Chapter 958: Bringer of Hope

Chapter 958: Bringer of Hope

Qin Lie thought for a very, very long time inside the small stone house before he finally made his way out slowly.

He had made up his mind not to tell anyone about the changes in his bloodline.

“Qin Lie, this is Gordon of the Horned Demon Race, and this is Gray, current chief of the Ghost Eye Race.”

The moment he walked out, Luz immediately smiled at him and introduced two new faces to him.

Qin Lie nodded towards both of them before looking at the nearby Ling Yushi.

Ling Yushi was still absorbing the rank nine Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s refined blood. Her aura was peaceful, but her soul was rippling with energy.

When he set loose his soul consciousness, he discovered that it was nearly pulled into the strange whirlpool of activity that was in Ling Yushi’s soul.

He hastily withdrew his consciousness and simply stared at her with serious expression.

“Miss Ling’s bloodline has characteristics of Nether Realm’s Nine Soul Hell. She’s going to be the epoch-maker of the Dark Nether Race!” La Pu said excitedly. “Big brother and I will persuade the Ghost Eye Race elders to acknowledge Miss Ling’s identity!”

“Big brother?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

La Pu pointed at Gray while looking a little embarrassed. He said, “He’s my big brother.”

“I see.” Qin Lie was slightly surprised by the connection.

Then, he abruptly shook and asked, “Will the Ghost Eye Race acknowledge the Ling Family’s identity?”

“There shouldn’t be any problems,” Gray promised loudly.

Qin Lie was filled with joy the moment he heard this. He knew that Ling Yushi hadn’t had a good time on the Nether Continent recently because of Blue Flame Manor and the lack of support from the Ghost Eye Race.

Three thousand years had passed, and the Ghost Eye Race had become the most powerful race in the entire Nether Realm. Both the Profound Yin Nether Sea and Nine Soul Hell were under their control.

Nearly all of the most precious spirit materials in Nether Realm were birthed in these two places. That was why the two other races led by the Ling Family weren’t able to obtain Nether Realm’s cultivation resources without the Ghost Eye Race’s acknowledgement.

To the Ling Family, some of the spirit materials that grew in these two strange lands were the best spirit medicine they could hope for to improve their strength swiftly.

However, the Ghost Eye Race had more experts and was stronger than both the Horned Demon Race and Dark Shadow Race combined.

If the Ghost Eye Race could agree to support Ling Yushi in the war against Blue Flame Manor, they might be strong enough to contend against their enemies.

Now that their internal troubles had been resolved, the foreign enemies suddenly looked a lot less threatening than before.

Qin Lie knew that Gray’s promise was amazing news to the Ling Family, Luz, and Gordon.

“Have your bloodline reached rank six already?” Luz asked.

Qin Lie nodded. “That’s right. Thanks to the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s blood essence and the three drops of refined blood the fire spirit gave me, my bloodline has reached rank six.”

“Have you obtained a new latent ability?” Gordon looked very curious.

Many powerful races had the chance of gaining a new latent ability every time their bloodline evolved to the next rank. Since Qin Lie possessed the strongest God Race bloodline, it was only natural to think that he would gain a new latent ability after the breakthrough.

“No, it simply improved my original latent abilities by a little,” Qin Lie said calmly.

“I see…” La Pu looked very puzzled and surprised by this outcome. “Maybe you’ll gain a stronger latent ability when you achieve rank seven. According to my knowledge, some races naturally have a lower chance of gaining new latent abilities.”

Everyone threw in their own opinions regarding the mysteries of bloodlines.

“Did someone from Blue Flame Manor hurt Yushi?” Qin Lie suddenly asked.

Gordon gritted his teeth and uttered with a savage look on his face, “Guan Zhou of Blue Flame Manor was the one who injured her!”

“Back then I haven’t returned to Nether Realm, and Gray and the Ghost Eye Race wasn’t willing to lend us a hand in fighting against Blue Flame Manor. Therefore, Gordon was the only one who could fight against the human Void Realm expert,” Luz explained. “That Guan Zhou possesses a five-level Soul Altar, and he fights together with a four-level Soul Altar expert called Wan Tong. Therefore, Gordon was at a disadvantage when he fought against both of them…”

“Gray! Get back to your race as soon as possible and let them know just how powerful our queen’s bloodline is! Tell those old fools to acknowledge the Ling Family’s status already!” Gordon let out a snort before saying, “Now that Luz has returned, and the Ghost Eye Race has decided to support us, we have the power to take the fight to Blue Flame Manor instead!”

“Is Blue Flame Manor’s palace lord, Cai Can, still at the Vermillion Bird Realm?” Luz asked while narrowing his eyes.

“I’m not sure.” Gordon shook his head. “Cai Can didn’t join in the offense when Blue Flame Manor attacked us last time. I heard that Cai Can went to the Vermillion Bird Realm to cultivate and hasn’t returned yet, but I’m not sure if he’s come back already.”

Luz nodded and smiled at Qin Lie. “Do you remember the time you brought a rank eight Vermillion Bird to meet Tong Yan at Boluo Realm?”

