Chapter 954: War of Bloodline!

Chapter 954: War of Bloodlines!

To the north of the Nether Continent, there was a giant city known as Flame Emperor City. It was the capital of Blue Flame Manor.

The center of Flame Emperor City was filled with grand palaces built mainly using Heavenly Flame Crystals. At this moment, two tall and brawny middle-aged men were waiting respectfully before a one point two meters tall rhombus-shaped mirror.

It didn’t take long before a clump of fire suddenly appeared from inside the mirror.

A powerful spatial ripple gradually appeared from the flames.


An imposing figure that was completely covered in flames suddenly walked out of the mirror and stood still before the duo.

“Well met, manor lord!” the duo shouted in unison.

The man named Cai Can looked at them before withdrawing the flames that looked like spirit snakes into his body. He said, “Have you conquered the Nether Continent?”

Bowing their heads, one of the duo said, “We have failed you.”

“Only the Dark Shadow Race and Horned Demon Race stand in your way, so why haven’t you conquered this place with your level of strength?” Cai Can frowned.

He knew very well how strong his two subordinates were. One of them had a four-level Soul Altar, and the other had a five-level Soul Altar. He had fought with them for many years, and they had never disappointed him.

The Ghost Eye Race of the Nether Continent hadn’t shown up, so logically speaking the Dark Shadow Race and Horned Shadow Race shouldn’t be their match.

Cai Can didn’t know which part of the Nether Continent contained the bigger threat.

“There is a woman called Ling Yushi of the Dark Nether Race whose bloodline had reached rank six. Her soul is full of mysteries, and she is able to create a soul abyss that is much like Nether Realm’s “Nine Soul Hell” by executing a Nine Hell Evil Scripture’s secret art with her bloodline,” the five-level Soul Altar Guan Zhou said with a heavy expression. “I should’ve been able to severely injure Gordon of the Horned Demon Race when I set loose my Soul Altar during the previous battle, but her secret art made me lose control of my Soul Altar all of a sudden. I was nearly dealt a serious blow by Gordon instead.”

“The Dark Nether Race is truly the royal race of Nether Realm. Their bloodline is incredibly scary, and they possess a mysterious power that can twist the soul.” The four-level Soul Altar expert Wan Tong revealed an expression of lingering fear. It was as if he was caught off guard like this in the past too.

Cai Can’s eyes were dark.

He said after a moment of silence, “The Dark Nether Race’s bloodline is scary alright. If that woman’s bloodline reaches rank ten in the future, she’ll become the new Demon God of Nether Realm. Every Demon God of Nether Realm possesses the combat strength of a Genesis Realm expert. Back when Nether Realm was at its peak, the five Demon Gods were a terror that even the top rate Gold rank forces in the Central World dared not provoke.”

“Sky Mender Palace had to pay a terrible, terrible price to ultimately take down the five Demon Gods. They didn’t recover their strength even though a thousand years had passed.”

“In fact, the reason Six Ways Alliance have the slightest chance of contending against all these years is because they were wounded too deeply by the five Demon Gods of Nether Realm.”

Guan Zhou and Wang Tong looked more and more astonished.

“We cannot allow the Dark Nether Race to grow stronger.” Cai Can pondered for a moment before saying, “Every Dark Nether clansman will undergo an evolution when their bloodline reaches rank ten.”

“If I’m not mistaken… that woman’s bloodline seems to have backfired on her. She suffered serious injuries too,” Guan Zhou said suddenly.

Cai Can nodded. “Right now her bloodline is only at rank six. She must pay a price if she wishes to forcefully activate a Nine Hell Evil Scripture’s secret art with her bloodline.”

“Since you’re back from Vermillion Bird Realm, we should be able to take over the Nether Continent easily with your aid, manor lord,” Wang Tong said.

“I need to visit Six Ways Alliance first. Once I come back, I’ll deal with our enemies in Nether Realm.” Cai Can pondered for a moment before adding, “Be ready and wait for my return.”

Wan Tong nodded to indicate his understanding.

Guan Zhou asked another question, “Manor lord, why are you in such a hurry to visit Six Ways Alliance?”

Cai Can’s expression abruptly grew heavy. “Six Ways Alliance, Starry Hall, and Ninth Heaven had detected what seemed like the God Race’s traces at the unknown space at the edge of the realms under their control.”

Guan Zhou and Wan Tong looked surprised. “The God Race?”

Both Guan Zhou and Wan Tong were unfamiliar with the infamous race who was gone from Spirit Realm for nearly twenty thousand years. Therefore, they looked somewhat unconcerned about the news.

