Chapter 955: Epoch-Makers!

Chapter 955: Epoch-Makers!

“Look at them!”

Gray of the Ghost Eye Race pointed at Ling Chengzhi, Ling Kangan and a couple other members of Ling Family. “They all have black hair and eyes. Which part of them looks like Dark Nether clansmen?”

The older generation of the Ling Family hadn’t awakened their bloodline yet, so they did look like humans and couldn’t absorb or refine nether demonic energy easily.

Only the youths of Ling Family had gradually awakened their bloodline and gained the unique characteristics of the Dark Nether Race such as purple hair, eyes and blood.

These youths could absorb nether demonic energy, cultivate the secret arts inside the Nine Hell Evil Scripture and improve their realm at a tremendous rate.

“You know that the bloodline awakening of a Dark Nether clansman normally happens when they’re still at their youth. After they grew older, the chances that their bloodline will awaken falls off tremendously.” Gordon pointed at Ling Xuanxuan, Ling Feng and the other youngsters with wide eyes. “They had all awakened the bloodline inside their bodies. As long as they continue to grow stronger, one of them will eventually become a new Demon God!”

“Keep dreaming!” Gray snorted coldly. “Do you know how many terrible dangers must a martial practitioner go through to evolve their bloodline to rank ten? Even a pure Dark Nether clansman only had one in ten thousandth chance to attain a rank ten bloodline. How can these people with human blood in them possibly raise their bloodline to rank ten?”

“Stop shouting, Gray!” Luz of the Dark Shadow Race frowned deeply. “The Venerable One’s grandson is absorbing the rank nine Silver Streak Heavenly Snake refined blood too!”

“The Venerable One’s grandson?” Gray looked astonished.

He stared at them strangely before he gave them a sneer. “Are you sure you haven’t made a mistake somewhere?”

“What do you mean?” Luz asked.

“You’ve lived in Boluo Realm for far too long, so you probably didn’t know what happened outside. Just three hundred years ago… the Venerable One’s grandson was killed by that girl from Ninth Heaven,” Gray explained. “The Venerable One was the one who personally took his grandson’s corpse back home. After that, the Qin Family slaughtered the Ninth Heaven martial practitioners en masse and triggered a shocking civil war in the Central World of Spirit Realm.”

Gray stared at them. “Everyone in the world should know about this. Have you not heard?”

“He is still alive,” Luz said.

“He is indeed alive,” Gordon interrupted. “One of our clans was able to return from the Scarlet Tide Continent all thanks to him.”

Luz and Gordon were the top experts of the Dark Shadow Race and Horned Demon Race. Gray knew they wouldn’t talk nonsense.

Seeing how serious-looking they were, Gray’s expression slowly turned serious. “Is he truly the Venerable One’s grandson?”

“Without a doubt!” Luz yelled.

The shouting Gray suddenly fell silent and pondered in silence.

Just like Luz and Gordon, Gray held Qin Shan in high esteem. He knew that the entire Nether Realm would’ve been eradicated if Qin Shan hadn’t pleaded for mercy on their behalf.

The Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race, and the Ghost Eye Race of Nether Realm had once sworn to treat Qin Shan as their Venerable One.

Gray also knew that the reason Sky Mender Palace withdrew the ban on Nether Realm and allow its denizens to return to the Nether Continent was all thanks to Qin Shan working behind the scenes.

He might not acknowledge the Ling Family, but he was deeply grateful towards Qin Shan and his grandson.

“I wish to see the Venerable One’s grandson.” A while later, Gray made a sudden request.

Luz frowned slightly. “He’s absorbing the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s refined blood right now.”

“Exactly. I want to see him at his current state.” Gray expressed.

Gordon, Tate, and the other Horned Demon experts turned to look at Luz.

Luz pondered for a moment before saying, “The queen is present too. You must promise not to raise your voice and disturb their absorption of the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s refined blood.”

“Gray thought for a moment before nodding. “I promise.”

“Also… don’t yell at La Pu, please,” Luz added.

“So he IS here!” Gray snorted before nodding again. “I promise!”

It was only then Luz said to Ling Chengzhi at the entrance. “Don’t worry too much. He won’t cause trouble with Gordon and me around.”

Ling Chengzhi let out a sigh of relief and motioned for all members of the Ling Family to make way and allow Gray to come in.

However, Gray left the rest of the Ghost Eye clansmen outside.

Gordon, Luz, and Gray were the three strongest martial practitioners of the Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race and Ghost Eye Race right now. They all walked towards Qin Lie and Ling Yushi’s small stone house after obtaining the Ling Family’s permission.

They could hear intermittent screams of pain when they were still a few hundred meters away from them. They all knew that Qin Lie and Ling Yushi were in a difficult stage right now.

In front of the stone house, La Pu was muttering something in a small voice while looking discouraged.

He looked up with a forced smile only when Gray got close and said, “Long time no see, big brother.”

“Do you really think of me as your big brother?” Gray snorted coldly. “It’s been three thousand years! I heard nothing from from you at all! I… I thought you were killed by the humans since a long time ago!”

Gray’s tone suddenly turned agitated.

“Don’t forget your promise!” Luz exclaimed in a suppressed voice.

Gray kept breathing in and out to control his emotions. It took him a while before he finally calmed down.

“Back then, father was seriously injured. His eyes began to fail him not long after he returned to the ancestral ground, and his soul dissipated into nothingness in the end.” All nine of Gray’s eyes shone with the light of pain. “He couldn’t stop talking about you before he died. He thought you died in that war…”

“I…” La Pu was filled with guilt and shame.

