Chapter 957: Perfect Blood!

Chapter 957: Perfect Blood!

In an unknown chaotic world, countless prismatic rays of light flashed to and fro, white clouds moved and rolled, while everything in view was blurry.

Only nearby could one see the crystal icy bubbles. Those bubbles were like stars, billions of them filled the firmament.

Lightning divine characters flashed within the bubbles as though they recorded the mysteries of races.

Qin Lie's soul floated in this wondrous world. He quickly recognized where he was—the Chaos Blood Realm.

This was his second time here.

The first time, his soul had absorbed the sea of knowledge inside three bubbles. He gained knowledge of evil dragons’ and three ghoul races’ history, as well as a technique, the Ring of the Burning Sun.

Only pureblood and powerful ancient races’ clansmen could enter the Chaos Blood Realm by chance.

The Chaos Blood Realm was imprinted with the most vital secrets of an ancient race, the most terrifying and profound techniques of the races’ past experts, as well as the records of their most glorious times. They provided new descendants with knowledge of history and power.

Ancient races with long history were able to prosper for long because of the existence of the "Chaos Blood Realm."

All pureblood descendants of the ancient races, as long as they could enter their race’s Chaos Blood Realm and repeatedly awaken their bloodline, could become stronger.

They wouldn't be like the Serene Moon Race, worried that the most powerful secret arts of their race would be lost in the river of history.

Qin Lie's soul floated in the Chaos Blood Realm. He swam around icy glowing bubbles.

He tried to find larger bubbles and merge the vast mysterious and knowledge into his soul.

He charged towards a starry bubble.


The blinding light sprayed and his soul crashed on the enormous bubble. He was bounced back and unable to merge in.

The deepest memories from his bloodline and soul told him his bloodline wasn't strong enough to absorb the history and secrets of the Heaven Fighting Race.

His attempt allowed him to understand a truth—he couldn’t absorb just any memories.

If he wanted to absorb the deepest memories, his bloodline would resist and the Chaos Blood Realm would not allow it.

Therefore, he settled down and searched for smaller bubbles around him.

He knew that the bubbles around where he landed were most suitable for him.

The Chaos Blood Realm seemed to have picked the best bubbles according to the rank of his bloodline.

HIs soul smashed towards that small bubble.


His soul suddenly entered. Then, an ocean of starry dots drowned him.

In a flash, a great number of memories were forced into his mind.

A rank six bloodline ability that made use of magma lakes—Molten Blood Art—poured towards him from this bubble.

He was forced to accept everything.

Lightning flashed within the bubble, and fragmented divine characters melded into his soul like butterflies.

A long time later, he finally absorbed all the divine characters of the Molten Blood Art into his soul and dazedly came out.

Within the Chaos Blood Realm, there usually wasn't enough to digest everything. He needed time to find more memories.

And so, he looked at the next icy bubble and smashed towards it.

His soul suddenly entered.

The next moment, knowledge on "Perfect Blood" flew out and turned into divine characters to imprint on his soul.

He was forced to accept this.

A long long time later, all the knowledge in this bubble about "Perfect Blood" was absorbed by his soul.

When he came out, and prepared to charge towards the next bubble, his soul felt a burst of dizziness.

Then he gradually woke up and felt the existence of his limbs and body.

He immediately realized he had come out of the Chaos Blood Realm.

He saw Tate was sitting in the little stone house. The stone house was burnt black. Everything flammable had been burned to ashes.

"Yushi!" he subconsciously shouted.

"Miss Ling was moved outside long ago," La Pu's voice came from outside the stone house and relaxed his mind.

He did not continue to speak.

In the little stone house that had clearly been burned by fire, he sat and organized the memories he obtained from the Chaos Blood Realm.

Molten Blood Art was not like the Ring of the Burning Sun. Ring of the Burning Sun was an ability that used the bloodline to attack. The Molten Blood Art was used to enhance his rank six bloodline through the magma lakes at the core of volcanoes.

When certain powers in the magma were absorbed into the bloodline, the rank six bloodline of the Blaze Family could release the terrifying power of the magma.

The "Molten Blood Art" was specifically used to cultivate a rank six bloodline to grow stronger and transform to rank seven.

Obtaining this secret art meant that his bloodline had truly entered rank six!

His thoughts moved, and his bloodline boiled in his body like a surging river of flame.

Within his bloodline, many flame divine characters flashed. Some characters were similar to the blaze divine characters.

He felt with his soul and learned the meaning of those runes. One was "corrosion," the other was "flame consumption." These two mysterious runes were not the same.

