she said in a complicated tone, “Flaming Sun Island was kind enough not to claim Illusory Demon Sect for themselves before. If we beg for his aid when we ourselves cannot lend some real support to Illusory Demon Sect… we won’t be able to justify it.”

“Should I… ask him then?” Xue Moyan said suddenly.

Her eyes looked pained and helpless.

She had already learned that Qin Lie had turned down the engagement. If Illusory Demon Sect wasn’t facing a life-and-death crisis, she would never take another step into Flaming Sun Island again.

“No! It cannot be you!” Yu Lingwei exclaimed softly. She knew about this too, and she knew that Xue Moyan had been deeply hurt by the rejection already. She couldn’t possibly pour salt on her wound anymore.

“You’re not allowed to go!” Mo Lingye also scolded her.

“Sect Master Yu, have you tried Heavenly Sword Mountain, Terminator Sect, and the rest of the Silver rank forces?” Mo Jun asked again.

Yu Lingwei answered depressedly, “I did, but they haven’t responded at all.”

Everyone in the valley suddenly fell silent.

A very long time later, Hong Bowen suddenly broke the silence. “There is something I’m not sure if I should say…” He stared hesitantly at the crowd.

“What else can’t be said at this point?” Yu Lingwei sighed.

“In that case, please forgive me for my rudeness. Right now, Illusory Demon Sect cannot fight against Black Voodoo Cult on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent or any one of the great eastern barbarian tribes without external support.” Hong Bowen didn’t dare look Yu Lingwei in the eye when he said this. He continued in a soft voice, “After losing Ji Qingpeng, Wen Bin, Chu Miaodan, and Yu Tong, you are the only Soul Altar martial practitioner left in Illusory Demon Sect. Moreover, Evil Eye, Heavenly Flame and a lot more Copper rank forces that were originally under Illusory Demon Sect’s command were destroyed or beaten by the Blue Ghoul Race as well.”

Yu Lingwei’s expression turned a little unnatural, and a trace of distress and helplessness entered her eyes. However, she knew that Hong Bowen’s assessment was right, so she didn’t retort against him.

A pause later, Hong Bowen continued, “Frankly, if Sect Master Yu wasn’t still around, Illusory Demon Sect… couldn’t even be compared to many Copper rank forces. You do not have any vassal forces to support you, you do not have any Soul Altar experts to help you, and you even lost most of your core experts… If Illusory Demon Sect still wishes to rule over their original territory, then you may have to think of another way.”

“And what is that way?” Yu Lingwei asked.

Hone Bowen stayed silent for a moment before he looked away from her, bowed his head and said, “Normally, a declined force who doesn’t possess the power to maintain control over their original territory would… attach themselves to a stronger force.”

Yu Lingwei’s body trembled.

“Flaming Sun Island is close to you. They may be your best choice of a host. Right now they’re full of vitality, and they possess Void Realm experts and a secret realm entrance. They may even be the number one artificer force of the Land of Chaos in the near future.”

Finally, Hong Bowen revealed his true thoughts. “Illusory Demon Sect is a shell of its former self. Even if the eastern barbarians didn’t try to invade you, a different force would eventually go after your territory all the same.”

“If you’re willing to put down your former pride and swear fealty to Flaming Sun Island, Illusory Demon Sect will be able to stand strong just like it used to. You will not need to live in fear day and night.”

“There is probably no better way than this right now.”

Yu Lingwei’s mind turned blank after he said this. She wasn’t able to recover until a long, long time later.

Inside the valley, the experts of Blood Fiend Sect were all considering Hong Bowen’s suggestion seriously.

They suddenly realized that there were probably no better way than this for a declined force to survive in this harsh world.

Mo Lingye knew that even Jiang Zhuzhe once coveted after Illusory Demon Sect’s territory, much less Black Voodoo Cult who lived on the same continent as the latter.

Moreover, who couldn’t tell that the reason Terminator Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain weren’t willing to aid Illusory Demon Sect was because they hoped that the eastern barbarians would destroy them? Who couldn’t tell that they were hoping to negotiate with Flaming Sun Island and share Illusory Demon Sect’s territory after the fact?

Even Mo Lingye fell silent when she thought up to this point. She knew that she couldn’t lend much help to Yu Lingwei at all due to Xue Li’s crisis.

“I, I’m very confused right now. I need to go back and think this over.”

A long time later, Yu Lingwei left behind these words before she finally walked away from the meeting while still in a daze.

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