Unlike many others war-like Ghost Eye clansmen, he had always been more interested in the physique and bloodline of all powerful ancient races. He disliked the single-minded pursuit of power.

His father had placed high hopes on him. He had hoped that both Gray and him could revitalize the Ghost Eye Race.

His father’s lifelong wish was for the Ghost Eye Race to lead the rest of the powerful races of Nether Realm back to the Nether Continent. He wanted them to have a vast territory to live in the gigantic main world that was Spirit Realm.

He knew very well that he would be influenced by his father and Gray to abandon all his dreams and hobbies the moment he returned to Nether Realm. He would be forced to pursue strength single-mindedly.

—That wasn’t the life he wished to live.

And that was why he never returned.

“I’m sorry.” La Pu kept his head bowed.

Gray stared at him for a long time before saying, “Father used to say that your potential was better than mine. Had you properly tempered yourself in the past three thousand years, you would have already grown your ninth eye. In fact… you could have even reached the zenith of the Ghost Eye Race and grow your tenth eye!”

La Pu’s head drooped even lower.

“You were supposed to be the hope of the Ghost Eye Race. For you, I even made the decision to abandon my position as the chief of the Ghost Eye Race and do my best to assist you. I had hoped to turn the Ghost Eye Race into the strongest race in Nether Realm so we may enjoy the same supreme status as the Dark Nether Race.” Gray stared disappointedly at La Pu for failing to meet his expectations with wide eyes. “You have disappointed me too much!”

La Pu didn’t dare utter a sound.

He simply kept his head bowed and listened to Gray’s scoldings without retorting.

After Gray scolded La Pu for a long time until his mouth was dry, his anger gradually subsided.

It was then now La Pu looked up towards Gray, Gordon, and Luz and said, “The things I research can sublimate every race in Nether Realm. If I have enough materials and refined blood of powerful ancient races, I may be able to aid you to grow your tenth eye, or Gordon to grow his tenth horn, or Luz to create seventh, eighth or even ninth level of his Soul Altar.”

The three strongest martial practitioners in the entire Nether Realm stared at him in disbelief.

“W-what did you just say?” Gray exclaimed in shock.

Gordon also uttered, “Are you sure you’re not joking?”

“The Dark Nether Race aside, it is nearly impossible for any race in Nether Realm to improve their bloodline to rank ten and climb to the peak of our strength.” Disbelief was clearly etched on Luz’s face. “A rank ten bloodline martial practitioner had almost never existed within the Horned Demon Race, Ghost Eye Race, or Dark Shadow Race.”

“That’s because our bloodline is currently defective.” La Pu looked very serious. “I’ve been researching the three races’ bloodline for the past three thousand years, and I am gradually arriving at a clear train of thought through my understanding of the powerful ancient races and even the God Race’s bloodline. I am certain that I’ll be able to repair the deficiency in our bloodline and enable the Horned Demon Race, Ghost Eye Race, and Dark Shadow Race to evolve their blood to rank ten just like the Dark Nether Race, as long as I keep on doing what I’m doing right now.”

La Pu actually sounded full of confidence when he said this.

However, the trio still didn’t believe him. They all thought that he was exaggerating his claims.

“The refined blood Qin Lie and Miss Ling is absorbing has been perfected by my hands. If they successfully absorb it into their bodies, I am sure they’ll gain an unexpected benefit,” La Pu said.

The trio’s gazes finally become concentrated on Qin Lie and Ling Yushi after they heard this.

Their eyes were full of doubt.

It was at this moment they noticed that dense, purple-colored mist was flowing out of Ling Yushi’s long hair.

The mist actually contained the mysterious aura of Nether Realm’s forbidden land, the Nine Soul Hell.

They vaguely sensed a bizarre ripple of magnetic field in Ling Yushi’s bloodline.

In their eyes, Ling Yushi seemed to have transformed into a pure black abyss that could draw in the souls of all living beings into Nine Soul Hell even though she was just sitting there without moving a muscle.

Their souls fleeted as if they were attracted by Ling Yushi. It was as if their souls were going to fly out of their bodies uncontrollably.

It was as if Ling Yushi hid a most terrifying Soul Devouring Beast of Nether Realm inside her body.

Even their souls had become Ling Yushi’s prey. They felt like their souls would be devoured at any moment.

It caused fear to spring from the bottom of their heart.

“Miss Ling’s bloodline is not quite the same as the bloodline of the royals of Dark Nether Race of the past. Not only there is her bloodline vaguely connected to Nine Soul Hell, it even possesses the same characteristics.”

La Pu’s expression gradually turned serious. “The reason the Dark Nether Race could become the royal race of Nether Realm is because a Dark Nether Race chief once possessed a bloodline that shared the same characteristics as one of our two forbidden grounds, the Profound Yin Nether Sea. He is the first Dark Nether Race genius to ever evolve his bloodline to rank ten, and it is thanks to him that all Dark Nether clansmen after him were able to attain a rank ten bloodline and evolve into Demon Gods!”

“It was him who caused the Dark Nether Race’s bloodline to change and evolve. That was how the Dark Nether Race transformed from a tiny race to the royal race of Nether Realm.”

“However, no Dark Nether clansman after him ever had a bloodline that shared similar characteristics to our two forbidden lands even though a lot of them reached rank ten and evolved into Demon Gods.”

“But according to my observations, Miss Ling’s bloodline characteristic is exactly the same as Nine Soul Hell.”

“She may be the next epoch maker of the Dark Nether Race.”

La Pu said calmly.

This was the first time the strongest martial practitioners of Nether Realm—Gray, Luz, and Gordon—ever heard about this. They were all shocked by the revelation.

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