He was surprised by his discovery.

He realized when his bloodline reached rank six, his three latent abilities—transformation, enhanced recovery, and ignition—had all been magnified.

However, he seemed to not have obtained any new latent abilities.

But the runes "corrosion" and "flame consumption" within his blood seemed like new latent abilities.

However, those two latent abilities were not related to the Blaze Family's bloodline.

He was extremely puzzled.

He temporarily put aside the abnormality of his bloodline and considered his memories concerning "Perfect Blood." He carefully organized the knowledge in his mind.

Then he learned that when the God Race had been waging war on the world, they had tried to form "Perfect Blood." The so-called Perfect Blood was the God Race using their own bloodline as the core, using it to extract the most profound mysteries of other ancient bloodlines and assimilate them into their bloodline.

They were going to use the most profound aspects of other bloodlines to perfect their own bloodline!

They wanted their bloodlines to assimilate the greatest qualities of all the powerful races!

This vast study had started before they even invaded Spirit Realm.

After they had conquered Spirit Realm, they imprisoned ancient races’ clansmen of different cultivation realms, and forcibly extracted their lifeblood essence to study the possibility of creating the Perfect Blood.

However, they repeatedly failed.

By mistake, they created the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam through merging the bloodline of fifteen ancient races, but not "Perfect Blood."

Once Heavenly Blood Divine Beam entered the ancient bloodlines, it could digest the core parts of their bloodline.

It could cause an ancient race's bloodline to devolve to a level lower than human mortals.

The reason the God Race angered the races was greatly related to how they had imprisoned the other races’ clansmen and used their blood to research Perfect Blood.

Imprinted in his memories were the methods the God Race tried to create Perfect Blood, the details, the failed experiments, and the method that led to creation of Heavenly Blood Divine Beam.

But these characters were not what Qin Lie needed.

After sorting the memories, he was not sure if the God Race had successfully created "Perfect Blood."

Sitting silently in the stone house, his expression was dark. He didn't know why a knowledge bubble on Perfect Blood appeared next to him.

The first time he entered Chaos Blood Realm, he obtained knowledge on the Evil Dragon Race, three great ghoul races, and learned how to cultivate the Ring of the Burning Sun.

Those were the secret technique and knowledge he desperately needed back then.

He even felt that the Chaos Blood Realm would give the knowledge each person needed according to the level of their bloodline and their environment.

His bloodline had just entered rank six. It was appropriate to receive Molten Blood Art. He believed Chaos Blood Realm had arranged this for him based on his bloodline.

But what did the great amount of memories on Perfect Blood have to do with him?

Qin Lie thought for a long time and couldn't understand why the Chaos Blood Realm had arranged this.


The fire spirit flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb, and cheerfully squeaked around him as it excitedly described something.

The fire spirit even attached himself to Qin Lie's chest and became many times more familiar than before. The fire spirit seemed to think of Qin LIe as the most trusted relative.

"Relative..." Qin Lie was shocked.

Then, he suddenly felt slightly hungry. Through the fire spirit's thoughts, he also received some important news.

He took out pieces of Heavenly Flame Crystal out of his spatial ring.

Heavenly Flame Crystal, Earth Grade Six spirit material, was what the fire spirit liked the most.

He placed the pieces of Heavenly Flame Crystal in front of him. He took a deep breath and bled drops of blood from the wound on his left hand where he had merged the rank nine Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s blood.

His blood landed on the Heavenly Flame Crystal.

"Zzt zzt zzt!"

Big clumps of smoke rose. He saw the Heavenly Flame Crystal dissolve, but the crimson flames within were extracted rapidly by his blood.

In a short period of time, the pieces of Heavenly Flame Crystal became a dark gray.

His blood had burned, corroded and absorbed all the flame power in the Heavenly Flame Crystals!

Flame swallowing, a power to consume fire attribute spirit materials. This was a trait unique to the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

Corrosion seemed to be the core talent of Silver Streak Heavenly Snakes!

Before he entered the Chaos Blood Realm, he had assimilated a drop of the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake's blood, three drops of the fire spirit's blood, and then he enhanced his bloodline to rank six. His bloodline now had two latent abilities that did not belong to the Blaze Family—corrosion and flame consumption.

He also received knowledge and memories on Perfect Blood from the Chaos Blood Realm.

Qin Lie dazedly sat there. A long time later, he murmured, "Through the God Race and Qin Family reproducing together, they managed to… create Perfect Blood?"

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