He knew of Tong Zhenzhen’s identity.

Realization struck Qin Lie as he exclaimed, “That’s right! The Vermillion Bird Realm is currently occupied by Blue Flame Manor, so in this case the Vermillion Bird Race is our ally! Before Tong Zhenzhen left, she did tell me she wanted to work with us and fight against Blue Flame Manor!”

“A rank nine Vermillion Bird is a pretty terrifying opponent!” Luz said with bright eyes, “Tong Yan’s strength is probably on par with Cai Can’s, so if she’s willing to lend us a hand, Blue Flame Manor is not a concern.”

“Are we certain that the teleportation formation Tate left behind on Soul Summoning Island will work smoothly at any time?” Qin Lie asked.

Gordon thought for a moment. “There will be no problems.”

“I don’t think the Vermillion Bird Race is the only ally we can summon... I think I should be able to convince Teng Yuan and Nivitt to help us too.” Qin Lie pondered for a moment before saying, “Also, I can supply you guys with a great amount of spirit armors, spirit artifacts and all sorts of cultivation resources. To be honest, I couldn’t find a place to spend the ridiculous amount of spirit stones I earned thanks to Boluo Realm until now.”

Gordon and Luz shook at his words.

La Pu also exclaimed, “It is true that Flaming Sun Island is rolling in money, and they have the Blazing Profound Bombs too. If several bombs are detonated at once, they can instantly kill all martial practitioners under the Imperishable Realm!”

The three great experts of Nether Realm immediately grew spirited.

“Go make a list of spirit materials, spirit armors, spirit artifacts, pills, and so on that you’re lacking right now. When I head back to the Ruined Lands, I will send the order to have them prepared and delivered to the Nether Continent as soon as possible,” Qin Lie said.

“Alright!” Gordon was overjoyed.

“You guys chat amongst yourselves. I’ll be heading over there for a moment.” Qin Lie walked towards Ling Chengzhi and other members of Ling Family after he said this.

With Gordon and Luz around, he believed that nothing undesirable would befall Ling Yushi.

“Uncle Ling, Brother Feng, Xuanxuan! Long time no see.” Qin Lie called out.

Ling Chengzhi and the rest of the Ling Family were sitting quietly on the other side of the Ling Family’s public square, watching Ling Yushi’s transformation and Qin Lie chatting with the three peak experts of the three great races from afar.

After so many years had passed since their bloodline awakening, Ling Feng and Ling Xuanxuan entered the Fulfillment Realm. They actually surpassed Ling Chengzhi—who was only in the Manifestation Realm—because he was past the best time to awaken his bloodline.

“What were you guys talking about, Big Brother Qin?” Ling Xuanxuan was garbed in a bright red dress, and she was growing prettier and prettier over time. She cast a somewhat fearful glance towards Gray and asked, “That guy with nine eyes had always been harsh towards us. He always looks at us with disdainful eyes. What did you talk with him about?”

“The Ghost Eye Race came over a few times, but they never spoke anything good about us.” Ling Chengzhi let out a long sigh. “Even worse, the Ghost Eye Race is the strongest race in Nether Realm right now. We cannot obtain the items that we need for our cultivation without their acknowledgement.”

He pointed at Ling Xuanxuan and Ling Feng.

His own bloodline hadn’t awakened, so he didn’t need the special cultivation materials of Nether Realm yet. He was just worrying for the juniors.

“I heard from Tate about you.” Ling Feng grinned and said candidly, “You haven’t changed a bit. Tate told me you nearly turned the Land of Chaos upside down, haha!”

He was happy for Qin Lie from the bottom of his heart.

“We would’ve stuck with you if we knew this would happen.” Ling Xuanxuan pursed her lips and said unhappily, “Sure, our realm and bloodline have been improving non-stop ever since we came to the Nether Continent, and the Horned Demon Race and Dark Shadow Race also treated us with great respect. But Blue Flame Manor is trying to invade us, and the Ghost Eye Race is unconvinced of us. Our life is an endless cycle of oppression.”

Ling Xuanxuan’s eyes suddenly lit up as she asked excitedly, “Qin Lie! Why don’t we come with you to the Land of Chaos?”

“I don’t think you can.” Qin Lie shook his head.

“But why?” Ling Xuanxuan asked disappointedly.

Qin Lie turned around and looked at Gordon, Gray and Luz. He said, “To them, you all are the hope of Nether Realm. They will conquer the world with you at the center and lead the races of Nether Realm to their former glory.”

“That guy totally looks down on us!” Ling Xuanxuan pointed at Gray and snorted.

“That is in the past.” Gray turned towards them and revealed a terrifying smile from afar. “From hereon, you are the Dark Nether Race in my heart! You are the royal race of Nether Realm!”

He then looked at Ling Yushi with real respect for the first time. “And she, is the queen of us, Ghost Eye Race!”

The members of the Ling Family were completely caught off guard. They had no idea what Qin Lie told Gray to change his mind so abruptly.

They all looked gratefully at Qin Lie.

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