“You do not know how terrifying that race really is.” Cai Can inhaled deeply before saying, “For the past twenty thousand years, the top rate Gold rank forces of the human race dared not slack off for even a moment because of their existence. Their experts had never stopped patrolling the space where the God Race had vanished into because they were afraid that they might return without warning.”

“Didn’t we chase them away in the end?” Guan Zhou asked.

“We?” Cai Can looked agonized. “Back then, after the human race united the Hundred Races and many experts from other realms, we had to pay a terrible price before we were able to force the God Race away from Spirit Realm. As a result, the human race lost nearly eighty percent of its greatest experts, and the ancient races suffered similar losses too. We may have won that war, but it was a pyrrhic victory. In fact, there is no telling who might’ve won that war if the God Race made up their minds to fight us to the death instead.”

“Are they really that scary?” Wan Tong turned pale.

“Right now, the God Race’s traces had caused every Gold rank forces in the Central World to grow nervous.” Cai Can paused for a moment before saying, “The older a family and force is, the more terrified they are towards the God Race. Even the Ji Family has begun withdrawing their forces and ordering a temporary stop to all other realm invasions for now.”

“But the Ji Family is an ancient human family that has existed since ancient times!” Guan Zhou exclaimed.

“That is why I must head to Six Ways Alliance and see it for myself. Only then can I return to Nether Realm to deal with the rest of our enemies,” Cai Can said.


“The Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s refined blood contains a strange power that can sublimate one’s bloodline. However, its tremendous medicinal effects also cause great pain during the absorption process.”

La Pu looked at Qin Lie and Ling Yushi seriously inside the stone house.

“I’ve done my best to weaken the unstable medicinal effects of the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s refined blood with some other medicines, but… I am still unsure if the two of you are able to endure the pain. After all, these two refined blood come from a rank nine Silver Streak Heavenly Snake, but the your bloodlines are only at rank five and rank six.”

“I need this refined blood to recover from my injuries.” Ling Yushi picked up a jade bottle resolutely.

Meanwhile Qin Lie grinned and said, “I’ve been fighting against pain from the moment I’m conscious. I refuse to believe that a single drop of Nivitt’s refined blood can beat me!”

“Then I wish you both good luck in absorbing these two blood droplets,” La Pu said.

Qin Lie and Ling Yushi exchanged a smile with one another before they opened the bottle at the same time and held the rank nine Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s refined blood in their palm.

The two blood droplets were like powerful acid that sizzled with thick smoke the second it landed on their palms.

Two bloody holes appeared in their palms almost instantly.

Then, Nivitt’s blood was absorbed into their bloodline.

In the next moment, an uncontrollably scream burst out of the duo’s throats inside this small stone house.

Outside Ling Town, Luz, Tate, and the Horned Demon warrior with nine curved horns, Gordon, suddenly showed up.

They were all staring at a group of people with serious expressions on their faces.

It was a group of Ghost Eye clansmen.

The leader of the group had nine eyes, and its ninth eye was on the top of his head. It sparkled with cold, green light.

“What are you doing here, Gray!?”

The Horned Demon elite Gordon was even larger than Tate. He had nine horns, so he was as powerful as a human Void Realm expert. He stood together with Luz as they stopped the group of Ghost Eye clansmen at the town entrance of Ling Town.

“Can’t I come here to see an old friend?” Gray of the Ghost Eye Race looked at Luz. “I was very surprised to hear that you’ve returned from Boluo Realm. That’s why I purposely came over to see you.”

“In that case, thank you,” Luz said carelessly.

“La Pu!” Gray suddenly let out an angry roar towards Ling Town. “It’s been three thousand years! Where the hell have you been hiding all this time? Why haven’t you returned until now?”

“Big brother?” La Pu’s expression changed.

He was going to observe Qin Lie and Ling Yushi carefully, but Gray’s angry shout had caused him to jolt up in shock.

“The queen is absorbing the refined blood of the rank nine Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s refined blood! Do not be noisy!” Gordon said angrily.

“She is your queen, but not ours.” Gray snorted. “A true Dark Nether clansman has purple hair, purple eyes, and purple blood since the moment they’re conceived. It’s obvious that these Ling Family members are humans who have stolen the Dark Nether Race’s bloodline; they’re the same kind of people as those humans in the top Gold rank forces of the Central World! Do you understand? They are humans, not Dark Nether clansmen. Have you all gone blind or something?”

The greatest experts of the Dark Shadow Race, Horned Demon Race, and Ghost Eye Race were arguing fiercely with one another at Ling Town’s town entrance over the matter of Ling Family’s bloodline.

Gray didn’t acknowledge the members of Ling Family for who they were. That was why he hadn’t supported their battle against Blue Flame Manor from the start and had even forbidden his clansmen from entering the Nether Realm.

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